20 Tourist Places Near Chennai Within 200 Km: 2021 (Updated)
Tourist Places Near Chennai Within 200 Km encompass Kanchipuram(75 km), Mahabalipuram(57 km), Pulicat Lake(88 km), Covelong Beach(35 km), Nagalapuram(87 km), Tada Falls(91 km), Pondicherry(170 km), and many more.

With a sprawling coastline, Chennai is one such capital city that comprises many beautiful tourist spots. Adorned with the azure beaches, historic towns, cascading waterfalls, and majestic forts, places near Chennai are the perfect to explore.

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The nature lovers can please themselves with the scenic vistas of the Eastern and Western Ghats while the adventure seekers can embark upon a trekking quest. Attracting hordes of tourists every year, Chennai thus caters to everyone’s taste.

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There are many places to visit near Chennai within 200 Kms that will captivate you and give you some memorable moments. so plan for a short trip away from the city’s frenzy and gear yourselves up for an exciting vacation amidst the breathtaking settings.
Latest Information on Travelling to CHENNAI?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.All tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR test report.

  • Complete Lockdown to be experienced till 20th of May
  • E-pass required for inter-district and inter-state movement on approval from district collectors and Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner.
  • All tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR test report.
  • Travellers entering Chennai who test positive will be hospitalized and treated for COVID
  • Passengers testing negative will have to undergo room quarantine for 14 days.
  • Flights are available from Kochi, Delhi, Hyderabad and 13 other destinations to Chennai
  • Special train available from New Delhi to Chennai 
Local Transport

Public transport is running with reduced capacity

Travelling to Chennai is safe provided you follow the state guidelines and COVID-19 safety precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks. Moreover, please ensure you have an e-pass before planning a trip to Chennai. 

Lockdown to continue till 14th of June Updated: 12 Jun 2021

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Saturday extended the COVID-19 lockdown by one more week from June 7 till 6 a.m. on June 14, but relaxed the restrictions region-wise based on the spread of the infection.

Chennai lockdown extended till further notices Updated: 04 Jun 2021

Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswamy, after a meeting with the health experts and district collectors, has decided to extend the lockdown on every Sunday in the state till further notice.

A Negative RT-PCR test report required to enter the state. Updated: 06 May 2021

With sudden rise in COVID-19 cases, the government of Chennai has made it mandatory for all the all tourists to present a negative RT-PCR test report.

Tamil Nadu's monuments to be remain closed due to lockdown Updated: 06 May 2021

The state tourism department is yet to come out with a strategy to resume tourism in Tamil Nadu and reopen the monuments and places of interest and attractions for tourists.

Public transport running with reduced capacity Updated: 06 May 2021

With the extended lockdown in Chennai, the public transport has been running with a reduced capacity.

E-Pass mandatory for interstate travellers Updated: 06 May 2021

People planning to enter Chennai from other states must have an E-pass. For, inter-district movement, e-pass is not required. You can apply for e-pass through the

Tourist Places near Chennai within 100 km


Kanchipuram (73 km from Chennai)

Kanchipuram is an ancient city in Tamil Nadu and is one of the famous tourist places near Chennai within 200 km. As you arrive at this scenic place, history will unfold itself in front of your eyes. The age-old temples standing firm with their intrinsic beauty is a sight to behold.

Attracting pilgrims, specifically Vaishnavites and Shaivists from far and wide, the place has an intriguing aura. Do not forget to visit the handlooms where you will get a glimpse of the high-quality silk being woven by the local villagers. A visit to Kanchipuram will be a lifetime's experience with its rich history, cultural elegance, and structural beauties.

Highlights- Ekambareswarar Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Devarajaswami Temple, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary.

Distance from Chennai- 73 km.


Mahabalipuram (56 km from Chennai)

Amidst the popular historical places near Chennai within 200 km, Mahabalipuram stands out for its well-preserved heritage. Dotted with ancient monuments, the place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has an exquisite range of architectural beauty.

The stone carvings on the temples are fascinating and the impressive monoliths will leave you amazed. The pristine beach is another attraction where you can sit and seek some solace. A trek to the Mahabalipuram Lighthouse would indeed turn out to be enthralling. A trip to Mahabalipuram will leave you enchanted with the grandeur and the mystical legacy of the place.

Highlights- Mahabalipuram Lighthouse, Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, Mahishasuramardini Cave, Varaha Temple, Pandava Rathas, Open Air Museum.

Distance from Chennai- 56 km.


Pulicat Lake (60 km from Chennai)

Pulicat Lake happens to be one of the most scenic places to visit near Chennai within 200 Kms. Being the second-largest brackish water body, this lagoon also encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The lagoon has a rich diversity in flora and fauna and all those who are keen bird-watchers, do visit this place as many exotic birds migrate to the lake during winters.

Sitting by the lakeside, you will often catch a glimpse of kingfishers, flamingoes, storks, and a variety of other birds. Adventure junkies can try out some water sports and for the rest, the boating experience around the lake will be a soothing break from life’s frenzy.

Highlights - Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, Pulicat Lake, adventure treks, and water games.

Distance from Chennai - 60 km.


V.G.P. Golden Beach (23 km from Chennai)

V.G.P Golden Beach is one of the several tourist places near Chennai around 200 km, where every year tourists flock to spend quality vacation with their dear ones. The beach with its sun-bleached sand grains offers you a stunning view of the Bay of Bengal and is a perfect place for leisurely walks and swims.

Several adventurous water sports available here also lure enthusiasts from far and wide. The beach is a private one and also houses the amusement park-VGP Universal Kingdom. You can look forward to a relaxing time, enjoy the sea breeze, and behold the spectacular sight of the pristine sea.

Highlights- VGP 2000 millennium tower, statue man, and adventure sports.

Distance from Chennai- 23 km.


Covelong Beach (40 km from Chennai)

Covelong Beach is one of the most picturesque places to visit near Chennai within 200 Km. Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the turquoise waters will give you a warm welcome. Those seeking for some repose can head towards the Covelong Beach as the serene settings shrouded in peace will be the ideal location for refreshing your mind.

Surfing is common here and newbies can even enrol themselves in the surfing schools for embarking on a thrilling experience. The nearby ancient church located on the beach is a major attraction here. Flanked by coconut trees, the entire place has a luring charm that pleases both young and old alike.

Highlights- The beach has a church, a mosque, and a temple. The ancient Dutch fort here got converted into a luxurious resort. Surfing is commonly practiced here.

Distance from Chennai- 40 km.


Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary (75 km from Chennai)

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is one of the oldest in India and is among the must-visit tourist places near Chennai around 200 km. Spreading across 74 acres, the lush lands comprising small water bodies is a rich source of biodiversity. Around 40,000 migratory birds flock to this scenic paradise every here in winter.

Thus, keep your camera ready if you want to capture some endangered birds. Apart from the wide range of birds, you will also encounter jackals, jungle cats, black-naped hare, and other animals on your jungle safari. Being true to its name, meaning- ‘hamlet of the hunter’, a visit to the sanctuary will indeed leave indelible marks on your mind.

Highlights- The bird sanctuary is home to many migratory birds and the tranquil atmosphere also comprises a scenic lake.

Distance from Chennai- 75 km.


Nagalapuram (72 km from Chennai)

Nagalapuram is one of the fascinating places near Chennai within 200 kms and the quaint town is home to several temples adorned with architectural beauty. You can witness the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu here and the elegance of the structures will leave you mesmerized.

The place also attracts adventure seekers as one can embark upon a scenic trek along the forest of Eastern Ghats to reach the spectacular Nagalapuram waterfall. The sweeping vistas of lush greenery add a special charm to the tranquil place. The picturesque pools and gorges add on to the very essence of beauty that you will behold on the amazing trek.

Highlights- Vedanarayana Temple, Nagalapuram Falls.

Distance from Chennai- 72 km.


Tada Falls (92 km from Chennai)

Tada Falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls is one of the well-known tourist places near Chennai within 200 kms, attracting trekkers and campers from all over the country. The sight of the cascading waterfall, meandering itself through the edgy rocks will indeed be bewitching.

The small pool lying at the bottom of the waterfall is also a famous site where many pilgrims take a dip during the festivals linked to Lord Shiva. The trek to the Tada Falls passes through a dense forest where the occasional glimpse of the flowing streams will be pleasing to the eyes of every city dweller.

You can spend your night here by camping and behold the amazing starry night glancing upon you with its enchanting spell. 

Highlights- Camping, trekking, and other adventure activities along with sight-seeing at the Tada Falls.

Distance from Chennai- 92 km.


Jade Beach Resort (47 km from Chennai)

If you are planning to escape from the city’s hustle-bustle and visit some popular places near Chennai within 200 km, then you can check-in at the Jade Beach Resort for a luxurious stay. Situated near Mahabalipuram, the resort is well maintained and you can look forward to a comfortable sojourn here.

The sea-facing rooms packed with modern amenities will aid in offering a perfect holiday where you can seek some solace and unwind yourselves from the worries of life.  Enjoy the congenial services of the staff and engage in some thrilling moments at the gaming zones.

You can plunge into the swimming pool, take a leisurely walk around the lush gardens, grab onto some delectable snacks at the cafe and engage in myriad other relaxing activities. All in all, a memorable stay awaits you at the Jade Beach Resort.

Highlights- Banquet halls, Conference rooms, indoor and outdoor gaming facilities, swimming pool,spa with steam bath, multi-purpose gym, 24-hours cafe along with multi-cuisine restaurant, and others.

Distance from Chennai- 47 km.

Tourist Places near Chennai within 200 Km


Pondicherry (165 km from Chennai)

Pondicherry is one of the few tourist places near Chennai around 200 kms, where you can head for a dreamy vacation. Once a French colony, the town greets you with its fascinating colonial structures and the streets dotted with cozy cafes luring you to taste some delicious French cuisines and beverages.

With the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal stretching in front of your eyes, you can take a walk around the boulevards and marvel at the scenic charm of the place. Witness a spectacular sunset at Paradise Beach, pay a visit to the Aurobindo Ashram, known worldwide as a spiritual center, and seek a peaceful escape to the town of Auroville.

Your visit to Pondicherry will be a lifetime’s experience as it serves as a tranquil haven for all tired souls.

Highlights- Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Chunnambar Boat House, French War Memorial, Paradise Beach, Seaside Promenade, Serenity Beach, and many other places.

Distance from Chennai- 165 km.


Srikalahasti (116 km from Chennai)

Attracting hordes of pilgrims every year, Srikalahasti is one of the holy places to visit near Chennai within 200 Kms. Clad in rich history, the town is known for its serene air and fascinates tourists with its majestic temples and architectural splendour.

The famous Kalamkari art thrives here and you can purchase some exquisite paintings as souvenirs. The beautiful carvings on the Sri Kalahasti Temple offer you a visual delight and happen to be the only abode for the God of Vayu. Besides the religious significance, Srikalahasti will also offer you its scenic vistas and gushing waterfalls.

Highlights- Srikalahasteeswara Temple, Srikalahasti Kalamkari art, Sahasra Linga Temple, Gudimallam, Tada Falls.

Distance from Chennai- 116 km.


Talakona Waterfalls (190 km from Chennai)

If you want to behold the breathtaking sight of one of the highest waterfalls in the country, then do not miss out on Talakona Waterfalls. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the water tumbles down gracefully and its refreshing beauty pleases all.

Teeming with trekking trails, the journey to the Talakona waterfalls will offer you with the sweeping vistas of verdant valleys. The surrounding forests comprise a rich variety of flora and fauna and you can also spend some nights in the jungle in the guest houses. Unwind your troubled minds and relax in the embrace of nature.

Highlights- Sri Venkateswara National Park, Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple, trek to the Talakona Waterfalls.

Distance from Chennai- 190 km.


Tirupati (133 km from Chennai)

Tirupati happens to be one of the prominent tourist places near Chennai within 200 km and as you lay your foot in this ancient Indian town, you will get amazed by its rich cultural heritage.The mad rush of pilgrims at the Venkateshwara Temple makes the town more lively and the grandeur of the place will leave you in awe.

Dotted with other temples, this place will be ideal for you to embark upon a spiritual quest, and you can also get a deeper insight into the rich traditions of our country. The Silathoranam here is known for its natural rock formations and is a must-visit for all tourists. Buzzing with life, the sacred town has its own unique charm and will offer you a memorable sojourn.

Highlights- Sri Venkateswara Temple, Silathoranam, Swami Pushkarini Lake, Akasaganga Teertham and others. 

Distance from Chennai- 133 km.


Vellore (139 km from Chennai)

Does the historical city of Vellore feature in your list of places to visit near Chennai within 200 Km? If not, then do make amends to your itinerary, as you just cannot miss a visit to the majestic Vellore Fort here. Known for its secularism, the fort houses a church, a temple, a mosque, all known for their artistic elegance.

Dotted with pilgrimage sites and historical monuments, the city also has a popular hill station named Yelagiri, which remains enfolded with various tinges of green. Away from the city’s din, an enjoyable vacation gets assured to every urban dweller here. You can look forward to a cherishable winter vacation at Vellore and explore the cultural legacy of the place.

Highlights- The Vellore Fort, Ratnagiri Temple, Roman Catholic Diocese, Yelagiri, and many shopping hubs.

Distance from Chennai- 139 km.


Chandragiri (145 km from Chennai)

Among the historical tourist places near Chennai within 200 km, Chandragiri is one such remarkable place famous for its majestic forts, and grand palaces. The trace of the royal aura will color your stay here as you explore around the rich heritage site.

The Chandragiri Fort with its architectural grandeur will surely leave you in awe. Take your kids along to the archaeological museum located inside the fort’s premises and enrich them with the country’s rich past.

As you take a walk through the lush lanes of the erstwhile fort, several scenic temples will appear before your eyes. There are also a few trekking trails that lead to the fort and enthusiasts can embark upon a memorable journey.

Highlights- Chandragiri Fort, Raj Mahal, and Rani Mahal.

Distance from Chennai- 145 km.


Sripuram (150 km from Chennai)

Spreading across 100 acres of land, lies the majestic golden temple of Sripuram. Welcoming devotees across all backgrounds and religions, it is one of the notable temples in southern India. Gilded with pure gold, the artistic elegance of the temple will take your breath away and the spiritual messages inscribed on the walls will surely enlighten you.

The main deity here is the Maha Kumbhabhishekam along with other deities like Goddess Laksmi. After your visit to the main temple, you can take a leisurely walk around the lush green premises around it.

Highlights- The Golden Temple, temple architecture.

Distance from Chennai- 150 km.


Thiruvannamalai (194 km from Chennai)

Located on the scenic foothills of the Anamalai range, lies one of the famous tourist places near Chennai within 200 km- Thiruvannamalai. Highly revered as a major Hindu pilgrimage site, it attracts Shaivites from far and wide and is known for its ancient temples.

The commendable architecture of the temples along with their intriguing myths will please every visitor. Serving as a backdrop, lies the beautiful ranges of the Anamalai Hills from whose summit you can glance upon the lush greenery lying beneath you. The temple-town with its beauty and elegance is sure to mesmerize you.

Highlights- Annamalaiyar Temple, Annamalai Hills,Tirukoilur, Tirumalai.

Distance from Chennai- 194 km.


Chittoor (160 km from Chennai)

Chittoor is the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural significance, thus pleasing the minds of both aesthetic seekers and spiritual questers. To refresh your tired minds, do visit the Horsley Hills and Nagari Hills known for their amazing views.

A wildlife safari is a must in Chittoor’s Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary that teems with a rich variety of animals. You can also embark upon a scenic trek to the Gurramkonda Fort once occupied by Tipu Sultan. Many ancient temples lie scattered in the city of Chittoor, and if you decide to explore around, then know that you will come back home packed with a rich history.

Highlights - Horsley Hills, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Gurramkonda Fort, Nagari Hills, Mogili, Ramgiri.

Distance from Chennai - 160 km.


Nellore (175 km from Chennai)

Nellore with its diverse offerings is one of the places to visit near Chennai within 200 Kms for an ideal vacation. Located along the shoreline of Bay of Bengal, Nellore will mesmerize you with its cultural legacies. Seating amidst a picturesque setting lie several forts known for their sheer magnificence.

A glimpse of exotic migratory birds can be seen at the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary. Surrounded by beaches, lakes, and majestic waterfalls, the entire place seems picture perfect and will offer you the most memorable times. The well-connected city attracts both pilgrims as well as nature lovers where one can seize some quality moments with the dear ones.

Highlights - Venkatagiri Fort, Udayagiri Fort, Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Penchalakona.

Distance from Chennai - 175 km.


Tirumala (158 km from Chennai)

Among the hilly tourist places near Chennai within 200 km, Tirumala is one such scenic place from where one can behold the stunning sight of seven different towering peaks. Considered as the abode of Lord Venkateswara, the temple is a sacred one and attracts hordes of devotees every year.

Here you will get to see the striking feature of Dravidian architecture basking in its grandeur. Tirumala Hills comprises a natural arch named the Silathoranam and from the hilltop, you will also catch a glimpse of the cascading Papavinasanam waterfall. It is an ideal weekend getaway spot from Chennai where you can let go of your worries and gain some spiritual insight.

Highlights- Venkateswara Temple, Silathoranam, Papavinasanam waterfall.

Distance from Chennai- 158 km.

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Places To Visit In Chennai
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"amazing journey"
18 January 2021
Overall experience was good. Few improvements can be made. Q 1. Swimming pool was under maintenance. 2. Food quality can be improved. Dishes and varieties are ok. 3. Cricket net can be given. Since it is open and marshy land nearby we loose the balls quiet often.
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People Also Ask About Chennai

  1. What are some of the must do adventure activities in Chennai?

  2. Which are the popular trekking trails around Chennai?

  3. What are the places to visit near Chennai?

    There are several interesting places to visit from Chennai situated within a radius of 200km. Here are a few places that can be explored, Tirupati, Kanchipuram, Covelong beach, VGP Golden Beach, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, Pichavaram mangrove, Nettukuppam, Cholamandala artist's village and many more interesting places.
  4. What is the best time to visit Chennai?

    The best time to visit Chennai is between September to March when the temperature permits one to explore the state and its nearby areas in all its glory. The summer months between April to July are best avoided.
  5. What is Chennai famous for?

    Chennai is famous for its silk, South Indian delicacies, seafood, heavily ornate temples, historical monuments, markets, several beaches and wildlife sanctuaries in the close periphery.
  6. Is Chennai worth visiting?

    Chennai is a metro city worth a visit due to its wide variety of interesting places which are of interest to a tourist.
  7. Where can I spend weekends in Chennai?

    A memorable weekend can be spent at the many famous attractions of Chennai,

    - Sri Parthasarathy Temple
    - Government Museum
    - Valluvar Kottam.
    - Santhome Cathedral Basilica
    - Kapaleeshwarar Temple
    - Marina Beach
  8. What can we do in Chennai at night?

    Chennai has a lot of fine dining restaurants, clubs, lounges, discotheques, sports bar and open-air theatre which can be explored with a dear friend or family on toes.
  9. Is Chennai safe?

    Chennai is one of the safest cities in India with just a few petty crimes and thefts that get reported. Crowded areas and late nights should be avoided in Chennai.

Popular Nearby Places Around Chennai