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About London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is one of the iconic tourist attractions in the capital city of the UK. Opened on 15th September 1974, this place currently brings in the history of London’s dark life, which has been perfectly blended with entertainment. The place has 360 sets, each having an interesting story to tell.

There are 19 interactive shows and 2 rides, featuring 20 actors. These talented actors give live performances in some scarily funny shows which have been further enhanced through stunning special effects. The actors perform as some of the most infamous characters of London such as Jack the Ripper, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Mrs.Lovett and Sweeney Todd.

In the form of these shows, some of London’s history, such as the Black Plague attack and the Great Fire of London has been brought alive. A glimpse into the torture chamber of 1605 and the courtroom of the 18th century is also included. In the shows, the visitors are not just silent spectators but are also made to enact as characters.

Be it running to safety escaping from the great fire of London or a walk through the rat-infested tunnel, the visitors are kept involved in each drama that unfolds in front of them. In some of the sets, they are suddenly shocked to find the floor below them moving or the chair they are sitting on, shaking. Also, the two rides, a boat ride, and a drop ride are thrilling, scary and add to the fun.

At the end of this high voltage tour, visitors get the chance to cool off at the Traven. It is a pub that offers drinks and beverages to visitors with piano music in the background and interesting tales if one cares to listen. For those still looking for fun, there is even an option to join the game of rat hunting.

How to Reach London Dungeon

There are several ways to get from London City centre to London Dungeon:

1. Walk: One can walk from London City centre to London Dungeon by following the signs for the South Bank and cross River Thames either at the Waterloo bridge or Westminster bridge. The distance for walking is around 2kms and it will take 30 mins to reach there. One can hire cycles and reach in 16 minutes.

2. Buses: There are buses available from New Oxford Street to Waterloo. The buses which stop at the London Dungeon are 211, 77, 381 and RV1. It can also be reached as a stop on the Big Bus Sightseeing route.

3. Metro: There are also underground metros, where visitors will need to get down at Waterloo station and walk for 4-5 minutes.

4. Railway: A mainline railway station is also there at Waterloo mainline station if the visitors travel by railway train. From the station, it is a 4-5 minutes walk.

5. Car: One can go there by car but the London Dungeon does not have a car parking of its own. However, one can park at Q-Park Westminster car park just a short distance away.

What Not to Miss at London Dungeon

1. Sea Life London Aquarium -
The aquarium has hundreds of species of fishes and sea life from around the world. Fishes like a seahorse, piranhas, sharks, starfish, and gigantic eels can be seen here.

2. Shrek's Adventure - Embark on a fairytale journey to find Shrek. Meet some of the fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, and some others on the way.

3. London Eye - A must-do thing while in London, the London Eye is a giant wheel at 135 meters height. The wheel has see-through glass pods. Visitors can take a ride in them for 30 minutes and get a breathtaking 360-degree view of London city.

4. The Poetry Library - The library boasts of a collection of poetry from 1914. Currently having 90,000 items, the place is still growing.

5. South Bank - South Bank is the stretch along the River Thames. This place is the social and cultural hub of London City. The bank houses the South Bank Centre which includes places like the Hayward Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

6. Westminster Bridge - The delightful Westminster Bridge lies across River Thames and stands in between the House of Parliament and Country Hall. The view from this bridge is spectacular in every direction.

7. The Hayward Gallery - Dating back to 1968, this gallery has been the originator or host of exhibitions on contemporary and historical art.

8. Whitehall - This is a very ancient street having a place in London's history. The street starts from Parliament Square at Westminster and ends in Trafalgar Square. A walk through this street gives a picture of the British government's ancient buildings on both sides.

9. Leake Street Arches - These are eight former railway arches next to the famous Graffiti Tunnel. The picturesque place is a celebration of urban art where creativity can be seen at its height. It also has several restaurants and live-entertainment areas.

10. Battle of Britain Monument - This is a war memorial for those people who had taken part in the vital battle of world war second.

11. Florence Nightingale Museum - This museum has been dedicated to one of the world’s best-known nursing figures, Florence Nightingale. She has been instrumental in bringing a major change in the world.

12. Boadicea Monument - This is an impressive statue which is situated at the end of Westminster Bridge opposite Big Ben, the clock tower.

Other Essential Information About London Dungeon

1. Location:
Although the original London Dungeon was located at Tooley Street. The place was shifted in 2013 and was moved to its current location of Riverside Building, Country Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, Bishop’s London SE1 7PB in the United Kingdom, The place is a 2-minute walk from London Eye which is another attraction by the same company who owns London Dungeon.

2. Entry Fee: The cost of the standard entry fee is £30.00 for adults and £24.00 for children. (3-15 years). Children below the age of 3 can enter free of cost.The official website gives an option to get a discount of 20% if booked in advance.

Booking beforehand also allows visitors to select their arrival time so they do not have to wait for their turn. The booking also has an option of VIP ticket and Fast Track ticket for instant access. There are also special tickets on specific dates for an adult-only ticket for a late-night show known as Dungeon Lates.

3. Timing: The place is open to the public on all days of the year except Christmas. Every day, the place opens at 10 am and remains open till 4 pm.

4. Distance from London City centre: The place is situated at Westminster Bridge Road which is at a distance of 1.2 miles from London City centre.

Shows and Rides at London Dungeon

There are 20 shows and two rides. They are the following-

1. The Descent - The tour starts with a  ride in an ancient lift which takes visitors to the bed of the river Thames. There will be Lift Lester who will prepare visitors for the 1000 years of the horrible history of the dark side of London. The lift has been designed to depict the year 1536.

2. The Tyrant Boat Ride - The year 1536 boat ride in which the visitors are made to act as conspirators of Anne Boleyn who had to face the wrath of Henry VIII and was sentenced to death. The whole enactment along with the boat ride makes it a thrilling experience.

3. The City Gates - Again based on the year 1536, the story from the previous ride continues. The visitors, who were the conspirators, have now escaped from the death sentence and have reached the Tower of London. Here, they are met by HeadMaster, who gives them a lesson on how to prepare ahead for a spike.

4. Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot - This is from a story of the year 1605 when the plot was made to blow up the parliament and Guy Fawkes was made to live in the rat-infested tunnel for 10 days. Visitors will pass through this rat-infested tunnel which also has gunpowder explosives in certain places.

5. The Torture Chamber - This chamber gives a glimpse into how torture chamber punishments looked like in 1605. A torturer will be present in the chamber looking for ‘volunteers’.

6. The Plague Doctor - It's 1665 and the Black Plague attack has happened. Visitors will wander through muddy alleys with houses having red cross signs. Soon, they reach the pest house and then the Plague Doctor is there but dead.

7. Escape the great fire of London - It is 2nd September of 1666, a fire has broken out and people are running all over. The visitors need to escape the fire by reaching the safety of the house of the Lord Mayor of London.

8. Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop - Mrs. Lovett welcomes all to her pie shop where a selection of her pies are kept and she offers them to the visitors. The year is 1800.

9. Sweeney Todd - The next door to Mrs. Lovett is her neighbour, Sweeney Todd the barber. Visitors will each get a seat in this barbershop.

10. Mitre Square - In 1888, the foggy gas-lit streets of London’s Whitechapel had a murderer on the loose. Mary Jane Kelly will meet visitors, to tell them about the latest murder and show them the recent victim.

11. Whitechapel Labyrinth - After seeing the victim, visitors enter the safety of the labyrinth a confusing maze of narrow streets. It is still 1888.

12. Jack the Ripper - Now it's time for an 1889 pub - the Ten Ball Pubs where Jack the Ripper’s victims used to drink. The landlady of the pub, Mrs. Waldren will tell the visitors the story of Jack the Ripper.

13. The Courtroom - It's time for an 18th-century courtroom all complete with a Judge where visitors find themselves next.

14. Escape from Newgate Prison - Back to 1736, it is the Newgate prison where prisoners only stare. They don’t talk.

15. Drop Dead: Drop Ride - Back to 1783, it's the Newgate Gallows. This thrilling long drop is an ultimate end to the dungeon journey.

16. The Tavern - A pub of 1896, which is functional, with a dramatic backdrop. Here, one can order bootleg beer, decadent gin and tonic or even a hot drink. The place also has a game of rat hunting and a card table for gambling. The piano recital is also included in the room for those with an ear for music.

17. Hide and Seek- This recently launched show is not a part of the regular tour. It is full of surprises where the visitors will make their way through the darkness, facing sudden scenes.

Events at London Dungeon

There are three events in London Dungeon -

1. Dungeon Lates (For Adults only) and Halloween at the London Dungeon - The Dungeon Lates is a special event where children are not allowed. The event includes 75 minutes of the tour of the London Dungeon and the access to the Dungeon Tavern, a Victorian Pub. In the pub, two free alcoholic beverages are included.

2. Halloween at the London Dungeon - As a special celebration for Halloween, apart from the regular tour, shows and activities are organized in the London Dungeon. Some of the shows are new Jack the Ripper show and the spine-tingling Seance inviting the guests to sit around an Ouija board and summon the spirits.

3. Escape Room Experience - In this event, visitors have 60 mins to escape from the Executioner. The minimum group size for this event is 5 people.

Travellers' Tip before visiting the London Dungeon

For the Tyrant Boat Ride, there is a height restriction of 1 meter. Children below this height cannot go for this ride alone. Also, this ride is not recommended for those with back or neck pain, having any injury in the legs or are a pregnant woman.

2. Drop Ride is not suitable for visitors having heart complaints, pacemakers, back or neck pains, broken limbs or is pregnant.

3. A few items, which cannot be taken inside the London Dungeon are large bags or suitcases, motorcycle helmets, skateboards and rollerblades, tripods, baby buggies which cannot be folded, and any sharp object.

4. No outside food and drinks are allowed inside.

5. There is a restriction on photography.

6. The place is deemed suitable for children of 12 years and above but parents, at their discretion, can take younger children along as well.

7. The tours run only in English.

8. There are 90-110 minutes of walking during the tour. Visitors having a problem with walking may opt for a wheelchair. The place allows one wheelchair per hour.

9. Purchasing tickets online can get visitors a discount of 20%. Moreover, visitors can select their convenient time of visit. This helps in avoiding the queue at the ticket counter and the waiting time for entering the tour.

10. The place does not have any provision for storing visitor’s belongings
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People Also Ask About London Dungeon

  1. Is the London Dungeon a real dungeon?

    Yes. The original dungeon was founded by Annabel Geddes in 1976 and was later moved to the location of South Bank. It is one of the eight dungeons around Europe and America. Although never actually used as a dungeon, it gives visitors a picture of how dungeons in ancient times looked like and what used to happen there.
  2. What age is the London Dungeon suitable for?

    Although the place is open to all ages, those visitors between the age of 12 to 18 will enjoy it more. The children below the age of 12 may find it too scary and the adult may think it to be less scary for them.
  3. Is the London Dungeon included in the London Pass?

    The London Dungeon is not included in London Pass. However, being a Merlin property, visitors can avail of Merlin’s London Pass. This pass has options of covering other Merlin attractions such as The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, and Shrek’s Adventure along with London Dungeon. Visitors can also purchase London Explorer Pass which allows the option to choose 3,5 or 7 attractions from a list of 20. The pass includes a free map of London along with complete information about the opening hours as well as directions as well as the London Underground map to help visitors plan their itinerary.
  4. Is London Dungeon suitable for kids?

    London Dungeon is an experience in a dark environment with scary sounds which children below 12 years may not enjoy. Some of the shows have a floor which will move or a chair which will have some effects, which can scare the children.
  5. Is London Dungeon underground?

    No, it is not completely underground. The tour covers two flights of stairs as well. The tour starts with an 8 meters descent to the bank of River Thames. Then it travels up the two flights of stairs in the form of various scenes of the shows and then comes the final ride, the Drop Dead ride which is a vertical descent to the ground level.
  6. Are kids allowed in the London Dungeon?

    There is no restriction from the Dungeon management for child visitors. However, if they are below 17 years, they need to be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. However, the management does not recommend the place for children below 12 years.
  7. How long do you spend in the London Dungeon?

    The London Dungeon is a 90 to 110 minutes tour through 19 interactive shows and rides. It is better to take at least 2 hours in hand while visiting the place, as one may plan to spend some time in the Tavern, at the end of the tour. It is fascinating to listen to the ghost tales from the East end landlady and henpecked landlord.
  8. Did the London Dungeon move?

    Yes. The place was initially opened at Tooley Street in 1974 by Annabel Geddes. It changed hands several times between 1974 to 2013. When Merlin group took over in 2013, they moved the place to County Hall, South Bank to bring it near to some of their other attractions as well.
  9. How far is Madame Tussaud's from London Dungeons?

    The place is 7km (4.3miles) away from Madame Tussaud’s. It takes around 13 minutes to reach London Dungeons from Madame Tussaud's if one goes in a car. One can also take a train from London Marylebone station and go to Waterloo station, which is 5 minutes walk from London Dungeon. This will take around 30 minutes. There is also the option of the London Underground, where one can reach Waterloo underground station in 6 mins and walk for 5 mins to reach the Dungeon. A bus journey between the two places will take around 30 minutes.
  10. Can I take Photographs at The London Dungeon?

    Photography is not allowed inside the London Dungeon. However, the place has its own photographers, who can take photographs at a cost. The place also has a package called Survival Log, which includes 2 photos, 1 photo keyring, 1 magnet, 1 wallet photo and a 10-page book full of facts. Visitors are allowed to take photographs when they reach the Tavern
  11. Do you have to book tickets for the London Dungeon?

    Yes. You will need to book tickets for visiting this place. They can either be purchased from their website or can be purchased at the venue. However, since they allow visitors in batches, the show time needs to be selected beforehand in case of online booking. For those visitors purchasing tickets at the counter, there may be a wait for their turn. They may opt to purchase a ticket and select a time and come back later at the allocated time.

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