55 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan 2020 (Photos & Reviews)


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Sarpang is a cosmopolitan district in Bhutan with diverse ethnicities. This gives a good cultural experience to tourists when they visit this place. It is popular for its nature and wildlife destinations and has a few wildlife sanctuaries and national parks nearby. It is at the foothills of the Indian border. It is located above the sea level and is divided into many administrative areas. There are many scenic villages that you can visit nearby. This is one of the oldest towns in Bhutan and can be covered by a motorbike. It has favourable climatic conditions and has many farms where spices are grown.

There are not many places to see or things to do in this district town except for taking hikes and camping in the national parks and sanctuaries. Enjoy watching different species of birds and animals at this park. Within the town there are not many places for sightseeing either. This is a small town with budget places to stay and a few eating joints. You can, however, enjoy taking a glimpse of the diverse culture and habitation of this town. You can take nature photography; enjoy taking a bath in the hot springs. There are many nearby villages that you can visit to get an insight into its culture.

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If you are looking forward to encounter miracles of unexploited nature these holidays, pay a visit to Chukha, a pristine district of Bhutan and it is assured that you will never regret visiting the heavenly destination. This district holds a prime position in the financial stability of the entire country. A number of industries are set up in this western district of Bhutan.

This district is not much visited by tourists throughout the year which makes it pure and untouched. It also plays a vital role behind the popularity of Buddhism in Bhutan. A number of beautifully constructed monasteries add up to the beauty of the district. You must pay a visit to the monasteries like Pagar Goemba, Rinchending Monastery, Tshamdrak Goemba, etc.

After all, being just a developing district, mainly comprising of tiny villages in the lap of nature, Chukha doesn’t have lavish hotels for your accommodation. There are a few guesthouses, lodges and small hotels which will surely satisfy you. A few suggestions for your stay are The Royal Orchid Hotel, Pelling Resort, etc.

Among the first few things that hit the mind as soon as you hear the name of Bhutan is Momo. Bhutan is truly a food lover’s paradise. The must try delicacies while you are in Bhutan are Ema Datshi, Yak meat, Paksha Paa, Kewa Datshi, and of course, the heavenly delicious dumplings with meat or vegetable stuffing and steamed in bamboo steamers-the momos.

Nightlife in Chukha is not known much. As it is a district consisting of villages, there are almost no nightclubs and bars. While you are in Bhutan, do not forget to buy really comfortable and fancy woollens from the local markets. The high quality wools are feather soft, warm and cosy. Hence, shopping in Chukha is not at all a boring one.  

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Among the 20 districts of Bhutan, Dagana is one. Situated in south-western corner of Bhutan, it shares its borders with India. Like rest of the country, Dagana is picturesquely beautiful with greatest blessings of nature.

Covered with thick forest all around, Dagana is a home to a large variety of birds. You just can’t afford to miss carrying your binoculars while visiting Bhutan. Also, the greenery all around is a natural healing therapy for your eyes. Considering everything, Bhutan is no less than heaven on earth.  

In Bhutan, Buddhist influence can be clearly felt. You will find a lot of monasteries in Bhutan, and Dagana is no exception. Beautifully built monasteries atop hills look spectacular from a distance. From inside, they are equally mesmerising with beautiful paintings on the walls. The two monasteries in Dagana worth mentioning are Nyindukha Lhakhang and Shathong Lhakhang. You must pay a visit to these sacred Buddhist temples while visiting Dagana.

Dagana doesn’t have a lot of big hotels. You should not expect to find a five star hotel in an under-developed place like Dagana. But you will get a lot of small hotels and lodges in Dagana and they are really cosy and comfortable.

Nightlife in Dagana is not known much about. There are almost no bars, nightclubs or pubs in this small Bhutanese district. Stick to enjoying the breath-taking natural beauty of the place. If you love shopping, you must get yourself the Bhutanese woollens. The colourful high quality warm garments are worth buying for you, as well as for the loved ones back home.  

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The idyllic little town of Paro is tucked in the southern slopes of Eastern Himalayas at the foothills of Mount Jomolhari. It is a landlocked country bounded by India in South and South-West and Tibet in the north and north-west. 

The name Paro brings into our minds a plethora of images of the majestic Himalayas with its rugged terrains, rickety curves, alpine forests, sacred monasteries and expansive landscapes under the blue dome of the sky and takes you into a pristine world of peace and tranquillity. Your day begins by gazing at the surreal sunrise over the Himalayas leaving an enduring effect in your soul throughout the day. 

Paro is home to some of the ancient monasteries and temples of the world whose history traces back to the 7
th century and holds various myths and folklore to their names.  Fun lovers not to be disappointed at Paro! There are cafes, restaurants, museums and places of nature hiking that will certainly keep you engaged throughout your trip. The most iconic landmarks in Paro include Taktsang Monastery, Namsay Artisanal Brewery, Archery Ground, Chele La Pass and many more.

For the adrenaline junkies Paro is the perfect destination to try your guts! Paro has some of the most challenging biking trails of the world which is bound to allure any biker who wants to scale the height on the wheels. Apart from that you can go on hiking, trekking, rafting, kayaking and stargazing. The Snowman Trek which is one of the highest trekking trails of the world will leave you awestruck as you ride along the trail and get a bird’s eye view of the stunning panorama from a height of 5,400 metres.

Visiting Paro during summer will give you a chance to explore the nooks of the city of Paro and appreciate the stunning view of the landscapes at the backdrop of the shimmering white Himalayas.  During this time the climate is temperate and suitable for adventurous activities. But, if you want snow in your vacation, winter should be your choicest season.

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Thimphu is one of the largest cities in Bhutan and offers a pristine view of the Himalayan range. Located in the central part of western Bhutan, it resides on the west banks of Raidak River that is colloquially known as the Wang Chu River.  The hills surrounding Thimphu are elevated at a range of 2,000 – 3,800 meters. Thimphu is the meeting point of various tributaries that emerge out of the Himalayan ranges and meet at Raidak River.

The beauty of Thimphu not only resides in the colossal Himalayan view and its tributaries, but also the monasteries and dzhongs, or fortress-like structures all across Thimphu. The architectural design of these monuments is striking, with some of them being as old as the 12
th century. In fact, Tango Monastery is one of the highest teaching institutes in the city. The hamlets visible from atop high mountains, glimmering at night, only add on to the beauty of the place. 

The top two attractions to be explored in the city are Dochula Pass and Budhha Dodhenma. The Dochula Pass is located at an elevation of 10,334 feet with a mesmerizing view of Jigme Singye Wangchuck Himalayan range. The Buddha Dordenma is a colossal Shakyamuni Budhha statue located atop a hill that is 169 meters tall with minute details carved into the gold-plated structure. 

River rafting and kayaking are two of the most popular activities conducted mostly in the Raidak River. Cycling is now becoming the most adventurous act that offers an adrenaline-pumping journey across the rocky terrains of Thimphu. Hiking and mountain biking are also becoming popular.

The weather in Bhutan is pleasant during spring and autumn. Springs are blooming with flowers, and the melted snow still glimmers with the sunlight during the morning, giving the city a surreal appearance. Autumn is met with naked tree branches and cloudy skies that hide the majestic Himalayas behind their grandeur. Winters receive snowfall, so do carry heavy warm clothes if you are visiting during winters.

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Punakha was the capital of Bhutan before Thimpu was made the capital city. There are many places to see in Punakha. It is popular for its temples, sightseeing viewpoints, courtyards, valleys, towers, and mini excursions in and around this town. This is one of the religious centers of Bhutan. It is at the confluence of two rivers of Bhutan. You can visit this town for taking short tours, stopping before heading towards other things to do in the Haa Valley, Gangtey, and Wangdue which have many places that are a haven for wildlife and nature photographers. These valleys have Alpine forests and mountain views that are serene and breathtaking. You get a countryside feel when you visit this riverside town, Punakha.

There are not too many tourists places to visit in Punakha. Tourists come to this town to rest, eat, and drink, before visiting other places of interest in Bhutan. You can visit monasteries, temples, Chorten, walking bridge, hill side village, and a collage where you can interact with the monks. You can go to the riverside as a weekend getaway. For most part, there is handful of places to be visited in this part of Bhutan. Quiet and tranquil, this is one of the holy places in Bhutan that is a home to monks. However, around Punakha, there are numerous outdoor and adventure activities available for tourists.

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Trongsa is known as the gateway to the eastern Bhutan, and is one of the oldest historical towns of Bhutan. The first monastery of Bhutan was built in this town in the 15th century. This is a small town, but a sacred town for people in Bhutan, and can be covered by foot. This is a town with fewer landmarks and places to see and things to do. You can go sightseeing on foot, and do not need a transportation to cover this town. There are no water sports, adventure, or any other activities except for taking walking trails in Trongsa. There are many places to see in and around Trongsa. Bhutan has an autonomous culture and an interesting history.

Bhutan is called ‘The land of Thunder Dragon’. It is a place that holds Dzong fortress where all the important decisions are made and the Emperor is crowned. This place is also surrounded by higher mountains and lush green on all the sides. The places to see here are mostly temples, cultural and historic monuments, paintings, costumes, and artifacts of the Bhutan Dynasty. There is no scope for having a night life, enjoying water sports, or any adventure activities in Trongsa. If you are looking to get into the life and history of Bhutan, you can visit this town and its surrounding areas.

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Bumthang has a distinctive charm that entices the visitors and separates it from the other cities, towns and districts of Bhutan. It is composed of 4 small valleys i.e. Chumey, Tang, Ura and Choekhor. Since, all the important temples and the dzongs are found in the Choekhor, is is often referred to as the Bumthang valley. The profound spiritual region of this city is rooted in this religious land. This city is also the traditional home to the renowned Buddhist philosopher and teacher Pema Linga. The present day dynasty traces its origin to the descendants of Pema Linga.  

Legends give 2 key notions on the name of this place. One, the canyon here is supposedly in the shape of Bumpa which is the container of pious water usually found on the shrine of a lhakhang. Thang here stands for a flat place or an open field. Another but rather a less respectful translation of the name relates particularly to the beautiful women residing here as bum stands for ‘girl’.  

Besides, the pristine beauty of the four valleys, Bumthang also has numerous other places to see along with a few of the oldest Buddhist temples of the kingdom. Bumthang is definitely one of the best tourist places in Bhutan which can be well explored on foot with walks to suit everyone.

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Situated on the bank of Gamri Chhu River, this enchanting town is truly bewitching. At the eastern part of Bhutan, Trashigang is one of the major tourist spots of the country. The entire district of Trashigang consist a number of beautifully constructed monasteries, which you must pay a visit to.

Visiting Trashigang is no less than visiting the home of nature. Covered with mountains all around, Trashigang is not only a treat to your eyes, but also a perfect escapade from the hustle and bustle of the crowded megacities. Visit this heavenly place once to forget all your worries and get refreshed.

If you are wondering where to stay in Trashigang, then it is to be disclosed first that you would not find five star hotels or lavish resorts there. But there are a number of comfortable and satisfying hotels for your stay. A few examples of hotels are Druk Zhongar Hotel, Hotel Druk Doethjung, Lengkhar Resort, etc.

For the shopaholics, Trashigang has a few options through which you can satisfy your shopping craves. The locally crafted accessories such as Bhutanese masks, woven baskets and stuffs, boots, belts, native style of embroidery, are very interesting to see and buy. Also, Bhutan is known for its woollen garments. Don’t forget to buy high quality sweaters and other woollen wears and they make a great gifting option too for your loved ones back home.

Nightlife in Trashigang is dull. There are no nightclubs or pubs where you could hang out after the sun goes off to sleep. 

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