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Nallur Kandaswamy temple, North Western Province Sri Lanka

  • Known as one f the most significant Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. The splendid temple was built in the 15th century by by Sanpaha Perumal the adopted son of Bhuvanekababhu. This temple is known for its architectural beauty as well. The temple is very sacred to the Sri Lankan Tamils Hindu identity of north Sri Lanka.

    Highlights: The temple is one of the most visited temples in Sri Lanka.The devotees follow strict discipline in the temples and religious ceremonies are conducted in a very grand manner.

    Location: The temple is located at Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    Price: The entry is free in the temple.



Kalpitiya Beach

Have you ever seen dolphins dancing? Well, on the beaches of Kalpitiya this is an ordinary sight. You simply can’t miss the chance of witnessing the Dolphins jostling and playing in the waters. If you want to have a clear view of these dolphins, you can simply hop onto one of the boat safaris.

Kalpitiya is a small beach located in the Western Province Puttalam of Sri Lanka. The beach provides a spectacular view of the blue ocean, golden sand and Virgin Island.The Kalpitiya beach never minds boasting of its bar reefs too.

Highlights: The high speed boat safaris are something which will leave you truly overjoyed especially during the month of November and March. The most watched dolphins are the spinner dolphins along with bottlenose, Risso’s and Indo –Pacific humpback dolphins. Kite surfing is another prominent activity which can be enjoyed here.

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