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  • Sneak Peek into the oldest national park of India; explore the wilderness through the Jim Corbett Safari. For all the wildlife lovers, the Jim Corbett National Park is heaven on earth ,it is a window showcasing the ecological system of Himalayan belt and the majesty of the exotic animals of that region.

    Situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state, the Jim Corbett National park is blessed with enormous flora and fauna which accommodates most of the exotic and endangered animals. The objective of establishing this national park was to protect the animals of the Himalayan belt, especially the endangered royal Bengal Tigers. The hilly slopes, grasslands and dense forest makes Jim Corbett National Reserve an ideal home for approximately 488 species of plants and many diverse kinds of animals.

    Apart from relishing the charm of these exotic animals and admiring the landscapes, there is an array of activities to indulge in. Be it trekking, safari, camping, bird watching or sightseeing, there is room for everything and everyone in this forest reserve. The National park also proffers facilities like hotels, resorts, jungle campsites, to make your expedition perfect.  

  • 01Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett

    Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett
    Image Credit : Roshan Panjwani-Flickr

    The Jim Corbett National Reserve has its own timings and seasons that one can look up for the ease of getting the best of this forest reserve area. The wildlife abode is open 356 days of a year to visit and to experience the nature in its true form. The perfect time to avail the best of benefits from this location and maximum out of Jim Corbett jeep safari is from November to the end of June.

    Different zones have different seasons, as weather and other factors are also measured while deciding the safari packages, seasons and timings. Bijrani and Dhikala zones are usually closed during the monsoon season as most of the roads get washed away due to rain. Such inconveniences are taken into consideration and packages are planned accordingly.

  • 02Corbett Safari

    Corbett Safari
    Image Credit : DraconianRain-flickr

    Jim Corbett National Reserve is most popularly known for being the best destination for jungle safari in the country. It is a blissful experience to photographers, nature, adventure lovers as well as on lookers.

    The National park spread over 201 sq. km approximately, is protected by Government of India and is of major tourist attraction in Uttarakhand state. In order to maintain the sanctity of the ecological belt and sustain the balance between tourist value and ecology, the government has exposed only a few areas for tourists to visit. These areas are marked safe for tourists to explore.

    The Jim Corbett National Reserve is systematically divided into six well-equipped zones to maintain the ease of visitors and safari packages. Each of these zones is well protected and gives an insight into this mighty national park. The zones of Jim Corbett National Reserve are Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Sonanada, Durgadevi and Dhela. Each of these zones have their own specialty and are gateways that help tourists to explore the best of this forest reserve in a much better way. 

  • 03Popular Jim Corbett Safari Zones

    Popular Jim Corbett Safari Zones
    Image Credit : Rana M V-flickr

    1) Dhikala Zone:

    Located next to Patli Dun valley, Dhikala zone is regarded to be one of the most popular in Jim Corbett national reserve belt. It is hence considered to be the core area of this national park. This zone is operational and open for Jim Corbett safari rides from mid-November till mid-July. During this time the zone is a great abode that showcases chitals, deer’s elephants as well as the royal Bengal Tigers of the park.

    2) Jhirna Zone: 

    This Jim Corbett safari zone is termed as one of the safest and most comfortable among the other in the national park. It is situated at a distance of 16 Km from Ramnagar. This zone is open for visit throughout the year and hence Jim Corbett safari booking is also possible throughout the year for this zone. This zone is hence always available for tourists to explore the wilderness of this enchanting abode that lies in the sun Himalayan ranges. 

    3) Bijrani Zone: 

    Bijrani zone is yet another fully fertile zone of Jim Corbett national Park. It is blessed with lush greens and steep terrains that add to the charm of the zone. The entry to this zone is from Amadanda. The zone is operational and Jim Corbett National park safari booking for this zone is active from October to June. There is a higher chance of spotting the royal Bengal Tigers in more in this zone; which is why this zone is preferred most by tiger lovers.

    4) Durga Devi Zone:

    Situated about 28 km away from Ramnagar, Durda Devi zone is the toughest zone for a visitor to witness. This zone consists of hilly trails, dark woody vegetation and steep slopes that add to the thrill of experiencing wildlife in it, the natural way. The zone is operational in between mid-November till mid-June every year and the Jim Corbett National park safari booking is also active during that period.

  • Types of Safaris in Jim Corbett National Park

  • 04The Jim Corbett Jeep Safari

    The Jim Corbett Jeep Safari
    Image Credit : Steven Cassidy-Flickr

    Jim Corbett jeep safari is considered to be the best in the country. Embark on this amazing wild life jeep tour that will take you through the vicinity of sub Himalayan belt. Witness the free roaming exotic wildlife as you explore indulge in the breath taking Jim Corbett safari activity. 

    This activity is usually ticked off with a group and let alone to explore the charm of Jim Corbett Forest Reserve, out in the open. Discovering this nature’s nest and watching the big cats in their natural habitat in an open jeep and with your naked eyes be the best of experience at Jim Corbett National Park. This safari experience will definitely define the richness of wildlife to you once you successfully finish it.

    Cost and Duration:

    The cost for the Jim Corbett safari depends on the zone you choose to visit. Depending on the same it starts from approximately INR 3500 for Indian nationals and INR 7000 for foreign nationals. One can also choose from the many packages that are offered by the forest reserve or independent resorts and hotels. Jim Corbett safari bookings are operational throughout the year for tourist to avail this mesmerising experience.  


    Jim Corbett National Park safari time depends on the zones and  can be in the morning or evening depending upon the weather conditions and other factors that relate to safari. Mostly Jim Corbett safari is in the morning, which starts from 5:45 am, 6:00 am or 6:30 am. In the afternoon, it is from 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. The duration of safari is three hours.

    Jeep Safari Adventure at Corbett County Resort

    Jeep Safari Adventure at Corbett County Resort

    NNNMM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlRamnagar (UK)

    Starting from


  • 05Elephant Safari

    Elephant Safari
    Image Credit : Peter Davis-Flickr

    Jim Corbett is filled with breathe taking view of wild animals, dense jungle, rich variety of flora and fauna and so on. To relish the wonderful atmosphere around Jim Corbett National Park, you can now take the most exclusive kinds of safari at this abode. Explore the wonderful Kumaon region and explore the wildlife living peacefully in their natural habitat while on the back of an elephant. Surf through the mysterious thick forest, splendid terrains, of Corbett region, ride the back of an elephant and enjoy your ride to the fullest at Jim Corbett National Reserve. 

    Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park is the special treat to the travelers as you can roam in the open grounds of these majestic wild animals. Ambling over the landscapes of Jim Corbett sitting at a height of about eight to nine feet one can relish the true feeling of being one among the wild in the wild. The best part of an elephant safari is that it is free from the sound of the jeep. Here you feel like one among the wild animals; this being the best way to watch and learn about the wildlife. The maximum numbers of people that can be put on the elephant’s back are four. This is to ensure the comfort level of tourists and safety measure as well. 


    The cost of elephant safari is much cheaper when compared to the jeep safari ride. It is approximately INR 500 for Indian nationals and INR 1500 for foreign nationals. It is advisable that Jim Corbett safari booking (elephant safari) is made in advance, but the tourists can also to try on the spot .Jim Corbett National Park safari online booking is also one of the options tourists can avail from.


    The elephants are allotted on first come first serve basis to the tourists. Jim Corbett safari or the elephant ride is for an hour and a half around the specified zone.

    Safari Zones:

    An Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park follows a designated path to ensure that the travelers get to visit and witness as much as possible in the national park. One can spot all kinds of animals and birds in these desired paths, based on the zones that Jim Corbett National Park is divided into. Jim Corbett safari ride on elephant is usually allowed only in the Bijrani and Dhikala tourist zones.

    Elephant Safari at Aroma Heavens Corbett

    Elephant Safari at Aroma Heavens Corbett

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlCorbett

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  • 06Rejuvenate at Infinity Resort, Jim Corbett

    Rejuvenate at Infinity Resort, Jim Corbett
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCorbett
    • NNNNN1 review
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      Code: 9615757

    Delight in this wonderful stay at Infinity Resorts, Jim Corbett National Park in the beautiful State of Uttarakhand. Embark on this amazing wildlife and jungle safari that takes you on a beguiling trip through well famed Jim Corbett National Park. Get ready to get enlightened with naturalist who will guide you through this jeep safari in the lush-green jungles

    Rejoice in the company of beautiful birds that adorn this entire place. Capture these beautiful birds, exotic wildlife and mesmerizing landscapes on your camera. A perfect place to capture those perfect shots that you have been waiting for so long.

    One of the most remarkable thing about the stay at Infinity Resorts Corbett is that this stunning place provides you with an easy access to explore the ‘Big Five’ – Tiger, Leopard, Asian Elephant, Mugger Crocodile and Gharial on our adventurous safaris through the untamed tiger reserve.

    Indulge in an elephant safari, enjoy the slow-steady ride as you are taken through the jungle. Get ready to mesmerize in the wild landscapes of the region that will provide you some of the best memories to cherish for a lifetime.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Snacks) 

    Accommodation Types: Single & Double Sharing

    Activities: Jeep safari, Elephant Safari

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 07Canter Safari

    Canter Safari
    Image Credit : Rana M V-flickr

    Jim Corbett safari offers another great way to reach into the wild with your pals. If your group is bigger, book canters that will accommodate a good 18 number of people. In the zones that Jim Corbett National Park is divided, only Dhikala zone offers the facility of a canter safari. Dhikala zone is one of the finest zones for Jim Corbett safari experience. The pathway of this zone is mystic and blessed with great ambience that will excite the tourists that take up canter safari in this region. The best part about a canter ride is having a larger group to enjoy the richness of this wonderful location enhances the safari experience..

    Apart from this, Dhikala route also hosts a 100 year old rest house that can be explored on the way by the tourists. Dhikala, similar to other zones of Jim Corbett National Reserve gives a fabulous glimpse of flora and fauna that will make the safari ride a happy one. Every tourist that visits this national park should mandatorily hold a permit to get in and stay in the park overnight. The Dhikala Canter Safari takes its tourists through the natural trails of Jim Corbett National Park.


    Jim Corbett National Park Safari time to ride off in a Canter is scheduled at 7:30 am from Ramnagar. The safari lasts for about 5 hours. Jim Corbett safari booking for canter is available both online and offline. Apart from this one can indulge in this activity on spot depending upon the availability of canter and fellow tourist.


    The tariff for Jim Corbett safari in a canter is approximately INR 1500 Indian nationals and INR 3000 foreign nationals. 

  • 08Elephant Safari with The Machan, Jim Corbett

    Elephant Safari with The Machan, Jim Corbett
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCorbett
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr. Rohit Manuja
      Mr. Rohit Manuja

    The Machan is full of natural vegetation which provides a complete jungle experience to the traveller. Explore the wildlife of Jim Corbett from resort itself. Feel the comfort and jungle at the same time during your stay at Luxury Villa and Luxury Huts that add to the magnificence of the natural environment. Enthrall in elephant safari through these dense thickets witnessing stunning wildlife peacefully co-existing with each other peacefully. Enjoy beautiful vivid variety of birds flocking the region, alluring you with their charms. You can also take some time out and indulge in nature walk across the area. End this beautiful day by wrapping around a bonfire session while you relax with elephant safari. Experience the ambience of the jungle and nature in true sense at Corbett Machaan Resort.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian-Breakfast

    Accommodation Types: Double Occupancy

    Activities: Nature Walk, Bonfire, Elephant Safari, Jungle Cycling, Wildlife Movie, Swimming Pool, Indoor and Outdoor Games, River Visit, Evening Show

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 09Jungle Safari with Saalvan Resort, Marchula

    Jungle Safari with Saalvan Resort, Marchula
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr. Rohit Manuja
      Mr. Rohit Manuja

    Saalvan Spa and Resort, Marchula will envelop you in comfort and elegance, natural view and a nature walk that inspires serenity and relaxation. Step through the spacious glass door to your balcony and enjoy a magnificent view of the clear turquoise waters of the Ramganga River. Welcome to the land of roars, trumpets and song and be the part of peace, serenity and shrines.

    The Saalvan Spa and Resort , Marchula is afforded by an exceptional location harmoniously blended with a unique environment resulting in contemporary and finely tuned resorts that offer, with outstretched arms, an enriching, enlightening and rewarding 'lifestyle' experience in which to willingly surrender. The attentive service and genuine hospitality of the entire team is one of the highlights of this resort.  Come and make your weekend getaway an unforgettable one at Saalvan Spa and Resort, Marchula

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian-Breakfast

    Accommodation Types: Double Occupancy

    Activities: Trekking, River View, Jeep/Elephant Safari, Canter, Bonfire, Wildlife Movie, Outdoor and Indoor games like table tennis, Billiards badminton, soft ball cricket etc.

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 10Jim Corbett National Park Safari Online Booking Procedure

    Jim Corbett National Park Safari Online Booking Procedure
    Image Credit : Pranay Rao-Flickr

    Advance booking of any activity in Jim Corbett is a must. This is in order to plan your visit to Jim Corbett National Park well. Jim Corbett safari is usually full and requires advance booking for the Corbett reserve officials to help you experience this activity in a much better way. Jungle safari booking in Jim Corbett is easy and simple as you can just go online and intimate the officials concerned about the same. 

    It is as simple as giving in the details as to how many people are coming and on what dates would you prefer for the Jim Corbett safari ride. Accordingly they will arrange the rest for you and will be all set once you reach the destination. 

    You can also choose your own Jim Corbett safari zone based on the availability of the same. The only hook here is that, one need to inform or book the Jim Corbett 30 days prior if he/ she are an Indian National. In case of foreign nationals, booking should be done 90 days in advance. 

  • 11Types of Flora and Fauna in Jim Corbett

    Types of Flora and Fauna in Jim Corbett
    Image Credit : Sergei-Flickr

    The Himalayas are blessed with enormous greenery which accommodates most of the exotic and endangered animals. The Jim Corbett National reserve has become one of the biggest tourist hubs in the entire country that exhibits wonderful terrains and exuberant variety of flora and fauna. 

    Only 10 % of the entire Jim Corbett Reserve belt is grassland, whereas more than 73% of it is covered with dense forest. The dense forest is diversely equipped with trees like sal, peepal, rohini and mango. The forest belt of Jim Corbett National Park is home for around 50 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles, 110 tree species and close to 580 bird species.

    To list down some of the many species of birds that find home in Jim Corbett National Reserve, they include crested serpent eagle, blossom headed parakeet and red jungle fowl. The Bengal tigers are the life of this national reserve and are plentiful at this abode, it also accommodates leopards. 

    Some of the exotic animal species that can be witnessed at this forest reserve are hog deer, sambar deer, Himalayan black deer’s, Indian grey mongoose, Himalayan goral, yellow throated martens, sloth and Indian pangolins. Apart from these, Indian elephants, pythons and local crocodiles also make it to the list of animals that find home in Jim Corbett National Park.

  • 12Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Where is Jim Corbett National Park exactly located?

    The Jim Corbett National Park is based in the Shivalik hills of Himalayas. It stretches across Pauri Garhwal, Nainital and Almora districts in Uttarakhand.

    2) What are the ways to reach Jim Corbett National Reserve?


    The distance from Delhi to Ramnagar is approximately 257 km. You will be traveling from Delhi via Moradabad and Kashipur to reach Ramnagar.  If you are travelling through a private vehicle, it would take you around 5 hours to cover this distance. Buses are available from all major bus stops in Delhi, the time taken by a bus will be 6 to 7 hours approximately.


    One can catch a train from Old Delhi Junction and get down at Ramnagar station. It is an approximately 6 hour’s journey. You will be traveling from Delhi via Moradabad and Kashipur to reach Ramnagar


    One can travel from Delhi airport to Pantnagar airport. The Pantnagar airport is approximately 50km away from the Jim Corbett National Park.

    3) Will one entry permit make me eligible to visit all the zones?

    An entry permit is allotted for only one particular zone. One cannot use it to enter multiple zones.

    4) How many vehicles are allowed for the safari at Jim Corbett, in a day?

    In the Bijrani and Jhirna zone, 30 vehicles are permitted to enter both in morning and evening. Also, 15 vehicles go through the Durgadevi zone in the morning, as well as in the evening

    5) How do we get a nature guide or a naturalist for our Safari?

    Guides are one of the mandatory factors for the Jim Corbett Safari. One has to pay the fees directly to the guide, at the end of the expedition. They will be picked up at the entry point at Amdanda and Jhirna.

    6) Can we get our private cars for the Safari?

    Private vehicles are not allowed for the Jim Corbett Safari. Tourists can hire the registered vehicles from Ramnagar reception office or Amdanda gate. No prior bookings are available for vehicles to visit the Jim Corbett Reserve.

    7) How can I make arrangements for accommodation at the Jim Corbett National Park?

    Indian nationals can make reservations for the accommodation 45 days prior to their visit. Foreign nationals have the provision to make reservations 90 days in advance. All reservations are subject to modification and cancellation. 

    8) Is there a canteen facility for those staying at the forest rest houses in Jim Corbett?

    There are canteen facilities at Dhikala forest rest house and Gairal forest rest house. At other places, kitchens are available where you have to cook your own food. One can take help from the room attendants.

    9) What are the clauses and conditions for the Elephant Safari?

    Camp elephants are available only at Dhilaka and Bijrani. Only four people are allowed on an elephant.  Children below the age of 5 years, can ride the Elephant for free, along with the adults.

    10) Can I get some information about the Tiger Conservation Foundation for Corbett Tiger Reserve?

    The Tiger Conservation Foundation for Corbett Tiger Reserve is a registered Society, under the Society Act. Find under the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The foundation accepts contribution from both individuals and organizations. This amount is utilized for the welfare of the staff of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and for other related activities.

    11) Do I need to carry any documents?

    All the visitors are required to carry only an identity proof like voter id, drivers license, pan card, etc. which they should produce at the entry point for verification.

    12) What are the safety measures and precautions to be taken while at Jim Corbett National Park?

    -Do not wander around during the safari. Kindly stay in the designated vehicles.
    -Keep safe distance from the wild animals. Refrain from teasing or feeding them.
    -Moving on foot or getting off the vehicle is a punishable offence.
    -Kindly abide by the rules and regulations and follow the instructions given by the guide.
    -Do not pluck flowers or harm the plants in anyway.
    -It is advisable to carry basic first aid requirements.
    -During the months of December and January, warm clothes are recommended. 

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