Westminster Bridge Overview

The oldest structure in London, Westminster Bridge, is located in the heart of the bustling city of London. The bridge overlooks the tranquil waters of the River Thames, with the County Hall on one side and the London Eye on the other. The main attraction of its beauty is its seven graceful arches. One can take a lovely morning stroll when the city is quiet and the view is unhindered.

In the heart of the bustling city of London, overlooking the tranquil waters of River Thames lies the oldest structure of London, Westminster Bridge. Acclaimed for its elegant Gothic architecture, the bridge is now an eminent landmark that is visited by every tourist exploring the marvels of the city.

With the County Hall on one side and the London Eye on the other, the strategic location makes it accessible to the city's most magnificent monuments and happening places. While the daily traffic commutes on its smooth roads, the wide pavements have pedestrians strolling on the bridge and capturing the picturesque vistas atop it.

In fact, with lavish cruises traversing calmly in crystal waters of the River Thames, and modern buildings outlining both sides, the city's panorama from the bridge are so postcard worthy they became the inspiration behind William Wordsworth's sonnet. Explore this picturesque view as part of our curated Europe holiday packages, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

This 250 m long bridge is painted green to match the leather seats in the House of Commons. Seven graceful arches form the highlight of its beauty. Connecting Westminster and Lambeth boroughs, the bridge is just 0.7 miles away from London city center.

Interesting fact, the bridge that you see today is the second attempt at its construction. Yes, the bridge has been built more than once! The original design of 1750 was given by a Swiss engineer named Charles Labelye. However, it was revamped by Thomas Page to hold the modern traffic and inaugurated again on 24 May 1862.

So get ready to get some Instagram perfect snaps while marvelling the brilliance of craftsmanship of Westminster Bridge. Take a lovely stroll in the morning, when the city is quiet, and the view is unhindered. But stick around till noon to witness the architectural joke played by the sun and laugh your heart out.


• Enjoy the walk across the bridge, which offers views of many of the city's famous landmarks.
• Take photos of yourself and your family while admiring the views from the bridge and capturing the scenic vistas from atop it.
• Sip champagne while admiring postcard views of London from the decks of River Thames cruises.
• Witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony, which takes place against the majestic backdrop of Buckingham Palace.
• On a guided tour, discover Westminster Abbey's rich history and intricate artefacts.
• Get enthralled by the wonder of the place.
• Look for ships and boats passing beneath the bridge.
• While admiring the architecture, be amazed by the seven graceful arches that form the highlight of its beauty.
• To get the best view of the setting sun along the bridge, hang on until the sun goes down. Also, stay until noon to witness the sun's architectural joke and laugh your heart out.

How To Reach

You always have the Driving route to Westminster Bridge from London City Center, which is approximately 5.5 miles. It is the fastest way to reach the bridge (in about 20 minutes). Let’s have a look at ways to reach the bridge using public transports.

By Bus:

1. You need to walk a little from London City Center to Pritchards Road Bethnal Green from where you take a bus ride to St Paul’s Churchyard. You walk a bit to reach the Mansion House Station from where you board the district line of the underground tube and reach the Westminster station. After another walk from the station, you’ll reach the bridge in approximately 33 minutes.

2. A walk from London City Center would get you to the Old Ford Road where you can board the bus to Mile End. The stand is right beside the Mile End Station, which is a ride away from the Westminster Bridge. Another walk would get you to your destination. The time taken would be around 38 minutes.

3. Following the same route till the Old Ford Road, you take a bus ride to the London Bridge Bus Station which stands right next to the London Bridge station. Taking a short ride to the Westminster Station would leave you with a short walk to reach the bridge in about 35 minutes following this route.


If bus rides aren’t to your liking you can walk directly to Bethnal Green station from London City Center. You can catch the central line to Bond Street station. After a minute walk, you can catch the Bond Street Jubilee line to Westminster station in around 32-33 minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to walk across the Westminster Bridge is in the morning when the city is quiet and the view is unobstructed. Alternatively, one can enjoy the perfect setting sun to take in the panoramic views of the city. Even at night, the bridge is active and busy.

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Other Essential Information

History of Westminster Bridge

The Westminster Bridge was completed in 1750. It took 12 years to finish due to its impressive workmanship and detailed foundation. The construction of this bridge was constantly being opposed by the City of London Corporation and the company of watermen.

The London Bridge was the sole way to cross over the River Thames and people were charged to cross it if they wanted to get across on foot. Another way was to take a ferry which was pretty expensive in the first place. Therefore when in 1664, construction of a bridge was proposed between Westminster and Lambeth to replace the horse-ferry connecting them. A few notable individuals and corporations heavily opposed the proposition. 

After the City of London Corporation loaned £100,000 to Charles II, the idea was dismissed for a long time. A 1721 proposition faced the same fate; however, finally, in 1726 an act was passed to build the Putney Bridge between Putney and Fulham.

It came as a huge relief to travelers but as the suburbs to the west of London continually expanded even more people faced inconvenience in crossing the river. This matter was therefore put in front of the parliament and in 1736 an act passed for the construction of a new bridge.

This act was proposed to connect the western side of the bridge to the east. The ferryman and the archbishop were promised compensation of £25,000 and £21,000 respectively. The bridge was financed by 5 state lotteries but when the lotteries weren’t enough, the private capital was approached.

The capital was looking for an experienced yet classy engineer as such a major project hadn’t been done before. A Swiss-born engineer, Charles Labelye was brought on board to supervise the construction. The final design turned out to be an exquisite piece of architecture. This bridge was reconstructed in 1850s and is currently known as Westminster Bridge.

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Places to Eat near Westminster Bridge

Serving the finest tastes from exquisite gourmet are the following restaurants near Westminster Bridge.

1. Gillray's Steakhouse and Bar -

The chefs at this restaurant claim to serve the best steak and roasted beef along with a range of cocktails and drinks.

Location: County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth

Timings: 6:30 am - 10:30 pm

2. Locale Southbank -

The specially prepared eclectic menu of this restaurant is a blend of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.  

Location: County Hall, 3B Belvedere Road, Lambeth

Timings: Noon - 10:30 pm

3. Bao Fa Garden Restaurant and Bar -

Savoury delicacies from Chinese gourmet are prepared with love and served stylishly. This restaurant is known for its stylish décor and great taste.

Location: County Hall, The Queen's Walk, Lambeth 

Timings: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Places to Stay near Westminster Bridge

Numerous star rated as well as affordable luxurious accommodations are easily available just at a stone's throw from Westminster Bridge. Here are some of the best picks in stays near the Bridge:

1. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London -

From studio rooms and suites to regal Penthouses, you have a lot of options in stays offered at this hotel. It also has the advantage of being at a walking distance from major attractions like the London Eye, Big Ben and the London Aquarium. 

2. London Marriott Hotel County Hall -

This signature hotel is present along the banks of the River Thames and has classy rooms along with a heated pool and fitness center in the hotel complex. 

3. The Royal Horseguards -

The pearly white facade of this Victorian-style hotel standing near the edge of the River Thames is what makes it a unique stay.

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Travellers’ Tip before Visiting Westminster Bridge

When visiting London or Westminster for the first time, here are a few tips that can come handy.

- To reach the bridge while avoiding the traffic, the best time saving and convenient option will be taking the tube. The closest station is Westminster. After that, it’s just walking distance to the bridge.  

- Take good care of your belongings as there may be pickpockets lurking around.

- Be sure who you handover your camera to before asking any random stranger to take a picture. 

- Keep a tap on the forecast and dress according to the weather.

- Try studying the history behind any place before visiting that landmark to get fascinated by the marvel.

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Point of Interest for Westminster Bridge
Cruise in River Thames:

Cruise in River Thames:

Sip champagne and view the postcard views of London on the deck of cruises sailing on River Thames. 

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Witness Changing of the Guard Ceremony:

Witness Changing of the Guard Ceremony:

Just outside the gorgeous Buckingham Palace takes place the synchronized ceremony of Changing of the Guards. Starting at 11 am, this procession lasts for about 45 minutes. This official exchange or handover of duties takes places with the majestic Buckingham Palace in the backdrop.

Tour Westminster Abbey:

Tour Westminster Abbey:

Explore the rich history and intricate artefacts displayed at Westminster Abbey on a guided tour. This landmark has an important place in British history and was also the venue of Prince William’s wedding. However, please make a note that you can only admire these frescos and not take a picture of them.

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London Eye and Big Ben:

London Eye and Big Ben:

Situated along the banks of the River Thames, these landmarks are just a 5-minute walk away from the bridge. Atop the Big Ben, you can catch the bird-eyes view of the breathtaking panorama of London city. The ride on the London Eye lasts for 30 minutes and offers a peaceful escape up in the sky from where you can view the entire city at a glance. 

Sea Life London Aquarium:

Sea Life London Aquarium:

Explore the multicoloured sea life while walking through glass tunnels of this underwater aquarium. Located at the heart of London, Sea Life Aquarium hosts more than 350 species from different biospheres whom you can not just look at but also feed.

Houses of Parliament:

Houses of Parliament:

London's House of Parliament gives a wonderful opportunity to the commoners for getting acquainted with administrative proceedings. Sitting in the corridors, you can get a close-up of how the meetings are presided over in the House of Lords and House of Commons. You also get to witness how political issues are resolved after intellectual debates and discussions.

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Westminster Bridge FAQs

What type of bridge is Westminster Bridge?

With seven semi-elliptical arches expanded to a length of 252 m, the Westminster Bridge is a type of Arch Bridge.

Who wrote Westminster Bridge?

The poem on Westminster Bridge was composed by the renowned English poet William Wordsworth and was titled 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802'. The poem beautifully describes the panoramic vistas of River Thames and the London city as viewed from the bridge.

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What is Westminster Bridge made of?

Although the original idea was to construct this bridge using wood, the framework of Westminster Bridge was built entirely of stone with iron ribs in its arches.

What is the message of Composed upon Westminster Bridge?

Owing to the title, 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' is a famous sonnet penned by William Wordsworth. In this, he describes his experience of walking over the bridge basking under pleasant sunshine of the early morning. He explains how he is left awestruck by the serene beauty of London, which he never realized before amid the chaos of the city.

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Can you walk across Westminster Bridge?

Connecting the boroughs of Westminster and Lambeth, the bridge has smooth roads with wide pavements for the people to walk over to the other side comfortably. So yes, you can walk across Westminster Bridge.

Where is Westminster Bridge located?

Located in the heart of London city, the Westminster Bridge is situated over River Thames and connects the boroughs of Westminster and Lambeth. It is located next to Country Hall. After crossing this bridge you’ll reach Parliament Square in approximately five minutes. From here you can have a splendid view of Big Ben.

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Which river is flowing under the Westminster Bridge?

Flowing under the Westminster Bridge is London's longest river, the mighty Thames. And it is because of the tranquil waters of this river, with the fascinating city of London in the backdrop, that the panorama from the bridge appears so picturesque.

Is there a weight limit on Westminster Bridge?

The distance from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge is about 2.5 miles and can be reached by walking along the South Bank.

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How old is Westminster Palace?

The original construction of Westminster Bridge was completed around 1750, however, the bridge was renovated and inaugurated again on 24 May 1862 to handle the load of modern traffic.

Can you walk from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge?

Wandsworth Bridge was officially opened in the year 1940 on 25 September and has remained open ever since.

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How high is Westminster Bridge?

Westminster Bridge is about 17.7 ft., or 5.4 m, high.

Is Wandsworth Bridge open?

Initially, the Westminster Bridge was constructed somewhere between the years 1739 and 1750, with its work under the administration of Charles Labelye. However, it was rebuilt in 1862 following the design given by Thomas Page, a British civil engineer.

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What was Westminster Bridge built?

Initially, the Westminster Bridge was constructed somewhere between the years 1739 and 1750, with its work under the administration of Charles Labelye. However, it was rebuilt in 1862 following the design given by Thomas Page, a British civil engineer.

How far is Westminster from London Bridge?

The distance of Westminster from the London Bridge is about 2 miles.

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What colour is Westminster Bridge?

Matching the light verdigris shade of the leather seats placed in the House of Commons, Westminster Bridge is painted mild green colour.

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