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What You Should Know More About Moratuwa

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Do not get in a physical or verbal fight with any local or tourist.

    • Do not entertain the beggars. It is best to maintain a safe distance from them.

    • If you come across any person who seems like a drug peddler it is better, you avoid the situation and get away from there.

    • Do not wear clothes that may not be in keeping with the local cultures and traditions.

    • When you visit a temple or a religious place, make sure you dress aptly.

    • Do not wear clothes that are skimpy or over revealing.

    • If a place says ‘No Photography’, adhere to it.

    • Do not film without a legal permission.

    • Keep your passport safely.

    • Carry with you a strong mosquito repellant as it may be required during the trip.

    • In case you get involved in an adventure activity make sure you are careful about your safety.

    • Do not ignore the local traditions of the place you are at.

    • It is a good idea to be aware about the destination before visiting it.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you.

    • Never leave your important documents behind in the hotel room.

    • Stay in a hotel that offers you a room safe.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Moratuwa is 20 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can't Afford to Miss?

    Bentota Beach

    Alive and thrilling with a hip crowd and pristine beaches, Bentota has an exquisite charm about itself. The beach is definitely the most ideal place for those seeking some relaxation while on holidays. It also offers a myriad of opportunities for tourists interested in water sports. In case you are seeking a lavish place to stay, the resorts on the beach may seem exciting to you.

    Gangaramaya Temple 

    One of the most religious or holy places in Colombo in Sri Lanka is the Gangaramaya Temple. It is a beautiful blend of culture essence and modern architecture. The architecture of the temple puts forth an eclectic blend of Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian and Thai architecture. It is a Buddhist temple which has a number of imposing buildings that are not situated too far from the calm waters of the Lake Beira. As of today, the Gangaramaya Temple not only serves as a place of worship for the Buddhists but is also a centre of learning. This temple is involved in the welfare work especially for the Buddhist. They have a home for the old people, an orphanage and a vocational school. This definitely is a great place to see in Moratuwa.  

    Colombo National Museum

    Sri Lanka National Museum also known as the National Museum of Colombo is one of the two museums in Colombo. This is the largest museum of Sri Lanka. The museum is maintained by the Department of National Museum of Central Government. Established in the year 1877 by the Sir William Henry this museum houses within it the insignia of Sri Lanka.

    Mount Lavina Beach

    Mount Lavina beach offers the perfect blend of entertainment and tranquility in the magnificent city of Colombo. In this suburb of the town, there are a number of impressive landmarks and places to see for you to visit. One such place is the Mount Lavinia Beach. It is a beach that gives way too much for the travelers. For those here on a romantic day out, the beach can be a good fun. There are also a number of restaurants that offer exceptionally fantastic food for the visitors. Water sports such as swimming, diving and surfing can be a great fun here.  

    Dutch Period Museum

    Dutch Period Museum is a museum which very well covers the history of the rule of the Dutch in Sri Lanka. Both the art lovers and history lovers have a number of things to see here. Established during the period of Dutch Occupation of Colombo, the museum is located in the two storey building of the Prince Street. Back then the building was the residence of the Dutch Governor, Thomas Van Rhee during his office term from 1692 to 1697. Over the years, the building has been used for a number of purposes.  It is today a great sightseeing attraction here.

    National Art Gallery

    The most significant thing about the National Art Gallery is its very name. Lying adjacent to the National Museum, the museum has a small collection of landscapes and portraits that are shown without air conditioning or labels.

    Galle Face Green

    Galle Face is an urban park that is spread over an area of 5 hectare of land. With an ocean view, the park stretches for half a km along the coast in the heart of the business district and the financial district of Colombo. Initially, the park was used as a golf course or for house racing but is now used for sports like rugby, polo, tennis, cricket, football and other sports. It is a great place to see in Moratuwa.

  • Q. What Will You Like There?

    Cycle track

    You can explore and enjoy the beauty of this Colombo suburb by cycling through it. You can find a number of cycling tracks that lead you to the beautiful paddy fields. Cycling is an important activity in Sri Lanka. So, rent a cycle and go on a city tour and explore all the hidden treasures of the city.

    Walking trail

    If you do not know how to cycle, you can also undertake a walking trail to explore the city. You can enjoy the scenic trekking route which pass through the paddy fields and help you explore the beautiful village life. A number of trekking trails can be found here. So, based on the place you wish to explore, undertake a trek and enjoy the city.

    Water sports

    Since there are some beaches found in the Moratuwa, you can enjoy a couple of water sports along with other activities here. Some of the most popular water sports that can be enjoyed here include wind surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, banana boat ride, canoeing and mono skiing. Make sure you train yourself well before undertaking these adventure activities.


    Another great thing to do that can be enjoyed by the adrenaline driven adventure lovers is diving. There are a number of agencies and tour packages that will help you enjoy diving in the beaches of Sri Lanka. For all the water sports lovers, there are abundant opportunities available in the city.

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