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What You Should Know More About Italy

  • Travel advice

    • Italy is a very famous tourist place and so, you should book your stay in advance in order to avoid last minute inconvenience.

    • Beware of scammers who try to sell you different things and fool you.

    • Review your resorts or hotels before you pay for the stay booking.

    • Take care of safety precautions on the beach.

    • Enjoy the local cafes and nightlife, but do not fall into any drug related or other illegally problematic situations.

    • Travel by public transport instead of private cabs in order to save money.

  • Drinking law

    The legal drinking age for consuming alcoholic drinks in Italy is 16 years and 18 years for all types of distilled alcohol or hard drinks.

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    Cinque Terre

    A UNESCO World Heritage site and also a famous national park, this is the cleanse area of Italy. The Cinque Terre comprises of 5 villages on the rugged cliffs in Italian Riveria. You can stroll around the scenic portion of the Azure Coast and have an overview of the vineyards, serene coves, olive groves and while doing this, you can also enjoy a hiking train to reach this calm and serene place which is totally relaxing as well as romantic.


    This ruined amphitheater from the ancient time is an epitome of grand architecture of the past. The Colosseum with its perfectly curved arches manages to mesmerize each and every tourist visiting this spot. Attracting around 5 million tourists every year, this place is indeed a must visit because of its unique magnificence.

    Sassi Di Matera

    The city complex of Sassi, carved out of White rock is a complex of prehistoric houses which are a very unique sight to witness. This is a maze of caves, underground dungeons and carven hides which makes it difficult to believe that this wonderful structure was built in the ancient times, without the use of any technology. This place is a legacy of outstanding ancient architecture which manages to maintain its charm even today.

    Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast, directly exposed to the sea is a jumble of multicolored villages located on a hillock on the sea side. This place is packed with rich traditions, culture and history and you should indeed stay in this part of Italy for as long as you can. If possible, book a private boat tour and enjoy amid the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Saint Mark’s Basilica

    The final resting place of Saint Mark, the Basilica di San Marco depicts the country’s history and is the most respected symbol in Venice. Located off the beautiful Grand Canal, this place oozes of cultural and heritage richness. The beautifully complex mosaic designs along with the beautiful architecture of this monument is really a treat for your eyes.


    The Vatican is one of the most sacred cities for Catholics from all over the world and is indeed a spiritual hub. The St. Peters Basilica and Piazza San Pietro are two of the most important places to visit in the Vatican, along with witnessing ancient, medieval and modern art as you walk on the streets of this state.

    Leaning Tower of Pisa

    He Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the architectural wonders of the world is flocked by tourists to witness the monument and also to click some of the most fun pictures around the tower. The construction started sinking which caused it to lean and still silks at the rate of 1mm per year and this masterpiece of architecture will surely make you curious.

    Blue Grotto

    A visit to Blue Grotto is one of the most magical experiences you will have in your entire life. You travel on the waters in the cavern on boats and experience the silver illumination on the sparkling blue waters around you. With the average height of 7 meters, this cavern will take you on one of the most wonderful tourist experiences in Italy.

  • What you will like there?

    Ancient Monuments

    Italy has a plethora of ancient monuments. Right from ancient ruins, constructions, dwellings from the past, houses constructed on hills and churches, this place will leave you mesmerized with its intricately beautiful architecture and you will be overloaded with fascination as you go on visiting these places.

    Local Cuisine

    The local cuisine, made with some of the most exotic herb, oils and cheese are really relishing. You indeed cannot return from Italy without trying pizzas and pastas over there and it is a promising fact that you will never forget the taste of the food you tried in Italy as it will keep you tantalizing forever.


    The gleaming beaches of the Mediterranean coast in Italy are crystal clear, clean and really mesmerizing. You can totally unwind your soul on these scenic beaches and have some of the best solace and solitude in your life.

    Themed restaurants and Cafes

    The themed restaurants and cafes in Italy serve some of the world’s most favourite cuisines and also have some of the best ambiences in the world. No matter how many restaurants and cafes you visit in Italy, you will always find something new to satisfy your traveler soul.

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