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What You Should Know More About Point Pedro

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Keep the touts at bay.

    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form.

    • Do not get involved in any physical or verbal fights with any tourist or the locals residing in the region.

    • In case you come across a strange looking man with weird clothing or shabby looks, there is a possibility that such an individual may be a drug peddler. So, it is advisable that you keep away from such individuals. Often it is seen that drug peddlers tend to get away with the mess and the ones who get caught are the poor tourists.

    • In case, you are hungry you must look for a restaurant that has a decent crowd. Avoid heading to a restaurant which is isolated and has no visitor.

    • Street food is great everywhere however, there may be a chance that proper care is not given in the making of the street food. So, it is a good idea to check for the quality of the street food before ordering for it.

    • Drink only the bottled mineral water.

    • Do not drink non filtered water. You would not want falling sick and ruining your vacation.

    • Look for the bottles of water from the brand that is known to you.

    • Check for the seal before buying the bottle of water.   

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Point Pedro is 20 years.

  • Q. Our recommendations: What You Can't Afford to Miss?

    Point Pedro Harbour

    One of the famous tourist places in Point Pedro is the attractive harbour. This harbour is currently controlled and managed by the Sri Lankan army. The Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project is expected to finish soon, that will make waterways travelling simpler between India and Sri Lanka. This would allow bigger ships to pass without any hassle and proving beneficial for ports such as Point Pedro located in the Jaffna peninsula to experience a rise in maritime trade, mainly with the neighboring country. You will surely enjoy the visit to this destination, as the sunset view is quite mesmerizing. It is the best sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka.


    Point Padro lighthouse is listed among the famous resorts in the town. This structure lies on the North Eastern corner of Sri Lanka. The lighthouse was built in the year 1916 and rises up to a height of 32 m. Visiting the light house was restricted for almost 30 years due to the dangers posed by Tamil terrorists. By the end of 2009, the public was granted access to this landmark. At present, the lighthouse is part of a Naval Base and is also utilized as a watch tower. Visitors can talk to the guard for attaining permission to view the tower from a closer distance. But do remember that clicking pictures is strictly prohibited due to security reasons. It is the best place to see here.

    St. Lourdes church of Thumpalai

    St. Lourdes church of Thumpalai can be reached after covering a short distance from Point Pedro. The landmark is drenched in a religious aura which is very soothing. A number of locals access this church for regular prayer meetings. The architecture of St. Lourdes church is very vibrant that is admired by the visitors. This destination must surely be mentioned in your list of best places to see while touring Point Pedro.

    Vishnu Temple

    Allipuram Alvar Vishnu Kovil is a famous Hindu temple in Jaffna. This is a renowned religious spot which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is known to be the preserver and protector of the whole wide universe. Tourists can visit this temple to hear several fascinating tales which describe Lord Vishnu’s majestic power. Moreover, you will also get to learn about Kovil’s existence which is related to God’s ten avatars. The best time to visit this temple is during the annual festival of the Kovil. A number of tourists stay during the months of September and October so as to cherish the magnificent celebrations.

    Northern Tip of Sri Lanka

    The Northern Tip of Sri Lanka is a perfect sightseeing spot which lies on the perimeter of the road between Velvetithurai and Kankasanthure. Tourists must not get blinded by the misconception that, the Northern point is the same spot as the Point Pedro Light house. But in real, the exact point lies around 4.2 km west of the lighthouse. This point is basically highlighted with a concrete board decorated with a painted image of the Sri Lankan flag. Tourists can reach this spot by accessing any vehicle without facing any sort of inconvenience. You can park the vehicle close to the army camp located close to the beach. Cherish the lovely walk to this point enjoying the mild sea breeze.  Visiting the place is surely going to etch lifelong memories in your heart and brain.

    Nilavarai Well

    The Nilavarai Well lies 19.45 km away from Point Pedro and is appreciated by travelers among the finest tourist places in the region. It is referred as a ‘Deep Well’ or a bottomless well by the local residents. The top layer has been collapsed revealing the limestone cavern that connects to the underground water source. The people here believe that this well has never dried even during conditions of severe drought. Water from the well is utilized by the farmers for growing crops. It is also said that, the initial 40 feet of water preserved in the well is fresh, but the latter part turns saline. Tourists value this landmark because the water source is linked to Keeramali Freshwater Pool. If you will throw a lime fruit thrown in the well, then after a specific time it will reappear 10 km away in the Keeramali Sea. This is the best sightseeing attraction here.

  • Q. What You Will Like There?

    Temples in Point Pedro

    The surrounding area in Point Pedro is full of temples and other religious landmarks. After visiting the lighthouse, you can stay and head inland crossing the narrow streets to check out roadside sculptures of divine figures. Tourist love the colorful little Kovils which are carved in a beautiful manner on various pillars and domes of the temples. These temples are dedicated to different deities such as Amman, Ganesh, Shiva and Murugan. The local people worship these Gods for acquiring their blessings.


    The visitors in the town prefer accessing tours for street food hunting. You need to travel to the main street in order to savor a yummy plate of Dosai and Idli. The main attraction however is the crispy flat wade which is tagged as the patent delicacy in Point Pedro. This dish is made using Ulundu flour (also known as Orid flour) which is slightly flat and spicier. The tea & coffee shops in the vicinity offer a smooth ambience where you can eat interesting vegetarian starters. The street food items available in the market is happily tasted by local as well as international travelers. Your holiday cannot be complete without relishing on the local food here.

    Keerimalai Spring

    This spring is a wonderful spot which is located around 22 km away from Point Pedro. The pool has different sections for men and women. The men’s side possesses a picturesque view of bright aquamarine water, while the women have access to a smaller pool which is surrounded by huge walls. The waters of Keerimalai Spring are supposed to hold healing properties. A large number of tourists relax and this spot. Changing rooms are available nearby and the women are advised to bathe in modest clothing. You can access a bus from Jaffna to reach the spring or can even access a three-wheeler from Tellippalai. This destination must be on every tourist’s ‘things-to-do’ list who plans to visit Point Pedro.  

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