Buckingham Palace Overview

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham and has been the official residence of the British royals since 1837. Today, however, it is considered one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. A tour of Buckingham Palace delivers nothing but grandeur and exhilaration, from leisurely observation to the Changing of the Guards.

One of the most iconic Royal buildings in the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace is the royal residential hub of the Queen of England. Notably, it crowns itself as one of the very few working Royal Palaces existing across the world and it is one of the best places to visit in England. On the occasion of both national and royal celebrations, the Queen of England gives her public appearance through the Palace’s central gallery. If you're planning a trip to Europe, make sure to include a visit to Buckingham Palace in your itinerary to witness its grandeur and possibly catch a glimpse of royal ceremonies. 

Buckingham Palace features around 775 rooms which are inclusive of the 19 staterooms and 78 modernized bathrooms. The lavishly decorated staterooms here are reserved for the monarchs to receive their rewards. There are sparkling candelabras, sumptuous carpets, fine furniture, marble columns, damask wallpaper to embrace the overall beauty of the Palace.

The Royal Palace homes to the Throne Room which forms a central attraction for all the visitors coming from different parts of the world. This is the place where the royals plan their ceremonial receptions – the one like the Queen’s Jubilee.

The Garden of Buckingham Palace spans across an area of 39 acres with 350+ wildflower types and 200 trees. Apart from this, there is a 3-acre vast lake located within the Gardens. Tennis courts, herbaceous border, summer house, Rose Garden, and the Waterloo Vase are the principal attractions of this Garden of Buckingham Palace.

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• The Grand Hall of the monument takes you to the epic Grand Staircase, which is the first thing to see during the tour. It leads to the State Rooms, lit by a beautiful dome in the ceiling.
• The Marble Hall's "Mars and Venus" sculpture depicts the legendary battle between the Roman God of War and the Roman Goddess of Love.
• Enter the Palace's Throne Room, which served as a ballroom during Queen Victoria's reign and is currently featured as a setting for royal wedding portraits.
• Explore the Picture Gallery, which houses some of the most exquisite portraits of the Royal Family and was originally built to display King George VI's extensive art collection.
• Enter the Ballroom, which is the Palace's largest and most opulent room. The Italian Renaissance design of the ballroom, where the Queen hosts over 170 guests and leaders of state will captivate you.
• To explore the palace, you get a free audio guide from Prince Charles himself, which is available in 10 different languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.

How To Reach

Buckingham Palace is located at a distance of 0.6 miles from the London City Centre. You can either opt for The Mall Road route; as it will just take 4 minutes for you to reach your final destination. Else, you can move via A4 and the Mall Road to cover your distance within 7 minutes. While the former is a faster route, the latter seems to be crowded.

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Other Essential Information

History of Buckingham Palace

Here are some quick historical insights into the Buckingham Palace evolutionary phase

1. The construction of the Buckingham Palace started back in the year 1703 and was then labelled as Buckingham House.

2. The Buckingham House witnessed a transformation in the 1820s under the supervision of King George IV. 

3. The first British monarch to officially adopt Buckingham Palace as her residential quarters was Queen Victoria. 

4. The year 1883 saw the installation of the electricity supply within the ballroom. 

5. In the year 1851, Queen Victoria gave her first appearance through the Royal balcony. 

6. On the 22nd of May 1914, the Suffragettes marched on the Buckingham Palace.

7. In the year 1937, the first Buckingham Palace Guide Company came into establishment. 

8. In the year 1940, the Royal Palace came across a tough time when there was a bombing attack launched on the Buckingham Palace which destroyed its chapel.

9. 08th May 1945 marked an important day for the VE celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

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Places to Eat in Buckingham Palace

1. Caffe Nero: Caffe Nero is a home away from your home where you can relax the way you want. So, grab your favourite spot and a good book to read and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0 km

2. The Garden Café: This is a great place to club your tea with scones and smoked salmon rolls. If you are craving for some light stuff, it is good to enjoy your coffee and pastry treat with your friends.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.1 km

3. The Rubens at the Palace: This is the best place to try the European and British style food. Fluffy scones with jam and clotted cream are their primary servings.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.4 km

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Places to Stay Near Buckingham Palace

Here are some popular stay places located close to the Buckingham Palace –

1. 41: 1 is a luxurious hotel located behind Buckingham Palace and opposite the Royal Mews. There are striking rooms with a generous free snack supply, 5-star service, and an executive lounge. 

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.4 km

Price – 27,405 INR per night

2. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences: The suites at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences are all with 5AA red stars. All the stylish suites here are well-equipped with the kitchen, separate living areas and all the essential amenities.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.5 km

Price – 39,262 INR per night

3. The Goring: The Goring features elegant rooms supplemented with gourmet cuisines, free Wi-Fi service, many rooms overlooking the large hotel garden, and access to the fitness club.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.5 km

Price – 31,017 INR per night

4. The Nadler Victoria: Each room at the Nadler Victoria is equipped with a modern bathroom, a small kitchenette, a desk, and a laptop safe.

Distance from the Buckingham Palace – 0.3 km

Price – 9,515 INR per night

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Tips To Visit Buckingham Palace

Here are some essential tips to take into consideration while planning your visit to Buckingham Palace

1. If you are on tour to London and Buckingham Palace is a part of your itinerary, it is advisable to reserve one whole day for exploring it.

2. There are audio guides everywhere to direct you thoroughly through different stop points within the Palace.

3. There is a gift shop within the Buckingham Palace premises where you collect some London souvenirs.

4. Mark your presence for the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

5. Hampton Court Palace features a maze and an adventure playground. So, if you have youngsters accompanying you, this is the place meant for your visit.

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Point of Interest for Buckingham Palace
The State Rooms

The State Rooms

You get to see excellent Royal collections within the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace. There are paintings by Canaletto and Van Dyck; fine periodic furniture and rare porcelain items here. Visiting the stateroom allows you to explore the Picture Gallery, the Throne Room, the spectacular White Drawing Room, and the Music Room.

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The Royal Mews

The Royal Mews

There are an array of carriages and state coaches used by the British monarchs within the Royal Mews. Gold State Coach is the chief attraction of this section of Buckingham Palace.

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The Queen’s Gallery

The Queen’s Gallery

Green Park

Green Park

This is a 40-acre park that lies on the other side of Buckingham Palace and offers a phenomenal view of the same.

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Watch the Changing of the Buckingham Palace Guards

Watch the Changing of the Buckingham Palace Guards

This has been acknowledged as London’s traditional treasure since 1660. This phenomenal guard changing ceremony begins with the Queen’s Life Guard riding form the Hyde Park Barracks and thereby passing Buckingham Palace to replace the guards at the Horse Guard. This event takes place sharply at 11:30 am every day and lasts for a total of 40 minutes.

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Explore the Palace

Explore the Palace

Although you won't be able to explore every single nook and corners of the Palace, State Rooms, The Royal Mews, The Queen’s Gallery, Clarence House, Green Park, and the Buckingham Palace Gardens are the chief attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

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Pay Tribute To The Arts And Culture of the Royals:

Pay Tribute To The Arts And Culture of the Royals:

There’s a museum within the premises of the Royal Mansion – The Household Cavalry Museum. British uniforms, standards, awards, elegant horse fittings, musical instruments, awards are some of the chief attractions of this museum.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Buckingham Palace FAQs

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How much is Buckingham Palace worth?

Buckingham Palace is the private residential space of the Queen; the worth of which is around $5 billion.

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Where do the royal family live?

The Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal Family of England. Apart from here, the rest of the members have their own royal estates, castles, and palaces which they refer to as their homes.

Can you take pictures in Buckingham Palace?

No. You won’t be allowed to take any pictures in and around the premises of Buckingham Palace. As this is the official residential place of the Queen of England, capturing images and recording videos are strictly prohibited.

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Can you walk around Buckingham Palace?

During the visitor's entry period, people visiting Buckingham Palace are allowed to walk around its gardens. So, if you want to explore the magnificence of Buckingham Palace, plan your visit anytime between April and September.

How long does it take to tour Buckingham Palace?

If you are planning to explore some of the staterooms of Buckingham Palace, your visit might conclude within 2 and ½ hours.

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Is Buckingham Palace free?

No. There are entry fees chargeable for your entry to Buckingham Palace. The various categories of the entry fees that are chargeable for the visitor entry are as follows – For entry to the State Room at Buckingham Palace – Adults - £24.00 per head Students & seniors (60+) - £22.00 per head Children (below 17 years) - £13.50 per head Children (below 5) - Free entry For entry to the State Room, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace – Adults - £42.30 per head Students & seniors (60+) - £38.50 per head Children (below 17 years) - £23.30 per head Children (below 5) - Free entry

Which is the nearest tube station for Buckingham Palace?

Victoria Underground & Railway Station is the nearest tube station to reach Buckingham Palace. It is situated at a distance of 5 to 10 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace via the Royal Mews.

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Is there a dress code for Buckingham Palace?

There is no official dress code or any specific attire wear for visiting Buckingham Palace.

Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

If you are planning to explore some of the staterooms of Buckingham Palace, your visit might conclude within 2 and ½ hours.

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What happens if you touch Queen's Guard?

If you happen to touch the Queen’s Guard, you might end up being in trouble of facing the other end of their gun.

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Buckingham Palace Reviews

Renee Michelsen
Reviewed: 03 May 2023
The Queen's Gallery is a self-guided tour. It was a bit confusing to find the right entrance at the palace - it would have helped it there were directions in with the tickets. The exhibit was wonderful. The ticket buying experience was fast, simple and reliable. Renee, Delaware, USA
Rajan Nayar
Reviewed: 09 Apr 2022
This day tour from Thrillophilia took us through two of London’s most important royal residences-n the Windsor Castle and the Buckingham Palace. We walked through the Palace grounds along with some of the more important rooms and chambers in both locations, then ended the tour with a walk along the ... Read More
Thamizh Selvan
Reviewed: 08 Apr 2022
This tour by Thrillophilia took almost the whole day for us, since we toured both the Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace extensively. It was interesting to see how the royalty live, along with the décor of the state apartments and other attractions inside these castles.
Vinay Mahadik
Reviewed: 07 Apr 2022
The 7.5 hrs day tour of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace was just amazing and I loved it very much! We visited the State Apartments at Windsor Castle and got insights into the 900 year old history of the English monarchy. Would surely recommend this to everyone!
Upamanyu Sushma
Reviewed: 06 Apr 2022
This Thrillophilia day tour brought us to two of London's most prominent royal palaces: Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. We strolled around the Palace grounds, as well as some of the most significant halls and chambers in both locations.
Deeptimay Varman
Reviewed: 03 Feb 2020
What elegance, I must say, my trip to the Buckingham Palace Queen's Gallery was breathtaking. I got to explore the ancient culture and traditions that have lived throughout history through the beautiful paintings and sculptures present.

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