50 Best Scuba Diving Places in The World
Does the scintillating bottom part of oceans and seas still remain a wonder for you? Or are you one among them who have an unending desire for deep-sea adventure always? Then it would be a non-reconcilable mistake if you miss this list out. Here, you can find the 50 best scuba diving destinations in the world people have triumphantly explored and yet to explore are listed. Though it directs you to narrow down your options for finding some of the incomparable diving sites, it lets you go through the importance all these sites vehemently possess.

The blog proudly displays the captivating islands with the colourful coral reefs, eras-old ship wrecks, abundant fish schools, rare flora and fauna representing the wild beauty of the most celebrated abysses around the world and much more. Check this list right away if you would not like to put any more pauses in your endeavors.

Here is a list of best scuba diving places in the world:

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Misool Boo Rocks, Indonesia

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Image Credit : fishandshipsdivers.com

Misool is an ambiguous archipelago in Indonesia with umpteen number of diving sites including Boo Rock. This one is considered to be one of the best scuba diving places in the world. It is located on one of the islands named Raja Ampat. The two swim-through gaps have given the site its name and you can witness the mind blowing coral reefs acting as a perfect background for the turquoise water. 

Multi coloured pinnate batfish and grunts are the regular visitors at this diving spot. They in turn create a scintillating atmosphere underwater and extending an overwhelmed feeling for the divers. Underwater photographers are seen here in plenty as the views at the bottom remain unpredictably incredible always.

The best time to dive: From the month of October to April.

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Micronesia, USA

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Image Credit : newsmobile.asia

Thousands of square miles of the western Pacific region is the tiny islands, Micronesia which delivers an unparalleled diving experience to those who are diligent adventurers. A compilation of different small islands is Micronesia which was prominent in the historic and cultural transitions of the world. 

Chuuk is one of the most important ones and it was the strategic location for Japan Empire to place its naval base during World War II. Plenty of shipwrecks, attacks, destruction have caused the archipelago earn a specific space in the history. The divers will get the chance to encounter large manta birostris or manta rays while diving on yet another culturally predominant island, Yap. Likewise, multiple islands which provide proper diving experience.

Best time to dive: Throughout the year.
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Bonaire Scuba Dive, USA

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Image Credit : the-dive-shop.com

With more than 80 diving sites, Bonaire Island or Bonaire Marine Park possesses some beautiful corals both short and long ones along with a collection of around 350 species of fish. Bonaire is an island country in the municipality of Netherlands. An undulating nature is the blessing of this island, the turquoise waters and the unsurpassed beauty of the white sandy beaches prompt the visitors to fall in love with it. 

The names of the diving spots can be seen in yellow boards clearly from the shore. There are a number of diving providers on the island which have good and cheap packages of diving.

Best time to dive: From December to April.

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Cayman Islands, Caribbean

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Image Credit : paradiseintheworld.com

One of the most happening islands of the Carribean, Cayman Islands are a favourite divers’ spot with devilish drop-off and wreck dives across the coolest corals. It has 365 known diving sites promising an enthralling experience under water for those who head out to get embraced by pure adventure. 

Grand Cayman is the popularized diving island though Cayman Islands have other two islands as well. The divers have to expect an average temperature of 26-28* Celsius year-round at this beautiful island that has strong and long walls arrayed in order to extend the safest diving moments.

Best time to visit: Any time round the year.
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Cancun Playa del carmen, Mexico

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Image Credit : diversitydiving.com

The town of Playa del Carmen in Mexico is found to be an enriched place for spending a great vacation as it is parallel to the Riviera Maya. The waters between Playa and Cozumel are inevitably suitable to do scuba diving and sport fishing. Cancun is yet another famous diving site near to Riviera Maya. 

Cancun has the credit of holding the world’s largest underwater sculpture museum which is quite a good reason to visit this site. The two tank night dives exclusively for certified divers will reveal an eerie session at the bottom and the 55 feet reef dive is relatively challenging. This reef includes two immersions to local reefs between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

The best time to dive: December to April 

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Sipadan and Semporna, Malaysia

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Image Credit : oneworld365.org

An unrivaled scuba diving destination in Malaysia is Sipadan. It is one of the fish capitals of the world introducing many rare species of marine animals as well to the community of divers. Barracuda Point, Coral Garden, The Drop Off, Hanging Gardens, Midreef, Turtle Cavern, Whitetip Avenue and the list of dive sites on the island just continues. 

Sea turtles and other bunches of unique algae, flora and fauna are richly present everywhere in Sipadan and in almost all the dive spots.

The best time to dive: April to December

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Bay Islands, Honduras

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Image Credit : uwphotographyguide.com

Honduras coast hosts the Bay Islands which is a compilation of eight islands and 53 small cays and these islands are one of the best scuba diving places in the world. A favourite stop for those diving and snorkeling lovers, the Bay Islands’ important three islands are Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. Here, one can witness the second largest barrier reefs in the world.

 As it has the thrilling diving spots, anyone can easily get access to take part in the activity heading to encounter with the differing underwater kingdom of life. The beaches on the islands are popularized and filled with backpackers almost all the time.

Best time to dive: Any time round the year.

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Yongala, Australia

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Image Credit : happytravels.com

Yongala is a quite famous diving spot in the Great Barrier Reef which displays the flamboyant underwater world to the adventure seekers.  It is termed to be one of the best wreck dive spots in the world. The wreck is spread across a 33 meter deep sandy bottom and diving here is meant for experienced divers as strong currents can be expected any time.

 The wildlife surrounding the wreck is just marvelous; it consists of eagle rays, Manta rays, sea turtles, sea snakes, Barracudas, Giant trevallies and much more different schools of fish and other sea animals.

Best time to dive: Winter has warm and clear days with a visibility of 15 to 25 meters. 

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Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea

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Image Credit : flickr.com

Featuring two wrecks namely Numidia and Aida, The Brothers are a pair of tiny islands in the Red Sea of Egypt which are actually two massive reef pillars emerging out from the depths. An undeniable attraction here is the impressive collection of marine lives especially fish types. 

In addition to the prevailing charm, the coral reefs have impeccable contribution to beautifying the entire abyss. The Big Brother is the larger one measuring about 400 meter long that obsesses a symbol of British rule, the Victorian stone lighthouse. The narrow coral reefs suggestively open up the unrestrained way of diving.

Bets season for diving: Any time during the year.

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Great Blue Hole, Belize

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Image Credit : enjoylife.io

Dissimilar to any natural beauty is the astonishing Great Blue Hole, a giant submarine sinkhole lying off the coast of Belize. As a result of various quaternary glaciation, the circular shaped hole formed that has turned out to be one of the most scenic sights in the world and a World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO. 

It shares an impressive place among the groups of recreational divers around the world, using the chance to mingle with the enlarged circle of different types of fish and sea mammals. The hole can be approached via a boat and the turquoise water exhibits the undying beauty so well.

Best time to dive: Round the year

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Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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Image Credit : hawaiitopten.com

Manta Ray Night Dive in Kailua Kona, an island in Hawaii is quite famous among the circles of adventure seekers as it is one among the best scuba diving places in the world. A distinct island with more than 200 resident Manta rays is Kailua Kona and the different diving providers around the island offer the best diving experience possible. 

At night, the Manta rays are easily visible and that is the reason behind the fame night dive has been holding till date. A cruise along the bluish water offers a flamboyant view of sunset before getting deep in to the abyss to spot the giant but marvelous sea creatures.

Best time to dive: All the year round

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Tiputa Pass Rangiroa, Polynesia

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Image Credit : island-escapes.com

A celebrated dive site in Rangiroa region is Tiputa Pass that experienced by many divers in the world knowing the best ways of conquering the incoming and outgoing currents. There are multiple diving sites in the same region which demand different sets of diving skills and points. 

The Shark’s Cavern has its name from the 115 feet long cavern and here the diver needs good buoyancy control and proper instincts. The larger reef sharks can be spot at the Canyons, the Run and the Crossing, the Windmill, the Blue and the Angle are the famous, thrilling and experience diving spots adventure seekers would love to explore every other time.

Best time to dive: January and February are the best time to dive though all the year round is recommended.

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Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

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Image Credit : southafricaadventures.com

The coast of Kwazulu- Natal in South Africa triumphantly boasts Aliwal Shoal, a rocky reef inhabited by large and short corals and subtropical fish varieties. Aliwal Shoal is frequently accepted as one of the ten best dive sites in the world because of numerous reasons. It is famous for the two shipwrecks as well but majorly an authentic recreational dive sites. 

Grey Nurse sharks are found in large number in Shoal which is a valid reason for divers to flood in massive numbers to this spot. As it is the major tourist destination of South Africa, umpteen number of resorts, diving centres, hotels, restaurants are abundantly seen.

Best time to dive: November to January are recommended.

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Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman

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Image Credit : actionscuba.com

Being the smallest island in Cayman Islands list, Little Cayman has the cutest spot among the Scuba diving specialists. The unsurpassed wilderness brimming with wild creatures outnumber the human population on the island. The beaches are quite alluring here but the secret beauty lies in the depths. 

As a diver goes deep inside the waters, the parts of Bloody Bay Wall become visible which is an undersea cliff causing the place to be a breathtaking diving destinations in the world. An incomparable mustering of variety sponges unlike any other parts of the Carribean can be witnessed by one here alongside the vibrant sea lives sticking on to the cracks and crevices of the majestic wall.

Best time to dive: All year round is best to dive in here.

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U-352 Dive, North Carolina

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

26 miles of Southeast of Beaufort Inlet proudly preserves the remaining of a 218 foot long Type VII C German U-Boat commonly known as the U-352 which was sunken years ago. From the inlet, it will take around one hour and forty five minutes to reach this extravagant dive site where the conning tower of the boat rises up to 90 feet and the main part exists up to 100 feet. 

The flocks of amberjack swimming around the U-352 carry a phenomenal vibe which makes the divers be more attracted toward the destination.

The best time to dive: Anytime during the year is suitable for diving here. 

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Biscayne National Park, Florida

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Image Credit : plainadventure.com

It is surprising to know what makes Biscayne National Park a dive paradise is basically the 25 miles long coral reefs, barrier islands, estuaries and obviously the sea arraying a magnificent sights in the depth.  During the dive, one will have to encounter with the abundant and relishing marine life that consists of goliath grouper, sea turtles, manatees, lemon, hammerhead, tiger sharks etc. 

One can dive up to 50 and 80 feet depth where a temperature level of 36 to 55 degree Fahrenheit and visibility comes up to 100 feet.  Elkhorn Reef dominates the shallow reef patch and this one is the favourite for divers as well.

Best time to dive: June and July are the best time to do scuba diving.

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White Sea, Russia

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Image Credit : wallpaperup.com

Scuba diving in the White Sea which is a part of the Arctic Ocean is thrilling always as it offers a different experience internally and a variant underwater world is displayed as you go deeper. This internal sea is a part of Russia with more clear water and rich in specific fauna belongs to the boreal type. 

During diving, the more scenic picture of the abyss come visible slowly. It would be consisting of starfish, brittle stars, crabs, shrimps etc and the rock surface holds soft corals, actiniae, sponges, hydroids etc. The inmost depth the diver can go in is 340 meters and up to 50 meters of the interior would become visible.

The best time to dive:  All year round is suitable to do diving here. In winter, winter diving will be arranged.

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Tobermory Scuba Diving, Canada

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Image Credit : scubadiverlife.com

Tobermory was named as the Scuba Diving capital of Canada because it is a plethora of multiple diving spots equally distributing chances for beginners as well as veterans.  Located at the northern tip of the South Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is a slice of land that forms the western border of the Georgian Bay. 

The shipwrecks that are hundreds of years old are main attractions at these sites and they are counted to be 22 in number as of now. These sunken vessels bring in more charm underwater making the destination of divers more relishing and significant. Fathom Five national marine park preserves these shipwrecks and the park takes care of the possessions still.

The best time to dive: Any time during the year

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North Pole, Alaska

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Image Credit : scubadiving.com

Scuba diving or ice diving at North Pole, Alaska would be ticked as one among the bucket list things of your life. Cutting through the thick snow of the Summit Lake in the tundra region of Kenai Peninsula can be declared as the toughest and the most challenging adventure activity in the world, probably. 

The sockeye salmons are found in plenty here and the winter divers’ favourite spot is this to spot these typical variety of salmon. The lake is encircled beautifully by the Hoodoo Mountain and of course the high-alpine tundra should not be missed out of description.

The best time to dive: The snow is thicker in the months of December through May.

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Hudson River, USA

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Image Credit : 411posters.com

The Hudson River is 315 mile long that flows through the picturesque Hudson valley finally sinks into the Atlantic Ocean and it acts as a major political margin between New York and New Jersey. The river is so popular among the ice divers of the world for the appearance of the river changes according to the winter storms and currents. 

Many of the famous divers have discovered musket balls and the remnants of wooden wrecks from the deep bottom of the river years back. The surface is blanketed with thick layer of ice sheet, which can be up to 1 to 10 inches.

The best time to dive: The month of February

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Lake Baikal, Siberia

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Image Credit : dailymail.co.uk

Considered to be the largest and oldest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Baikal is flowing through Siberia and it comprises roughly 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water. It is formed of a rift which gives it the form of crescent. It is peculiar among the best scuba diving places in the world. Also, the water is much clear letting adventure lovers to indulge in a deep water diving and snorkel in this lake. 

The visibility under the water ranges from 10-45 meters which would be possible if you are spending up to 45 minutes.

The best time to dive: All year round

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The Wall, Havelock Island, Andaman

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Image Credit : tripigator.com

The north-west region of Havelock on Andaman Islands is the favourite Scuba diving spot exists; it is The Wall. The Wall is a sloping wall up to 3.5 KM long and it provides the breathtaking sights of the interiors of the sea. Treating divers of all levels equally, the Wall is enriched with the presence of purple, yellow and red soft corals, fan corals alongside the unending flooding of Dog Tooth Tuba, Snapper, Trevally, Moorish Idols etc. 

10-55 meters depth would be the target divers will set before they dive and it would be exciting enough to cross the moderate currents present almost on all days.

The best time to dive: All the year round 

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Netrani Island, India

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Image Credit : cloudinary.com

A heart-shaped island located in the Arabian Sea near to Murudushwara temple region in Karnataka, India is Netrani Island which has another name as Pigeon Island because of the presence of pigeons in plenty. This island is quite famous for scuba diving and easily accessible from Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai or Bangalore. 

Due to the exceeding coral reefs along with the colourful butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish and many more species are abundantly found. Though divers flow toward the diving spots, the island is still remaining unexplored as it poses threat to the climbers with sharp rocky structures and steep cliffs.

The best time to visit: Between December and January

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Lago Del Naret, Switzerland

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Image Credit : livingoceanscuba.com

The only fresh water lake in the world with true ice bergs inside, Lago del Naret, a famous spot among altitude divers around the world. It is believed that the rocky shore of this lake is the reason behind the phenomenon which makes the lake gets heated fast. Perhaps, the melted ice retreats back soon because of the size of the lake, as studies say. 

Anyhow, the lake creates enough space for divers to just slip under and enjoy being under water for long.

The best time to dive: The month of July

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East Greenland, Greenland

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Image Credit : scubadivingbuzz.com

East Greenland is unfortunately one among the best scuba diving places in the world yet unexplored but surprisingly it offers one of the best scuba diving experience in the world. Covered by thick snow during winter, this Greenland place holds limited scuba diving centres also and divers come in plenty here during summer when the icebergs drift down the coast line. That is the time the majestic whales arrive in large numbers. 

The cold water demands dry suits and much authentic diving skills as the abyss is still not familiar to the outer world of scuba divers.

The best time to dive: The few weeks in summer 

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Image Credit : dailydive.com

For most of us, Antarctica is a large shield of white ice depicting the symbols of frozen lives, snow and winter always. But to be true, this is place where adventure has its best levels of deployment. Especially, the wildlife here beckons many nature lovers as well as adventure lovers in a quite huge number. Though, relatively Antarctica is less explored and inhabited, the studies regarding the water based lives and activities are appreciated worldwide. 

Mainly, the explorers are aiming at the abundantly found penguins, whales and seals. For scuba divers, this is the best opportunity to mingle with these rare animals in a closer way.

The best time to dive: All the year round
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Hokkaido Island, Japan

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Image Credit : framepool.com

An ice flake on Hokkaido Island, drifting down the Sea of Okhotsk in Japan, opens up enough chances to those adventure seekers dive deep in to the depths of water. The temperature under water just fluctuates between 0 and 2 degree and above, it will 30 centimeters to 2 meter thick ice which eventually make the adventure packed with thrills at its best level. 

Scuba diving can be done after several security constraints as the danger level is quite high during winter season, the major time of diving here. The divers can experience a visibility up to 10 meters and up to fifteen minutes only as the water gets colder and the chances for many problems are huge.

The best time to dive: Every weekend from the month of January through mid-March.

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Maaya Thila, South Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Image Credit : diveprice.com

One of the divers’ wonders on the island of Maldives is Ari Atoll and described as the one place where challenging diving is second to none here. Ari Atoll does not offer long barrier reefs and thick walls but what makes it superior is ‘thilas’ where you will encounter with the submerged pinnacles from inside and outside the lagoons. 

At Maaya Thila, the pinnacle starts around 6 meters and extends up to 12 meters and then continue to go down up to 30 meters, offering you the best visions of underwater world, colourful and magnetic more often. As you dive deeper, the more colourful, soft coral reefs come alive along with the rugged caves and overhangs.

The best time to dive: All the year round is apt to dive at this atoll but suggested time of from December to May as the sea will be the calmest now.
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Puerto Galera, Philippines

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Image Credit : 8thingstodo.com

A splendid diving destination with over 40 challenging sites is Puerto Galera in Philippines. Expect here the wide ranges of high drift dives to wreck dives and muck dives. Those who love to do photography, this diving location will exploit them for sure. Toward the deep bottom, one come across the relishing coral reefs in a wide manner and at the bottom, it is all the sandy bed offering a marvelous sight of the underwater kingdom.

 Puerto Galera has its best offers during night dives as the tubeworms are spotted very clearly and relatively in a large number.

The best time to dive: From April to September when great visibility and good sea conditions and warm water.

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Poor Knights, New Zealand

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Image Credit : ianskipworth.com

Calling the Poor Knights an internationally recognized dive sites will not be surprising among the real adventure divers out there. It is the highlight of the Tutukaka island of New Zealand where 11 million year old history is depicted with the number of caves, walls, arched and tunnels. The depth of the sea is made colourful with the rare species of marine plants and animals.

 A reverberating Maori history lies within this island and here is the world’s largest sea cave can be found and these are the reasons why it is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been under the list of to be protected sites.

The best time to dive: From the late summer to winter.

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British Columbia

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

There are enough reasons for British Columbia to gain a prominent place among the best scuba diving places in the world; the long coast line of about 17000 miles, glacier-chiseled fjords, sunken vessels etc and the list goes on. 

The multiple dive sites namely Race Rocks which carries rugged boundaries always nourished by chilled sea water and protecting the tiny rockfishes and sea urchins in plenty, Renate’s Reef that holds coral reefs and shipwrecks along with some dangerous pinnacles, Porlier Pass with a load of rare marine lives including colourful dahlia, plumose and brooding anemones, basket stars, blue-clawed lithode crabs and much more.

The best time to dive: Fall and winter 

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Similans, Thailand

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Image Credit : remotelands.com

Famous for the bouldering Manta Rays and Whale sharks, Similan Islands are ranked as one of the most popular diving destinations by National Geographic Society once. Similan is an archipelago of 11 islands; all of them are located in the area of Mu Koh Similan National Park. The major attraction is the crystal clear turquoise waters beautified by the rocky shores and colourful coral reefs. 

Divers from different parts of the world flood toward the island just to explore the unique and fragile marine lives. Anita’s Reef, Beacon Point, Boulder City, Breakfast Bend, Chinese Wall, Coral Reef etc are a few of the exciting diving sites around the island.

The best time to dive: Except monsoon any other time round the year.

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Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

Sea Hunt, a 1950 movie is the one which made Grand Bahama famous among the schools of adventure divers across the world. From then onward, the site has been considered to be the paradise of divers as the deep sea possesses an unrivalled sets extending happiness and satisfaction to the explorers. A wide garden of multi colored coral reefs and dolphins turn the abyss splendidly on. 

Underwater Explorer’s Society UNEXSO is one of the major service providers here and the Diving Program offered by them eventually take you to the very rare opportunity to dive with dolphins.

The best time to dive: October to June 

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Whale Rock, Galapagos Islands

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Image Credit : yourescapetoecuador.com

Whale Rock or commonly known as Roca Orca on the Galapagos Islands is a famous and one of the best scuba diving places in the world for many years. This small rock formation spreads its space across the Northwest Coast of San Cristobal and it proudly boasts its unending magic shows underwater. The diver can simple expect an average depth of 6-27 meters and a proper visibility up to 10-15 meters. 

Moreover, the rich schools of rare fish and marine animals are the specific feature of this dive site. Since there are chances for huge currents, the site is usually suggested for experienced divers.

The best time to dive: There are two main seasons; dry and wet. Dry season is from July through December and wet season is from January through June.

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Blue Corner, Palau Islands

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

If you are looking forward to have an action oriented diving experience, then expect no more pause but head to Blue Corner on Palau Islands. You will be witnessing 13 different species of sharks roaming near you. Currents inside are unpredictable but the dive site is open for novice during the absence of any currents and for experts during high currents. 

The location is easily accessible as it is just 25 miles gresouth west of Koror, northwest end of Ngemelis Island. The divers will come across anthias, butterfly fish, Napolean wrasse etc just cruising around you.

The best time to visit: The all year round is suitable.

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President Coolidge, Vanuatu

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Image Credit : destinationsmagazine.com

Apt for a sport diver at heart is S.S. Presdient Coolidge in Vanuatu which is a luxury liner once used as a troop ship during WWII. 198 meters is the length of the wreck and it is one of the largest accessible wrecks in Vanuatu expecting only those adventurous hearts. The divers can easily access the wreck from a boat or shore itself and in the beginning, there is a short walk needed directly to the bow of the ship. 

15 to 35 meters of beautiful abyss and the calmest sea attract novices as well as experts in large numbers throughout the year. A wide collection of personal belongings and military possessions is the captivating sight at the bottom in which the Lady and Unicorn deserves a quick drift of your eyes from others.

The best time to dive: Any time during the year is suitable 

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Great White Wall, Tavieuni Fiji

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Image Credit : luxurytravelmag.com

A unique combination of drifting along a gorgeous wall enhanced by the presence of soft coral and several swim throughs brings in more beauty to the Great White Wall in Tavieuni Fiji and it is because of this, the site is considered to be the favourite diving location on the islands of Fiji. 

The magic show of the corals let you feel that it is all white in colour in the first meters but through the deep side you dive, you will come to know it is the purest form of reflection of light and the colour is purple only.

The best time to dive: May through December.

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Scotts Head Pinnacle, Dominica

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Image Credit : buddydivedominica.com

The name Scotts Head Pinnacle itself is interesting for those who are eagerly searching for the unexplored diving sites around the world. This site located in Dominica beckons those hearts in search of pure adventure and thrill underwater and with the desire of encountering the unique sets of mammals in the deep sea. 

As the diver swims along the blue waters, the visibility of a pinnacle, a 120 foot drop off comes alive and here one can expect several swim-through. But this challenging pinnacle need practiced and expert divers because the adventure level is quite unpredictable.

The best time to dive: July 

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Mnemba Island, Tanzania

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

Mnemba Atoll located on the northern side of Zanzibar, Tanzania, is a pear-shaped island carries several unique features to make it the best diving site of Tanzania. Being a preserved spot, Mnemba Atoll is proudly displaying a rare collection of marine life in which two species are the heroes; the dragon moray eel and the Djibouti Spanish dancer. 

As beginners are largely welcomed with the relaxing, shallow waters, experts are also satisfied by the presence of deep wall dives in between.

The best time to dive: All round the year.

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Punta Sur / Devils Throat, Cozumel, Mexico

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

Yes, this is the call for advanced divers around the world; Punta Sur or Devil’s Throat is a deep cave which pits forth adventure on a high level and those who visit Cozumel suggest this as the best diving spot and never to be missed if you are visiting Mexico any time. 

The diving site starts at a depth of 80 feet and leads up to 135 feet and why it is adventurous is because of the obscure visibility that can be caused of the uprising sediments from the bottom and of course it is dark inside as you dive deeper.

The best time to dive:  December to April.

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Ulong Channel, Palau

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Image Credit : reatoceandiversblog.files.wordpress.com

Ulong Channel exhibits thrill at its best and it is one of the best diving places in the world and located in Palau. A diver will come across the restless water due to the unending fish actions. Known for its regular currents and seasonal sprawling, Ulong Channel surprises the divers with consistent gliding experiences and with the presence of sharks and other unique sea animals. 

During an incoming time, the visibility becomes absolute and it would be up to 95 feet and this is the best time of your dive.

The best time to dive: Any time during the year
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Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep, India

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Image Credit : cambyte.com

Kadmat or Cardomom Islands in Lakshadweep associate with the best type of coral reefs measuring up to 9.3 feet in length and the wide lagoon which has a width of 1.5 KM. The coral reef with sea grass spreads an incomparable beauty to the entire place and divers would come across the havens of marine turtles here. 

This tear drop shaped island has very limited inhabitants as well but always protected due to the presence of very rare marine species.

The best time to dive: From the month of October to mid- May.

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Uma Guva Reef, Goa

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Image Credit : weekendthrill.com

Goa is one of the famous diving destinations in India enhanced by the visual treat of coral reefs, multi coloured fish species and beautiful shells. The absence of repeated currents makes the waters of Goa ideal for beginners to learn scuba diving at the best level. Among the famous diving sites in the region, Uma Guva Reef becomes the most celebrated site as it opens up great opportunity to the advanced divers. 

It has the visibility of 12 meters to 18 meters with a large collection of collared butterfly fish, red tooth triggers, groupers, sharks, banner fish, Moorish idols etc.

The best time to dive: Mid- October to mid- April.

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Sha'ab Rumi South, Sudan

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Image Credit : planetdiveholidays.com

The Red Sea in South Sudan bears the best coral reefs of the country and there is this favourite dive spot namely Sha'ab Rumi with a thrilling depth of 5 to 35 meters and a visibility up to 20 meters. The diver can either swim out of the plateau or just dive into the thick blues to swim along the mighty sharks roaming around.

 A distinguished set of colourful fishes such as parrotfish, Maori wrasse and many more may come your way forging into stunning formations.

The best time to dive: From the month of March to May.

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USS Vandenberg, Florida Keys, USA

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Image Credit : ytimg.com

A dive to the recent famous wreck, USNS Vandenberg which is an extensive artificial reef in the Panhandle, spreading across the South Florida Atlantic Coast is definitely one of the best adventurous activities in the Atlantic Ocean region. The vessel is a key attraction of Florida especially among the divers’ community globally. 

Though it had a long way to go before becoming an authentic underwater ecosystem, it drags many of the divers due to the massive size and the easily accessible distance from the shore. For beginners as well as advanced divers, the wreck arrays the mind blowing sights of its remaining amid the sizzling water.

The best time to dive: The months of September and October.

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Point Lobos, Carmel, California

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The celebrated wildlife presence makes Point Lobos an unparalleled and one of the best scuba diving places in the world. It bears beauty at its best with the rare meeting of water and land; the rich diversity of animals and birds on shore and on water should not be missed out. 

Point Lobos becomes special among divers since it has the best ever collection of shallow reefs, deep kelp beds, walls, pinnacles, caves and sandy coves with the state's largest variety of sea stars along with a surprising marine species ranging from seals, sea lions and otters to torpedo rays, rockfish and lingcod.

The best time to visit: Fall is the best season to dive at Point Lobos.

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Pedras Secas, Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

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Fernando De Noronha, an archipelago in Brazil has 26 dive sites and it is the famous national park in the country that quintessentially offers the views of the very unique spinner dolphins. Among the various dive sites in the archipelago, Pedras Secas remains special since this fantastic rocky structure holds the challenging tunnels, caves, canyons and arches which are seats to the most stunning marine eco system. 

The rock formations at this site are extended up to the surface welcoming the sizzling waves all the time.

The best time to dive: The best visibility is during September and October.

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Alcyone, Cocos, Costa Rica

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Image Credit : underseahunter.com

Once celebrated as the best dive spot for the hard core divers, Cocos now beckons divers of any level with its nutrient rich currents and sea animals in the deep waters. Cocos is located in the Golden Traingle, boasts of around 20 dive sites which are different and unique in size and experience. One of them is the majestic Alcyone. 

This is the location to see hammerhead sharks; their preference is to swim below the thermocline that forces the divers to dive up to 98 feet. The exposure to the rough seas and high currents are suitable for advanced divers.

The best time to dive: The best time to dive is between December and May.
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Tiger Beach, Bahamas

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Image Credit : scuba-adventures.com

As the name suggests tiger sharks are the highlights of Tiger Beach, Bahamas and it is extending the most reliable diving spots which are incredibly beautiful. The crystal clear, shallow water holding the white sandy bottom provides a smooth surface for divers and the majestic sharks equally and the unique flora types beside do their part in the best way possible to make the surrounding look extra ordinary.

Moreover, you will come to see other shark species namely lemon sharks, Carribean reef sharks, nurse sharks etc.

The best time to dive: The most suitable time to diving here is from the month of November to March.

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Critter Corner, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

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St Vincent and the Grenadine rose from the molten gurgling of the earth boasts of the multiple islands named Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Tobago Cays, Union Island, Palm Island etc. Critter Corner, St. Vincent’s token much is located 600 feet off Villa Beach and also it is a private tropical cay and it is one of the best scuba diving places in the world. 

Sea urchins are seen in abundance which are believed to be the reason for the presence of reef system at the location. In a larger amount, we can spot yellowhead jawish, nimble spray crabs, snake eels, fanworms, razorfish etc as well while diving.

The best time to dive: Any time during the year.

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"the experience was awesome. The whole thing organized by Thrillophilia was great. Our tour operator Jigmet sir and the whole crew were 1 no. SHAMAAASS. Julley.
24 October 2015
Agnimitra Banerjee Nishani Motte Trek
Trekking and water adventure...what else can be so tempting especially for adventurists like me. This things give me my Kick. Wonderful place and everything is just up-to-the-mark. I'm certainly exploring more of South India now and to get the best of South I prefer reading thrillophilia reviews .
11 July 2019
We went for Manali to srinagar Bike tour. It was the best bike trip of my entire life It all started with the person named Shubham from thrillophilia who helped me in selecting the best trip and processed with my booking, all thanks to him! Without him I wouldn’t have been able to experience the best trip of my life. On arrival there, we met our tour guide Tani and our Mechanic Shashi about whom I have read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. These 2 guys were so supportive during the entire tour that no matter what happened they were always there to look after us. They always made sure we are safe and we are following them and there is no overtaking taking place. Tani, the tour guide, one chilled out person he is! Make sure you get him as your tour guide and Shashi as the mechanic as these guys will always make sure that they are there for you no matter what. And in the end, it’s all the Main man behind everything, Jimmy Sir. Thanks a lot Sir for making me experience the best trip of my life! Without you and your team this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for helping us out in every way possible. The roads here are difficult terrain to ride on. You gotta be careful. You gotta carry your gum boots during water logging which is the most difficult to cross. But these guys made sure that we were all safe and had sound health till we reached home. Not even a single person was hurt. Our group was a mixture of all age groups, I’m fact we even got to meet 2 people From the Indian navy as well. One mad kickass experience! Unbelievable. Reaching the worlds highest Pass, Khardungla Top, was the highest achievement of my life till date which happened on this trip! And if at all you wish to go, don’t forget to ask Tani and Shashi as your tour guide and mechanic, and go only through Jimmy Sir as he has the best team! Thanks a lot to everyone out there for which I thought the best way would be to write at thrillophilia reviews.
Anirudh Ghaty Kodachadri Trek
"One hell of a crazy trek this one. The views were just splendid, and the organisers had it all charted out, and were extremely helpful. \n\nAn initial route through the forest is what we go through which is not that tiring, but after this stretch we move on to the most difficult part of the trek, where we come across the Hidlumane falls and we need to trek in quite a difficult terrain. Post all this stressful climbing, whatever the view you get is unmatched, all that pain, even though there physically, would have vanished mentally.\n\nBest to trek during monsoon or after the monsoon has receded to an extent as the hills are completely covered in green until the eyes can see. It's a treat for the eyes to feast on watching the western ghats in full glory."
05 October 2017
Umesh Joshi Stok Kangri Trek
First, I would like to say thank you to shyam@thrillophilia.com for their coordination and cooperation by writing my thrillophilia reviews.The trip was well planned and executed extremely well by the tour operators, I am very happy with the services provided by thrillophilia during this trek. 1) Our trek leaders Salman and Stenzin are really a wonderful Guys, they were very helpful and supportive all the time during trekking.Other staff members were also supportive and helpful. 2) Food quality and quantity was good. 3) Accommodation was good, camps were in good shape, neat and clean and quite spacious. Let's review the Trek about which I had read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. No doubt Stok trek was awesome as well as difficult. It would not be correct if I will say Stok trek is the most beautiful trek ???? but there is something which makes this trek different from all other treks and which is the main reason to attract tourist from every corner of the word, that is its height. At 20,500 feet Stok Kangri is the highest trekkable summit in India (6,153 m), what google says but when I googled it bit more and try to find if there is any other trek exist in this word which is above Stok, I did not get any information so I assume this is the highest trekkable summit in world ???? Highlights of this Trek 1) Trekking till base camp is not very tiring, which itself a big achievement as you would be able to achieve the height of 16300 feet ???? and the best part what I found in this trek is “you don’t need to walk too many hours to reach base camp” 2-4 hours walk a day is max you will walk. 2) Leh treks are totally different from Himachal and Uttrakhand treks in terms of scenic beauty, it’s a different experience, you would be able to see some splendid views of the Stok mountain ranges. 3) The last day “Summit day” will give you a totally different experience. You start your trek at night time which generally don’t happen in other treks. Moreover, you will get a chance to do snow trekking in summers as well “Only in summit Day”. Here is a great saying "the best view comes after the hardest climb" Very True!!! Preparation: I should say this is not a trek for first time trekkers but still if someone wants to give a try, Start your preparation at least 2 months before this trek as last day “Summit Day” is really a challenging one, compare to other days where you have to just walk 2-4 hours max here on final day you have to walk for a 12 – 14 hours and Trekking at night on Snow is bit tricky task and it becomes more challenging when you have to walk by putting Crampons on your shoes as rightly suggested by many people at thrillophilia reviews. a) Aim for 5 km running in 30 minutes b) Do breathing exercise which helps you a lot during this trek especially. c) Drink as much as water you can.
Had a great sar pass trekking experience.
Rupinder Nambeesan Pride Amber Villas Jaipur
Had a good time at the resort. Services and food were also good.
01 April 2021
This was my first paragliding experience and I was so thrilled and scared both at the same time. This March I was going to Gangtok and came to know about the paragliding activity there and booked the same with Thrillophilia and made the most of the thrills and spills of Paragliding. After heading to the paragliding spot in Ranka at Gangtok. I was accompanied by a trained pilot throughout the entire activity when we soared at a height of 1300- 2200 meters. The best thing about Thrillophilia is that it not only gives you an option to choose between medium and high fly but regardless of the package you choose, the ride from the landing site to the take-off point is all included. I chose the high fly package where I and my certified pilot rose at a height of 2200 meters, marveling at nature’s beauty underneath. After this paragliding trip, I must say that this has been my best so far, given the whole safety protocols that Thrillophilia adhered to besides arranging a trip to the Ranka monastery. Thus, I recommend Thrillophilia with all my heart, for such out-of-the-box experiences!
04 February 2021
The work from home seemed quite relaxing until I started to feel trapped. Thus, come 2021, and kept on looking for a workstation trip where I could stay amidst nature and still work. On came Thrillophilia as a genie and arranged the most fabulous stay in Manali. The three-bedroom cottage I was staying in could accommodate nine people and I set off with 4 of my friends. We loved the serene Kullu Valley setting but met our office targets with full gusto. The stay was not just beautiful being situated amidst apple orchards but was a sanitized space with staff performing hygiene checks daily. My friends made the most of the indoor workspaces while I brought about the outdoor furniture to do office work while not missing out on nature’s grandeur. Totally loved how Thrillophilia at such short notice, arranged for a homestay that had Wi-Fi connectivity, power backup and a laptop-friendly workspace. I still miss our evenings where we would gorge on local snacks cooked in the kitchen, by a chef using fresh seasonal produce. If WFM has been a mood dampener for you, give Thrillophilia a try, to arrange a nourishing stay in the hills!
26 January 2021
Who does not dream of a farmhouse stay amidst the rolling Himalayan Mountains and an emerald green forest? Yes, I am no different because I have craved for such an experience all my life and I am extremely glad that Thrillophilia came on board to grant all that I desired. My 2 days one night experiential stay at a Farmhouse in Gangtok not just let me have a perfect getaway but so much more. I learnt about terrace farming, plucked ripe fruits from the trees, enjoyed picnics along the streams, and tried my hands on organic farming. I still miss my bedroom in the homestay that had a skylight right above the bed to let me stargaze endlessly. Thank you Thrillophilia for such a splendid experience!

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