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What You Should Know More About Nawalapitiya

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Keep the beggars and touts at bay.

    • Buy only mineral water from the brand that is known to you.

    • Do not buy a water bottle that does not have its seal intact.

    • Avoid drinking non filtered water. It may lead to water borne diseases.

    • Carry with you a strong mosquito repellant. You may probably need it.

    • Whenever you go to a new destination, it is a good idea to acquire all the necessary information related to the place.

    • Do not leave your cash, jewelry or valuables in the hotel room.

    • Do not stay in a hotel that does not have a room safe.

    • Make sure you pick a hotel that is located in the central location. Usually the hotels located on the secluded regions are marked as unsafe.

    • Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in public.

    • In case you are left behind or separated from your group, immediately get in touch with the local police.

    • Always carry with you at least one identification proof.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you.

    • Prepare a travel guide before leaving for the vacation.

    • Always opt for prepaid taxis or autos.

    • Do not go with excess cash in a crowded place.

    • Never get involved in drugs or narco of any form.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Nawalapitiya is 20 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can't Afford to Miss?

    Sri dalada maligawa

    Sri dalada maligawa houses the most important Buddhist relic i.e. a tooth of Buddha. This tooth is basically a symbol of sovereignty. During the era of kings, who so ever had the custody of the relic had the authority of the island. The one with the authority was basically the ruler of the island. This entire temple complex is a quintessential part of the kandyan royal palace. It is enveloped by a deep moat. All the tourists and the worshipers who come here are expected to wear clothes that cover their legs and shoulders. Before entering the shrine area one is expected to remove the shoes. Offering the flowers to the shrine is an important thing to do here. The museum here can also be visited.  


    Just a few miles away from Kandy is the Embekke devale. It is a historical temple that has been in existence sine the 14th century. The temple has a number of carved wooden pillars. When you observe the carvings carefully, you’ll notice that each of the pillars here have a different type of carving. Usually the carvings here showcase eagles wrestling men, dancing women and swans. These also depict our archaic Sinhala art. The roof of the temple itself has a number of striking features. This temple is definitely the most important sightseeing attraction of Nawalapitiya.

    Lankatilake temple

    Lankatilake temple lies in the vicinity of the Embekke devale. A number of ancient paintings can be found in this temple. The building in itself is astonishing. Initially, the building had a four storied layout built on a rock. However now, it is just three storeyed structure. This temple is definitely an important place to see in Nawalapitiya.  
    Gadaladeniya temple

    Gadaladeniya temple has been in existence ever since the regime of ambekke and lankatilake. The temple is built on a rocky outcrop and is covered with a number of small pools. A moonstone can also be seen near the doorstep. Gadaladeniya temple is largely an archaic monastery that was found on the flat rock at diggala in the district of Kandy. The man behind the architecture of the temple was a South Indian. This very well justifies the South Indian design of the temple. The key shrine room has seated Buddha statue under a makara thorana as well as four standing images of Buddha. This is a great place to see in Sri Lanka.

    Peradeniya Botanical gardens

    Peradeniya Botanical gardens happen to be the best gardens in the whole world. Here you can fin the flowers bloomed in all 12 months that depict a beautiful colored picture. If you pass through the garden, you will find different types of massive tropicalized trees, colourful creepers, medicinal herbs and a range of Bamboo trees. A huge variety in roses and other flowers can also be found in the Botanical garden. There is no season where the flowers don’t bloom. In all 12 months, there is at least one flower or the other that is in its full bloom depending upon their maturing season. Peradeniya Botanical gardens basically is a little fairyland in itself. You can spot the world’s best orchid house here. Some 300 different varieties blossom here in the orchard.  It is a great sightseeing attraction of the city.

    Devon falls

    Located just few miles away from Nawalapitiya, Devon Falls are a waterfall with a height of 97 meters. These falls have a number of bathing spots where you can enjoy taking a quick bath. However, you must avoid plunging in the water as there are deep places near the rocky streams.

    Laxapana falls

    Another waterfall located two miles away from Nawalapitiya is Laxapana Falls. It is the 8th largest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This falls is capable of generating electricity to the nearby towns of the region. This natural beauty simply cannot be missed.  

    St. Clair's falls

    St. Clair’s Falls is known as the ‘little Niagara’ of Sri Lanka. This is one of six water falls that is affected by the upper kotmale hydropower project. The falls cascade over three rocks and post that it outcrops into a large pool while passing through the tea estate.  
    Kithulgala water rafting

    One of the most important water sport that you can enjoy at Nawalapitiya is water rafting. The water here is mild and makes for a good rafting ground. Make sure you have your safety harness intact so that you don’t end up hurting yourself while rafting.


    It is a silent, strange and a beautiful world in itself. An undulating plateau situated at a height of 2000 meter, the plain is covered by wild grasslands. It is also interspersed with the thick forests, filigree waterfalls, rocky outcrops and misty lakes. You can spot some sambar deers and leopards here. Bird watching is the most important activity of the region.      

  • Q. What You Will Like There?

    Collect the souvenirs designed by the Kandyan craftsmen

    The descendants of the craftsmanship of Embekke devale have carried the art with them very well. They come up with an array of handcrafted items that are up for sale for the visitors. Shopping for these items is a great thing to do.   
    Rich cultural experience

    One of the most important reason why travellers are attracted towards Nawalapitiya is because of the abundant cultural attractions of the region. The Kings of Sri Lanka have been ruling the island for more than 2300 years. Moreover, since a number of cultures coexist here in Nawalapitiya, it assures a vivid cultural experience.


    Shopping can take a variety of forms in Nawalapitiya. Be it shopping for the traditional fruits or bargaining for the handicrafts, everything you do here is only going to be fun. You can find both local sellers and the international sellers here. So, go shopping and pick some exquisite things here. Also visit the Kandy City Center and pick some great stuff.


    Sri Lanka celebrates a number of festivals. So, basically there are festivals all round the year. Since people of different cultures and traditions live here. Festivals of all the faiths are celebrated here. Usually festivals of different faiths like Buddhists, Christian, Hindus and Muslims are celebrated here. So, no matter what time of the year you visit here, do partake in the festivals here.  


    Nawalapitiya is just one of the few places in the world that looks incredibly beautiful during the rains. The surrounding trees and the grass looks greener and the skies tend to get clearer post the rains.

    Ride an elephant

    Another hit activity amongst the tourists is riding an elephant. You can even pet, feed, photograph and play with the elephants.

    Check the spice garden

    The best thing to do in Kandy is checking out the Spice Garden. You can take a guided tour where you can attain insights on the variety of spices that are found here such as aloe vera, cinnamon, etc.

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