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15 Adventures in Nepal

  • If this holiday season you are looking for some heart pumping adventure in Nepal, you can be a part of Manslu Trail Race which allows you to race amidst the most beautiful landcapes of Nepal. Nepal has a lot more to offer than just pure trekking expeditions such as Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is one of the adventurous trail run in the world.

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     Para gliding, Bunjee Jumping, and the thrilling mountain biking downhill are just some of the adventurous activities you can try in Nepal. Such adventurous activities is sure to keep you satiated with a constant adrenaline rush.

    Here are some of the best adventures in Nepal that you should experience:

  • 01Paragliding

    Image Credit : drburtoni
    If you want to fly like a free bird you must try Paragliding which will let you witness the most beautiful landscape from above. You can fly up in the air and experience the beautiful view from above will not let you regret a bit. You will have a feeling that you are floating with the wind.

    Image Credits : momo

    : Pokhara is however the best place for paragliding in Nepal.

    Best time to visit: The season starts in September and ends in early June.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, the risks involved are huge especially during the take-off and the landing time when there is a sudden change in the wind. However you have a reserve chute for a safe landing.

    : A standard flight of 30 minutes will cost you somewhere around Rs. 7500
  • 02Rock Climbing

    Image Credit : ActiveSteve
    There are times when you like taking things to your edge and set yourself free. It is truly an inspirational moment to walk on the toughest of terrains. You will feel as if you have accomplish something really great. Climbing rocks will make you feel that there will be rough times in your life but it is upto you how to overcome them.

    HighlightsNagarjun Balaju, Hattiban and Khumbu rock climbing are the popular spots for rock climbing.

    Difficulty Level: High and you need to be physically fit to undertake this sport.

    : 40 Euro which includes lunch, transport, equipment and instructor.

    Best time to visit
    : Spring is the most favourable time for such activities in Nepal.
  • 03Paramotor

    If you want to rule over the sky then there is no better way than paramotor. The flight gives you a chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful sights in Nepal. Don’t miss the chance to see the breath-taking view. The birth of paramotor took place when paragliders were finding it extremely difficult to take off from a flat ground. It is an opportunity to view the magic of the mountains.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, for your safety there is a trained professional who will accompany you.

    : If you want a basic 5 day course it will be of Rs 30,000.

    Best months
    : October through May.
  • 04UltraLight

    Experience the joy of leaving the ground and floating with the wind. You can enjoy the serenity of being up above the lush green trees. You can be truly amazed with the picturesque beauty which comes along with the sensation of flying. It is an amazing thing to view the whole world beneath you. The Ultralight sport gives you an opportunity to see the verging beauty of nature.

    : Annapurna range around the Fishtail peak is one of the most heavenly experience you can ever have.

    Best time to visit
    : Early Autumn to early spring is the best time. This exhilarating sport will leave you completely thrilled.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, you can get trained by professionals to make it easier for you.

    : 5180 per person
  • 05Hand Gliding

    You might have boarded a plane several time but it’s time for you to try the exciting Hang Gliding experience which will let you experience of riding your own plane. You will get a chance to witness the picturesque landscape on your own. This thrilling sport allows you have bird’s eye view of mountains and other scenic beauties.

    : Sarangkot is the place for these flights to take off for all the hang gliding experiences. You can simply have a majestic view of monasteries, temples and mountains.

    Best time to visit
    : November and December.

    Difficulty Level: High, weather is an important consideration for hang gliding and many professionals say that hang gliding is more about the attitude than the skill sets.
    : 113 pounds.
  • 06Mountain Biking

    Image Credit : Marc van der Chijs
    If you are passionate about on-road adventures. It is time to push back your biking boundaries and take a new turn to experience all the new mountain vistas which you might have never seen before. For every true rider, mountain biking should definitely be in their bucket list. The unforgettable box of memories that you will carry will be treasured by you for a lifetime.

    : Pokhara mountain bike adventure will show you all the trails which you might not seen before that will truly leave you inspired. However you can also go for the Kathmandu valley which is an equally adventurous spot.

    Best time to visit
    : February and April are one of the best.

    : 600 USD.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, this is indeed a vary dangerous activity and should only be tried after an regress training
  • 07White Water Rafting

    Image Credit : Susan Lafferty
    For all the adventure enthusiasts it will be truly amazing for you to meet the gushing white water. The adrenaline rush of the white water rafting will wash all your fears. It is truly thrilling to see the flow of untamed waters. The unexpected rapids will give you a challenging task which will make you want for more. Just imagine the experience from the breath-taking heights of the Himalayas.

    Image Credits : Jana Reifegerste

    : Trishuli river and Seti river can be the best water rafting spots.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, however with the help of the trainers, people of all age group can experience white water rafting.

    : $51 per day.
  • 08Canyoning & Canyoneering

    Explore the deep ravines and indulge in the thrilling experience which you will never experience anywhere else. The adventure filled expedition will leave you with some of the best memories you would have ever had in your life. It is a completely beautiful mind and body experience which lets you unleash some of the forbidden places.

    : The stretch between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the way to Chitwan is the best place for Canyoneering.

    Best time to visit
    : November and December is the best time for Canyoneering.
    : $85.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, since it involves travelling in rugged settings and needs route finding travel skills too.

  • 09Kayaking

    Image Credit : Graham Bland
    Experience the jaw dropping and intimate relation with the sea level on Kayaking. The wilderness and the virginity of the sea will let you witness the true adventure. The genuine sea kayaking and camping experience will bring you closer to nature. And the tranquillity of being so close to the waters will let you see the sheer escapism for the tough life of the city. Nepal provides you an endless variety of natural beauty

    Image Credits : Graham Bland

    Best time to visit
    : November and March are the best months.

    :$136 including taxes.

    Difficulty Level
    : Medium, however one should be well versed with swimming.
  • 10Zip Flyer

    What could be more thrilling and exciting experience for anybody. You can experience the world’s longest zip line which is the steepest and the fastest adventure experience. You can simply sit back and soak yourself in the breath taking views of nature. The blood pumping ride will leave you completely thrilled in the end. And the picturesque view will leave you totally jaw dropped.

    : The best zip line is the one which operates from Sarangkot at the elevation of 1592 m.

    Best time to visit: Winters are the most favourable months for trying this adventure sport.

    : USD 75 per person.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, all the zip lines are carefully engineered. The weight of the individual passenger should not be more than 120kg.
  • 11Skydiving

    A perfect mix of adventure serenity and thrilling sensation will leave you with an unforgettable experience. Feel the freshness of the air on your face and enjoy the thrilling experience of sky diving. An ideal experience for adrenaline junkies and it will truly be a life-altering experience.

    Highlights: Sky diving above Mount Everest will surely be a terrific experience in Nepal.

    Best time for visit
    : October is the best month for trying sky diving.

    : USD 5000 per person.

    Difficulty Leve
    l: High, if you have any medical condition it will be good if you can take prior approval from the doctor.
  • 12Trekking

    Image Credit : Raini Svensson
    Backpack all your bags and get lost into the natural trails. The less taken treks, unseen views quite beautifully blanketed with rich flora and fauna and has several virgin trails too which will leave you truly mesmerized. It will be an adventurous experience for everyone in the group.

    Image Credits : Christophe

    : You can try Manaslu Circuit Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek and Upper Mustang Trek amongst others are the famous ones.

    Best time to visit
    : Mid of September to mid of December is the best time for trekking.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, one has to be of good health and should be fit to avoid great exertion.

    : 60$ per day per person and this price is all inclusive of guide service, porter, accommodation, meal, TIMS permit and transportation for trekking.
  • 13Bungee Jumping

    Image Credit : Steve Hicks
    If you are looking for extreme adventure then Bunjee Jumping is surely going to excite you. If you are in Nepal then you shouldn’t miss the chance of trying the thrilling experience of Bunjee Jumping. It can give you real goose bumps at the start but once you are done it makes you feel triumphant.

    Image Credits : Steve Hicks

    : Take a jump from one of the 3rd highest natural jump against Bhote Kosi River where you can experience the natural valleys around it for a longer duration.

    Best time to visit
    : November through February.

    : US$128.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, however, trained professionals can definitely help you in the task.
  • 14Stand Up Paddle-boarding

    Tour the complete ocean on your own with Stand up paddle boarding. You can also explore some amazing looking reefs. It is also an ideal way to work out your core muscles. It allows you to exercise without even realizing it and the amazing experience you will have will leave you completely relaxed. The stand up paddle boarding was named after the famous Waikiki beach boys.


    : Phewa Tal Lake will be an ideal location to try the enjoying ride of Stand-up paddle boarding.
    Best time to do
    : May and June is the best time for this sport.

    Difficulty Level
    : High, you might find an initial level difficulty to balance the stand up paddle.

    : $300
  • 15Pony Trek

    Image Credit : John Pavelka
    If you always wished for a horseplay then the best thing would be to go for a Pony Trek. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable than feeling the fresh air on your face and riding the house, it is like a dream come true. And you also get the chance to take the reins in your hand and ride as per your own wish.

    Image Credits : butforthesky

    : Pokhara to Sarankot, Pokhara to Begnas Lake and Jomsom/Muktinath are the best places for Pony trek in Nepal.

    Best months to visit
    : Mid-September to Mid-November is the best time.

    Difficulty Level
    : Medium, the basic that is expected out of you is to be physically fit and should be well versed with mountain climbing.

    : 70 to 80 US$.