Shopping in Hanoi: Things to Buy & Popular Markets in 2024

Shopping Places in Hanoi

Hang Gai Street Silk Street, Hanoi Weekend Night Market, Lotte Central Hanoi, Trang Tien Plaza, Hang Bac Street, Hang Da Market, Thanh Binh Gallery, Hang Dau Street, Cho Hom Market, Ta Hien Street , Nha Tho Street and many more.

Anyone who has ever visited Hanoi will definitely appreciate the beauty and culture of this place. A great place to explore, there is definitely a lot to see and do in Hanoi. One can’t resist shopping in Hanoi as there is a lot more you can explore in the markets of this place.

The Bat Trang Ceramic Village is a wonderful addition to Vietnam tours, especially for those seeking pottery and handicraft goods. This traditional porcelain and pottery village, with a rich history spanning seven centuries, is a captivating destination in Hanoi that tourists can't afford to ignore. The village is home to very skillful and talented artisans who produce products with an attractive look. Including a visit to Bat Trang Ceramic Village in your Vietnam tours provides a unique and culturally rich experience, allowing you to witness the craftsmanship and tradition that has been passed down through generations.

Metiseko is famous for bringing a Western sensibility to Asian design. Metiseko makes clothes with organic cotton, and natural silk. If you are looking for stylish, organic and eco-friendly spins on clothing, home-wares and accessories, then you should visit Metiseko. The elegant designs and collections of cultural dresses will surely amaze you.

Here are some of the best places for shopping in Hanoi:

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Metiseko is a lovely shop in Hanoi that is famous for its silk products. You can access a number of authentic items from Metiseko that are quite fascinating. There are very less centers in Hanoi that offer such a wide range of cultural dresses. Elegant designs are very common at Metiseko. Home décor items are easily available in this shop. People from different parts of the city visit this destination so as to access quality goods. The weekends are very much crowded so plan your visit accordingly. The staff working at Metiseko is very friendly that is always ready to help you. You can reach Metiseko easily by following the city map. Bargaining is not active at this shop.

Location: 03 Chau Thuong Van, 86 Nguyen Thai Hoc, 142 Tran Phu, Hoi An 00000, Vietnam

Highlights: Best place to buy silk products and designer clothing.

Best place to visit: The weekdays are best to pay a visit at Metiseko.

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Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Image Credit : ccarlstead
Bat Trang Ceramic Village is a wonderful place where you can buy a number of handicraft and pottery goods. There are a number of gift & specialty shops available in this village that is famous for offering tea sets. The quality of the goods offered at Bat Trang Ceramic Village is amazing. This place is active in Hanoi since many years and is preferred by tourists as well. The big market area in Bat Trang Ceramic Village can be visited in order to savor some wonderful delicacies. There are tour packages that can be accessed so as to explore Bat Trang Ceramic Village at ease. You can plan a trip with your friends or family so as to enjoy this excellent market.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village
Image Credits : ILO in Asia and the Pacific

Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi,Vietnam

Highlights: Bat Trang Ceramic Village has a lovely ambience as the scenic beauty is quite mesmerizing.

Best time to visit: Autumn season is the perfect time to visit this place.

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Zeds Threads

Zeds Threads is an amazing shopping destination that is famous for offering clothing goods. This outlet is managed in a wonderful way so as to please the customers. Men’s shirts are available at Zeds Threads that are made out of classic fabric. Tailored clothes are famous at Zeds Threads. You can access clothing for all seasons at this shop. The best part about Zeds Threads is that, the items are available under a decent price. The tourist population is very active at this destination which makes it so popular. The trousers and pants offered at Zeds Threads can be altered as per your requirement. There are very less shops in Hanoi that offer such a good range of clothing.

Location: 36 To Ngoc Van | Tay Ho, Hanoi 10000,Vietnam

Highlights: Check out the formal shirt wear section that is very vibrant.

Best time to visit: The weekends are perfect to visit Zeds Threads.

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54 Traditions

54 Traditions is a wonderful outlet that is famous for its textile goods. The items available at 54 Traditions are worth a buy. You will experience a good cultural feed at this outlet which is quite inspiring. The amazing collection of fabric and textile materials at 54 Traditions is famous in the city of Hanoi. The local crowd admires this destination which is also a museum. You will require a patient time to explore the beauty of 54 Traditions. You will need to hire a guide in order to learn about the various products availabl at 54 Traditions. This destination is perfect for family outings if you are in Hanoi. Prefer public transport to reach this place as parking might be an issue.

Location: 30 Hang Bun, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi,Vietnam

Highlights: Do check out the cloth textiles that are prepared by Vietnamese artists.

Best time to visit: The evening time is perfect to pay a visit.

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Chula Fashion Showroom

Chula Fashion Showroom is an excellent place to shop designer dresses that are very attractive. This outlet is known to hold some amazing fashion pieces which are loved by the female population. You can access a number of silk dresses which are very amusing. The craftsmanship at Chula Fashion Showroom will impress you. You can check out traditional dresses as well that is good trait about this outlet. Chula Fashion Showroom has a great staff which is ready to assist to the customers at all points. Every month there is a new collection that is vibrant and fresh. You need to plan your visit accordingly as this place will pour a good spell on you to stay for a very long time.

Location: 43 Nhat Chieu. Enter by 396 Lac Long Quan,Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: This outlet is perfect to shop for women fashion clothing.

Best time to visit: Prefer the afternoon time.

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Indigo Store

Indigo Store will surely mesmerize you to the core. This outlet or specialty store has a wide range of craft items that are very interesting. You will fall in love with the beautiful handcrafted clothes that are offered at easy rates. This destination is admired by the local crowd and is also visited by the foreign tourists. The organic cotton products are very famous at Indigo Store. You can check out scarves, shirts and other stitched goods that are high on quality. Indigo Store is known for its patterned clothing that is very attractive. The prices are not that heavy which makes it easy for customers to experience a lovely time at Indigo Store. Parking space in this area might be a mess on weekends.

Location: 33A Van Mieu, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: The gift items offered at Indigo Store are very amusing.

Best time to visit: You can visit Indigo Store anytime during the day.

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Vincom Mega Mall

Image Credit : lightwrite
Vincom Mega Mall is a modern day mall that is high on architecture. This is one of the most visited shopping destinations in Hanoi. You can access a number of fashion and well-being stores in this mall that are very attractive. Vincom Mega Mall also has different sections that are dedicated to ice skating and other fun activities. You can also watch a movie in the cinema hall that is located inside Vincom Mega Mall. There are local as well as international brands that are very active in this shopping centre. You can experience a large crowd on weekends at Vincom Mega Mall due to its excellent collection of luxury goods. The waterworld at Vincom Mega Mall must be visited to stay entertained.

Location: 72A Nguyen Trai | Thanh Xuan, Hanoi,Vietnam

Highlights: The interior of Vincom Mega Mall will surely keep you relaxed.

Best time to visit: Vincom Mega Mall can be visited in the evening time.

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Hoa Fashion

Hoa Fashion is one of the most renowned fashion stores in Hanoi. You can access a large variety of tailored goods at this outlet. Hoa Fashion will surely impress you with its fine collection of men & women clothing. The fabric along with the tailoring methods at Hoa Fashion is very impressive. If you are searching for quality clothing & accessories then do prefer this store that is located in Tay Ho. Hoa Fashion has grown over the years and is visited by a large crowd in the city. The best part about this store is that, there is a good blend of formal as well as casual clothing at Hoa Fashion. The prices are decent and can be accessed by a major customer population.

Location: No.1 Xuan Dieu | Tay Ho, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Highlights: Hoa Fashion is a well managed shop with a supportive staff.

Best time to visit: Prefer the evening time before 6 PM.

Dong Xuan Market

Image Credit : michellerlee
If you are looking to shop around in Hanoi, this is a nice market to checkout. The Dong Xuan market is an old 3 floor mall which stocks goods of different types. For tourists who want to buy souvenirs, this is among the best places as a lot of variety is available at a good price. But you need to bargain here in order to get a good price.

Dong Xuan Market
Image Credits : onbangladesh

Location: ??ng Xuân, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam. This is located in the best spots in the city as the other tourist attractions are also nearby and you will also have good transportation facilities here.

Highlights: This place is bustling with clothes and vendors who sell street food, it is a decent place if you want to checkout the markets of Hanoi.

Best time to visit: It stays really crowded on the weekends during the peak hours so as far as possible, avoid going there during these times.

Tan My Design

Tan My Design will suit perfect for shoppers who are in search for quality accessories. Tan My Design is famous for offering excellent merchandise that is available in a number of designs. The embroidery goods offered at this store are available at competitive rates. Tan My Design is a multi-utility store that offers a fine range of jewelry and styling goods. The artists have utilized their skill to offer some superb designs for clothing which should be explored if you are at Tan My Design. This outlet is located on Hang Gai Street that is easily accessible via public transport. If you are in Hanoi, then do pay a visit to this lovely store.

Location: 61 Hang Gai, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: Women jewelry pieces offered at Tan My Design are very attractive in terms of appearance and crafting.

Best time to visit: The evening time is perfect for a visit.

Bambou Silk

Bambou Silk is a good shopping complex in Hanoi that offers a good collection of tailored clothes. You will surely admire the number of shops available in this area that offer quality items. This market is known for its suit pieces that are very classy. People from different parts of the city prefer Bambou Silk because of the fabric that is available here. You cannot park your car in this vicinity so prefer public transport for travelling. There is a good blend of casual as well as formal clothing in Bambou Silk. Tourists are also spotted at this market since the prices are too attractive. Do not miss a chance to visit Bambou Silk due to its clothing greatness.

Location: 6 Nha Chung Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: Formal clothing accessories such as tie, belt, jackets etc are famous in this market.

Best time to visit: Prefer weekdays to visit this place.

Van Phuc Silk Village

Image Credit : чãvìnkωhỉtз
Van Phuc Silk Village is an excellent place where you can buy a number of silk goods. There are a number of specialty shops present in the village that offer silk clothes. The quality of the goods at this destination is very amazing. There are numerous locations in Hanoi that offer silk goods, but Van Phuc Silk Village is famous among the locals as well as tourists. The market area in this village consists of several vendors who also deal in craft items. Pottery goods can be accessed in Van Phuc Silk Village quite easily. You can plan a trip to this place in order to admire the traditional genius of Hanoi.

Location: On the Nhue River, 10 km southwest of Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: You can access a good range of quality silk dresses at this location and bargaining is active.

Best time to visit: The summer season is perfect for a visit.

Factory Outlet

Factory Outlet is a basic store in Hanoi that is known for offering discounted goods from brands such as North Face. You can check out jackets, bags and other accessories at this outlet. The clothing goods offered at Factory Outlet includes t-shirts and shorts. You will love the place as the prices are very attractive. There are even goods available from other brands such as Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. The local crowd prefers this shop and even some tourists have praised Factory Outlet. You can visit this place with your friends or family so as to experience a good time. There are some very interesting stores in Hanoi and Factory Outlet is one of them.

Location: 93 Ma May, Old Quarter, Hanoi 1000, Vietnam

Highlights: The bags available at Factory Outlet are very amazing.

Best time to visit: Prefer the morning time as the evenings are usually crowded.

Quang Ba Flower Market

Quang Ba Flower Market is a busy destination that is famous in the city. You can check out a wide range of colorful flowers in this market that will surely impress you. Make sure you do not visit this place at night as it is too crowded. Quang Ba Flower Market is frequently visited by tourists since it has a lovely feel to it. There are roses, tulips and some exclusive flowers which are only grown in Vietnam. You can purchase these flowers at discounted rates which makes this market more attractive. If you are in the city, then make sure you travel to Quang Ba Flower Market. Public transport is the best way to reach this market.

Location: Qu?ng An, Tây H?, Hà N?i, Vietnam

Highlights: The number of flower shops in this market will simply blow your mind.

Best time to visit: You can visit this flower market in the morning.

Mekong Quilts

Mekong Quilts should be visited if you are in search for bedding goods. You can access a large variety of quilts at Mekong Quilts which are designed with perfection. There are special quilts available for little kids which are very adorable. There are very less outlets in Hanoi that offer home décor items. Mekong Quilts is an exclusive destination that has a vibrant range of cushion covers and bed sheets. The staff working at Mekong Quilts will help you access the best goods that can illuminate the look of your bed. Quilts are available in different sizes which makes this outlet more interesting. The prices are not that heavy which in a way helps to attract more customers.

Location: 58 Hang Trong, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam

Highlights: You can explore a number of designer quilts that offer a royal look.

Best time to visit: You can visit Mekong Quilts anytime.
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