London in May: Things to Do, Places to Visit & Events 2021
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Things to Do in London in May 

Ride the London Eye, Cruising on the Thames, Have fun at London wine week, See a play at the Regent's Park open theatre, Visit the Canalway Cavalcade, The Kensington Dollshouse Festival, Witness the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Watch the Changing of Life Guard, See an Open-Air Theatrical Performance, Witness the State Opening of Parliament and many more.

London in May is a beautiful sight for anyone visiting. Although the city is magnificent all year long, the charm in May is uncanny. The warm days with mild temperatures are ideal for touring this diverse place. Moreover, the parks and other landscapes are blooming with flowers and lush greens all over around this time. 

Not just that, there are also plenty of places to visit in London in May that would make your holiday worth. For all the wine connoisseurs, the London wine week is organized around this time where the vineyards display their best collections. Also worth attending is an interesting boat display at Canalway Cavalcade around May.

Apart from these, attending a number of other activities like music festivals, dollhouse festival in Kensington, a flower show in Chelsea, open-air theater performances, museum tours and other exciting events are things to do in London in May. So, book your London vacation with Thrillophilia and get memories for a lifetime!

Here are some of the best things to do in London in May:


Weather of London in May

Weather of London in May
London in May is a picture straight out of a postcard- bright sunshine on most days, lush green parks, and colorful flowers in full bloom. The London weather in May is mostly pleasant, and the temperature is mild.

The maximum temperature never goes above 18 degrees Celsius, and the minimum does not drop below 7 degrees. However, the one unpredictable part of the weather in London in May is the rainfall. It is spontaneous and may happen on 8 to 10 days of the month. London usually has a variable amount of rain in May, and as tourists, you must be prepared for it.

The English generally call it late spring, and because of the excellent weather, this is also prime time for travel. Tourists swarm in from all corners of the world, and as a result of this, the flight and hotel prices shoot up.

What to pack for London in May

What to pack for London in May
Dressing for London in May is tricky because you cannot be exactly sure of what will come your way. So the best way to dress is in layers. The days can be warm at times, and so you must carry cotton dresses and jeans.

However, the weather dips in the evening and after rainfall. So it is better if you have a light jacket on- you can always take it off if you feel warm. Carry a hat, scarf, and gloves as well so that you do not feel cold if the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius.

Another thing you must be prepared for is the rain- it is unpredictable and might ruin your plans for the day if you are not dressed accordingly. So always wear a pair of waterproof boots and thick socks, so that the water does not get to you, and an umbrella is also a must. 

Things to Do in London in May


Have fun at London Wine Week

Have fun at London Wine Week
Image Credit :
For a country that lives for wine, does it surprise you at all that they have a wine week? The British swarm to the location selected every year in May for the London Wine Week- where a number of vineyards showcase their best.

The best wines are selected, the best vineyards are awarded, and you are also taught how to pair your wine with the best kind of food. All through the week, wine lovers assemble at different locations, to taste, to twirl, and have a good time with the several kinds of wine produced in the country.

Location: Southwark, Flat Iron Square

Price: 540 INR if booked online, maybe more if you book the tickets at the festival.
Entry Tickets Explore All (18)
Explore All (18)

See a play at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

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Another classic thing to do in London in May- watch a play at an open theatre. The temperature is mild and pleasant, and sitting in the open will be neither too warm nor too cold. You get to see splendid performances from the best of the London theatre circle, and you can choose among classics and new stories.

You can also opt for classics like The Nutcracker or Romeo and Juliet, or you could go for newer ideas like the 101 Dalmatians musical.

The Regent’s Park, Inner Cir, London

3500-6000 INR
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Visit the Canalway Cavalcade

Visit the Canalway Cavalcade
Image Credit :
This annual little boat display takes place in May and is the prettiest sight to behold. If you are looking for places to visit in London in May, then this must be a must-visit in your itinerary. This event takes place in the third week of May in Jason’s Trip Little Venice and Little Paddington.

Over 100 boats are lined up on the banks of the Grand Union Canal, between Blomfield Road and Warwick Avenue. All the ships are bright, painted beautifully, and decorated by the owners. The whole place looks like a carnival, with decorations, stalls, and live music.

Jason’s Trip Little Venice, London


The Kensington Dollshouse Festival

The Kensington Dollshouse Festival
Image Credit :
Of all the things to do in London in May, this is the most interesting and unique festival where 200 craftsmen are invited from all over the world to showcase their talent. Here, all the artists create miniature versions of the useful items from daily life.

It can be a tiny doll, or a dining table laid perfectly, and then these are all put on display for visitors. If you attend this festival, then you’ll be able to meet the most famous miniature enthusiasts and artists.

Lawford Road, London

720 INR

 10 am to 6 pm
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Explore All (16)

Visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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Visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Image Credit :
Also known as the Spring Show, this event is held every year in May by the Royal Horticultural, and it is said to be one of the Queen’s favorite flower shows. A number of exhibits are held- for flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, and even herbs.

It is famous not only in England but all over the world and is broadcast on the BBC every year. The Royal family and the who’s who of London society diligently attend this festival every year. Make sure to get tickets a few months prior, or you may miss out on this.

Royal College Hospital, Chelsea, United Kingdom

9500 INR

11 am to 5 pm
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Watch the changing of Life Guard

Though an outdated ceremony, this show of ceremonial pomp is a treat for the visitors. May is the best time for this because it is neither too warm nor too cold to watch the guards assembling and performing their skills.

The guards initially leave Hyde Park Barracks and move to Horse Guards parade via a public route, and then the ceremony takes place at the Horse Guards Parade. Make sure you are there on time, as they are extremely punctual with the ceremony.

Horse Guards Parade, London

11 am on weekdays, and 10 am on Sunday


See an Open-Air Theatrical performance

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London in May has the best weather with spring just passing by and monsoon yet to come. There is sunshine, and you can also feel a light breeze in your hair- and this makes it the perfect weather to see an open-air theatrical performance.

Though Regent Park is the most famous, others like Grosvenor Park Theatre and Chiswick Gardens open theatre also have great shows which you can watch at a lesser price and with a smaller crowd around.

Grosvenor Park Theatre- Chester, United Kingdom

Chiswick House and Gardens: 
Chiswick, United Kingdom
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Watch the State Opening of Parliament

Of all the things to do in London in May, the State Opening of Parliament is definitely the grandest experience which showcases the Queen entering the Parliament and giving her speech.

This event is steeped in history and culture and makes a beautiful spectacle for viewers. Though it is telecast live, there is nothing like watching history unfold in front of your eyes.

Westminster, London

May Fayre and Puppet Festival

Covent Garden is one of the best places to visit in London in May, and if you have a child, even more so on the day of the May Fayre and Puppet festival. This unique little festival has been running for around 3 centuries and is equally entertaining for young and old.

It takes place every May in the St Paul’s Church ground in Covent Garden to celebrate the birthday of the famous puppet Mr. Punch. A number of Punch and Judy puppeteers and ventriloquists perform, several food stalls are set up, and quite a few quirky ceremonies are performed.

Covent Garden, London


11 am to 5:30 pm

Visit the Museum of the Moon

This brilliant piece of artwork by British artist Luke Jerram has been touring the world for about 3 years now. This 6 feet high helium balloon model shows the lunar surface exactly as NASA photographed, and this meticulous detail has made the exhibit one of the most famous at the Natural History Museum so far.

Enjoy Music Festivals

The Gala Festival takes place in the last week of May, and it is specially curated for music lovers. FSTVL also takes place around the same time, and focuses heavily on electronic music and metal rock. So this summer make this one of your top things to do in London in May to experience the best musical symphonies and wildest performances.

Peckham Rye Park for Gala Festival, Damyns Aerodrome Hall in Upminster for We Are FSTVL

5000 INR for Gala Festival
           15000 INR for We Are FSTVL

Visit the All Points East festival

This 10-day-long festival is also the most famous in Britain, because of the sheer range of music it showcases. There are classic rock performances and modern genres such as psychedelic music performances. Whatever your age or preference, you are bound to find something of your taste here.

Victoria Park

Price: 6000 INR upwards, depending on who is playing
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130 Ratings Ratings
London Eye Tickets | Book at Flat 20% off
  • London
₹3,063 ₹2,450
Get along with a splendid experience that leads to you some ever-cherishing memories. Witness some amazing views from the top of the world. Try on to the panoramic flight that lets you take a ride on the world's highest observation wheel. From the top, you shall be able to witness the mesmerizing views of the entire London. Rise above 135 meters height and observe the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, which are worth to be beheld. 

About the London Eye Ticket:

The London Eye ticket ensures to provide entry to the giant wheel in London, that takes you to the top of the world from where you can witness the charming views of the entire London. With the London Eye tour ticket, you avail the chance to undergo a thrilling and adventurous 40-minute cruise along the River Thames.

Board the air-conditioned glass pod and watch as the vast capital stretches out before you. During the ride, you shall be able to gather information in six languages about the spots such as St. Paul's Cathedral and Big Ben. The spots will be witnessed on the skyline by you during the ride and you can sit back in ease and grasp the charming views of the entire city. 
Besides, on selecting the respective ticket option, you can take hold of the beautiful views of the River Thames and observe the ferries passing by.

Packages Offered with the London Eye Ticket:
Standard Entry: Provides access via the standard boarding line and lets you experience the London Eye 4D Cinema. 

Fast track Entry: Provides access via the fast track boarding line and lets you experience the London Eye 4D Cinema. 

Champagne Experience: A fixed date ticket that provides access via the fast track boarding line and lets you experience the London Eye 4D Cinema. Not applicable for children.

London Eye + River Cruise Experience: Provides with a circular sightseeing cruise along the River Thames along with live and audio commentary by a guide in various languages. Also, you get access to the Eye Lounge and London Eye 4D Cinema Experience.

How to Reach:
On availing the London Eye tour tickets, you can reach the location easily by walking, based at walking distances from several London Underground stations. You can also take help of London sightseeing bus tours and reach the location.

Children with age in between 0-15 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the tour.
Children aged 3-15 years can book the child ticket to London Eye.
Children aged 0-3 years can enter free of charge.
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105 Ratings Ratings
Hop on Hop off Thames River Cruise | Book @ ₹ 1550 Only!
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹1,825 ₹1,550
About River Thames:
The River Thames in London leads you to one of the most historical and cultural landmarks in London. You get to hop across with the River Red Rover and witness the mesmerizing views of the famous River Thames and land onto the tour’s four pier stops near the city’s top attractions.

The River Thames acts as a bridge leading you to the city’s astonishing marvels and the sites of British Monarchs since the 11th-century, the Westminster Abbey. You shall gather the sights of the famous ancient fortress, the Tower of London and understand the British monarchy’s priceless Crown Jewels. 

About hop on hop off Thames River Cruise:
The hop on hop off Thames River cruise makes the optimum use of your London tour by going on for a fun adventure at the River Thames. Get the pleasure of enjoying a delightful cruise experience along the renowned River Thames through which you can gather some eye-pleasing scenic beauty of the city’s sights and identify the skyline.

Get astonished at the city’s famous and prominent monuments such as the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe, Big Ben, etc. Besides, you shall be able to easily roam endlessly at any one of four piers which are located near the city’s top attractions. The onboard live commentary also helps you to learn the history and cultural composition of London and understand the richness of the city as a whole.

How to Reach:
You can reach the below-mentioned boarding location with the help of the following ways.
Westminster Pier: Take the London Underground to Westminster Station. Walk 1 minute
London Eye Pier: Take the London Underground to Waterloo Station
Tower Pier: Take the London Underground to Monument Station or Tower Hill Station
Greenwich Pier: Take the London Underground to North Greenwich Station

This hop-on hop-off Thames river cruise runs daily every 40 minutes from 10:00 am-6:15 pm
Last sail admission: 6:15 pm
Route: Westminster Pier, London Eye Pier, Tower Pier, and Greenwich Pier.

Children aged 5-15 years can book the child ticket for the hop on hop off Thames river cruise.
Infant aged 0-4 can join the Thames river hop on hop off cruise free of charge.
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93 Ratings Ratings
Kew Gardens London Tickets, Book @ Flat 10% off
  • London
₹1,333 ₹1,199
About Kew Gardens:
The Kew Gardens, renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a great spot that is comprised of a wide variety of living plants. The Kew Gardens lets you witness a glass house that breathes with the freshness of green plants. The Kew Gardens is occupied with the fresh plants that are restored from the Temperate House till the tropical rainforests of the Palm House.

You also see the Treetop Walkway, which would hold you overwhelmed with the most exciting tree-top experience in the UK. You shall be able to go under the ground, which will eventually lead you to 59 feet up in the air. You shall get close to trees that will take your breath away and let you breathe freshly at the same time. 

About Kew Gardens Entrance Tickets:
The Kew Gardens entrance tickets let you explore and witness the world’s largest gallery of living plants. You get to roam around the garden and explore uncountable herbal plant varieties that are very helpful to humans. In other words, you shall be able to explore tropical rainforests inside the Palm House and view the freshly restored Temperate House. 

You can also pick some rare plants to your home and store some valuable plants in the world. Besides, you also get to visit the Bamboo Garden which is renowned as a home to the UK's largest collection of bamboos. The spot lets get astonished at the wide range of plants ranging from lofty pole varieties to wispy species. 

Opening Hours:
Gardens open at 10:00 am daily
Closing times may vary (usually 6 pm or 7 pm during the summer season and 4 pm or 5 pm in the winter season)
The last admission is 1 hour before each closing time

How to Reach:
The Kew Gardens is based at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AE, UK and you can easily reach the location with the help of the following ways:
By tube: Kew Gardens station is 500m from Victoria Gate. It is in Zone 3 and is served by the District Line (Richmond branch) and London Overground
By train: Kew Bridge station is 800m from Elizabeth Gate, via Kew Bridge. South West Trains run services from Waterloo, via Vauxhall and Clapham Junction. There is no level access at Kew Bridge
By bus: Route 65 stops close to Lion Gate and Victoria Gate; Route 391 stops near Kew Gardens station; Routes 237 and 267 stop at Kew Bridge station

Children aged 4-16 years can book the child Kew Gardens London tickets.
Children aged 0-3 don't need to book the Kew Gardens entrance tickets and can enter for free.
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Newly Added London Experience

London Top Attractions

Places To Visit In London
03 February 2020
Not an experience that you get to have every day. From all the places I visited in London on my tour, this had a distinct feel to it. I didn't expect a lot of tourists there but to my surprise, I found there was a great line for ticket booking. The entire museum had a very offbeat feel to it. It really made me feel like I was in a war room preparing for some kind of a battle.
18 November 2019
Even though the building looks a little ancient the overall feel of the place is very futuristic. It is not something that we get to see everyday. The kids are also going to love it. A good place to learn and have some fun! Must visit.
09 January 2020
Always wonder where the word GMT came from. Haha! My trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was extraordinary. I got to discover a lot and it was an insightful tour. The tickets I got were from Thrillophilia. I did a lot of cool stuff like standing right on the meridian line and also took a lot of photos with my friends. Overall, a blissful experience providing a rich learning opportunity to people like me. I would definitely want every holidaymaker to visit this place.
12 September 2019
The best way I can describe my entire experience starting with getting my tickets from Thrillophilia to touring around St. Paul's Cathedral would be to the day that it was simply amazing. The place was so quiet and soothing, it was the kind of thing I wanted towards the end of my first-day tour in London. A side note, Just make sure you have a valid ID proof along with the tickets, it is important.
12 February 2020
I had a great time at St. Paul's Cathedral. The experience was sublime and I loved every bit of it. The place was amazing and we got a chance to just relax and enjoy some peace in the Cathedral. It is a definite recommendation from my end to every tourist visiting London. Trust me, advance booking your tickets take a load off of you.
13 February 2020
My visit to the Imperial War Museum was insightful and really inspiring. I got to see a ton of war artilleries from the time of World War. Upon entering it will take you some time but the place will really grow on you. I must say that the guide was also thorough about the entire place.
16 December 2019
Kensington Palace is very grand and beautiful. The palace also carries a rich history that we learned a lot about from the people there. If you are interested in architecture and history then visit as I got bored after sometime.
22 October 2019
It is a royal palace with a distinct architectural design that is really beautiful for the visitors. I really admired the entire ambiance of the place and the tour was just perfect. I strongly recommend everyone to visit the place on their tour to London.
09 December 2019
I got a chance to relax and me and my parents just sat in the garden and admired it's beauty. We spent around 30 minutes there walking around. Overall, it was nice experience but nothing special.
17 November 2019
The Kew Gardens was the perfect addition to my overall London trip. Upon reaching I visited the place towards the evening and I must tell you what a relaxing feeling it was. It was great sitting amidst the raw nature and enjoying some time in peace. We also took a lot of pictures and overall, we enjoyed the place very much.

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People Also Ask About London

  1. Is May a good month to visit London?

    May is the best time to visit London because of the mild temperatures- neither too warm nor too cold. However, this makes the flights and hotels insanely expensive.
  2. Is it expensive to visit London?

    It may be expensive to visit London in May considering it is peak season, but if you go during the off-season like October and February, you may get quite a few good deals.
  3. How many days are enough in London?

    A week is a minimum time you need to spend in London if you truly want the essence. You will need that much time to drop into the top few places to visit in London in May- Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, etc.
  4. What should I buy in London?

    There are many things to do in London in May and shopping tops the list. The ones you must pick up from London are- Earl Grey tea coats from the famous brands on Kensington and M&Ms from their original store. An oyster card Liberty London’s fabric Suit from Savile Monmouth coffee