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7 Best Trekking in Sri Lanka

  • If you are crazy about trekking then you will get ample opportunities for trekking in Sri Lanka. The diverse hills coupled with forest patches and unusual climate makes Sri Lanka one of the best place for trek lovers.

     Amidst all these you will also witness the spectacular and breath-taking views of waterfalls which just adds to the beauty of the trekking path. The 800 meter drop at the world’s end, Adam’s Peak and Baker’s falls are just some of the places which shouldn’t be missed. As an additional bonus you can also view the magical sunrise which will live in your memory long after you have left the place.

    Here are some of the best trekking places in Sri Lanka that you should experience:

  • 01Rain Forest Trekking in Kitulgala Forest Reserve

    Image Credit : Mig Pascual
    With the aim to protect the watershed of Kelani River, Kitugala forest reserve serves as a fascinating rain forest area that showcases an array of endemic species of myriad flora and fauna. The ride on a open catamaran, a wooden boat with no sail across the 60 meter wide river and getting smitten by the plethora of exquisite scenic beauty is an experience of a lifetime. The trekking trail essentially moves through lush greenery and extensive collection of rare low land birdlife, wildlife, amphibians and colorful array of fishes. To enchant more there are crystal clear streams of water and gushing waterfalls where one can dip and take a refreshing bath.

    Location: Kitulgala, 95 km from Colombo, west of Srilanka 

    It is the wettest place of the country having monsoons twice a year

    Best Time:
    February to April
  • 02Waterfall Trekking in Kitulgala

    Kitulgala is one of the most promising destinations in Sri Lanka which provides an ideal option for vacationers who love to spend their time conducting adventurous and leisure activities. The forest reserve provides excellent camping opportunities and this enables the tourist to stay comfortably and focus on versatile adventurous sports and enjoy the scenic pictorial beauty of the location.  Waterfall Trekking is one of the most sought after adventure sports among the vistors which solely aims on providing a closer view of the incredible scenic panorama of the waterfall here along with the lavish greenery spread across.


    Enjoy exclusive tropical flora and lianas not popular in Srilanka

    Best Time: February to April

    Things to Keep in Mind: Since it is a waterfall trekking, comfortable and well gripping shoes should be packed. Its easy so previous training is not required. 
  • 03Adventure trek in Knuckles Mountains

    Image Credit : Dhammika Heenpella
    The salubrious and pleasant climate of Kandy is one of the greatest treasures of the place and that is why the outdoor excursions are so popular here. The charm of trekking and hiking in the Knuckles Mountains is simply mesmerizing as well as adventurous that attracts many exploratory minds to venture. The venue is filled with several natural trails and scenic beauty comprising of pristine villages, stretched tea gardens and lush meadows. One must not miss the adventurous journey through Mini World End Trail, Pitawala-Pathena trail, Knuckles trail and Ash Cave Trail.

    Image Credits : Dhammika Heenpella

    Location: In the districts of Matale and Kandy,Central Srilanka 

    Highlights: Fascinating halts at Corbat’s Gap View Point and Bamboo Avenue

    Best Time: December to February

    Things to Keep in Mind: It’s a not an easy trek especially since the trekking trails are hard. Accompanying an experienced tracker is advisable since the top of the range can be quite confusing.
    Trekking to Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka

    Trekking to Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka

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  • 04Horton Plains National Park

    Image Credit : Dhammika Heenpella
    Established in 1988, Horton Plains National Park serves as the country’s platform to showcase the scenic panorama of Sri Lanka with an array of exclusive and extensive flora and fauna. Though there is an option to explore the park through jeep ride but the best journey is by foot as it has excellent trekking trails stretching for an area of 9kms. Along with the pictorial scenic beauty one can also see Sri Lanka Samba deer, wild boar and spot macaques. At an Altitude-2100-2300 meter, World’s End serve as the end point of this hiking tour. The look out from this point is simply amazing and provides an expansive terrain.

    Image Credits : Dhammika Heenpella

     Ohiya, Sri Lanka 

    Sunrise at World’s End

    Best Time: November to March

    Things to Keep in Mind: The trek is not very easy throughout the trail especially near the falls. Reach at World End before sunrise for best view 
  • 05Sinharja Raniforest

    Image Credit : Gaurika Wijeratne
    Being an important eco tourism centre with a status of being an World Heitage site, Sinharaja Rain Forest is a rich treasure of nature’s excellence with significant diversity. The national park stretches for 21km east to west and about 7km in distance from north end to the southernmost tip.

    The greatest attraction of this trek is the unique collection of the endemic species in birds, trees, mammals, amphibians, insects and even reptiles. It is one of the popular trekking spots of Sri Lanka since it is the only place where one can trek through the virgin rainforest and enjoy the luscious greenery without getting the fear of wild animals especially in the dry zone area of Yala.

    Image Credits : Gaurika Wijeratne

     Southern Province, Sri Lanka, 160km from Colombo 

    Endemic species like Purple faced Langur, frog mouthed owl etc

    Best Time: December to April; August and September.
  • 06Hike to Adam's Peak

    One of the natural landmarks is the summit of Adam’s Peak. A trek toward this colossal Adam’s peak can be very exhausting. Besides being just a natural landmark the place is also considered to be a sacred pilgrimage because of the curious depression which is found on the summit and is painted in gold people term this as Sri Pada or Sacred Footprint of Buddha. The trek starts from the far end of Dalhousie village and reaching the large standing Buddha. Trekking can be really exhausting especially when it is 5500 steps and do wear warm clothes as it is cold up there.

    Location: It is approximately 5 hours from the airport.

    Best time of visit: The Adam’s Peak should be made by night so that you reach them by dawn and the ideal month would be December and January.

  • 07World's End Nuwara Eliya

    Image Credit : Christopher - Flickr
    One of the most jaw-dropping experience you can ever have in Sri Lanka is the World’s End on the Horton Plains. Enjoy a tuk-tuk ride to the Horton plains from Nuwara Eliya. The best time to reach there is before 10:00 AM before it gets too cloudy because you will not be able to see anything after that. You can see animals such as leopards and deer. Experience the amazing flora and fauna which will be an amazing experience.


    Image Credits : Danushka Senadheera - Flickr

    Location: The nearest station is in Nanu Oya which is about 8km.

    : Baker’s fall which is truly spectacular

    : Approximate price starts from 3500 LKR