St. Paul’s Cathedral, London: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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St. Paul’s Cathedral Tours & Activities

About St. Paul’s Cathedral

Hailed as an angelic masterpiece, St Paul's Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London. The Cathedral is also regarded as the Mother Church of the Diocese of London. It resides on Ludgate Hill and is deemed as one of the largest cathedrals in Europe.

It’s rich historical background and grand design makes it one of the most impressive landmarks of London. It was constructed by Christopher Wren between the period of 1675 and 1711 and it embraces innovation and tradition. Besides being an impressive piece of art itself the cathedral is also home to some of the impressive art pieces spanning to different periods of time.

It was destroyed four times during the course of history but it still stands tall as a testament to the belief of people. From art installation to state funeral and royal weddings  the cathedral has been the site for the most important events. It also boasts of having the biggest dome in the entire world etched at 366 feet height.

The Whispering Gallery is the star attraction of this cathedral where even the quietest whispers are transmitted across the dome. The burial memorial of St.Paul,Florence Nightingale, Sir Alexander Fleming, William Blake and and many other renowned figures can also be found over here.

How to Reach St. Paul’s Cathedral

You can reach St Paul’s Cathedral via Bus, Train or Tube.

By bus:
If you are taking a bus, lines 63, 748, and 76 are closest to the Cathedral.

By train:
For Travellers boarding the train, THAMESLINK is the nearest mainline route to the Cathedral.

By Tube:
CENTRAL and CIRCLE are the closest lines via Tube to the Cathedral.

What Not to Miss at St. Paul’s Cathedral

There is a wide range of things to do near St Paul’s Cathedral.

1. Take an evening stroll at Postman’s Park -

If you’re looking to explore the natural landscape of London, then Postman’s Park should be your first choice. It is a lush garden where you can stroll by to have an amazing time. You can also plan a picnic over here.

2. Shop at Smithfield market -
For all the shopping enthusiasts out there, the Smithfield market offers the best shopping fare. You can find many local stalls over here from where you can buy accessories, groceries, clothes, shoes, etc.

Places to Visit Near St Paul's Cathedral London

Here are some of the top-most tourist attractions near St Paul's Cathedral London-

1. London Museum -
The Museum includes five lower galleries that will give you a glimpse of the history of London. It houses one of the largest collections of artefacts in London.

2. Millennium Bridge -
The 325 metres long sleek footbridge spans the River Thames between the Tate Modern gallery and St Paul's Cathedral in the city. Sir Norman Foster was the artistic genius behind the supreme craftsmanship of this masterpiece. The Millennium Bridge was the first official crossing in 100 years. 

3. City Centre  -
The city centre is the locus of cultural exhibitions and programmes. The area is deemed to house 800 years old architecture.

Other Essential Information About St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom

Monday to Saturday 8:30 PM – 4:00 PM (Sundays closed)

111 metres above the ground

Number of stairs to the top:

Tour duration:
90 minutes (approx.)

Distance from London city centre:
0.7 mi via Gresham St and New Change

History of St Paul’s Cathedral London

The history associated with Dr Paul’s Cathedral is quite eventful. Originally, a total of five churches were constructed on the particular site. The very first church was dedicated to Paul Apostle in 604 AD which was built by King Ethelbert regarding the summit of the popular hills of London Mellitus. The church was a woodwork showpiece. It was built with stone at the end of the 17th century by Erkenwald who was London’s Bishop.

The Cathedral had to face the wrath of destruction yet again in 962 as well as 1078. The Church was caught up in a major fire, but that still didn’t thaw it’s restoration. Surprisingly enough, till then the Cathedral evidently became the largest church building in Europe. Further extensive renovations during the 13th and the 14th Century contributed further to the expansion of the Cathedral.

In 1669 Christopher Wren undertook the task of constructing a new Church in order to replace the gothic Cathedral’s destroyed remnants due to fire. The very first design proposed by him was deemed as too modest in its structure. The second design, popularly known as 'the Great Model' featured Corinthian columns, a portico and a strikingly large dome.

The Cathedral was designed and shaped like a Greek Cross. The Bishop rejected the second proposal as well by deeming the project unsuitable for processions. Christopher Wren came up with a new design proposal which featured a huge nave and a small dome that was chosen in the year 1675.

After gaining the approval, Wren made certain alterations in the plan which included the enlargement of the dome. The first stone of the Cathedral was laid on 21 June 1675, and the construction of the building concluded in 1711.

Places To Eat Near St. Paul’s Cathedral

Here is the list of the most famous restaurants near St.Cathedral.

1. Madison -
Hailed as one of the most famous rooftop bars and restaurants, Madison is one of the most Instagrammed spot in the city. The view offered here, featuring the towering St. Paul's Cathedral, will truly steal your breath away! The restaurant is also known to serve scrumptious and mouth-watering cuisines accompanied by delectable drinks and cocktails. 

2. Bread Street Chicken -
Bread Street Kitchen is a solemn and spacious art deco space which is an amalgamation of a gigantic bar, restaurant and open kitchen. The large windows of the restaurant offer a picturesque view of the entire city! Travellers longing for a traditional all-day dining experience should definitely visit this restaurant.

3. City Lounge -
Known for its chic decor and dainty interiors, City Lounge is a restaurant cum meeting space situated just opposite to London Blackfriars station. The selection of pastries offered by the place is to die for! Apart from this, the diverse menu features mouthwatering food delights and delicacies. Be it the French press or a choice of tea infusion, the place will surely amplify your day with all its intricacies.

Places To Stay Near St. Paul's Cathedral

Here are some of the most notable options to stay near St. Paul's Cathedral.

1. Travelodge London City Central City Road -
The hotel features spacious rooms and premium accommodation choices for travellers. It is jam-packed with amenities such as free WiFi, custom made beddings, plus desks, flat-screen TV, tea and coffee maker. Be it a family getaway or a solo-trip; the dwellings are suitable for all types of visitors. The hotel also features a casual and relaxed restaurant-bar which offers a breakfast buffet. 

2. Club Quarters Hotel -
Featuring quaint and modern decor, the dwellings offered at the hotel are packed with an array of amenities such as smart TV, free WiFi and iPod docks. This hotel also features a lounge that offers free snacks and exemplary amenities such as French cuisine, Brasserie serving free breakfast, Laundry facilities and a 24-hour fitness centre. 

3. Leonardo Royal London St Paul's -
The hotel offers a myriad of plush accommodation choices equipped with superb amenities including free WiFi, minibars, flat-screen TV, iPod docks, kitchenettes, etc. The upgraded rooms provide easy access to the lounge. The penthouse suites are adorned with dainty interiors and offer a panoramic view of the St Paul's Cathedral.

Medical Facilities Near St Paul’s Cathedral

You can find some of the best medical facilities near St Paul’s Cathedral.

1. London Bridge Hospital -
Hailed, as one of the largest private hospitals in the UK, London Bridge Hospital, is home for premium nursing care and clinical facilities.

2. St Bartholomew's Hospital -
The hospital was founded in 1123 and is currently situated in the City of London. Barts Health NHS Trust runs the hospital.

3. St. Thomas's Hospital -
Specialised services for medical ailments, including cancer, cardiac, kidney, women’s and orthopaedic care are provided by the hospital.

Traveller's tips before visiting the Cathedral

Here are some of the tips that you must keep in mind while visiting the cathedral.

- Photography is forbidden inside the Cathedral. Make sure to keep your cameras away for a while and imprint the experience upon your heart.

- Dress modestly before entering the Cathedral.

- Try visiting the Cathedral during the initial opening hours so that you can enjoy the solemn and peaceful Cathedral in all its glory.
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People Also Ask About St. Paul’s Cathedral

  1. Why is St Paul’s Cathedral famous?

    The Cathedral is famous for its dome which has dominated the skyline of the city for over 300 years. The dome was constructed out of the spires of the Wren City’s Churches.
  2. What was St Cathedral made from?

    What was St Cathedral made from?
  3. Who is buried in St Cathedral?

    Famous tombs in Cathedral includes John Wellington, Christopher Wren, Arthur Wellesley etc.
  4. Is St. Cathedral free?

    No, the tickets price for adults is 17 pounds. For Children (6-17 age) it is 7.20 pounds.
  5. What is special about St Cathedral?

    The Cathedral is known for its unique and eye-catching dome that has been a part of the city’s skyline for over 300 years.
  6. How Old is St Paul’s Cathedral?

    The Cathedral is 345 years old.
  7. What happened to St Cathedral in 1666?

    In 1666, the Cathedral's restoration was undertaken by Christopher Wren when the Cathedral got destroyed by the great fire of London.
  8. How many stories is St Cathedral?

    The Cathedral is 378 steps to the stone gallery. Sitting at the top is the Golden Gallery with 528 steps from the Cathedral’s floor.
  9. How long did it take to rebuild St Cathedral?

    The Cathedral took 35 years to build.
  10. Can you climb to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral?

    Yes, you can climb to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral and enjoy the beautiful panorama surrounding the Church.
  11. What architectural style is St Paul’s Cathedral?

    The Cathedral was built using the architectural styles of English Baroque and Renaissance.
  12. How long does St Cathedral take?

    The entire tour of the Cathedral takes approximately 90 minutes.
  13. Can you take pictures in St Paul's Cathedral?

    No, photography is forbidden inside the Cathedral.
  14. Can you wear shorts at St Paul’s Cathedral?

    You need to dress modestly before visiting St Paul's Cathedral.
  15. Is there a dress code for St Paul’s Cathedral?

    There’s no obligatory dress code provided. Since it is a religious place, visitors are advised to dress moderately.
  16. Can I get married at St. Paul’s Cathedral?

    The matrimonial ceremony in the Cathedral is only restricted to the members of the Cathedral community.
  17. What tube stop is St. Paul’s Cathedral?

    St. Paul’s underground station is only a 2 minutes walk away from the Cathedral.
  18. Why was St. Paul’s Cathedral built?

    The Cathedral was built as memorabilia of apostle Paul.
  19. Can you visit St. Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday?

    No, you cannot. Except for Sundays, the Cathedral is open to visitors throughout the week.