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About Habarana

Most of us tend to talk about the African safari but in the process, forget that even the beautiful and one of the largest continents – Asia too consists of a range of unique ecosystems that connects to the country of India by another place called Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is known for many things especially its range of largest safaris and the beautiful city of Harbarana.

One can simply enjoy a stroll through this city by witnessing the numerous contrasts of green and ethnicity of the whole country. The elephant being one of the most significant animals there – there are numerous other animals that will come to sight too.

Harbarana is actually quite small when we speak about its geographical occupation in Sri Lanka. Situated in the Anuradhapura district, the city is perfect for visitors as not only is there a range of varied activities that they can choose from but also has numerous mid-range and up hotels aimed at package tourists. Avid travelers will know that Harbarana also serves as a departure point for numerous locations of greater interest.

Harbarana is a popular tourist destination especially for safari-lovers. There are special sessions conducted in the Habarana jungle and the Minneriya sanctuary that takes visitors through the beautiful and rich flora and fauna that is singular to the place. Other primary attractions of the place include the ruins of the fortress Sirigiriya, the roads that lie between Colombo and Trincomalee, Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa and its delicious food.

The area has some of the best hotels and the wild life and greenery just adds extra value to the place.

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Habarana FAQ's

Travel Advice:

  • Choose from the best hotels: There are many distinctive, top-luxury and eco-friendly chains of hotels and resorts that the visitors have the convenience of choosing from. However, one must consider all aspects before making the booking. Factors such as the distance, location, reach, quality of service among other things must be kept in mind.

  • The climate: Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while visiting Harbarana is that the climate can get slightly hot. Understand the location of Sri Lanka is quite close to the equator and therefore, humidity and warm weathers are quite a common thing over here. Be prepared for the same.

  • Food and water: Travellers travelling to any destination in the whole have the potential of developing the travellers’ diarrhea. People consume contaminated water or food and fall sick. However, make sure that you have bottled water throughout your journey in Harbarana city.

  • Drinking laws: Sri Lanka has a very strong drinking culture and therefore accessibility to alcohol consumption is not difficult. One can obtain alcohol from restaurants, resorts or local shops without hesitation. Moreover, the night-life is quite an awesome attraction of this place too as the place does consist of some of the well known clubs, pubs and lounges.

Things to do in Harbarana city:

  • Visit the Kaudulla National park: Kaudulla national park was first established back in 2002 – making Harbarana 15th such area in the country designed especially for the proper preservation of elephants. The sanctuary is quite important for endemic and migratory birds as well as the place houses some of the most beautiful species that fall in the category. The Kaudulla National park holds great historic relevance as well as King Mahasen first built 16 irrigation tanks back in 1959 to support the diverse range of plants and animals. The best time to visit is between August and December.

  • Go on an adventurous safari: If you hold an adventurous personality, Harbarana is the place for you. It is known for its wildlife and is located in close proximity to two major attractions namely the Harbarana Jungle and the Minneriya Sancutary. These two places offer some of the best jungle safaris.

  • Visit the Ritigala Monastery: Another important place that is just as popular as wild-life safaris in Harbarana is the Ritigala Monastery. It is situated in the archaeological hotspot of the city and is as expansive as 3776 acres of mountain range. The place is higher than any other place and is the perfect destination to get a spot on the city.

What will you like in Harbarana city:

  • Village fairs and bullock-cart rides in Habarana: Looking to experience Sri Lanka in a typical, ethnic and rural fashion? Harbarana offers just that. It’s Irida Pola or the Sunday fair is one of the most colourful and vibrant affairs in the state. Visitors can shop for vegetables, clothes, handicrafts and so much more from the place. What’s more? Experience the exciting mode of transport by riding on a bullock this time.

  • Sit by the Harbarana Lake: One of the main attractions of Harbarana city is the Harbarana lake. Encircled by a small footpath, the place is quite close to some of the major hotels and resorts thereby making accessibility to the place quite easily.

  • Food hopping through the streets: The traditional, ethnic food offered by the street vendors of Harbarana city is worth one try at least. Some say, the true essence of a place is known to most through the taste of its local food. Explore this side of Harbarana and you will ir-regrettable memories. Try the different variety of fishes polished in flavourful sauces to suit your tastebuds.

  • Go elephant-back riding: Another one of those main tourist activities is the elephant back riding. Back-riding sessions take place around small paths of the scenic area of the lake. Get a different perspective of the city while riding on the back of an elephant.

  • Village-life package tours: Habarana is also known for its one-day itineraries that most essentially involve village-life package tours. Tourists are taken through the paddy farming fields and different regions of the rural area. Have lunch with the locals or ride on a bullock cart or go canoe riding – these unique experiences you will only find in Habarana.

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Rajinder Kaur
Reviewed: 27 Mar 2019
Well orangised tour. Thank you Thrillophilia. Recommended

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