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What You Should Know More About Gampola

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • When you are on a tourist place you have to be really careful in the manner you conduct yourself. Make sure you do not indulge in any physical or verbal fights with anyone.

    • Never insult or judge any culture or religion of the locals there.

    • It is a good idea to learn a few words from the local language prevalent there. It will help you interact with the locals better.

    • Always greet everyone you meet with a smile.

    • Keep the touts at bay.

    • Do not entertain the beggars.

    • Make sure you drink only as much as you can handle.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the room.

    • Make sure you do not carry excessive valuables with you when going in a crowded place.

    • Always acquire enough information about the destination before you go to that place.

    • Do not buy a water bottle that does not have its seal intact.

    • Buy a mineral bottle from the brand that is known to you.

    • Dress according to the local traditions.

    • In case a particular place has a certain dress code, respect it.

    • Do not click pictures in the religious places.

    • Making videos or filmography with the permission from the state is illegal.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Gampola is 20 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can't Afford to Miss?

    Lankatilake temple

    The magnificent Lankatilake temple is located near the Embekke devale. You can spot a variety of ancient paintings adorning the walls of this temple. The entire building seems to look magnificent. Originally, this temple had 4 storeys that were built on a rock. However, currently there are just 3 storeys remaining. All this temple makes this temple an important place to see in Gampola.  
    Gadaladeniya temple

    Another attractive temple of the Gampola is the Gadaladeniya temple. This temple has been in existence ever since the regime of lankatilake and ambekke. Covered with a few small pools the temple is built on a rocky. You can also locate a moonstone near the doorstep of the temple. Basically, before being a temple, the Gadaladeniya is a monastery which was found on the flat rock at diggala in the district of Kandy. If legends are to be believed, the architect of this temple was a man from South India. Naturally, this is the reason why the architecture of the temple seems as if inspired from South India. The principal shrine of the temple has a statue of Buddha. There are also four standing images of Buddha.  


    Third place to see in Gampola is Embekke devale. It is a historic temple that has been here since the 14th century. Inside the temple you can find a number of carved wooden pillars. On observing the carvings here, you’ll find that a lot of them showcase the dancing women and swans and the eagles wrestling men. These also put forth the archaic Sinhala art. On the roof of the temple you can see some striking features which add to the beauty of the temple. This definitely is the most attractive sightseeing destination of Gampola.

    Ambuluwawa mountain

    Another important place to see is the Ambuluwawa mountain. Climbing this mountain can be a hard journey however there are still few people who like to explore the mountain on foot. This is a steep mountain so make sure you wear sturdy shoes and carry the desired equipment when you tour the mountain. This journey is indeed worth the effort because it presents to you some of the most beautiful views from the top. The mountain was built in Sri Lanka as a symbol of religious harmony. You can also spot a mosque, church, Hindu kovil and a temple here. The best thing about the mountain is that you can get to the top of the Dagoba which will give you a feeling of being in the sky. Although not regarded as the top tourist attraction it does attract locals and tourists on every day basis. The mountain also has a beautiful landscaped garden for you to spend some time and take pictures from the top.

  • Q. What You Will Like There?


    People not just in Gampola but all across Sri Lanka are very warm and friendly. So, make sure you interact with the locals here and learn a thing or two from them. You can also click selfies with the locals. If you need any help from the locals residing here, make sure you ask them politely and you are sure to get your things done.


    How can you complete your visit to any place without trying out the local food of the region? Eating the sea food of Sri Lanka is definitely the most important thing to do when you are. You can check online for some of the top rated restaurants serving the local Sri Lankan food, visit these restaurants and relish on the authentic dishes of the region.


    Another great activity that you can enjoy in Gampola is shopping. You can shop for a variety of things here. Both local labels and international brands stock their stuff here. However, you can also shop for the artefacts and the handicrafts that are designed by the local craftsmen of the region.


    Rain amplifies the beauty of Gampola. So, make sure that if you visit during the rainy season you enjoy the rain shower.

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