Hikkaduwa Tourism, Sri Lanka: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2021

Hikkaduwa is a small town in extreme south of Sri Lanka. This is a place with a great beach, perhaps the second best in Sri Lanka. If you love surfing, Hikkaduwa is your paradise. This small town was hit by tsunami in 2004 and was totally destroyed, killing a lot of locals and tourists. There is a tsunami photo museum too which you must visit to see the damages that Hikkaduwa suffered. Since then, it’s re-growing from scratch.

There are a lot of tourist spots in Hikkaduwa. The beach is the prime attraction. Apart from the sea, there are national parks, Buddhist monasteries, really good restaurants, and many more places to pay a visit. In short, Hikkaduwa is a complete tour package.

The food in Hikkaduwa is mouth-watering. As it is situated near the sea, you will get great sea-foods in the beach side shacks and restaurants including shrimps, clams, oysters, crabs, octopuses, etc. There are tasty options for the vegetarians too like tropical fruits.

The nightlife in Hikkaduwa is not much famous. You will get some night clubs and bars in the town but they aren’t that much known. There are a lot of hotels and resorts facing the sea, you can choose one of them for your stay. Your hotel or resort might organise a whole night party on weekends.

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  1. Travel advice

    • Avoid swimming in the Hikkaduwa beaches if you are not a good swimmer as the water current is pretty high.

    • Manage your luggage and other belongings as Sri Lanka is a place with a high crime record.

    • Don’t showcase much cash in public, especially at the busy beaches.

    • Avoid over-friendly unknown people. They might not be as nice as they pretend to be.

    • Don’t wear or carry precious jewelleries in any of your tours.

    • Make a little travel kit for all your sight-seeing which should include binoculars, camera, a pair of extra clothing, a towel for the beach, shades, required medicines, etc. so that you don’t have to waste your time there to pack all.

    • You might get drug offers on the beach. Just avoid them with no argument.

    • You might end up meeting some local guys on the beach who try to get the money out from you either by being nice to you or harming you. Avoid them tactfully.  

  2. Drinking laws

    The minimum age for drinking in Sri Lanka is 21 years. You cannot buy and consume liquor if you are younger.

  3. Our recommendations- things you can’t afford to miss?

    Hikkaduwa Beach
    One of the best beaches in Sri Lanka is the Hikkaduwa beach. It’s the perfect beach for snorkelling and surfing. You will get a lot of training schools on the beach to teach you the techniques. Remember the warnings and instructions they provide you as the sea might turn dangerous. You will also get a lot of sea side restaurants which serve delicious delicacies to dig into. Buy a cocktail and enjoy the sunset on the beach. 
    Turtle hatchery
    As you head towards the beach, you will pass a turtle farm where turtles are hatched and after keeping them in the tanks for a specific period of time, they are left in their forever home, the sea. On the outer boundary wall of the hatchery, you will see beautiful colourful paintings of turtles. Inside, there are big tanks with tiny turtles swimming in them. There are different tanks for different species. They are hatched on sand and when they come out of their shells, they are placed in the tanks with water. Some turtle species are endangered ones, like the hawksbill turtle.   
    Tsunami Museum
    In 2004, tsunami hit the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, India and few more countries, causing a huge harm to human lives. A lot of people lost their lives; a lot lost everything they had. Tsunami Museum is the place where you get to witness the photos taken during the calamity. You will get a painful idea of what the people there have gone through in real. The museum opens at 9 in the morning. The entry is free for all.  
    Gangarama Maha Viraha
    It is a Buddhist temple with beautiful works of art and architecture.  It is a home to many monks. You will not regret visiting the temple.
    Scuba diving and snorkelling
    If you want to have a close look to the marine ecosystem, you must go for scuba diving at Hikkaduwa. The coral gardens are a treat for the eyes. If you don’t prefer diving and snorkelling, glass bottomed boats are there for you.
    Hikkaduwa harbour
    You will experience fishing in this place by the local fishermen. The water has oil spills on them due to the boats around. It’s a nice place for a short visit. 
    Moonstone mines 
    Have you ever wondered, where from the pretty moonstone on your finger comes? They come from the natural moonstone mines like the one in Hikkaduwa. You can pay a short visit to the mine to see what it’s actually like. Buying the gems are not recommended as they may not be genuine.
    Hikkaduwa National Park
    The Hikkaduwa National Park was declared so in the year 1988 from a wildlife sanctuary. The park has a great coral reef which you must see. It is actually a marine national park. You will also get to see sharks there. 
    Saffron Robes Gallery and Studio
    This is a painting studio in Hikkaduwa where you will get to see amazing paintings and other works of art like clothes, showpieces, masks, etc. You can also do some shopping there.
    Narigama beach
    This beach is also known as the Hikkaduwa coral beach. You can swim and surf in this beach.

  4. What you will like there?

    The sea- dolphin and whale watching

    Hikkaduwa is a small town by the sea. Hence, the main attraction of this place is the sea. You will love the beach and the marine ecosystem with amazing coral reefs. You will encounter dolphins and whales in the sea from the beach.


    The adventure quotient in Hikkaduwa is high. You can enjoy a lot of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and kayaking. Also, you have a lot of adventure places to visit there like the Hikkaduwa National Park.

    Heritage sites

    There old Buddhist temples are a must visit for all as they are beautifully constructed and very quiet, giving a relaxation to your ears. The interior designs are very colourful and meaningful as well, portraying the education system of the monks.

    The nearby places

    Apart from Hikkaduwa, there are a lot of tourist spots in the southern Sri Lanka such as Hambantota and Unawatuna with great beaches. Plan a long holiday to Sri Lanka to get make lifetime memories you would love to cherish.