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Most Popular Places Around Paris

What You Should Know More About Paris

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Always greet with “Bonjour” when meeting anyone. You can address men and women as “Monsieur” or “Madame.”

    • Learn a few basic French phrases to get by.

    • Gel with the locals and get to know the city through them.

    • French are not rude, but they like to mind their manners.

    • Most of the locals are not noisy even in public places, transportation, or restaurants. Do not speak loudly.

    • Pack good looking outfits and layer them well. This is a fashion capital, do not dress sloppily.

    • Always check the weather before you pack clothes.

    • Carry your scarf if you are visiting Paris in winter or fall.

    • Don’t buy bottled water at any of the restaurants. You might get a bubbly drink or a “carafe d’eau”. It is free and delish.

    • Cafe terrace are amazing places where you can drink or sip something and read a book or write your journal.

    • The outdoor fountains all over Paris have delicious drinking water. You can fill your water bottle from these fountains anytime in Paris.

    • Taste the carafe of wine for lunch.

    • Do not forget to taste the cuisine of French, be it for snacks or lunch.

    • Do not visit the McDonald’s in Paris. You could rather choose to visit a local burger joint and relish their junk food.

    • Head to the market to buy cheese, wine, and local snacks.

    • Tip at restaurants only when needed.

    • Explore eating joints beyond what are mentioned on most of the travel sites.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    In Paris, you can drink wine and beer if you are 16 years and above. You can drink spirits and liquor if you are 18 years and above.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Historical landmarks

    Catacombs from the 14th century are a gothic site and store exhumed bones of millions of people. There are tunnels and mines underneath this city that could give you an eerie feeling. At a time only 200 people are allowed in these catacombs. Château de Versailles is the most exotic Chateau that lies in the outskirts of this city. It was once a home of Louis XVI. The Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark that symbolizes the city. Notre Dame Cathedral from the 4th century is a Gothic cathedral and is an inspiration for Victor Hugo’s novel.

    Crypte archéologique du parvis Notre-Dame is a crypt with archaeological significance. This is a 18th century site built in the Roman era. Conciergerie is a vestige known for its architecture of 14th century. It has dungeons and memoirs of French Revolution. Fondation Louis Vuitton has collections in contemporary art. Château de Vincennes is a castle near Paris which is now used as a hunting lodge. Château de Maisons-Laffitte is a 17th century chateau and is built in the French architecture. Château de Rambouillet is a 14th century residence and visited by many notable personaliies like the Napoleon, Marie-Antoinette, and many more. Domaine de Chamarande is a historical heritage that holds contemporary art. You can also visit the botanical exhibitions conducted at this building.

    Domaine de Courson is a castle where its gardens are done artistically. It has a special park that gives a spectacular view. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is popular for its creative architecture and hosts many collections of artists and painters. Domaine de Chantilly has a large forest area within. It also has a museum with collections of paintings.

    Opera Garnier from the 9th century has a stunning architecture and was built by Charles Garnier. Pantheon from the 5th century is a burial of many great personalities like Voltaire, Marie Curie, and more. Père-Lachaise Cemetery is a cemetery built in the 20th century and has decorative grave stones. Here, you can see graves of Jim Morrison, Frederic Chopin, and many other prominent personalities. Sacré Coeur is an 18th century church located at the highest point in Paris. There is an artist’s area behind the church that offers stunning view of the city.

    Sainte Chapelle from the 1st century is a chapel made from glass and has a beautiful interior. Place de la République built in the 3rd century is now an open space for taking strolls.

    Museums and galleries

    All museums in Paris have no entry free if you visit them on Sundays. The Louvre from the 1st century depicts the history of Mona Lisa and has collections of arts from famous artists. Musée d'Orsay built in the 7th century has collections of artists from the 18th and 19th century. Rodin Museum built in the 7th century has collections of the same artist. His home and garden are converted into a museum. Picasso Museum from the 3rd century has the collections and works of the renowned artist, Picasso. Musée Marmottan-Monet from 16th to 18th century houses more than 300 paintings of Claude Monet. You will also find works of many other popular artists here.

    Musée de l'Orangerie from the 1st century has impressionist and post impressionist paintings of many artists.  Musée Delacroix is the home of the painter and artist, Eugene Delacroix, now converted into a museum that houses his works. Centre Georges Pompidou from the 4th century is the museum that houses modern art. Les Invalides from the 7th century is a museum that houses arms and armour from the middle ages till date and is also a tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Cluny from the 5th century is a medieval museum that houses revered tapisteries and exhibits from the Roman period. Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs from the 1st century showcases culture and social template of 8 centuries of France. Carnavalet from the 3rd century showcases the history of Paris.     Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie from the 9th century is a science museum where kids can enjoy knowing facts. Mémorial de la Shoah from the 4th century is a holocaust museum of Paris.

    Jacquemart-Andre Museum from the 8th century has collections of French, Dutch, and Italian artists.     Musée du quai Branly from the 7th century has artistic pieces from Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.

    Theatres and gardens

    The Opéra Garnier is an enormous opera theatre that can hold 2000 seats. The ceiling is decorated with chandeliers and has many architectural delights. Luxembourg Gardens were created in 1612. This is a picnic spot and offer nature beauty. There are fountains, colourful toy boats, where children can sail around the nearby ponds. Mogador Theater is built in English style. It hosts operas and plays. This is one of the most iconic Broadway theatres.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Sightseeing the city and artworks

    There are museums and many landmarks that have an interesting history since the medieval times. You can visit the museums and enjoy the local cuisine, wine, and drinks when in Paris. You can also take cruise tours to take a look around in the city. You can visit many historical monuments, like the Arc de Triomphe, which depicts the military victories of France. Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the popular public gardens and has monuments in the vicinity. Tourists visit this park for a picnic area.

    Montemartre is a home to many artists and gives a beautiful view of Paris. This is the only winery present within Paris. Cinema en Plein Air hosts cinema events outdoors. Locals bring food and wine and enjoy watching outdoor cinema here.

    Champagne and wine tasting

    Cellar visit and wine tasting are one of the most popular traditions of Paris. You can visit Martel cellars and view the harvesting, processing, bottling of champagne. Here you can taste three kinds of champagnes. You can also visit the Lighthouse of Verzenay that gives a spectacular view of the vineyards. The Hautvillers village is also a good stop over to watch the method of making champagne.

    Food and shopping

    This is undisputedly the haven for shopaholics. Those who love designer brands as well as love street shopping can visit this city. Food’s paradise, the French Cuisine and wine are a must try. Rheims city offers many restaurants to enable you to have lunch at your own pace and according to your needs, in particular on the wonderful Erlon place. If you wish, we can also book for you, as an option, our France Tourisme menu at the restaurant Côté Cuisine. It proposes a large variety of possibilities from the French familial restaurant to the gastronomically one.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?


    official website

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Paris?

    Paris is one of the top tourist hubs in the world. The weather conditions are decent throughout the year, therefore there is no particular best for visiting Paris. The month wide break up for visiting Paris is:

    February to May- These months accounts for the spring in Paris and the weather is very pleasant. Most people visit Paris during this time only and the city is crowded with tourists. One can enjoy the pleasant weather and go for walks or cycling tours.

    June to August- Summer in Paris is the best time to be in Paris. The weather conditions are apt for all the people coming from the tropical region and there are several activities which take place during this time.

    September to November- The temperature starts to dip in these months, thereby reducing the number of people visiting the city. If one can handle the low temperature, then this is the ideal time to visit Paris as one can get heavy discounts on almost everything.

    December to January- Winter is very cold in Paris and the temperature can drop to as low as 1 degree Celsius. Only if one does not mind carrying some warm clothes, he should visit Paris during this time.

  • Q. How to reach Paris?

    Paris is amongst the top tourist spots in the world, therefore there is more than one way in which one can reach Paris. The city can be reached from anywhere in the world and some of the possible ways of reaching Paris are:

    • By Air- Airway is the most convenient way to reach Paris. It can be reached from any city in the world as Paris has three international airports, Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Orly International Airport, and Beauvais-Tille Airport. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the closest airport to Paris and is 23 km away from the city. After landing at the airport one will have to book a can to the main city.
    • By Rail- Paris is very well connected to the rest of Europe by railways. Not only can one board a train to Paris from anywhere in France, but one can also board to Paris from anywhere in Europe as it is one of the important stops of international trains.
    • By Road- France’s road connectivity is top notch and going on road trips is a treat here. One can hire a cab or drive themselves to Paris and enjoy the suburban areas of France.

  • Q. Which are the major tourist attractions in Paris?

    The reason millions of people swarm the city of Paris every year is because there are so many tourist attractions here. Some of the major tourist attractions of Paris are:

    • Eiffel Tower- It goes without saying that the Eiffel Tower is not only the biggest tourist attraction of Paris but also of France. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Eiffel Tower resonates romanticism and couples have a gala time here. One can also go to the top of the tower and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the whole city.
    • The Louvre Museum- It is the most visited museum in the whole world. The museum has more than one million objects present in it. Louvre boasts some of the best artistic creations in the world like The Mona Lisa, Dying Slave, and Venus of Milo. The museum is so large that it is not possible to view all the objects in it in one day.
    • Disneyland Paris- Visiting Disneyland has been the childhood dream of practically every person on the planet. One can make their dream come true in Paris. There numerous rides in Disneyland and each of them is better than the other. One feels as if they are in a dream when they visit the Disneyland.

  • Q. What are the things to do in Paris?

    While visiting Paris, one can be sure that they will not get bored here. There are hundreds of things which can be done in Paris. Some of the things which one can do here are:

    • Sightseeing- Paris is a city which has so many tourist attractions that it is difficult to cover all of them even in one week. Arc de Triomphe is amongst the most popular tourist attraction here and was built in the memory of the battle triumphs of Napoleon. A visit to Paris will be considered incomplete if they do not visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. There are many more places where one can visit in Paris, and appreciate its architectural genius.
    • Food- One thing in Paris which is better than the marvelous sites here is the food available in Paris. The French cuisine is one of the best in the world and one is sure to add some weight when in Paris.
    • Museums- French are artistic people and they love art. One can experience their love for art by visiting one of the many museums present in Paris.

  • Q. What is the local food of Paris? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    p>French foods are famous all over the world and people at their home. But having French food in Paris is a different experience altogether. One gets to taste the authentic French food here and one is sure to gain some weight during their stay in Paris because of the mouth-watering food available here. Some of the most famous local foods of Paris are fries, crepes, éclairs, pastries, and the likes. There are many places in Paris where one can enjoy these lip-smacking dishes. Few places where these are available are:

    •    Le Marches des Enfants Rouges
    •    Popelini
    •    L’éclair de Genie
    •    Big Fernand

  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Paris?

    The Public transport system of Paris is exceptional. The subway connectivity of the city is amazing and so is the metro. Metro is the best way to commute within the city as one can reach their destinations without getting stuck in traffic. There are lots of public buses also which run very frequently in Paris. The benefit of boarding a bus is that one can view the city as well as reach their destination. One can also book a cab to travel within the city.

  • Q. What is the local language in Paris and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Even though millions of people visit Paris every year, not many people here understand English. The most widely spoken language in Paris is French. French is also the national language of France. It is a very sweet language. Some of the common greetings in French are:

    Hi- Salut

    Thank you- Je vous remercie

    Good morning- Bonjour

    Good night- Bonne nuit

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Paris and what are they famous for?

    Paris is not only the capital of France, but it is also the fashion capital of the world. French are confident people who carry themselves amazingly. Paris is one of those places which does not follow the fashion trend but set them. The best places to shop in Paris-

    • Louvre and Tuileries District- This area is the Mecca for shoppers as it houses the flagships stores of some of the best designer of the world like Versace, Hermes, and the likes.
    • Boulevard Haussmann- The shopping places here are some of the grandest in the city. Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are the premier shopping sites here.
    • The Marais- It is among the prime shopping sites in Paris and one can get the best clothes in the city here. Along with its amazing fashion collection, this place is also known for the food available here.

  • Q. Which are the famous museums in Paris?

    French are artistic people and they adore art. One can witness their impeccable love for art by visiting the numerous museums in the country. Paris has some of the best museums of not only France but the world. There many museums in Paris and some of the best museums here are:

    •    The Louvre Museum
    •    Musee Rodin
    •    Musee d’Orsay
    •    Musee Picasso
    •    Musee Marmottan

  • Q. Which are the famous theatres in Paris to watch classic plays and musicals?

    Art and creativity run in the veins of French people and Paris is the best place for one to portray their talent. The market of theatrical plays and musicals soars in Paris and nowhere else in the world can one get the kind of exposure they get here. The people of Paris acts as the best critic as well as the best audience for a person. Some of the famous theatres in Paris where one can enjoy the classical plays and musicals are:

    •    Palais Garnier
    •    Theatre du Chatelet
    •    Theatre de la Ville
    •    Theatre Mogador
    •    Odeon Theatre de I’Europe
    •    Theatre du Marais

  • Q. Which are the best castles to visit in Paris?

    Paris has had a great history and over the years some great monuments have been built here. Paris is also the home for the most number of castles in a city. The castles in Paris are a treat to watch. One cannot stop but marvel at the majestic monuments. Some of the best castles to visit in Paris are:

    •    Palace of Fontainebleau
    •    Chateau de Chantilly
    •    Chateau de Monte-Cristo
    •    Chateau de Vincennes
    •    Chateau de Breteuil
    •    Chateau de Pierrefonds
    •    Palace of Versailles

  • Q. What is special about Mont Saint-Michel in Paris? How do I visit it?

    Mont Saint Michel is an island near Paris and is one of the main tourist attraction in France. It has also been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Mont Saint Michel is known for its architectural beauty and the outstanding Norman Benedictine Abbey of St Michel. One gets an amazing view of the surrounding from the top of the monument. There is no direct train by which one can reach Mont Saint Michel. They will have to get down at a station and then take a cab from that place. One can reach the place without changing any mode of transport if they take a cab. One can also hire a rental car and drive themselves to the Mont Saint Michel.

  • Q. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Paris?

    Paris is the hub for tourists as the city has almost everything. Along with the numerous monuments present here, one can also visit the observe wildlife present around the city. Thousands of photography enthusiasts visit Paris every year and visit the wildlife sanctuaries in and around the city, just to capture a moment of the animals there in their camera. Some of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Paris are:

    •    Bois de Boulogne
    •    Boise de Vincennes
    • Le mysterieux Jardin de la rue d'aubervilliers.
    • Ab Del Castro
    • Rue de la Source

  • Q. Which are the best places for a wine tour in Paris?

    French wine is renowned all over the world and is also considered to be one of the premier wines. Wine produced in the Champagne region of France is called Champagne and it is one of the best and most expensive drink in the world. A lot of wine tasting events and tours take place in France. Paris, being the capital of France, hosts some of the most important and the wine tasting events and wine tours in the country. Some of the best place for a wine tour in Paris are:

    •    Loire Valley
    •    Chateaux de Chambord
    •    Chenonceau

  • Q. Which are the most romantic things to do in Paris on your Honeymoon?

    Paris is the most romantic city one can be in and is the ideal place for a honeymoon. The whole aura of the city is romantic and most of the people visiting the city are couples. There many things people can do on their honeymoon here and some of them are:

    • Visiting the Eiffel Tower- The Eiffel Tower is the modern symbol of love and the place becomes really romantic at night, under the starry sky.
    • River Seine- One can go for a cruise trip and have a three-course dinner on the River Seine. The trip becomes more romantic if it is done at night.
    • Temple of love- Not only the place but the journey to the temple of love is extremely romantic.

  • Q. Where can I do skydiving in Paris?

    Skydiving is an extremely thrilling activity. One has to jump off a plane from a height of 13000 feet. The adrenaline rush which one gets when they fall from such a great height is beyond imagination. One gets the top view of the surrounding and feel as if they are flying. It is not advisable to people who fear height. Place where one can do skydiving in Paris is Peronne.

  • Q. How is the nightlife in Paris?

    Paris is known for its nightlife and even if a person has spent the whole day in visiting the sites in Paris, the person will be missing out on something amazing if one spends the night at one’s room. People from all over the world come to Paris, making the nightlife here even more happening. The best places to have an amazing night in Paris are:

    • Le Baron Paris
    •    Oberkampf
    • La Villette
    •    Montmartre

  • Q. Where is the Eiffel Tower located in Paris? When is the best time to watch it light up?

    The Eiffel Tower is the modern symbol of love. It is in the Seven Wonders of World and is the pride of France. People from all over the come to France just to visit the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a gigantic structure and there is an elevator in it which allows the people to go to the top of the tower. One gets the panoramic view of the whole city from the top of the tower and it is gorgeous. The Eiffel tower is located on the Champ de Mars, Paris. The best time to watch the Eiffel tower light up is at midnight.

  • Q. Which are the famous gardens in Paris?

    Paris is really beautiful and romantic city. The city has some exceptional gardens which just adds to its beauty. It also increases the number of romantic spots in the city. Some of the most famous gardens in Paris are:

    •    Jardin des Tuileries
    •    Jardin du Luxembourg
    •    Parc Monceau
    •    Jardin des Plantes
    •    Champ de Mars

  • Q. Which are the famous fashion destinations in Paris?

    Paris is not only the fashion hub of France but also of the world. People here are very fashion forward and are generally the trendsetters for the world. The French people are very confident people and can carry any outfit with great poise and confidence. This is one of the reasons why Paris is such a popular name in the fashion world. If one can create a name for themselves in Paris, then they can be successful anywhere in the world. There are numerous fashion destinations in Paris and some of the most famous fashion destinations here are:

    •    Avenue Montaigne
    • Rue du Faubourg St. Honore
    •    Place des Victoires
    • Rue de Bac

  • Q. Which are the famous historic monuments in Paris?

    France is a very cultured country and has had a very rich history. Over the years, many monuments have been built in the country and Paris has been the main destination for all these monuments. There are some monuments in Paris which go back to the medieval times. These monuments are the main tourist attractions of Paris and thousands of people come to France to visit these monuments and marvel at its architecture. Some of the most famous historic monuments in Paris are:

    •    Notre Dame Cathedral
    •    Sacré Coeur Basilica
    •    Gardens of the château de Versailles
    • The château de Versailles
    •    Mont Saint Michel

  • Q. Which are the UNESCO world heritage sites in Paris?

    Due to the rich history, Paris has had, some outstanding architectural marvels have been built in the city. Few of the sites in Paris are so amazing that they have been declared as the World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. UNESCO gives special aid to countries for the preservation and protection of the world heritage sites. It is a matter of pride if a site is selected as a world heritage site and it also attracts tourists from all around the world. The UNESCO world heritage sites in Paris are:

    •    Mont Saint Michel
    •    Banks of Seine
    •    Palace and Garden of Versailles