Ella Spice Garden, Ella - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Ella Spice Garden

Sri Lanka is not known as the ‘Spice Island’ for nothing! The country has the best and the most exotic spices grown indigenously. If you a food connoisseur and want to learn where your spices come from, a visit to the Ella Spice Garden is an important place to visit in Ella. 

This is a private setup run by a local family to make people appreciative about local growing techniques and the thousands of varieties of Lankan spices. An English speaking person will give you a tour of this beautiful property. 

Travellers love to walk amidst the intoxicating fragrance of spices like cinnamon, cloves, chillies, turmeric, nutmeg, cacao, coffee, etc. Here, you can also take a special cooking class or just indulge in a wonderful traditional meal. Just make sure to book your visit in advance to these wonderful tourist places in Ella.

Location: Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela highway, Ella

Timings: 5:00- 8:00 pm every day

Price: LKR 3,800, INR 1,500

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