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Best Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

Besides water sports, one of the Best Things to do in Kuala Lumpur is paragliding. This is an activity that has been made famous by the people of Malaysia. Malaysians have so much to do in the water business that they often forget to advertise their aerial activities. Extreme Sports such as paragliding, Skydiving, and base jumping are readily available all over the capital city of Malaysia, at varying prices. People living here enjoy these activities to the fullest, therefore during the peak season, the crowds are thick, and business on a high. There are many such attributes to the city.

The muddy river confluence or Kuala Lumpur went from being this drowsy, clumsy, Asian, tin-producing borderline-town to this extremely successful, extremely full, bustling and busy city with a population of around seven million. The city has a few of the cheapest 5-Stars on the planet, has great shopping facilities, and is a melting pot of culture with some really tasty food in it. Every visitor has a reason to come back when they leave. They generally have no complaints, and have this uncanny habit of coming back, sometimes for good.

Communicating at Kuala Lumpur is exceptionally easy, as expected from the bustling capital city of Malasia. It has people coming in from all over the world. The native tongue here is Bahasaya Malasia. But the chines of ethnic tastes have filtered into the city, and have made the renowned language Cantonese. Other minor Chines native tongues are used. People have very less problem in communicating, as people passing by can be asked to translate whichever language that was not being understood. This system is pretty awesome.

Kuala Lumpur provides you with an enriching variety of architecture. City Centre is the place which has all those grand old British colonial buildings, these include the office of the colonial secretariat which is on Merdeka Square and the old Kuala Lumpur Railway station. Its an amalgamation of various North African and British architecture. The Royal Selangor Club lies in Merdeka square, close by you have the Masjid Jamek and Masjid Negara. Within the City Centre , lies Kuala Lumpur’s own Chinatown, with numerous Chinese shops offering delicacies. Kampong Bharu is the last surviving traditional Malay village. It still has those well preserved Kampong huts and will give you a panoramic glimpse of Malay lifestyle. All these places are under best things to do in  Kuala Lumpur and needs to be visited for ure.

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Aquaria KLCC

The Aquaria KLCC is said to be the world’s largest aquarium, holding over 5000 freshwater and marine creatures, which include massive arapaimas, giant groupers, gar fishes and many more. Some of the major attractions of the aquarium are the scary tiger sharks, bright coral fishes, lethal sea snakes, seahorses, and blue rays. The Aquaria KLCC is one of the country’s foremost sightseeing attractions involving the real depth and complexity.

Location: The Aquaria KLCC is located on the concourse of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Price: The entry fee approximately starts from 64 MYR for an adult and 53 MYR for a child.


Islamic Arts Museum

History: An art is the best way to express a thought, idea or a solution. The Islamic Arts Museum was opened to the public on 12th December, 1998. The art museum is located in Perdana Botanical Garden which is at the heart of the city. You would be surprised to know that it is the largest Islamic Art Museum in South East Asia.

About: There are around seven thousand artefacts which throws a light on the Islamic world. Altogether there are 12 galleries in this museum and they are divided into groups based on their levels. The Quran and Manuscripts gallery is at Level 3 along with Chinese gallery, Indian gallery and Islamic architecture. There are jewellery, textile, ceramic work and armour at Level 4. The Islamic glassware is also displayed at Level 4. The museum is open from morning to evening and is a must visit tourist place.


Sin Sze Si Ya temple

History: This is a Chinese Temple in Kuala Lumpur and is dedicated to Sin Sze Ya and Si Sze Ya. It is said to be the oldest Chinese Temple. Beautiful objects are used to decorate the Temple. The Temple was inaugurated in 1864, where 10,000 people attended the ceremony.

Speciality: Want to know your fortune? Purchase the fortune sticks and find what the number says about your life. There are staff members to translate the meaning to the devotees. There are wooden chair which are used during religious processions to carry the deity statues. Witnessing these processions is said to be holy.

Location: The Temple is located at Jln Tun HS Lee. The nearest metro is Pasar Seni. The Temple is open between 7.00 am to 5.00 pm for all the devotees. You are sure to find it very peaceful inside the Temple.


Merdeka Square at night

Merdeka Square or the Dataran Merdeka is a very well known recreational park or the historical place situated in Kaula Lampur. In the year 1957, the Malayan flag was hoisted here. It has a wide and green field just close to the Merdeka Square. This makes it a great picnic spot with a very spacious playground for the kids.

Location: In close proximity to the Merdeka Square there are a number of historical building such as the Old KL Train Station, Galeri Kuala Lumpur, Royal Selangor Club Complex, and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Highlights: The vicinity of the Merdeka Square is well lit and the cool nigh breeze there makes it an exceptionally ideal place to relax after a busy day.

Best Time: In order to actually enjoy the night life of the Merdeka Square, one must visit the place post mid night especially during the weekends.


Cooking Classes at Bayan Indah

Bayan Indah is a rustic two-storey bungalow that doubles up as a cooking school, located in the middle of idyllic lush greenery of a Malay village. If you’re looking to mix things up while you’re in Kuala Lumpur indulge in this unique experience at Bayan Indah, a culinary retreat that offers over 70 cooking classes all different in its own special way, ranging from your typical mouth-watering Malaysian dishes to more complicated ones such as pies and tarts. Rohani Jelani, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef heads the class, with impressive skills on the chopping board and enthusiasm to match.

Location: Kampung Penchala Indah, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Timings: Classes start as early as 9:30 AM

Price: Approximate price starts from 280 MYR onwards.


Changkat Bukit Bintang

Changkat Bukit Bintang is often associated with the London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York City’s Times Square. It is one avenue, where one can come across a number of KL’s most popular bars and restaurants. This trendy place is ideal for pub crawling. Jalan Alor happens to be an extremely busy area especially during the weekends and the public holidays.

Location: Nestled behind the Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is very easy to get to especially if you are staying near the Golden Triangle area.

Highlights: Buildings on the Jalan Alor Street are unique. Originally the buildings belong to the pre-war, colonial shop-houses that were later remodeled and converted into the up market pubs and restaurants that usually serve the Western food. There are a number of hawker stalls and Chinese seafood restaurants too. Dining options here are endless. This street has the most vibrant scene in the downtown of KL.

Best Time: 10 PM – 3 AM in the morning.

Petaling Street Night Market

Looking for a subtle Kuala Lumpur Chinatown nightlife experience? Head from the main road (Jalan Petaling) to the narrow side and get to the Petaling Street Night Market. The thriving street market with the stalls cluttered close to one another stock everything from the Hello Kitty watches to fake-label Gucci clutches. To get your stuff at the best price, you can stroll along doing ‘window-shopping’ first and then return back to the stall that gives you the best price. All the prices quoted by the seller are usually marked up by approx 50%.

Location: Situated along the Petaling Street at the intersection of the Jalan Hang Lekir

Highlights: Referred simply as the Petaling Street by locals this is your go to place to satiate your every need from the local handicrafts, souvenirs to batik-print shirts. You can also get a range of designer apparel, handbags, shoes, watches and even, pirated DVDs at a much cheaper price.

Best Time: 09:00 – 12:00 & 18:00 - late

Jalan P. Ramlee

Jalan P. Ramlee is the best and the most eccentric alternative to Changkat Bukit Bintang. Famous for its glitzy cocktail lounges, tropical-themed bars and pubs and the chic nightclubs adorning the streets of bustling Kuala Lumpur city centre, Jalan P. Ramlee is always packed with backpackers, business travellers, expats, and a handful of locals.

Location: The night life district of Jalan P. Ramlee is easily accessible within a 10-minute walk from the Petronas Twin Towers as well as the five star hotels such as the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Highlights: Night life is vibrant and lively. There are a number of venues here that host events like live bands playing radio-friendly covers and DJs spinning a medley of electro, hip-hop, and retro tunes. Jalan P. Ramlee os known to be the hottest locale as it is a great place to unwind with a pint of ice-cold beer.

Best Time: Visit after 21:00 to experience the active nightlife.

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Beautiful place to visit with children... And the Services provided by Thrillophilia are excellent... Very helpful driver came for our pick up.. he assisted us so well


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great experience amazing and thrilling experience


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Best Way to travel in Kuala Lampur. Got Myself this pass for the most cost effective transfers


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Well worth a visit to this bird park. We stumbled on it by chance and then spent the next few hours wandering around.


Aditeya Varrier

08 July 2019

beautiful architecture and lovely views from top of the building


Gajbaahu Kakkar

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What an amazing experience for children. They still discuss thier superb time well spent


Garuda Jain

08 July 2019

This place is really a must for people who like to take photos and selfies.


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Visitng Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary was a very different experience of me. Enjoyed my time with amazing elephants.


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Its the best place to visit and have a look at marine life closely.

What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

  • Q. What are some of the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur?

    The best part of Kuala Lumpur is its people. They are warm and welcoming of everybody. Therefore the the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Visit or just see the Petronas Towers
    • Bend a knee at Sri Mahamariamman Temple
    • Savor tasty local food such as the Nasi Kandar
    • Go Bird Watching at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
    • Checkout the National Museum
    • Visit the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
    • Checkout the Aquaria KLCC
    • Shot at Central Market
    • See the beautiful and learn about the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station
    • Go Street Fooding at Hutong
    • Visit the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
    • Enjoy the view from the Kuala Lumpur Tower
    • Visit the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park
    • Shop at Suria KLCC
    • Eat at Alor Street
    • Checkout the Jamek Mosque
    • Visit the National Zoo of Malaysia
    • Checkout Kuala Lumpur’s China Town
    • Learn all about the Royals at the Istana Negara
    • Visit the Maybank Numismatic Museum
    • Checkout the National Mosque
    • Climb the Batu Caves
    • Go for a walk through KLCC Park
    • Checkout the Buddhist Temple at Thean Hou
    • Go for an outing in the night at the Golden Triangle
    • Checkout the Menara KL Tower
    • Visit the Sultan Abdul Samad Building
    • Checkout the Perdana Botanical Gardens
    • Ride the Genting Skyway
    • See the Rainforest at Badan Indah

  • Q. What all adventure sports can be done in Kuala Lumpur?

    Kuala Lumpur is a land of extreme sports and such. The adventure sports that can be done in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Go for a skytrex adventure at Shah Alam’s Taman Botani Negara.
    • Hike through the Selangor Tengah with the “Forest Permit”
    • Get really, really wet at the Sungai Selangor range white water rafting
    • Learn to fly a Paramotor which allows you to go Motorized Paragliding
    • Fly like a superhero on a fly board at Maritime Centre
    • Go Bungee Jumping at Sunway Lagoon’s Theme Park
    • Try out Base Jumping at the KL Tower
    • Exhilarate yourself while Skyjumping from Segamat
    • Swim with the Sharks at Aquaria KLCC
    • Move on the water surface while Wakeboarding

  • Q. Which are some must try water sports in Kuala Lumpur?

    Again, as the land of extreme sports, Kuala Lumpur is where you can find anything. The must try water sports in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Sungai Selangor and Sungai Kiulu are where most people go for white water rafting
    • Seribuat Archipelago is amazing for its Kayaking or Canoeing
    • Mabul Island, Sipadan Island and Mataking Island are renowned for their packages for scuba diving
    • Experience Adrenaline ruses while sailing at Langkawi
    • Go Banana Boating at very cheap prices
    • Move on the water surface while Wakeboarding
    • Langkawi provides its patrons with parasailing too
    • Whiz away into the water with the Jet Ski

  • Q. What are the most romantic things to do in Kuala Lumpur on a honeymoon?

    Besides being the extreme sports center of the world, Kuala Lumpur is also a famous honeymoon spot. The most romantic things to do in Kuala Lumpur on a honeymoon are:

    • Watch the sun go down on a helipad
    • Go hiking to the Broga Hill
    • Take pictures at Sekinchan
    • Wong Ah Wah is the best place to have an eating competition with your respective another half
    • Go to the pseudo ghetto region for some street art
    • Escape fears on top the trees
    • Watch the twinkling fireflies together
    • Watch the pretty city from the top of the highest towers such as the Grand Hyatt
    • Watch Hindi-Tamil movies at the Coliseum Theatre
    • Kampung Baru is where the olden days’ new village can be found

  • Q. Which are the best destinations for a wildlife safari in Kuala Lumpur?

    The capital city of Malaysia is big on wildlife. The best destinations for a wildlife safari in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Open Sky Unlimited
    • Primal Wilderness Experience
    • Kuala Lumpur Travel Experience
    • We Go with Anuar
    • MM Adventure and Discovery
    • Shajasa Travel and Private Day Tours
    • Golden Peacock Travel and Tours
    • Rainforest & Self Awareness Tours
    • Taman Negara Day Tour
    • MAM Holidays Malaysia
    • Seri Malaya Travel and Tours
    • HIJAU Adventures
    • Travel with Samadhi
    • Asian Overland Tours and Services and Travel Sdn. Bhd
    • Day in the Rainforest tour
    • Abc Kuala Lumpur Tours
    • City East West Travels Sdn. Bhd
    • House of Venture
    • Golden Highlands Adventure Holidays
    • Sri Kuala Lumpur
    • D Asia Travels
    • Trans VMS Express
    • Mike’s Tours- Private Guide Safari
    • Sandakan Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center Full-Day Trip from Kota Kinabalu
    • Kuala Selangor Tour from Kuala Lumpur with Fireflies Boat Ride and Seafood Dinner
    • Full-Day Sepilok Orangutan and Sun Bear and Sandakan City Trail
    • Kinabalu Park Canopy Walkway and Poring Hot Springs Full-Day Tour from Kota Kinabalu
    • Semenggok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre Tour from Kuching
    • Langkawi Sailing and Island Hopping Adventure
    • Private Tour: Orangutan Island and Mangrove Forest Day Trip from Penang
    • Private Day Tour to Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary
    • Half-Day Semenggoh Orangutan Centre Tour from Kuching
    • Private Full-Day Cameron Highlands Nature Tour from Kuala Lumpur
    • Bako National Park Full-Day Tour from Kuching
    • Private Nature Trip to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur
    • Day Trip to Mount Kinabalu Poring Rainforest
    • Langkawi Mangrove Forest and Eagle Watching Tour
    • 3-Day Tour from Sabah: Sandakan Sightseeing and Wildlife Experience in Sepilok and Selingan
    • Island Hopping Tour from Langkawi
    • Full-Day Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring
    • Full-Day Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and City Tour in Sandakan
    • Kuala Lumpur Nature Tour: Orchid Garden, Butterfly Park, and Bird Park
    • Guided Eco Ride at KL Lake Gardens
    • Full-Day Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey Tour from Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu

  • Q. Where can I get the best cruising experiences in Kuala Lumpur?

    Being a sea-based city, Kuala Lumpur is very highly accessible to cruises and sails of all sorts. The best cruising experiences in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Kuala Selangor Tour from Kuala Lumpur with Fireflies Boat Ride and Seafood Dinner
    • Kuala Selangor Firefly Boat Tour Including Dinner and Hotel Transfer from Kuala Lumpur
    • Langkawi Sailing and Island Hopping Adventure
    • Premier Yacht - 4 Hour Langkawi Cruising Experience
    • Langkawi Sunset Dinner Cruise
    • Kota Kinabalu City Dinner Cruise by North Borneo Cruises
    • Monkey Beach Excursion including BBQ Lunch from Penang
    • Klias Proboscis Monkey and Firefly Cruise from Kota Kinabalu City
    • Seago Sunset Cruise in Kota Kinabalu
    • Night Tour from Kuala Lumpur With Firefly Watching and Dinner
    • North Borneo Cruise Sunset Dinner Cruise
    • Evening Dinner Cruise in Langkawi
    • North Borneo Cruise City Night Dinner Cruise
    • Putrajaya Tour with Boat Cruise and Lunch at Putra Lake - Visit Prime Minister Office with Putra Mosque and Pink Mosque
    • Tamau River and Fireflies Cruise in Kota Kinabalu
    • Mangrove Cruise in Cherating
    • Half-Day Klias Wetland Cruise and Firefly Tour in Kota Kinabalu
    • Coral Island Escapade - ex-Penang
    • Full-Day Sailing and Geopark Adventure from Langkawi
    • Kota Belud River Cruise from Kota Kinabalu
    • Island and Fishing Adventure by Boat in Langkawi
    • Sunset Dinner Cruise Langkawi

  • Q. How is the nightlife in India? What are the things I can do at night in Kuala Lumpur?

    Having formed and developed only recently, the nightlife of Kuala Lumpur is going strong as ever. The things that can be done at night in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Changkat Bukit Bintang
    • Rooftop Bars
    • Petaling Street
    • Jalan Alor
    • Nightclubs KLCC
    • Bangsar
    • Ampang
    • The Row Kuala Lumpur
    • Night Markets
    • Jalan Bukit Bintang
    • Zouk KL Jalan Tun Razak
    • Pisco Bar
    • Sky Bar
    • Marini's on 57
    • TREC Kuala Lumpur
    • Heli Lounge Bar
    • Havana Bar & Grill
    • No Black Tie
    • The Rabbit Hole Restobar
    • Hard Rock Cafe KL
    • Club Kyo at Mandarin Oriental KL
    • Under9 KL
    • Play Club at The Roof
    • Troika Sky Dining
    • Elysium Bar & Terrace KL
    • Petaling Street
    • Kampung Baru Market
    • The Taman Connaught Night Market
    • Bangsar and Mid Valley Nightlife

  • Q. Which are the best amusement parks to visit in Kuala Lumpur?

    After extreme sports and stunts have been experienced, the people might want to want to turn towards lighter entertainment. The best amusement parks to visit in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Villa Samadhi
    • Mandarin Oriental
    • Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
    • Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
    • District 21 Kuala Lumpur
    • i-City Shah Alam
    • Wet World Water Park Shah Alam
    • 20th Century Fox World Malaysia

  • Q. Which are the best routes to do biking in Kuala Lumpur?

    Biking on Kuala Lumpur’s streets might be on every biker’s bucket list. The best routes to do biking in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Desa Parkcity Central Park
    • Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
    • Bukit Kiara Park
    • Taman Wawasan Putrajaya
    • Kepong Metropolitan Park
    • Taman Botani Negara
    • Trek Basikal Shah Alam
    • Titwangsa Lake Garden
    • Putrajaya Botanical Garden
    • Kiara Park Trail And Mountain Bike Track
    • Malaysia Tourism Centre (Matic)
    • Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara
    • MotorSim Sdn bhd
    • Taman Bukit Jalil
    • The Central Park
    • Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park
    • Sunny Cycle
    • The Waterfront
    • Perdana Botanical Garden
    • Audi KL Service Centre

  • Q. What are the famous hiking trails in Kuala Lumpur?

    Even the hiking trails of Kuala Lumpur are amazing. These pieces of perfection are the famous hiking trails in Kuala Lumpur:

    • Gasing Hill – Bukit Gasing Forest Park, Petaling Jaya
    • Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) – Kepong
    • Saga Hill (a.k.a. Apek Hill) – Taman Saga, Ampang
    • Tabur West Hill – Taman Melawati
    • Mount (Gunung) Datuk – Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
    • Mount (Gunung) Angsi – Ulu Bendul/Bukit Putus, Negeri Sembilan
    • Broga Hill – Semenyih
    • Puchong Hill (Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam) – Bandar Puteri Puchong
    • Mount (Gunung) Tok Wan – Semenyih
    • Tabur East Hill – Taman Melawati
    • Kutu Hill – Kuala Kubu Bahru
    • Mount (Gunung) Nuang – Hulu Langat, Selangor / Janda Baik, Pahang
    • Bukit Kiara Park
    • Canopy Walk
    • Rainbow Falls
    • Panorama Hill
    • Chiling Waterfalls
    • Bukit Nanas
    • Gunung Nuang
    • Bukit Tabur
    • Saga/Apeh Hill
    • Kota Damansara Community Forest
    • Taman Rimba Ampang
    • Kanching Recreational Forest
    • Bukit Sungai Putih Forest Reserve
    • Pine Tree Trail
    • Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam
    • Jugra Hill
    • Denai Tiga Puteri
    • Saga/ Apek Hill
    • Gunung Semangkok

  • Q. Which are some best cycling trails in Kuala Lumpur?

    Cycling around the capital of Malaysia is the best thing on this planet. Some of the best cycling trails in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • OCBC Route test run
    • 6.38KM Road Cycling
    • 41.09 KM Road Cycling
    • 41.58 KM Road Cycling
    • 19.55KM Mountain Bike
    • 19.48KM Mountain Bike
    • Cycling TMN Melati Park
    • 8.36 KM Mountain Bike in Kuala Lumpur
    • 102.77 Kilometers Ride in Kuala Lumpur
    • 37.69 KM Road Cycling
    • 13.38KM Mountain Bike
    • 41.41 KM Road Cycling
    • 3.62 KM Mountain Bike in Kuala Lumpur
    • 15.21KM Mountain Bike in Kuala Lumpur
    • 219.55KM Touring Bike
    • 6.40 KM Mountain Bike
    • 3.17MI Road Cycling
    • 6.33KM Touring Bike

  • Q. Which are some best road trip places in Kuala Lumpur?

    Kuala Lumpur is ideal for a road trip. Some of the best road trip places in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Kuala Lumpur – Kampar – Ipoh – Taiping
    • Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Tinggi – Fraser’s Hill
    • Alor Setar – George Town – Batu Ferringhi
    • Seremban – Malacca – Johor
    • Kuala Lumpur – Sekinchan – Kuala Selangor
    • Sibu – Bintulu – Miri
    • Kota Kinabalu – Kundasang – Ranau

  • Q. Which are must try aerial activities in Kuala Lumpur?

    The aerial activities, though not as advertised as the rest of the city, are musts. The must-try aerial activities in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Pilot and Plane Rental in Malaysia
    • Tandem Parachute Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur
    • Line Static Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur
    • Tandem Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur
    • Microlight Adventure in Kuala Lumpur

  • Q. Which are the best places for Skydiving in Kuala Lumpur?

    The people of all over the world love this particular activity. The best places for skydiving in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Skydive Malaysia
    • Aquaria KLCC
    • Petronas Twin Towers
    • Fuego, Troika Sky Dining
    • Sungai Rambai Aerodrome, Melaka
    • Tandem Parachute Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur
    • Line Static Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur
    • Tandem Skydiving at Kuala Lumpur

  • Q. Which are the best sites for camping in Kuala Lumpur?

    The camps that are set up all over the country, the campsites, the organizations popping up everywhere enables Kuala Lumpur’s camping scene to go strong. The best sites for camping in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Open Sky Unlimited
    • Discover Camerons
    • JungleWalla
    • Nomad Adventure
    • River Junkie Tours
    • Open Sky Cycling
    • Garden of Eden Valley Walk
    • L.O.S.T Borneo
    • Borneo Trails Tours
    • Clearwater Connection
    • Merapoh Adventure
    • Adventure
    • Kanching Falls, Selangor
    • Sungai Sendat Falls, Selangor
    • Kampung Pertak Waterfalls, Selangor
    • Chilling Falls, Selangor
    • Lepok Falls, Selangor
    • Komanwel Falls Selayang, Selangor
    • Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor
    • Perdik Hulu Langat Falls, Selangor
    • Open Sky Unlimited, Kuala Lumpur
    • Taman Negara Pahang, Pahang-Selangor

  • Q. Where can I enjoy a jeep safari in Kuala Lumpur?

    Safaris of all sorts can be gone on all year in Kuala Lumpur. You can enjoy a jeep safari in Kuala Lumpur at:

    • Batu Caves & Firefly Watching in Kuala Selangor
    • Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary & Aborigine Settlement Tour
    • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Day Admission Ticket & 1-Way Transfer
    • From Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Selangor Fireflies & Wildlife Tour

  • Q. Which are the best locations for rafting in Kuala Lumpur? What are the charges?

    Having been graced with amazing rivers, rafting in Kuala Lumpur is amazing. The best locations of rafting along with their prices are:

    • Thrilling White Water Rafting at Kampar River from Kuala Lumpur;$145.74 or Rs.9430
    • From Kuala Lumpur to Gopeng for White-Water Rafting and Water-Abseiling Adventure Tour;$202.08 or 13075.04

  • Q. Which are the best destinations for birding in Kuala Lumpur?

    He many birds, migratory or otherwise, make Kuala Lumpur a perfect place to bird watch. The best destinations in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Fraser’s Hill, Pahang
    • Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary, Melaka
    • Taman Rimba Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
    • Telur Air Tawar – Kuala Muda Coast, Penang
    • Taman Negara National Park, across Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu
    • Kinabalu Park, Sabah
    • Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor (KNSP)
    • Panti Bird Sanctuary, Johor
    • Langkawi Island, Kedah
    • Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak
    • Perlis State Park, Perlis
    • Bako National Park, Sarawak

  • Q. Which are the best locations for zip lining in Kuala Lumpur? How much does it cost?

    Zip lines along with other sports come rather cheap in Kuala Lumpur. The best locations of zip lines and their charges are given as follows:

    • Skytrex Adventure; $20 or Rs. 1294
    • Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) – Kepong;$62 or Rs. 4853
    • Snorkeling Day Trip with Coral Flyer Zipline in Kota Kinabalu;$62 or Rs. 4853
    • Umgawa Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour Langkawi Malaysia;$115 or Rs. 7550
    • Private Tour: Gaya Island Hike and Zipline Adventure from Kota Kinabalu;$62 or Rs. 4853
    • Skytrex Adventure Park Experience; $20 or Rs. 1294

  • Q. Which are the best places to go for a village safari in Kuala Lumpur?

    Surrounded by villages and such, Kuala Lumpur is amazing with all its village people. The best places to go for a village safari in Kuala Lumpur are:

    • Sarawak
    • Crab Island
    • Shah Alam
    • Blue Mosque
    • Sekinchang
    • Bentong
    • Chow Kit
    • Kampung Baru