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  • If you want to severe all chords from the usual city life it is best to relax in Sri Lanka beaches. The turquoise blue waters will give you the twin benefit of basking in the sun and at the same time indulging yourself in some heart pumping adventure activities too, such as snorkelling, surfing and swimming too.

    The amicable weather that complements the beaches of Sri Lanka makes it even more appealing for the tourists in Sri Lanka because it is believed that no matter whichever season you visit this place, if you meet the Rain Gods on one coast then you can be sure to meet the Sun God on the other.

    Here are some of the beaches of Srilanka which are worth a visit:

  • 01Galle Face Green

    Image Credit : Scott Edmunds
    Situated in the middle of the busy stretch of Galle Road and the Indian Ocean, this open space, established during 1859 on 5 hectares, is a huge hit among tourists of all age groups. During weekends, the place is abuzz with vendors who attract kids with their bright toys and bubbles. This area is open all through the year. Entry into the park is free.

    While you are here, do not miss to taste the lip-smacking delicacies that are prepared by street vendors.

    Image Credits : Aswin Anand

    Location: This is located right next to the famous Galle Beach.

     The magical and golden rays of sunset, fresh air and the positive ambience of the place make Galle Face Green one of the must-visit places in Colombo. The place is currently taken care of by the Sri Lanka’s Urban Development Authority. 

    This park is open 24/7 all through the day.

    Price: Entry into this park is free of cost.
  • 02Unawatuna

    Relax your senses in the sparkling waters well complemented with a lazy sandy idyll in Unawatuna beach. It was once named the world's best beach by Discovery Channel. One and a half hour drive from Colombo makes it easier for people to reach this beach.

    Highlights: You can indulge in water sports such as diving and snorkelling which will leave you completely thrilled. If you are a keen whale watcher then join the exciting journey of Whale Watching Cruise from Galle to Mirissa fishery port where you will witness the mighty Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Sharks and Turtles too, which will leave you completely awestruck.

    Remember, there are no ATMs in Unawatuna, the nearest one is Holcim Cement Factory-Commercial Bank.
  • 03Bentota

    Image Credit : Rajarshi MITRA
    An extraordinary experience amidst an ordinary setup lies 65 kilometres from Colombo and is named Bentota beach. Soak yourself in the ordinary golden sand while enjoying the marvellous sound of the mighty Indian Ocean crashing against the shores. The mesmerizing view of the sea will leave you speechless. If you are planning to break the monotony of the routine just try your hands at adventure sports found alongside the palm trees.

    Image Credits : Rajarshi MITRA

    Highlights: You can visit Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery and also go on a boat cruise on the Bentota River.

    Getting there: Bentota is very well  connected with the cities and is very easily accessible. You can ride from Galle or you can take a ride from Colombo. 
    Bentota is approximately 101km south of the airport from Colombo
  • 04Dickwella

    Plunge into the waters and leave all your worries at bay. The Dickwella beach is primarily dominated by reefs, headland and sand bars which makes it the most appropriate place for swimming. Situated at a distance of 220 kms from colombo, Dickwella beach has housed the largest seated Buddha statue. This has made it the most visited place for all the Buddhist worshippers. The ideal time to visit this place is May, June and July when festivities are in the air and the residents are busy celebrating festivals of Wesak, Poson and Esala. Particulary this place has many temples on its way which gives it a religious bent. The Dickwella beach is an ideal place for many swimmers as it is an extremely safe and calm beach.

    Image Credits : Natashi Jay

    Highlights: Wewurukannala Vihara which has 50 m high seated Buddha. You can also spot the eye arresting hall of horrors where you can see models of both demons and sinners being severely punished by dipping in hot waters.
  • 05Arugam Bay

    Image Credit : Alessandro Longhi - Flickr
    Welcome surfers! 320 km away from Colombo Arugam Bay is waiting for you to unveil your adventurous side. An ideal place to be when you want to break free from being just mundane. The bay will definitely fill in some adrenaline rush making you feel all charged up for the biggest challenges of life.  The most popular surfing break is ‘Main Point’ which is towards the south of the bay. This adventure spot is well complemented with a relaxing atmosphere. Although one might not find many inhabitants in and around the place as it was once victimised by Tsunami which caused a lot of damage to the bay.

    Although, it’s quite ironic to its name but a visit to the Tsunami hotel is a must which serves some of the best rice and curries. If you are a nature lover you can also check out the nearby Kumana National Park which will be equally exciting.

    Getting There: The easiest way to reach the Arugam Bay is to take a can from the airport.

  • 06Weligama

    Image Credit : Ramón - Flickr
    Just unplug yourself from the regular city life and welcome yourself into the world of Weligama, 144 kms south of Columbo where everything is pretty calm and peaceful. Ideal place for city people who would just like to borrow some time and get themselves absorbed in a good book while dipping their toes in water. Modest Weligama often witnesses less foreign tourists which makes this place traffic free.

    You may find many local women sitting outside their homes with pieces of laces which is considered to be the local speciality of the place since the Dutch times. You can also spot sites of historical importance and some gingerbread villas beautifully adorned with mal lali wooden work which is hard to find anywhere else.

    Image Credits : - Flickr

    Highlights:Taprobanea, a small island developed in 1920 by a French man named Maunay-Talvande is quite close to Weligama. You can game up your romance by staying or dining in this beautiful island but only with advance booking.
  • 07Induruwa

    Image Credit : 123_456- Flickr
    For all those times when you need a little introspection, nobody minds a carefree walk on the sandy beaches of Induruwa which has been blessed with an absolute quietness with respect to commercial cities. If you are too tired then it is best for you to lie in the sand and take a sunbath making yourself feel completely relaxed.

    Image Credits : 123_456- Flickr

    Highlights: The beach is an excellent place for snorkelling and a river safari in the Madu Ganga River.
  • 08Hikkaduwa

    Image Credit : Dhammika Heenpella - Flickr
    Even a 90 year old will feel young as he steps onto the beach of Hikkaduwa,98 kms from Colombo. The charm of the hippy mood will get into your blood, making you feel completely carefree. You will find predominantly young and independent travellers walking on the beach.

    This beach is one of the lesser spoilt destinations in Sri Lanka which is why it is an ideal place for people who want to try something off beat. You will also find coral gardens which are considered to be one of the much appreciated beauty of these beaches which was once completely eroded due to tsunami.

    Image Credits : Iris Liu

    Highlights: The beach should be ideally visited during the Hikkaduwa beach fest which usually takes place during the month of July and August. This fest is conducted in an attempt to revive the charm of hippy culture. Surfing, diving and snorkelling are some of the other attractions which the beach offers.
  • 09Koggala

    Image Credit : Feng Zhong - Flickr
    Have you seen the waves dancing freely? Koggla beach is one such place where you will find a combination of warmth of the golden sand beneath your feet along with sea breeze caressing you. Located 140km from Colombo, this idyllic place is for all the beach lovers to spend some time and enjoy life as they have always wanted to . Leave your care and worries behind and just be a part of some breath-taking moments.

    You will surely treasure some of the fond memories of this beach. Get into the adventurous mood by trying snorkelling and diving. If you are not too fond of adventures you can sit by the beach and enjoy the sight of the mighty waves.

    Highlights: If you are going to Koggala, you can’t miss the chance to visit the Turtle Hatchery which is an initiative taken against selling the turtle’s eggs for the purpose of food.
  • 10Negombo

    Image Credit : Menuke de Silva - Flickr
    If your nostrils are blown up with the strong fragrance of cinnamon you can be rest assured you are in Negombo. This beautiful beach town 30 kms from Columbo is a perfect reminder of all the European days and is close to Bandaranaike International airport which solves the problem of connectivity, allowing you to be there without much hassle.

    Negombo beach is far less when compared to the beauty of other Sri Lankan beaches. For all the fish eating lovers, this is a perfect place to gorge some of the best fishes. Since most of the fishing is done not from the open sea but from the northern end of the lagoon, you would find renowned lobsters, crabs and prawns.

    Image Credits : Duminda Jayasena - Flickr

    Highlights: You shouldn’t be missing the chance to visit one of the finest eating joint in Negombo, ‘Lords’ where you will find dishes prepared from a combination of western and eastern flavours.
  • 11Uppuveli

    Image Credit : Nicolas Mirguet - Flickr
    6 kms from Trincomalee lies Uppuveliis, a small and sweet village surrounded by beautifully lined palm trees and guest houses. The golden sand of the beach and sparse population and mellow ambience is what makes it one of the best hangouts. It was the famous Trincomalee’s Swami rock which had protected this small village from getting destroyed during Tsunami. There is something truly native about Uppuveli that makes it treat you like a true localite.

    Food lovers can have an unlimited supply of fresh sea food. You can find many excellent snorkelling opportunities. Apart from this sport you can also try your hands on other adventurous water sports such as Water-skiing and Wakeboarding which are even more exhilarating.

    Image Credits : Adam Jones - Flickr

    Highlights: If you are in need of some change from beaches you can take a stroll up to the Commonwealth War Cemetery, a place where a fitting tribute is given to the servicemen who died during Trinco.
  • 12Trincomalee

    Image Credit : Charith Gunarathna - Flickr
    Trincomalee will not fail to catch your fascination with world’s finest natural harbour. It has housed some of the finest beaches in its ambit such as Nilaveli, Uppuveli and Pigeon Island. Trincomalee is accompanied with deep water port which has been the reason for several attacks in the past. If you are lucky you can spot a Blue Whale near Swami Rock which is considered to be the greatest vantage point.


    Image Credits : Charith Gunarathna - Flickr

    Highlights: If you find historical places to be quite intriguing, you can visit the temple of KandasamyKovil which is one of the five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • 13Polhena

    Image Credit : uditha wickramanayaka - Flickr
    You simply can’t overlook the spectacular view of the shady areas along with some good and natural greenery which is available in some of the view beaches of Sri Lanka like polhena located 160kms from colombo. Just let yourself loose in the shady areas of Polhena and enjoy the calmness and quietness of the sea. You can surf into both the fast left and right handers over a reef break which can reach upto 6 ft. You can also watch the popular cetaceans which are not easily available in other beaches.

    Image Credits : halifaxlight - Flickr

    Highlights: Give a unique spin to your romance by visiting the Crow island which is right in front of Polhena beach which enhances the aesthetic feel of the occasion.
  • 14Mount Lavinia

    Image Credit : Greg Grimes - Flickr
    You will find an air of liberalism in the beaches of Mount Lavinia situated just 12 kms south of central Colombo. This virgin beach remains untouched by the damaging effects of industrialisation which can be easily seen in the nearby beaches of Sri Lanka.

    The beach is known for its fun nightlife which is why it becomes the biggest attraction for young travellers. Asia’s largest national zoological gardens can be found in Sri Lanka’s Mount Lavinia.The golden sandy beaches remain the hotspot for many travellers and tourists.

    Image Credits : John Piercy - Flickr

    Highlights: Barracuda Reef lies close to Mount Lavinia and is a great scuba diving sight. Mount Lavinia hosts Rainbow Kite Festival which allows people of every age group to show their artistic talent of flying colorful kites.
  • 15Nilaveli Beach

    Image Credit : Nicolas Mirguet - Flickr
    Witness this heaven on earth 16kms northwest of Trincomalee.You will find here The pristine white sand juxtaposed against the deep blue waters making your ordinary mornings truly extraordinary! This tropical heaven will make you leave all the hectic city life cares behind and get you soaked in this quiet bliss. If you are a true traveller at heart the Nilavaeli beach is an amazing paradise. The bending palms swaying in the wind makes the beach look even more beautiful

    Image Credits : Dhammika Heenpella - Flickr

    Highlights: The blue waters can definitely tempt you to plunge into the waters. If you don’t know diving then our Nilaveli diving centres have experts who can help you out with the same. You can even make a move towards the Pigeon island too which has rocks, pools and dozens of corals.
  • 16Kalpitiya Beach

    Image Credit : Sompop S - Flickr
    Have you ever seen dolphins dancing? Well, on the beaches of Kalpitiya this is an ordinary sight. You simply can’t miss the chance of witnessing the Dolphins jostling and playing in the waters. If you want to have a clear view of these dolphins, you can simply hop onto one of the boat safaris.

    Kalpitiya is a small beach located in the Western Province Puttalam of Sri Lanka. The beach provides a spectacular view of the blue ocean, golden sand and Virgin Island.The Kalpitiya beach never minds boasting of its bar reefs too.

    Image Credits : Amila Tennakoon - Flickr

    Highlights: The high speed boat safaris are something which will leave you truly overjoyed especially during the month of November and March. The most watched dolphins are the spinner dolphins along with bottlenose, Risso’s and Indo –Pacific humpback dolphins. Kite surfing is another prominent activity which can be enjoyed here.
  • 17Tangalle Beach

    Image Credit : Martin Sejba - Flickr
    A perfect remedy for your wintertime blues- Tangalle Beach, which showcases a wide stretch of sandy beaches. The turquoise water complemented with the lined palm trees and soft sand is what makes the Tangalle beach the ideal place to be in. The beach,located 160kms south of Colombo also offers some of the most beautiful and breath-taking sunsets which makes it the perfect place to sit by and relax.

    If you dig a little deeper into the history of the Tangalle beach you will find that this beach was a small fishing village. Fishing, hence became the primary source of livelihood. The waves can be a bit violent which is why it is not considered an ideal place for swimming.

    Image Credits : Dhammika Heenpella - Flickr

    Highlights: There are some off shore reefs along the North West tip of the peninsula which is one of the finest diving sites. You can indulge in snorkelling which will be both adventurous and exciting.
  • 18pasakudah and Kalkudah

    Image Credit : christophe_cerisier - Flickr
    Located 35 kms northwest of Batticaloa Pasakudah and Kalkudah are beaches which are quite marvellously adorned with white sands, coral reefs and palm trees all around. The shallow water of the beach makes it an ideal bathing site. Pasakudah beach is known to have a lot of tourists because of its longest stretch of shallow coastline.

    Pasakudah beach comes under ‘Special Economic Zone’ with some 14 luxury hotels surrounding it. The waters of these beaches are heated upto bathtub temperatures which makes it ideally suited for swimming. Kalkudah on the other hand was completely destroyed during the civil war of 2004.

    Highlights: The beach of Pasakudah is best known for swimming.
  • 19Talalla South

    Beauty in its complete splendor is exquisitely exhibited at the Talalla South in Sri Lanka. The home to one of the most worshipped Brahmins, Ravana, Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination meant to add some spectacular moments in life.

    Highlights: Known to be a crescent shaped cove, decorated with palm trees and stretching with golden sand, Talalla South is a beach that invites everyone to soak in the splendor of Lankan beaches. Along with enjoying surfing, visitors can take pleasure in doing Kite Surfing too.

    Location: Talalla South is a small town located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is well-known for splendid beachfront that offers scintillating views of the ocean.

    Price: Lazing on the beach sands does not cost anything; but, the activities like Kite Boarding, Boat cruise or a sumptuous feast at the restaurant will definitely does. Surely, everything fits well within the budget. 
  • 20Matara Beach

    Matara is a splendid township with equally attractive beach front that has a tendency to woo anyone, who wishes to pay a visit.

    Highlights: Smitten by the beauty of the beach, visitors just fall in love with the place and enjoy whale watching as well as diving for sure. Seriously, it is a site to remember that will unfold an ideal combination of silvery beach shaking hands with Blue Ocean. Well, visitors coming to Sri Lanka should not leave back without paying a visit to this beach. Apart from enjoying the beach, tourists can explore historic artefacts in a Dutch Fort positioned within the Matara Town.

    Location: Matara is a commercial town in Sri Lanka that exhibits modernistic approach towards life with options of enjoying relaxing holidays too.

    Price: Considering diving, visitors have to hire equipments at the beach. On the other side, the food and drinks are exceptionally budget-friendly and costs lesser than one may think.