Polhena Beach Overview

You simply can’t overlook the spectacular view of the shady areas along with some good and natural greenery which is available in some of the view beaches of Sri Lanka like polhena located 160kms from colombo. Just let yourself loose in the shady areas of Polhena and enjoy the calmness and quietness of the sea. You can surf into both the fast left and right handers over a reef break which can reach upto 6 ft. You can also watch the popular cetaceans which are not easily available in other beaches.

Polhena Beach, nestled along Sri Lanka's southern coast, is a serene coastal haven often featured in Sri Lanka holiday packages. With its tranquil waters and golden sands, Polhena is a perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and water activities. The unique coral reef formations create natural swimming pools, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling and observing marine life. The laid-back atmosphere, coupled with breathtaking sunsets, adds to the charm of this coastal gem. Inclusion of Polhena Beach in Sri Lanka holiday packages promises a blissful escape, providing a perfect balance of seaside tranquility and the exploration of the island's coastal wonders.

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