India to Sri Lanka Cruise 2022: Routes, Cost & Ship Info

Sri Lanka Cruises from India

1. Male- Colombo-Goa-Mumbai
2. Mumbai - Goa- Mangalore- Cochin-Trivandrum-Colombo-Male
3. Trincomalee-Chennai-High Seas-Trincomalee
4. Chennai - Trincomalee-Colombo-Kochi-Goa-Mumbai

Travel on an India to Sri Lanka cruise to enjoy an unprecedented experience brimming with startling activities and entertainment options that await you. This journey will allow you to explore the best sightseeing destinations of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

A tour to Chennai and Mumbai will let you experience the cultural heritage of India and you will treat your eyes to sights of various temples, churches and other places worth witnessing. In Sri Lanka on the other hand, you will visit the famous forts and explore Colombo known as the commercial capital whereas the beauty of Maldives will enchant you.

The cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka also provides innumerable amenities like the swimming pool, fitness centre and spa treatments along with relaxing massages. A restaurant offering international dishes prepared with love by famous chefs provides you with the best gastronomical experience.

The Sri Lanka cruise from India can take various routes and have multiple itineraries that you can choose from. The major cruises include Jalesh, Costa, CroisiEurope, Ponant and Island Sky Cruises. The cruise offers entertainment options like the disco, a theatre show and chef shows along with various outdoor sports that will keep you entertained. There is also a specified area for the kids and a squok club making it perfect for a family vacation. Plan a cruising tour and enjoy a luxurious sail creating moments that will dwell in your heart.

India to Sri Lanka Cruise Routes



Sri Lanka cruise from India is a perfect fusion of entertainment, comfort and joy for your next vacation. With an extensive variety of itineraries and ships, it offers a massive choice that you can opt for while planning your holiday.

Overlooking the beautiful sea, the cabins offer bliss and luxury along with an amazing gastronomical experience. The entertainment on the cruises are incredible including fun activities such as tournaments, games, treasure hunts for adults and teen clubs, squok etc. for children making it perfect for a family vacation too. The relaxing wellness therapies will allow you to rejuvenate your body and mind away from the hustle and bustle of city life while the riveting tours to the shore excursions are absolutely breathtaking and will win your heart. This escapade will take you from an overnight stay in the cruise in mesmerising Male, Maldives and then head to the commercial capital i.e. Colombo.

The route of the cruise then takes you to Goa where you’ll stay in the cruise and enjoy the splendid beauty surrounding you further heading to Mumbai where you will stay for a night in the cruise and then disembark at Mumbai. The cruises will offer you an experience of a lifetime with the best services and hospitality on board.

You can chill around by the pool while you relish the most scrumptious meals or taste the multiple cuisines at the restaurant including Indian, Jain, Italian and more. Make the most of the jacuzzis, sun loungers and beach towels or have a good time in the library or card room. There is also a jogging track and you can take part in gym classes too, the cruise will offer you an opulent holiday with your family, friends or partner and even if you are a solo traveller. The cruises that run on this route are Costa, Jalesh, Ponant and more.


This voyage integrates the tradition and culture of India along with some of the major sites of historical significance in Sri Lanka and the bewitching beauty of Maldives. This Sri Lanka cruise from India that takes you on a luxurious journey brimming with sightseeing, entertainment and comfort.

The expedition will begin in Mumbai where you will stay overnight and then be transferred to the ship the next day. You will ride to the Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can witness the carved descriptions of Lord Shiva manifesting numerous forms and you will also head to witness the splendid beauty of the skyline of Mumbai. You will then stay back in Mumbai and get ready for a beautiful tour of the city.

Witnessing attractions and glorious architectures in Mumbai is a treat for the eyes further to which you will embark on this cruise and head to Goa. Welcoming you with the remarkable architecture and charm, you will visit the churches and museums along with a tour of Old Goa. You will then visit Mangalore and treat your eyes to the magnificent beauty of the hills further to which you will ride to Cochin and Tirvandram. The cruise will then take you to Colombo and Galle and enjoy a tour of historical places along with the botanical gardens, museums and forts.

You will sail to Maldives, the beauty of which will steal your heart and where you can enjoy a day at leisure at the sea while taking in the beauty of this mystical country. You will get a chance to stop at shores, meet the locals and get insights into the lives of traditional villages and also visit the atolls in Maldives. You will witness the rich diversity of flora and fauna, visit the beaches and indulge in snorkeling. With a sightseeing tour of Male, you will leave the cruise and get ready for a flight back home. The cruises running on this route are Island Sky, Jalesh, CroisiEurope etc.

Trincomalee-Chennai-High Seas-Trincomalee

A journey on this Sri Lanka cruise from India is one of the best you will experience on this route. You get onboard in Chennai where this expedition begins and explore the cruise at your own pace or just sit by the pool deck and relax while sipping a drink.

You can enjoy a Broadway show and enjoy a fine dining experience at the restaurants on the cruise. Numerous entertainment options are at your disposal and you can step into the piano bar for a pleasing experience. There is a casino where you can try your luck at or lose yourself to the dance bands in the bars. Groove to the tunes of the DJ all through the night and have the best time. Then you will head to Trincomalee which is a beautiful port city and witness the popular temples along with the panoramic views of the coastline.

The Koneswaram Temple standing on a rock cliff is a sight you cannot afford to miss along with the Gokanna Temple offering aesthetic views of the surroundings. The magnificent portuguese architecture of the Frederick Fort will welcome you and enthral you with its beauty. A once in a lifetime experience offered exclusively to the guests, you can sing along and have fun. The cruise invites the international, world class performers that will leave you wanting for more after a fun filled evening. You will head back to Chennai and further to a delectable breakfast, you will get ready for departure back home.

The cruise offers an incredible experience and a plethora of amenities to make your vacation a comfortable one. This India to Sri Lanka cruise is one of the best and most preferred choices and makes for a perfect vacation with your family, friends and partner. Book a stay and have the best time of your life. You can board Costa, Jalesh, Ponant, Island Sky etc on his route.


You will board this Sri Lanka cruise from India from Chennai, explore the place and get comfortable in your cabins to relax. You can also head out for a sightseeing tour of Madras to witness the cultural heritage, architectures, forts and other major attractions. You can also visit Mahabalipuram, the Shore Temple  and then cruise to Trincomalee and spend the night on ship.

With a significance to international maritime commerce, you can also experience the Tamil culture here. You will also visit the Koneswaram Temple or head out to the market and shop to your heart’s content. After staying overnight on board, you can spend the next day at sea relaxing in the sunshine and engaging the activities offered on the cruise.

This India to Sri Lanka cruise will further take you to Colombo where you can head out for an excursion and witness some of the most prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites symbolising the history and heritage. You will then indulge in the onboard activities that are fun and enjoy the next day at sea yet again for a complete relaxing and revitalising experience. You will further sail to Kochi, a charming city with glorious architecture and enticing beauty.

You will enjoy a tour of this enthralling city and visit the churches, waterways, lakes and the most famous houseboats offering a luxurious vacation. Further the cruise takes you to Goa where you will admire the beauty of the city and visit various churches and forts. Further to this, Mumbai, the gorgeous city will welcome you and you can take a tour of the city while visiting the Marine Drive, a famous museum, The Taj Mahal Palace and so much more.

The next day will take you to Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and witness the carved caves and the manifestations of Lord Shiva there. You will then head back to the ship, enjoy a delicious lunch and get ready to depart. The cruises operating on this route are Jalesh, Costa, CroisiEurope, Ponant and more.

India to Sri Lanka Cruise Operators


Jalesh Cruise

Jalesh Cruise offers incredible experiences allowing you to create memorable moments on your holiday. Away from the hubbub of city life, this peaceful and relaxing experience is something you would crave for. The luxuries provided are exceptionally aligned with a wide variety of amenities and facilities. The cruise offers extraordinary suites with a balcony and ocean views that are enthralling.

The India to Sri Lanka cruise is an escapade that takes you to Chennai where you can witness a number of attractions and head to Trincomalee and further for a city tour and visit the Koneswaram and Gokanna Temple. This tour will also allow you to witness the Frederick Fort and get insights on the culture and heritage from where you will head back to Chennai for your journey back home.

You will also visit Mumbai and then further head to Goa and witness the beauty of both the cities such as the Marine Drive, Taj Mahal Palace, Old Goa and the remarkable Portuguese architecture respectively.

- Starting Point: The starting point of the Jalesh Cruise is the Chennai port from where the travellers can get onboard at noon. You can explore the cruise and relax at the pool deck as you get comfortable in the cruise atmosphere.

- Ending Point: This India to Sri Lanka cruise takes you on a journey and the ending point is the same as the starting point which is Chennai. A delicious breakfast is provided on the last day after which you prepare for departure and your journey back home.

Duration: This cruise takes you on a vacation for 2 nights and 3 days which will be the best times of your life and you will enjoy plenty of amenities and a luxurious experience while creating moments to be cherished for an eternity.

Price: This cruise starts from INR 24500 per adult which is quite affordable compared to other cruises. You will get amazing services and warm hospitality along with the best sightseeing tours at this price. You will also be provided with flavoursome meals and other amenities. The price, however, might vary if it’s the peak season.

Timings: Jalesh Cruise starts around noon from Chennai and reaches Chennai port around evening on the last day.

Facilities: With innumerable facilities offered by Jalesh Cruises, you are ensured a comfortable and entertaining experience. There is an art gallery along with a Marquee Theatre, Show Lounge, Tech Store, everything that interests all kinds of guests and provides a beautiful experience.

You will enjoy the best Broadway Musicals, a crazy nightlife experience in the Dome and there is also a casino if you are willing to give your luck a shot. You can take part in slot machine games, stand up comedies and enjoy all the other entertaining options that are available for you on the cruise.

Amenities: Jalesh Cruises offers a wide variety of amenities to the guests including 24/7 medical services, comfortable suites with cozy beds and a balcony offering beautiful views. It also provides a multicuisine restaurant and a bar along with a refreshing swimming pool for a relaxing experience.

The cruise also offers fitness centres where you can workout and take care of your needs along with a play area for the kids making it perfect for a vacation with the family. The cruise will never fail to surprise you and has the most luxurious spa treatments and wellness therapies that will leave you relieved and stress free to enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

CroisiEurope Cruise

CroisiEurope Cruises is one of the finest cruise lines offering exceptional experiences and luxury in its true essence. Away from the monotony of everyday life, a holiday on this cruise will revitalise you. It is one of the most favourite cruise lines among the tourists as it offers plenty of amenities and facilities. The cruise offers classy and lavish cabins with a balcony and panoramic views that are aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.

The India to Sri Lanka cruise is a journey that takes you to the city of Chennai where you will visit numerous attractions like Saint thomas Cathedral, Kapaleeshwar Temple and more. This sightseeing tour will also allow you to explore the archaeological site of Mahabalipuram.

You will also get a chance to visit Mumbai and then further head to Goa and witness the heritage and history of both the cities such as the clock tower, Victorian station, various churches and architecture respectively.

Starting Point: The starting point of this India to Sri Lanka cruise is Chennai and you will get onboard in the morning and then take a tour of the city in the afternoon or you can just relax and explore the cruise.

Ending Point: The tour on this cruise ends in the afternoon at Mumbai before which you will witness and explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site i.e. Elephanta Island which is an intriguing and insightful destination to visit.

Duration: CroisiEurope cruise takes you on a journey for 10 nights and 11 days which will be the most memorable time of your life as you will have a beautiful experience of meeting new people, enjoying the cruise stay and enjoy the luxuries providing a relaxing holiday.

Price: India to Sri Lanka cruise fare is slightly on the higher end as it offers an exceptional experience and all that you need for a beautiful vacation.

The price can vary in the peak season so it is wise to book in advance before the price rises in order to get the most affordable rates. This will ensure you travel on a budget and don’t end up spending more on something you can book for a cheaper rate and enjoy the same facilities and amenities.

Timings: The departure on this India to Sri Lanka cruise starts from 8:00 on day one from Madras and the final arrival is at 14:00 in the afternoon in Mumbai.

Facilities: There are a wide variety of facilities provided by CroisiEurope Cruises ensuring you top-notch services and it is also one of the best among the lot. There is a huge sun deck with recliners and deck chairs offering you a relaxing experience and a sun kissed day.

The cruise offers a lot many activities related to the sea that will provide an exhilarating experience. The spa and wellness treatments are one of a kind, letting you indulge in absolute luxury and you can also taste the most delicious meals at the multicuisine restaurant offering numerous flavours that will leave you wanting for more.

Amenities: CroisiEurope Cruises will win your heart with innumerable amenities offered to the travellers on this cruise. These include comfortable and beautifully designed cabins offering panoramic views from the balcony. The cabins in the cruise are equipped with radio, satellite television, hairdryer and more.

There are so many more amenities like the laundry services, medical services, a souvenir shop, a fitness centre and swimming pool that takes care of your relaxation and rejuvenation. There is also the amenity of currency exchange that makes things simpler and convenient for you on board. The cruise takes care of all your needs and therefore offers a perfect holiday.

Costa Cruise

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Costa Cruises offers enticing experiences and a palatial stay with several facilities and amenities provided. This cruise provides a variety of different cabins to choose from such as with a balcony, ocean views etc and are extremely well designed.

The cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka is an escapade that you will remember for a lifetime as it is immensely knowledgeable and insightful. A guide will accompany you for all the adventurous activities and the excursions.

There are innumerable entertainment options available on the cruise such as the theatre, kids club, disco, talent shows, chef shows and so much more. The cruise is also perfect for honeymoon couples because you can enjoy a couples spa or a romantic dining experience with your beloved here. This cruise is never going to disappoint you no matter what.

Starting Point: The starting point of this cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka is the bewitching Male, Maldives and you will embark on the ship in the afternoon after which you can take time to settle and get familiar with your surroundings.

Ending Point: The tour disembarks in the morning at Mumbai, the city of dreams after a great overnight and peaceful sleep in the cruise on your last day.

Duration: Costa Cruises take you on this vacation for 7 nights and 8 days which will be the most entertaining and cherishable time of your life with a number of entertainment options available.

Price: This India to Sri Lanka cruise fare starts from INR 27500 per adult which can fit the budget as compared to other cruises. You will experience supreme services and amenities and visit some of the most fascinating destinations on the tour. The price, however, might be higher during the peak season.

Timings: The departure on this cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka starts from 14:00 on day one from Male in Maldives and the final arrival is in the morning in the gorgeous city of Mumbai.

Facilities: There are a wide variety of facilities provided by Costa Cruises including the theatre shows and chef shows to keep you entertained. There is a disco also on the cruise where you can groove and lose yourself to the music. There is a teen and squok club along with an aquapark on the cruise to keep your kids engaged.

This cruise also holds a talent show to give you a little kick and also offers multi-sports fields to play basketball, football etc. The spa and wellness treatments are amazing, letting you indulge in absolute luxury along with a fitness centre, a gym, a swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Amenities: This cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka has a plethora of amenities to offer making it one of the best experience providers. These include different types of cabins with flat satellite TVs, a minibar, hairdryer, wifi and so many more to offer a delightful stay.

The cruise provides other safety measures too in order to ensure complete safety of every passenger and even medical services are available round the clock. There are also the shopping arcades and laundry services to offer you a comfortable, pleasant and memorable vacation.

Ponant Cruise

Travel the French way with the Ponant Cruises that offers a plush stay and takes you to enthralling destinations and allows you the best sightseeing tours there. Ponant also offers small capacity ships that enable them to stop at preserved locations and carries a short number of passengers where everyone can connect and create moments to be reminisced later.

The unsurpassable, personalised hospitality offers you the experience of a private yacht. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience at the spa or chill by the pool, a perfect space for rejuvenation that will enhance your experience. You can also enjoy a fine dining experience at the multicuisine restaurant with a burst of flavours that you can relish.

Ponant Cruises is a great place if you are looking to connect and bond with people, share your insights and gain some wisdom and at the same time enjoy a completely relaxing and luxurious holiday with your loved ones away from the chaos of everyday life.

Starting Point: The starting point for Ponant Cruise is Colombo from where the travellers get onboard and the vacation begins. The cruise offers an incredibly opulent and relaxing experience to all its guests.

Ending Point: The ending point where the guests get down on India to Sri Lanka cruise is Mumbai, a city that will dwell in your heart as you witness the most gorgeous sights and attractions. Make the most of your time on this classic cruise and enjoy the city when you disembark here.

Duration: This is a great opportunity for a cruise vacation of 9 days and 8 nights but all the days and nights spent on the cruise will offer you moments to cherish for years to come. This cruise vacation offers a beautiful journey with plenty of amenities to make your stay a comfortable and relaxing one with your family, beloved or group of friends.

Price: The price can vary in the off season when it is low and during the peak season it shoots up. So it is advisable to plan your vacation ahead of time and book it in advance to get the best deals and offers along with the best and reasonable price that you can afford.

Timings: The Ponant cruise starts the departure at 18:00 in the evening from Colombo on the first day and arrives at 8:00 in the morning at Mumbai on the ninth day.

Island Sky Cruise

Island Sky is the premium option for India to Sri Lanka cruise offering an extraordinary plush stay in elegant suites with a beautiful balcony and aesthetic views. You can also spot dolphins and whales right from the room as you wake up in the morning giving you a perfect start.

You will meet numerous like minded people with whom you can exchange knowledge and gain insights about the civilisation, wonders of nature and so much more. This ship provides a more classy experience and does not include any games or activities as such like in the other cruises.

The atmosphere in the cruise is warm and you can have a great time in the bar while listening to soft music and enjoying your drink. You will get to enjoy the lip smackingly delicious meals at the restaurant and enjoy your vacation in a relaxing, peaceful and tranquil environment. Make the most of your vacation on the cruise and have a great time while you are there.

Starting Point: The starting point for Island Sky cruise is Mumbai from where the guests embark onto the cruise and begin their holiday. The cruise offers an exceptionally comfortable and palatial experience to all the travellers.

Ending Point: The ending point where the guests disembark on India to Sri Lanka cruise is the Male, Maldives, a place that will steal your heart with it’s enchanting beauty. You will get down in this beautiful country after a scrumptious dinner and remember to make the most of your time on the cruise.

Duration: This is a pretty long cruise vacation of 16 days and 15 nights but each day and each moment spent on the Island Cruise is worthwhile and offers an incredibly splendid experience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity of staying and experiencing a stay on the cruise and enjoying all the entertainment options along with a plethora of amenities offered.

Price: This cruise starts from INR 34,000 per adult which is quite good as the services and the hospitality is top-notch. You will get unparalleled services along with the insightful visits to remarkable destinations. You will also be provided with a fine dining experience and several other facilities and amenities onboard. The price, however, might vary if it’s the peak season.

Timings: This tour starts around the evening time in Mumbai and the final drop is also in the evening after dinner at Male, Maldives.

Essential Information About India to Sri Lanka Cruise


What To Expect On Board During India To Sri Lanka Cruise?

A cruise ship from India to Sri Lanka will offer phenomenal experiences with numerous amenities and facilities at your disposal. You can enjoy the most delectable food in the multicuisine restaurant while you sip your favourite drinks.

Chill by the pool or experience the relaxing spa and massage onboard. Not only this, the cruise also provides entertainment options like theatre shows, chef shows, squok club, disco and so much more. You can also make the most of the sun deck, recliners and chairs and just enjoy a delightful and memorable vacation.

What Should You Pack For India To Sri Lanka Cruise?

- Appropriate Clothing: Carry comfortable and appropriate clothing to make the most of your time on the cruise and enjoy your trip while looking your best.

- Comfortable Shoes: Another essential item you should pack are comfortable shoes as you cannot have a good time if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing.  

- Formal Attire: For the formal events on board, you must pack an elegant formal attire and dress your best while you make memorable moments.

- Sunscreen: To enjoy moments in the sun on the deck do not forget to pack a sunscreen to protect your skin. 

- Toiletries: Keep the essential toiletries as you might not get your preferred ones on board and so it won’t hamper your experience on the cruise. 

- Medications: If you have any particular medicines, it is crucial that you carry those along with some general ones incases of emergency. 

- Camera: If you love underwater photography and want to capture beautiful moments of your trip, pack  a camera along. 

- Portable Battery Charger: Do not forget to pack a portable battery charger to ensure that your devices do not get discharged at any point and you can charge them wherever you are. 

Do And Don'ts Of Cruise?

Do’s of cruise ship:
- Do check the itinerary before onboarding.
- Do decide on some activities and pre-book them on time.
- Do let the cruise know if you have any special requirements in terms of diet at the time of booking.
- Do research about the ports and shores you will be visiting.

Don'ts of cruise ship:
- Don’t forget to carry important travel documents.
- Don’t overpack since there is limited luggage allowed and the cabin space is limited.
- Don’t end up climbing on railings that are meant to protect you or it might be dangerous.
- Don’t smoke in areas where it is prohibited to avoid hazards.
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People Also Ask About Sri Lanka

  1. How large is the India to Sri Lanka cruise ship?

    India to Sri Lanka cruise ship has an approximate length of 245.08 m with a beam of 32.25 m and draft of 7.90 m. It is nothing less than a home away from home and will provide you an exceptional experience.
  2. Which route does India to Sri Lanka cruises take?

    India to Sri Lanka cruise can take multiple routes like Chennai to Trincomalee to Colombo to Kochi to Goa to Mumbai or Male to Colombo to Goa to Mumbai. Apart from this the cruise can also take the route of Mumbai to Goa to Mangalore to Cochin to Trivandrum to Colombo and Male or Trincomalee to Chennai to High Seas to Trincomalee.
  3. What is the India to Sri Lanka cruise price?

    India to Sri Lanka cruise price starts approximately from INR 24,500 per adult for a 2 nights 3 days trip which is quite affordable keeping in mind the number of amenities and facilities provided. The price includes all the entertainment options and activities apart from the extra services like the spa, massages and the drinks from the bar.
  4. What is included in the price of a cruise?

    Numerous amenities including the swimming pool, comfortable and luxurious suites with a balcony providing breathtaking views, fitness centre, certain number of meals at the multicuisine restaurant, entertainment options and sports are all included in the price of a cruise. Only the extra facilities like the drinks, spa etc are not included.
  5. Should I get vaccinated before departure? What kind of vaccinations are required for India to Sri Lanka Cruise?

    The vaccinations basically depend on the country you are visiting. It is advisable to check your itinerary for the countries you are visiting and that if any vaccination is mandatory to visit that country. You should also get your health check up done with your doctor. Pregnant women should also consult and confirm if they can travel by the doctor.
  6. Are drinks included in the price of India to Sri Lanka cruise package?

    Drinks are not included in the India to Sri Lanka cruise package price. However, you can purchase them from the bar according to whatever you need.
  7. Which documents should I have in order to take the India Sri Lanka cruise?

    In addition to your ticket, boarding pass, passport and identity proof, you must have the visas of the countries you will be travelling to. It is the complete responsibility of the traveller to have all of this and to check the validity of the documents for a seamless process.
  8. What amenities are offered to families with small children on the India Sri Lanka cruises?

    Families with small children can keep their kids entertained in the squok club and there are lifts available on the cruise. The cruise can also accommodate strollers if the child is below 6 months. Other amenities like the cots, high chairs, cribs, facility for preparing their meals, everything is provided and available. There are also entertainment options available onboard including the Broadway shows, theatre and chef shows, thrilling games and so much more.
  9. How much luggage can I take on board on a cruise trip to Sri Lanka from India?

    It is important that you carry only limited luggage on board. Each passenger is allowed to carry three bags at the most. The weight of the luggage should not exceed 20 kgs and if it exceeds, a penalty of INR 300 per kilo will be charged.
  10. I am pregnant, can I go on a cruise trip to Sri Lanka from India?

    Yes, you can go on a cruise as long as you won’t enter the 24th week till the end of the vacation. It is advisable to carry a medical certificate along with the expected due date and your medical condition. The cruise does not have any means to help with the birth.
  11. Any special travel documents or visas required for India to Sri Lanka cruise journey?

    You need an identity proof while travelling as an important document and it is also the responsibility of the traveller to have the visas for the countries planned in your itinerary. Without these documents, the travellers aren’t allowed onboard.
  12. Can a disabled person go on a India to Sri Lanka cruise voyage?

    Yes, a disabled person can enjoy a vacation on a cruise but it is recommended to provide all the details and the amenities required during the booking for a hassle-free experience.
  13. Are animals allowed onboard?

    No, animals are strictly not allowed onboard in any circumstances except only if they are specially trained and have all the required documents and medical certificates.
  14. Is smoking allowed on board?

    Smoking is not allowed anywhere on cruise apart from the assigned areas with the ashtrays. It is highly recommended to avoid smoking openly anywhere for the comfort of all the other passengers who do not smoke.

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