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About Ella
A quaint hamlet dotted with lush green tea plantations, Ella is a heavenly abode for nature buffs and peace seekers. This small town in Sri Lanka captivates the hearts of travellers with its adventurous mountain hikes, beautiful spice gardens and stunning waterfalls. From the pleasant environment of Nine Arches Bridge and Little Adam's Peak to the breathtaking waterfalls like Ravana Falls and Bopath Falls, Ella is truly nature's treat. With its historical tourist spots such as Ravana Caves and Dhowa Rock Temple, it will also offer you a vivid glimpse into its glorious past.

One can't bid goodbye to this beautiful town without visiting the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory. The largest of all the tea factories in Sri Lanka, Uva is known not only for its picturesque surroundings but also for its delicious teas. The town also boasts of several vantage points from where you can relish the birds-eye view of the surrounding places. One of such spots is Porawagala, which offers you a sneak-peek into the dense forests, valleys, and green pasture land. Ella also houses a large number of temples and monasteries which offer a sneak-peek into the culture and traditions of this place.

Muthiyangana temple, Dhowa Rock temple, and Mahamevnawa Monastery are some of the popular spiritual spots in the town. With its unique blend of beauty, spirituality, peace, and adventure, it has emerged as the most sought-after tourist location in Sri Lanka. Whether you wish to head for an enthralling hike or soak in the spectacular sunset view, this place has something for everyone. The beautiful town of Ella is home to several old-style bridges and structures from the World War era which add its visual appeal. If you want to take a break from your hectic life and escape into nature, Ella is a perfect holiday destination for you.
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Ella FAQ's

Which are the best places to see in Ella?

1. Nine Arches bridge
One of the most surreal landmarks of Sri Lanka, Nine Arches Bridge has a historical tale attached to it. It is believed that the British stopped the construction of this bridge due to the shortage of steel during World War 1. The rest of the bridge was constructed by the locals using bricks and stone.

The bridge has stood firm without any damage since then. Set in a picturesque surrounding, it is a perfect spot for spending a laid back evening in the town. The bridge is surrounded by lush green forests and tea plantations which add to its existing charm. On your visit to the Nine Arches, don't forget to witness the beautiful view of the train passing through the bridge.

2. Ravana Falls
Holding a mythological significance, Ravana Falls attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. The waterfall and its nearby cave are counted among some of those places where the demon Ravana hid. In addition to its mythological prominence, this waterfall is also known for its striking landscapes.

The fall is perched at an altitude of 82 feet and is subdivided into three tiers. The third tier of the fall can be approached after a challenging rock climb. However, the alluring views from this point are totally worth an effort.

3. Ella Rock
If you are into adventure sports and adrenaline activities, Ella Rock is a perfect hiking spot for you. A three-hour-long trek from this rock will take you into the lush green forests of Ella. On your way up the rock, you will get to see several tea plantations which quadruple the charm of this spot.

If you are an early riser, you can also relish the magnificent sunrise views from the top of the rock. Ella Rock is an ideal spot to unwind and spend a few hours of solitude away from the city hustle.

4. Little Adam's Peak
If you wish to take respite from the crowd and city clatter, there is no better place to visit in Ella than Little Adam's Peak. One of the many popular trails around Ella, Little Adam's Peak is surrounded by exquisite tea plantations. The lush green landscape is truly a treat to the eyes, and the stimulating fragrance of the tea leaves enhances the overall experience.

A short one hour trek to this peak will serve you with the vivid view of Buddha statue with majestic mountains as the backdrop. If you wish to make the most of your Little Adam's Peak visit, start your hike during the sunrise time.

5. Kithal Ella Falls
After hiking your way through the Nine Arches Bridge, you will end up amidst gigantic hills and dense forests. This place is none other than Kithal Ella Falls. Reckoned among the most magnificent places near Ella, Kithal Falls makes for a perfect spot to take a dip into the freshwater.

The spectacular views and gushing waterfall are the major highlights of this spot. Kithal Ella Falls is best visited in the rainy months as the waterfall dries up in the summer season.

6. Ella Spice Garden
With a large number of spice gardens in its reserve, Sri Lanka is indeed the Spice Island of Asia. If you are a food connoisseur who wants to learn about the origin of your spices, there is no better place than Ella Spice Garden. This is a privately owned setup which is run by a native family who informs people about local growing techniques.

Apart from boasting thousands of Lankan Spices, the property also amuses you with the intoxicating smell of diverse spices like cloves, nutmeg, coffee, chilies, and turmeric. On your visit to this spice garden, you can also take cooking classes or relish a delicious dinner with your family.

7. Porawagala
A secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Porawagala has emerged as the tourist magnet for locals, as well as, outsiders. Situated just 3 Km away from Bandarawela town, it is truly a heaven for nature buffs and photo fanatics.

On your visit to Porawagala, you can get the bird's eye view of dense forests, waterfalls, temples, woodlands and valleys. You can also take along the memories of this place by clicking some amazing photographs at this location. If you want to catch the best sunset or sunrise views in Ella, this scenic point is an ideal vacation spot for you.

8. St Anthony's Church
Dating back its existence to the 18th century, St Anthony's Church stands as an epitome of old-world charm. The Roman Catholic Church is frequented by people from all faiths and religions. Apart from its spiritual significance, St Anthony's Church has also gained widespread popularity for its beautiful interiors.

From stained glass windows and murals to beautiful paintings, it has everything which makes it an architectural marvel. This beautiful stone church also encompasses a garden where one can spend some relaxing time listening to the prayers and hymns.

What is the best time to visit Ella?

The climate in Ella is on the warmer side for at least six months in a year. This place is best visited in the months between January and March, when you can easily admire natural landscapes or indulge in hiking. It is advisable to avoid travelling to Ella in the months between July and November as this is the time when the monsoon hits the town.  

Summer( March to June)
Summer is one of the best times to plan your Ella trip. In this season, the town witnesses pleasant weather with high temperature and rainfalls for just 3-4 days in a month. If you wish to avoid any last minute hassle, book your accommodation beforehand as the lodging in summer is costlier than rest of the year.In the summer season, the day time temperature of the town rises to 28 degrees.

The evenings remain pleasant and can be utilized for sightseeing. Though the town witnesses rainfall throughout the year, you can expect drier days in the summer months. The average rainfall in Ella during the summer season is around 130 mm.

Winter( December to February)
December to February is an ideal time to plan your Ella trip.The average day time temperature in the winter months falters between 27 degree to 23 degree. The highest average temperature in the town is 30 degrees in the February month. The town witnesses rainfall for around 8 to 17 days in a row.  The average rainfall during the winter season is around 150 mm.

Monsoon( July to November)
Ella witnesses heavy monsoon with average rainfall measuring up to 250 mm. During this season, the town experiences rainfall for around 16 days in a month, which results in slowdown in the tourist traffic.

How much is the train from Kandy to Ella?

You don't need to spend heavily embarking on the most scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella. If you want to travel in the first-class compartment, it will cost you around 1500 rupees. However, it is advised to book first-class tickets way before your exact date of travel.

Most of the time, the first-class tickets for Ella get sold out too soon. The second class ticket is priced at INR 230. If you are running low on budget, you can opt for the third class compartment which is priced at INR 125.

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Minhaj khan
Minhaj khan
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