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About Mirissa

Rock gently in the mild breeze, slip into a hammock and crack open a coconut, assuring that the hours, days or may be weeks’ slip by calmly. That’s Mirrisa or for you! It is a small town located on the Southern Cost of Sri Lanka in the Matara District of the Southern Province. Situated at an elevation of 4 meters above the sea level, Mirrisa lies at a distance of about 240 km from Colombo and 4 km south east of Wligama. It is a small yet quickly developing beach of Sri Lanka.

Modern resorts envelope the beach and there is a myriad of simple cafes along the sand that may well seem to appear and vanish with the tides. At present, the government is taking measures in context to the sand encroaching constructions and has put an absolute ban on it for the time being however, since the tourists visiting here is rising every year, the ban may soon see a lift. None the less, the beach and the nightlife here make it a prominent tourist attraction. Being a massive fishing port, people swamp in large numbers to fish here.  Other activities common here include dolphin and whale watching.  

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Mirissa FAQ's

What are the best things to do in Mirissa?

While you’re staying here, you must definitely try snorkeling. The water levels here are best for such sports and tourists really enjoy it. Those looking for water sports will have a great time indulging in these sports. Some of the resorts even offer you snorkeling gear at a rental basis which you can temporarily use while on your tour.

Surfing is another important thing to do that can be enjoyed at Mirissa city. This sport is not meant for everybody and only those who have proper training are allowed to do it as it can be a little risky. There are various training institutes that teach surfing to tourists on a short trial basis. If you want to enjoy surfing, learning and then applying it can be really enjoyable. Surfing gear can be easily bought or rented through the hotels along the beaches.

Long walks
You can just enjoy the calmness and the tranquility of long walks and experience the blissful gift of nature that the city provides. There are several pleasant walking paths and beautiful viewpoints where one can stroll around exploring the nature at leisure. When you are tired of the day or just want to explore the city, walking can be a great activity. If you have a companion along with you, it can be even more enjoyable.

Whale watching
Whale watching is a must do activity if you're visiting Mirissa city. This is among the best experiences and one cannot simply miss it. There are large whales in the sea surrounding Sri Lanka and you can spot them at the right places. You have to book and reserve your tickets to enjoy whale watching at Mirissa city. Although the tickets are a little costly, the experience is totally worth the price.

Ayurveda Spa treatment
A Spa is the best place to get complete relaxation. Especially when you are on a tour, your body needs physical relaxation which a nice spa can provide. You can just rejuvenate yourself and forget about the stressful life you are leading. The spas here use ayurvedic techniques of massaging which are said to be quite effective.

Mirissa Reviews

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Reviewed: 10 Feb 2024
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Vishal Solanki
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My 8-day trip to Sri Lanka with Thrillophilia was fantastic! We saw ancient sites and beautiful beaches, making each day exciting. The transfers they arranged were easy and saved us time. Though we had a small problem with our hotel, Thrillophilia fixed it quickly. Overall, it was an amazing experie... Read More
Raushan Shahi
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I booked an 8-day tour to Sri Lanka with Thrillophilia, and it was awesome! We saw ancient places and beautiful beaches. The hotels were cozy, and the food was tasty. We had a small problem, but Thrillophilia fixed it quickly. Overall, it was a great trip, and I'll always remember the fun times we h... Read More
Xavier Owen
Reviewed: 11 Feb 2024
Few weeks ago, I planned a trip to Sri Lanka with Thrillophilia. I had a great experience and enjoyed a lot on the tour. We explored the various attractions and enjoyed jungle safari. I experience no problems in my trip. The hotels provided were comfortable and the meals were also delicious.
Anal Kaur
Reviewed: 03 Feb 2024
I recently booked a 7 Day tour of Sri Lanka with Thrillophilia. We explored the historic Galle fort, ancient Meera Mosque, along with the jungle safari. My trip was very smooth from beginning to end as the transfers were made on time and no problems were found in the accommodations.
Malati Varman
Reviewed: 08 Jul 2019
It was a luxurious experience all together. Great food & drinks with extremely beautiful views of the sea.

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