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  • Camping in Sri Lanka can be the best experience you can have while being close to nature. Amidst the scenic jungle location you have a chance to go for rainforest camping which will allow you to get deeply absorbed in the sound of the water being closer to the fall.

     One can couple the camping expedition with other water activities such as water rafting, bird watching and trekking to waterfalls amongst others. You can have the same concept in a jungle safari too which is an equally thrilling experience. And you can hear the sound of the animals clearly since it is located right in heart of the jungle.

    Here are some of the best camping in Sri Lanka that you should experience:

  • 01Yala National Park Camping

    Image Credit :
    The sensational Yala wildlife National Park promises unparallel thrill and excellent adventurous experience with a visual treat of scenic excellence in the exclusive Yala Safari Camping. It is indeed an extra ordinary experience to rise up to a place where for miles there is no soul visible except the caretakers.The spectacular terrains provide a fascinating visuals through dense to scrub vegetation, rocky pools, spectacular ravines, fresh water lakes with snaking coastline along with sight on endemic mammals like Asian elephant, leopard, black bear, crocodiles, grey languor and many others. It’s a paradise for birdwatchers with the presence of paradise flycatchers, Ceylon Shamas etc.

    Image Credits :

    Location: Thalgasmankada, Sri Lanka

    Highlights: Sri Lankan Leopard which is present in Block 1, in a density of one leopard per square kilometre.  

    Things to Know: Presence of person of wildlife department is mandatory within the park

    : Approximate price starts from 4500-6000 LKR for foreigners
    Yala National Park Safari in Sri Lanka

    Yala National Park Safari in Sri Lanka


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  • 02Udawalawe National Park Camping

    Image Credit : Godwinn Vicente - Flickr
    Spreading over an area of 31,000 hectares of land, Udawalawe National Park is famed for its huge elephant population marking to a figure of 600-700 in total. So catching a glimpse of elephants herds is not very unusual in this park. This also serves as a transit home where orphaned or injured elephants are kept for treatment and after few days again released in the park.

    Apart from elephants the park holds various other types of wild animals Monitor lizards, Sambar deer, Wild boar, Common Langurs, Jackals, Toddy cats and many others along with almost 183 species of birds.Along with visual treat of wild animals there also stretched greenery, bushy lands and the sight of the Ulgala peak visible from the western side of the park.

    : Jeep Tour in the jungle

    : Monaragala, Uva Province, Sri Lanka

    Best Season
    : Throughout the year

    : jeep+enterace fee= 9000-13000

  • 03Wilpattu National Park Camping

    Being the oldest as well as the largest National Park in Sri Lanka, WilPattu National Park attracts visitors especially for the magnificent collection of endangered wild animals like Sri Lankan Leopard, Sri Lankan Elephant and not to forget the fighter Sloth Bear.

    Filming and photographing the dangerous animals and experiencing the beautiful scenic ambience are some of the greatest pastimes in the national park.

    One of the rarest species is the sloth bear which is believed to be left only 1000 all over world are found enough in this park. The park has special fleets that operate between Colombo Wilpattu and other nearby cities to accommodate the visitors.

    Image Credits : RichardBH - Flickr

    : Jeep Tour in the jungle

    : Puttalam, Sri Lanka

    Best Season
    : February and October

    Things to Know
    : Since the park is filled with endangered animals, it is advisable to have a guide from wildlife department along.

    : 4285LKR approx for foreigners
  • 04Knuckles Mountain Range Camping

    Based near Matale and Kandy districts of Sri Lanka, the Knuckles mountain range is famous for its beautiful scenic expedition and the salubrious and harmonious air that provides rejuvenation to the human soul in every way possible. Getting close to the exceptional beauty of Nature, one can truly seek a peace of mind here. Around 31 species of mammals, 20 species of amphibians and 130 species of birds are available here which makes the camping more interesting. The Mountain range also proves to be a great site for hiking and trekking which makes the place all the more popular. One can also meet up close with the inhabitants of the small quaint villages and get to know more about their lifestyle here.

    : Tea Plantations, Paddy Fields and Cascading Waterfalls

    : Central Sri Lanka close to Kandy

    Best Season
    : December to February & March to May
  • 05Mahiyanganaya Sorabora Lake

    Image Credit : Harshana W - Flickr
    Lush greenery, tropical climate and wilderness camping is the key essence of visiting Mahiyanganaya Sorabora Lake. This is a manmade lake believed to be constructed by King Dutugemunu's betel supplier named Bulata. There is a beautiful sluice gate here which is a known to be quite old built in around 162 BC but believed to be still in use.Camping here is a pleasure with unlimited leisure options of fishing and enjoying boat ride on the lake. The scenic extravaganza especially during the sunrise and sunset time is simply breathtaking.

    : Fish viewing and bird watching

    : Uva Province, Sri Lanka

    Best Season
    : Throughout the year
  • 06Vaddha Village Camping

    A visit to Sri Lanka cannot be complete without knowing more about the rare culture and Civilization based here. The Buddha village in Mahiyanganya is one such place where inhabitants have their own culture strongly rooted in their ancestors and the traditions and customs followed for years. There are many legends that have established their connection with the Buddha History and conclude that their relation to the prehistoric human was here only.  They believe they are the descendants of them. A camping in this place can turn out to be a pretty interesting experience as one can meet the people of this clan up close and know more about their living styles and their culture

    Highlights: One can relish the peaceful ambience, relish their wonderful cuisine if interested and learn more about the history of the area.

    Location: Uva Province, Sri Lanka 
  • 07Wahawa Hot Spring Village

    One of the greatest attractions of Sri Lanka is the Wahawa Hot Spring in the rural and pastoral village of Padiyatalawa. There are around hot springs spread across the village with attached tanks for storage of the water. The hot springs serve as the constant source of water for the villagers and are spread in gardens, paddy fields, and forested areas. The best of all this is the artesian well, where the springs water shoots up to an elevated height of 12 feet and provides hot showers to all. Visiting this location is a good idea since it provides an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature up close and enjoy the laden culture and living style of the natives based here.


    Highlights: A bath under the hot water springs

    Location: About 222km from Colombo, about 1 km distance from Dorakubura Junction Best

    Time: Early morning, throughout the year
  • 08Rainforest Camping in Kitugala Forest Reserve

    Image Credit : Joseph - Flickr

    Wake up with the melodious chirping of birds all around at the Rainforest Camping in the Kitugala Forest Reserve. The camping in the forest reserve of Kitugala is an experience in itself and will let you have a blend of both adventure and leisure at the same time. Be close to the trails of nature and try out the all the adventure activities such as Jungle walks, Adventurous stream jumps, Mountain Biking and River Trips.All the meals are served to you at your comfort and a barbeque dinner is not to be missed.

    Image Credits : Joanne Goldby - Flickr

    Location: The camping base is approximately 2hrs 30 minutes’ drive from Colombo.

    Best Time: Between February to April.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 290 USD for two days and one night.

  • 09Minneriya & Kaudulla National Parks

    Image Credit : Shehan Obeysekera
    These two national parks in Sri Lanka are only a half hour drive from each other. Situated in the North Central Province, these parks are located near the ancient Minneriya and Kaudulla Tanks. The area has an abundance of scrubs and jungles with wetlands.

    Home to toque macaques, crocodiles, elephants and sambar deer, these two parks are rich in biodiversity. Though leopard and sloth bears are also sheltered in the area, it is hard to spot them.

    Image Credits : LisArt

    Best For: Getting close to large herds of elephants. Best time to visit is during May to September to watch large number of elephants.

    Location: 182-197 KM away from Colombo.

    Price: Safari Price is LKR 6,500 for each National Park.

    Additional Price: Tickets per adult is LKR 1,500 and per child is LKR 750.

    Duration: safari duration is 4 hours.

    Timing: Evening Safari 2.30am to 6.30pm and morning safari is 5:00am to 8:00am.
  • 10Sinharja Raniforest

    Image Credit : Gaurika Wijeratne
    Being an important eco tourism centre with a status of being an World Heitage site, Sinharaja Rain Forest is a rich treasure of nature’s excellence with significant diversity. The national park stretches for 21km east to west and about 7km in distance from north end to the southernmost tip.

    The greatest attraction of this trek is the unique collection of the endemic species in birds, trees, mammals, amphibians, insects and even reptiles. It is one of the popular trekking spots of Sri Lanka since it is the only place where one can trek through the virgin rainforest and enjoy the luscious greenery without getting the fear of wild animals especially in the dry zone area of Yala.

    Image Credits : Gaurika Wijeratne

     Southern Province, Sri Lanka, 160km from Colombo 

    Endemic species like Purple faced Langur, frog mouthed owl etc

    Best Time: December to April; August and September.

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