30 Places to Visit near London: 2024 (Updated List)
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Day Tours From London
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Best Selling Attractions In London
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Theme Parks In London
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Places To Visit Around London

Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bath, Glasgow, Bristol, Oxford, Brighton, Belfast, Liverpool, Cambridge, Winchester, Windsor, Canterbury, Rye, Bexhill-On-Sea, Manchester, Guildford, Chichester, The New Forest, St Albans, Mersea Island, and many more. If you're planning a European adventure, consider incorporating these charming destinations into your itinerary with Europe packages.

There are many places to visit near London that exude royal charm, rich history, and extremely unique settings and will give you tons of memories to cherish. From the lively town of Liverpool that is a paradise for every football fan to the educational hub of Cambridge, there is no dearth of stunning attractions in London.

If you wish to appreciate nature then Rye should be your ideal visit. And if you wish to explore the land of castles to have a fairytale experience then Cardiff should be your ideal stopover. Looking to seek some respite from the grind of daily life, then the weekend getaways from London like Bristol and Bath will offer you the much-needed dose of relaxation and enjoyment. From the historic town of Edinburgh to the royal city of Windsor, you can indulge in a kaleidoscope of experiences over here. For the perfect seaside vacation, you can even visit Bexhill-On-Sea that is home to some of the award-winning beaches.

Here's a list of the best places to visit near London:

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Must Visit Attractions Near London


Windsor Castle

The family residence of the British kings and queens for a thousand years has been Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. It is Her Majesty The Queen's formal residence and still functions as a working royal palace today, housing about 150 personnel.

 The castle contains more than 1000 rooms overall, 300 magnificent fireplaces, along with an area housing Queen Mary's dollhouse, which is one of the most popular areas of the castle.

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Alton Tower

Alton Tower is one of the most fascinating places near London, offering an authentic country vibe. The Alton Towers Resort, located on more than 500 acres of stunning Staffordshire countryside, has three amazing themed hotels, stargazing pods, an enchanted village with luxury treehouses, and more!

 Additionally, this location has about 40 top-notch rides and attractions where you and your children may have a blast.

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Avebury is the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world, whereas Stonehenge is the most structurally complex. Stonehenge is one of the best places near London, where you will get to know about the Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial and burial traditions, together with related monuments and their surrounding environments.

 Folklore holds that the great stones of Stonehenge were brought from Ireland by giants who had erected them there by the wizard Merlin of Arthurian mythology. Another tradition holds that the stones were erected by Dane invaders, while a third hypothesis contends that they were once the remnants of a Roman temple.

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Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is one of the best places near London, which has been in existence for more than 1000 years, offers friends and family the best historical experience in Britain.

Discover a thrilling year of live performances, featuring the largest birds of prey display in the UK, live arena jousting competitions, and more than 200 epic event days! Unlike everywhere else, we bring the past to life, making it a must-visit for anybody seeking an extraordinary historical vacation.

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Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio

Explore the Harry Potter film series' backstage secrets, one of the popular places to visit near London, step onto real sets, and learn the mysteries of the stunning visual effects. Before boarding the original Hogwarts Express at Platform 9/34 and exploring Diagon Alley, see the famous Hogwarts Great Hall and the Forbidden Forest.

 The Studio Tour, which is located at the studios where all eight of the movies were made, highlights the British creativity, artistry, and ability that went into turning the impossible into a reality on screen. Through the eyes of the filmmakers who created the Harry Potter film series, visitors will be able to relive the magic.

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Hampton Court Palace

Visit Hampton Court Palace, one of the best places to visit near London, to learn about history from the 16th century through the Stuart era and the Georgian era. Henry VIII's favorite house, this well-known site on the banks of the Thames features Tudor treasures and magnificent gardens. As you explore the Haunted Gallery, you'll get a chill of excitement and horror. It is said that Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife, has been seen walking down the wall of the room, which is lined with Tudor portraits.

 The Baroque Palace, where William III and Mary II's private apartments are located, is another noteworthy feature. The formal landscapes, Wilderness meadows, and the well-known puzzle maze—the oldest in the world—all make up the 24 hectares (60 acres) of gardens. The largest annual flower exhibition in the world, the Hampton Court Garden Festival, is held at the palace every summer.

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Leeds Castle

The "loveliest castle in the world", Leeds is one of the most sought after places to visit near London. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and has served as a Norman fortress, a royal house, and a royal palace. The location, on two islands in a lovely lake, is breathtaking. An ancient Saxon royal family owned the Royal Manor when it was first constructed in 857 AD. The first stone fortress was constructed there after the Norman Conquest. The Castle was transformed into a royal residence for Edward I and his wife Eleanor of Castile in 1278.

Admire the amazing architecture and royalty as you explore this palace, which was renovated several times. The Barbican, built at this time, is distinctive in that it is composed of three portions, each with its portcullis, gateway, and drawbridge. 

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The New Forest

The New Forest is an unenclosed pasture area of northern England that is renowned for its forest trails, native ponies, and heathland. It is the hotspot for many interesting outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, horse riding, and hiking.

The New Forest National Park is the prime attraction of this area where you can have a picnic with your family, or you can witness deers, tigers, rhinoceroses, and wild buffalo in the region. You should also visit the Hearst castle that is an artillery fortress designed by Henry XIII.

Apart from that, Exbury Gardens is the ideal weekend getaways from London for a family day out, and you can even have an Exbury steam railway ride here.

Distance from London: 69 mi.

Best Time: May to September.

How To Reach: You can board a train from Waterloo that will drop you at The New Forest in 90 minutes.

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Blenheim Palace

On a day trip from London, unwind at Blenheim Palace, one of the popular places around London with your loved ones. For your family or group of friends, you will journey with your own private tour and learn everything about the background of the opulent country estate that served as Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace.

 The ideal method to see this location is to hire a private driver and reserve your tickets online to have the best access to the palace, its opulent interiors, and its beautifully planted grounds.

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Brighton Museum & Royal Pavilion

Brighton Museum holds a significant and dynamic collection showcasing art and designs, along with style and fashion from the 20th century. It has many permanent exhibitions where you will be able to understand the history of how the ornaments and clothes symbolized different purposes in life. This museum is part of The Royal Pavilion which is a magnificent palace in Brighton's city center with a rich past.

Explore the royalty of England as you gain enough knowledge about their fashion. This historic home blends Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and the British Raj to create a coastal leisure palace for King George IV.

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Less than 30 minutes' drive from Bath and 50 minutes from Stonehenge is the charming English countryside where the ancient wool village of Lacock is located. The nearby village of Castle Combe is significantly different from Lacock yet is definitely worth the quick journey for exploring the places around London. Lacock Village and the nearby Abbey are currently owned by the National Trust as a result of a series of circumstances. Lacock is a real, functioning community, not a display piece, and even the bars are rented out to private renters by the National Trust.

 The Trust must keep the village and its structures in the same condition as they were several hundred years ago. Even though they are modern on the inside, the buildings' exteriors resemble those from Lacock's past from hundreds of years ago. One of the few remaining abbeys in England is Lacock Abbey; and since it served as a backdrop for the Harry Potter movies, Lacock Abbey has garnered new attention.

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Highclere Castle & Downton Abbey Sites

The backdrop for the British television series Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle in southeast England, rose to international fame. Highclere Castle, the stunning estate home where the show and impending motion picture were primarily filmed, is possibly just as iconic as the name Downton Abbey itself.

 The stately Jacobethan house and the TV series are inextricably linked by the major images of the latter, although Highclere Castle itself is a real residence west of London, not just a well-preserved replica or set.

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Must Visit Cities Near London



Known throughout the world for its unparalleled educational magnificence, the town of Oxford is a global educational hub. It is considered to be one of the best places to visit near London due to its historical buildings and covered markets.

One such amazing place that you must visit here is the Christ Church Cathedral that exudes excellent architecture and beauty. Oxford Castle is another major attraction here that gives you a chance to have a 360 degrees view of London.

You should also visit the Sheldonian Theatre, which houses the Museum of the History of Science. It has a splendid collection of ancient art and antiquities, Greek and Roman pottery, classical sculpture, Far Eastern art, and jewelry.

While here, you should also consider going shopping in Cornmarket Street, which is pedestrian-friendly and sells a range of items. Among many branded shops and departmental stores, this street also has the historic Golden Cross arcade which is well-known for its jewelry and craft shops.

Distance from London: 56.1 mi.

Best Time: August and September, May & July.

How To Reach: Board a train from Paddington Station to Oxford. It will take sixty minutes to reach Oxford from London.

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Regarded as one of the best places to visit around London, the city of Brighton has some outstanding attractions and monuments. A must-visit attraction is the Brighton Palace Pier, a perfect example of a Victorian pleasure pier. You can have traditional seaside fun here while enjoying the rides and the delicious street food.

Another great attraction over here is the Royal Pavilion, which was the home of Prince Regent. This pavilion is one of the most exotic and stunning architecture in the British Isles. During your trip to Brighton, you should also visit the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, which includes fashion & style, design & fine art and exciting interactive exhibitions.

Distance from London: 56.4 mi.

Best Time: May to September.

How To Reach: Board a bus from Victoria Coach Station to Brighton.

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Located in the county of Kent, Canterbury is one of the heritage cities of Britain that has retained its old-world charm as well as modern glitz. It houses the Canterbury Cathedral that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for being the murder site of Archbishop Thomas Becket.

You should also visit the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, which has a facility-part museum, an art gallery, and even a library. It displays a collection of paintings, prints, engravings, European ceramics, Anglo-Saxon jewelry, and Asian porcelain. Canterbury Castle is another major attraction here where you can discover the historical treasures of Canterbury.

Distance from London: 60.8 mi.

Best Time: May & September.

How To Reach: South Eastern train runs regular service from
St Pancras, Charing Cross and London Victoria.

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Known to be a rival of the Oxford University, Cambridge is claimed to have one of the most preserved historic buildings in England. The King's College Chapel is the most famous attraction over here that is renowned for its 12-bay perpendicular-style interior and incredible architecture.

Besides that, the Mathematical Bridge is the major highlight of the city as it has been built without any nails solely relying on the calculative structuring.

You should also visit the  Cambridge University Botanical Garden stretching across 40 acres in Cambridge. This garden boasts of having more than 8,000 plant species from across the world. Another must-visit place is the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is an architectural masterpiece. It displays collections of Egyptian antiquities, illuminated manuscripts,  potteries of English, China, Greek, and Roman origins.

Distance from London: 64.0 mi.

Best Time: June & July.

How To Reach: ThamesLink Runway and The Great Northern Runway runs the fastest train to Cambridge.

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Winchester functioned as a former cultural and political capital of England until the 13th century. It is home to some of the best places to visit around London, such as the Winchester museum, which is one of Europe's largest cathedrals.

Another such attraction is the Highclere Castle: Aka Downton Abbey that was featured in the English TV series of the same name. The Castle includes a spectacular gothic saloon, a library with 5,650 rare books and historic portraits.

Another popular attraction over here is the Hospital of St. Cross, which is England's oldest almshouse. It features the 15th-century Hall of the Brothers, a kitchen, and a chapel.

Other must-visit places are Winchester City Mill, Winchester's Military Museums, Marwell Zoo, and Winchester City Museum.

Distance from London: 67.8 mi.

Best Time: May to June.

How To Reach: Take a train from Waterloo to Winchester.

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St Albans

If you're looking for one of the best places to visit around London, then St Albans should be your topmost choice. It is a vibrant city located in the northern belt of London known for its centuries-old medieval cathedrals and scenic parks. Verulamium Park is one of the beautiful spaces in St Albans that houses an ornamental lake, and you can witness here the remains of ancient Roman walls.

If you wish to trace the rich history of this city, then the Verulamium Museum should be your ideal stopover. It has displays of gold coins, mosaic structures, and second-century Roman theater.

Distance from London: 69 mi.

Best Time: May to September.

How To Reach: You can take a flight from Gatwick and Luton airport. Both these airports are linked directly to London.

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Mersea Island

This is a small fishing town with sandy beaches and an impressive collection of cafes, shops, and restaurants. Due to its old-world charm and impressive landscape, it is considered to be one of the best places to visit around London.

Mersea Island Vineyard is a popular destination here that is known for producing local and traditional wines, while also offering an enthralling view of lush greenery of nature. Get a glimpse of the history of Mersea Island by visiting the Mersea museum that houses the oldest sculptures and archeological relics.

Distance from London: 69 mi.

Best Time: May to September.

How To Reach: You can catch a train from Liverpool Street to Colchester train station. From here you can board a taxi to Mersea Island.

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One of the beautiful and charming villages in South East England, Rye, is a haven for nature lovers. This adorable fairy-tale town has medieval cafes and inns, winding streets and quirky shops. It houses the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve that is spread in around 1,000-acres and has over 4,000 species of animals.

Another attraction is the Rye Castle Museum and Ypres Tower, which has two sites, East Street and The Ypres Tower. The East Street site includes collections of the museum and is the best place to know about the rich history of Rye.

You should also visit the Parish Church of St. Mary, Rye, which houses magnificent stonework and exquisite stained-glass windows. Another must-visit site is the Mermaid Street, lined with crooked timber houses and quirky cafes. It is considered to be one of the most photographed streets in Rye.

Distance from London: 76.7 mi.

Best Time: June to October.

How To Reach: No direct train runs from London to Rye. You can however board a train from
St Pancras.

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Portsmouth is one of the most famous places to visit near London that serves as the base of the Royal Navy and contains around two-third of the surface fleet of the UK. It houses some of the most popular ships such as the Tudor carrack Mary Rose, HMS Warrior and HMS Victory.

Further, the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard gives you a chance to discover the eight hundred-year-old maritime histories of the town. You can also visit the Blue Reef Aquarium to witness the diverse species of aquatic animals housed here.

Distance from London: 74.8 mi.

Best Time: March to November & January to February.

How To Reach: Board a train from Waterloo to portsmouth.

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The stark landscape and the otherworldly beauty of Dungeness make it one of the best places to visit near London. It boasts of having the largest shingle beach in Europe where you can enjoy sunbathing, and you can also relish the seafood at the cafes and beachside shacks located here.

Also, the RSPB Nature Reserve is an absolute paradise for the wildlife watchers as you can witness here a dazzling variety of migratory as well as domestic birdlife. Another major attraction that you must visit here is the Pilot Inn that is known for serving the best chips and traditional seafood.

Distance from London: 77.8 mi.

Best Time: March to May.

How To Reach: Board a train from
St Pancras to Ashford International. Board a taxi from Ashford to Dungeness.

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Surrounded by sandy beaches, fishing villages, and family attractions, Chichester is one of the most popular weekend getaways from London. West Wittering Beach is one of the prime attractions of Chichester that has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness. It is a sandy and long beach where you can enjoy sunbathing and boating.

Chichester Cathedral is also an important attraction that is the sacred church of the Holy Trinity and is the seat of Bishop of Chichester. Also, the city center is the main shopping arena of Chichester, where you can buy a variety of elite brands.

Distance from London: 80.8 mi.

Best Time: June to Early September.

How To Reach: You can board a train from Victoria to Waterloo station.

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Well known as an elegant spa town since Roman times, Bath is built for relaxation and pleasure. This is one of the best weekend getaways from London where you can have an aromatic spa or Roman Baths to relieve your senses.

It is a gorgeous city dotted with exquisite architectural monuments and cobblestone streets. Nestled between Somerset and Mendip Hills, it is considered to be one of the best places to visit near London because of its honey-colored Georgian houses and beautiful gardens and parks.

Bath Abbey is also a popular site over here that is a Gothic cathedral with beautiful paintings and architecture. Furthermore, another popular attraction is Pulteney Bridge that is considered to be the departure point for various fun river excursions.

Distance from London: 114.6 mi.

Best Time: January to February.

How To Reach: Frequent trains run from Paddington station to London after every thirty minutes.

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Bristol is one of the best places to visit around London to witness its thriving musical scene and street-art culture. The perfect way to get one of the best views of Bristol is by visiting the Clifton Observatory.

Bristol Zoo Gardens is another great site over here, which provides an intimate experience of getting closer to flora and fauna. Aerospace Bristol will give you a chance to step aboard the Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, the last airplane of its kind.

A good family experience should be visiting the Wild Place Project that provides adventurous play and learning experience to the kids about the environment. It has a very serene environment and has won the European Green Capital award, making it one of the best
weekend getaways from London.

Distance from London: 117.6 mi.

Best Time: August and September, May & July.

How To Reach: You can board a train run by Great western from Paddington Station to Bristol.

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Also known as the capital of castles in Wales, the city of Cardiff is known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscape. Among many places to visit around London, Cardiff should be an ideal stopover in your itinerary due to its beautiful castles and historic houses.

It houses the Cardiff Bay Barrage, which is located in a stunning maritime setting, perfect for a bike ride or a relaxing stroll. You should also pay a visit to the Albany Gallery and the Martin Tinney Gallery that depict some of the greatest art collections in the world.

Some other attractions that you must visit over here are Hensol Castle Distillery, St. John's Parish Church, and Forest Farm Country Park. For a calming experience after a busy day of touring, you should surely visit the chic Mermaid Quay to have a romantic dinner with your partner.

Distance from London: 150.6 mi.

Best Time: Early June to Late September.

How To Reach: 27 trains operate in a day from London to Cardiff. You can board any of the trains that will drop you at Cardiff in 2hrs and 28 mins.

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Manchester is one of the most lively and vibrant cities in London, throbbing with architectural splendours and creative spaces. It houses the most popular football club in the entire world known as the Manchester United Football Club.

Moreover, a paradise for the foodies, Manchester has a huge variety of street food markets as well as elegant cafes and restaurants. The city is also home to some of the oldest libraries, such as the Chetham's and John Rylands library that houses a collection of novels and books spanning across five millennia.

Distance from London: 208.4 mi.

Best Time: June and August.

How To Reach: Take a bus from Victoria bus station to Manchester.

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Guildford is a beautiful town located on the southern periphery of London. It is considered to be one of the best places to visit around London because it is home to historic cathedrals and castles that offer peace and tranquility like none other.

Apart from that, the city seems to be brimming with an array of pubs, restaurants, bars, and shopping venues as well. Moreover, the Odeon Cinema is a paradise for the film fanatics, and you can watch some of the best Hollywood movies over here.

If you're a shopping enthusiast, then Tunsgate Quarter should be your ideal spot as it is home to some of the branded stores such as Cath, Loaf, and Kidston.

Distance from London: 208.4 mi.

Best Time: June and August.

How To Reach: Direct buses don't run from London to Guildford. You can however board a bus from Victoria Coach Station and arrive at
Friary Bus Station.

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Home of iconic music-band, The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, the city of Liverpool, is one of the best places to visit near London. To start the tour of this city, you should visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum, which has an impressive collection of artifacts and sculptures.

Another such attraction is the Pier Head area of Liverpool, which houses the Three Graces,  the traditional trio of harbor buildings.

Moreover, the Museum of Liverpool celebrates the city's distinct history, geography, and culture with several displays. It houses various collections of decorative art and period costumes and other archaeological materials. Liverpool also has some of the best gardens and parks, such as the Sefton Park Palmhouse, that is lush with greenery and large varieties of flowers.

Distance from London: 220.5 mi.

Best Time: May to June.

How To Reach: Board a train from Euston station in London to Liverpool.

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The capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is the birthplace of the sunken ocean liner, RMS Titanic. To recall the legacy of the ship, the Titanic Quarter has been built, which pays tribute to Belfast's maritime history.

Another major attraction over here is the HMS Caroline museum, which houses one of the last surviving vessels to have witnessed service in both world wars. This floating museum also displays history related to WWI and WWII.

You should also visit St. Anne's Cathedral, which is a neo-Romanesque style of a basilica featuring a beautiful mosaic ceiling and elegant stained-glass windows. Other worthwhile visits in Belfast are the Grand Opera House, Crumlin Road Gaol, the Belfast Castle and the Belfast Zoo.

Distance from London: 470.0 mi.

Best Time: April to October.

How To Reach: Board a train from Euston station to Belfast. You can also take a car ferry from London that takes ten hours and four minutes to reach Belfast.

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People Also Ask About London

  1. What are the best Europe tour packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

  2. What are the best places to visit near London within 300 Kms?

    1. Bexhill-on-Sea - Bexhill-on-Sea introduced the sport of bike racing to the world. It is a breathtaking seaside town guarded with vintage Victorian buildings and sandy beaches. It is one of the best places to visit near London with gorgeous landscapes, museums, adventure activities and many more. 

    2. Oxford - Oxford University is one of the most famous universities in the world that delivers unmatched education magnificence. The town of Oxford is considered as the global education hub. You can explore Oxford Castle, Sheldonian Theatre, Cornmarket street on your visit here. 

    3. Cambridge - Cambridge is a globally renowned rival of Oxford and also one of the most historically preserved sites in England. The main campus of the university is filled with incredible architecture open for a visit to all the tourists. 

    4. The New Forest - The New Forest is a secluded pasture area situated in the northern region of England. It is filled with lush green forest trails and native ponies which makes it an ideal spot for a picnic with family. The best time to visit this place is between the months of May to September. 

    5. Mersea Island - Mersea island is a small, beautiful, fishing town with numerous sandy beaches and cute eateries. The place exhibits an old-world charm and picturesque beauty and is considered as one of the best places to visit around London. You can also indulge in wine tasting in the middle of lush greenery here.

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  3. What are the best resorts to stay near London?

    1. The Tower Hotel - Nestled between the River Thames and the World Heritage center, the Tower Hotel is a luxury hotel offering unparalleled views of the iconic Tower Bridge. The hotel is also very well connected with all the public transports so you can commute to anywhere in the city easily. 

    2. Hard Rock Hotel London - The Hard Rock Hotel is a haven for music lovers and culture explorers from across the globe. It represents the legacy of the artists who brought life to the music industry. It is a lavish boutique hotel located within walking distance of London's central locations. 

    3. Park Plaza - Located in the heart of the London city near the banks of River Thames, the Park Plaza is one of the most exquisite accommodations of the city. It offers the exclusive view of Big Ben and Houses of Parliament from each of its suites in addition to the world-class amenities. 

    4. The Belgrave - The Belgrave hotel is globally renowned for its excell rest and rejuvenation. With the advantage of the prime location they provide you with a charming environment at a close proximity to all major tourist attractions and restaurants.

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  4. What's worth seeing in London?

    London is a kaleidoscope of experiences and scenic attractions. There are some of the most celebrated attractions in London, such as The Lion King Theater, Buckingham Palace and Westminster that should be a must-visit in the itinerary of all the travelers.

    You can also visit Tower of London that served as a royal palace, prison and a zoo in the past. For the foodies Borough Market should be an ideal stop as it offers wholesale fruits, vegetables and meat.

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  5. What is famous in London to buy?

    Here is the list of the most popular things that you can buy in London:
    • Notebook from House of Commons.
    • Hat from Lock & Co Clotted Cream.
    • Pistachio cookies Personalized biscuits with a handwritten quote Butter Shortbread from Walkers Pure Monmouth Coffee
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  6. How many days do you need in London?

    You'll need at least 3-5 days to explore London in the best manner. Since the city is dotted with famous attractions and offers you the best adventure activities, you're bound to need at least three days to visit the city completely.

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  7. What is the best month to visit London?

    The best time to visit London is between March to May(Summer) when the weather is enjoyable and mild. October to early November is also considered to be an ideal time to visit London as the crowds are less, giving you a chance to explore the attractions in a detailed manner.

    Apart from that, if you want to witness the city during the holiday season, then plan a visit during the end of December, but know that the weather is really cold then.

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18 November 2019
Even though the building looks a little ancient the overall feel of the place is very futuristic. It is not something that we get to see everyday. The kids are also going to love it. A good place to learn and have some fun! Must visit.
09 January 2020
Always wonder where the word GMT came from. Haha! My trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was extraordinary. I got to discover a lot and it was an insightful tour. The tickets I got were from Thrillophilia. I did a lot of cool stuff like standing right on the meridian line and also took a lot of photos with my friends. Overall, a blissful experience providing a rich learning opportunity to people like me. I would definitely want every holidaymaker to visit this place.
12 September 2019
The best way I can describe my entire experience starting with getting my tickets from Thrillophilia to touring around St. Paul's Cathedral would be to the day that it was simply amazing. The place was so quiet and soothing, it was the kind of thing I wanted towards the end of my first-day tour in London. A side note, Just make sure you have a valid ID proof along with the tickets, it is important.
12 February 2020
I had a great time at St. Paul's Cathedral. The experience was sublime and I loved every bit of it. The place was amazing and we got a chance to just relax and enjoy some peace in the Cathedral. It is a definite recommendation from my end to every tourist visiting London. Trust me, advance booking your tickets take a load off of you.
04 February 2020
What elegance, I must say, my trip to the Buckingham Palace Queen's Gallery was breathtaking. I got to explore the ancient culture and traditions that have lived throughout history through the beautiful paintings and sculptures present.
13 February 2020
Ritesh Talwar Imperial War Museum Tour
My visit to the Imperial War Museum was insightful and really inspiring. I got to see a ton of war artilleries from the time of World War. Upon entering it will take you some time but the place will really grow on you. I must say that the guide was also thorough about the entire place.
16 December 2019
Gauranga Nambeesan Kensington Palace Tickets
Kensington Palace is very grand and beautiful. The palace also carries a rich history that we learned a lot about from the people there. If you are interested in architecture and history then visit as I got bored after sometime.
22 October 2019
Abhaidev Gowda Kensington Palace Tickets
It is a royal palace with a distinct architectural design that is really beautiful for the visitors. I really admired the entire ambiance of the place and the tour was just perfect. I strongly recommend everyone to visit the place on their tour to London.
09 December 2019
I got a chance to relax and me and my parents just sat in the garden and admired it's beauty. We spent around 30 minutes there walking around. Overall, it was nice experience but nothing special.
17 November 2019
The Kew Gardens was the perfect addition to my overall London trip. Upon reaching I visited the place towards the evening and I must tell you what a relaxing feeling it was. It was great sitting amidst the raw nature and enjoying some time in peace. We also took a lot of pictures and overall, we enjoyed the place very much.

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