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One of the most iconic historical sites in the world, the Tower of London is not just a backdrop but the lead actor in various significant events in British history. The tower has other attractions which draw non-military visitors to it. The tower’s history as a prison for various famous and unexpected prisoners attracts visitors. The tower is now a world heritage site and the most famous castle, attracting 2 million visitors annually. 

The enthralling majesty and historical importance of the Tower of London can be felt from the moment a visitor steps inside its grounds. This iconic historic site reveals about the most momentous tales and happenings in British history. Located in Central London itself, it is officially Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Palace and Fortress. Check out best Europe tour packages for the best deals and experiences!

Though it is called the 'Tower of London', it is actually a castle made of many concentric towers. It has played many prominently historic roles over the years, including being a prison for infamous prisoners, housing royal documents and being the grounds where coins were minted. It even was a royal zoo for a brief period of time!

Bordered by the sparkling river Thames, the Tower of London is today known worldwide for its riveting architecture and craftsmanship. Other famous aspects of this monument include the White Tower and the Tower Bridge. It is also noteworthy that the families of the Yeoman Warders live in the tower today, and that adds to the glory of this tower.


• Explorer the history of torture at the Tower of London is a popular subject with tower being used to imprison numerous prisoners, from common criminals to deposed monarchs.
• Get hold of the building that has a jewel house with the preserved treasure of jewels and an impressive collection of armors. The treasure is more than 300-year-old.
• The beefeater guards the tower and were named beefeaters because, until 1800, their salary was paid with a chunk of beef.
• Be amazed to witness The Tower of London which is home to a flock of ravens. Yeoman Warden Raven's master protects these ravens, and it is believed that the tower will fall if these six ravens leave the fort.
• Grab the opportunity to explore the tower of London (completed in 1086) which has multiple attractions like a living square, chapel, a moat, two concentric rings of fortifications, several other buildings, and an old mint.

How To Reach

The innermost part of London is commonly referred to as the London City Centre of Central London. Distances are usually calculated from Charing Cross. It is identified by the presence of a statue of King Charles 1, which is located South from Trafalgar square.

Visitors who are going to the Tower of London would be happy to know that since Charing Cross and the Tower of London both fall under Zone 1 of the London Tube. So there is a very small distance between the two locations. Different means of transport can be used to commute between the two locations.

1. If you take the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour, the Tower of London will be the 16th stop on the red route at Tower Hill. 

2. Those travelling by the underground London Tube should make sure that the nearest station to the Tower of London is Tower Hill Station. If you choose to reach this location by bus, you should get down at Stop TA: Route 15 N15. 

3. You can also choose to cover this distance by cab, cycle, or a hired car since the distance between the two locations is very short.

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Other Essential Information

History of the Tower of London

Founded by William the Conqueror, the Tower of London was built in 1066 as a residence and fortress and has a rich history and heritage value. The wooden structure was built first, and the famous White Tower was actually added later. Equally intriguing is the fact that this tower has been used for a multitude of purposes in the many centuries since it was built. When King John lost Normandy in 1204, he was given three crates of wild beasts.

This is what prompted him to keep the wild beasts in the tower and convert the space into a royal zoo. His son expanded this new found role of the tower by including many exotic animals like a bear and an elephant, some of which were gifts from other rulers.Moving forward in 1279, the King Edward 1 decided to appoint a new role to the tower: it would now be the place where the coins were minted. He also made it the place where the royal documents were kept.

This was mainly done for the purpose of security and stayed till the 1700s. Another interesting aspect of the history of the Tower of London is the fact that around 8,000 people were imprisoned there between 1100 ans 1952. There were many infamous prisoners, and for varying degrees of crime. Today, the tower is most famous for housing the families of Yeomen Warders, having and having exhibit of the crown jewels.

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Places to Eat Near the Tower of London:

You can visit some of the most alluring restaurants near the Tower of London to have a flavorful binge-

1. New Armouries Cafe- Located just 0.1 Kilometre away from the Tower, it has a great range of sandwiches and cakes. Though it's not the cheapest option, the taste is supposed to be worth it.

2. Pret a Manger- Located around 0.2 kilometres away from the Tower, this place offers affordable food with good taste. It is a must-visit for students and travellers on a budget.

3. Wagamama- Located around 0.2 kilometres away from the Tower, this restaurant offers delicious Japanese and Asian cuisine that will leave you wanting for more. It is different from the cafes that usually offer cold or to-go meals and is great for a family lunch and dinner.

Places to Stay Near the Tower of London:

There are many great hotels near the Tower of London that guarantee you a comfortable stay- 

1. The Tower Hotel: Located just 240 metres away from the Tower of London, this place is perfect for any traveller wishing to stay near the historic site. This is great for couples and families and offers all the basic amenities like wi-fi, refrigerator, television and tea maker.

2. Travelodge London Central Tower Bridge: If you are looking to stay near the Tower of London in a reasonable budget, this hotel should be your best bet. Just 360 metres away from the tower, it offers a comfortable stay and premium services like swimming pool, fitness centre, restaurants etc.

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Medical Facilities Near the Tower of London:

There are many hospitals located near the Tower of London -

1. London Bridge Hospital: It is a highly renowned private hospital located at 27, Tooley Street that is open 24X7.

2. Guy's Hospital: It is a general hospital located at Great Maze Pond that is open 24X7, but has an emergency department that closes at 8 p.m.

Tips To Visit The Tower of London:

Follow these important tips before visiting the Tower of London-

1. Buy a London Pass. The entry to many historic sites including the Tower of London is included in this pass, so you won't have to purchase tickets independently. 

2. Make sure to search if you or your family or group are eligible for a discounted entry, before booking a pass or ticket.

3. Don’t carry food inside this historical masterpiece.

4. Take care of your belongings as you visit this spot.

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Point of Interest for Tower Of London
It Is Bigger Than It Looks

It Is Bigger Than It Looks

The tower of London is not just a single building, i.e., the small central tower, but you can visit various other European castles along with the white tower. Do not be fooled by the exterior appearance as from inside you have to walk a lot. To explore it entirely, you should give at least five to six hours. Every European castle has a unique and different design. You will also see a living square, chapel, old mint, moat, the famous prison, and much more.

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The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard

You must have seen that the Queen's guards are always stationed outside Buckingham Palace. The guards are also tasked to guard royal official residences at various United Kingdom locations, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and others. A visit to the tower offers you a unique opportunity to take pictures with the royal guards, and can have a selfie with them. But keep in mind that the royal guards are on official duty so do not disturb them. You can even observe how the Royal guards conduct themselves during duty hours.

Torture Tower

Torture Tower

Despite the gruesome reputation as the place of death and horrific torture practices, only seven people were executed within the tower before the world war on the notorious tower hill located north of the castle. A visit to this location in the tower can aid you in witnessing the punishment and prison culture that used to exist at that time when the world war was taking place. Take a tour of the place to get an idea of the heinous torture that took place here. 

Check Out The Crown Jewels Exhibit First

Check Out The Crown Jewels Exhibit First

There is lots to explore in the Tower of London; however, it is recommended to head to the crown jewels exhibit first. In the treasure room, you can have a close look at over 100 ceremonial items which British kings and queens wore at their coronations.

The jewels at the treasure house are unique and different from the jewels which are available today. Also, it is very mesmerizing to see such a piece of fantastic jewelry in a royal tower.

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Tower Of London FAQs

How long does it take to go around the Tower of London?

The visitors recommend around one hour to see the artefacts and architectural wonders of the Tower of London. But for an even detailed excursion, you can spare three hours.

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Does anyone live in the Tower of London?

According to tradition, all Yeoman Warders, their families, and one chaplain and doctors live in the Tower of London. This adds up to roughly 150 people.

Does London Pass include Tower of London?

Yes, the London Pass includes the Tower of London and many other famous sights.

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How much is the Tower of London?

The entry is free for children under five years of age. It costs 11.70 pounds for children up to 15 years of age, and 24.70 pounds for adults. There are also special student, elderly, and family discounts.

What type of castle is the Tower of London?

The tower of London is a concentric castle

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What is the Tower of London most famous for?

The tower of London is known for having held many infamous prisoners, and for being the house where crown jewels were on display.

Can you take food in the Tower of London?

You are not allowed to eat or drink near the historical artefacts of areas of historic importance in the Tower of London. Since it is a valued heritage location, decorum and respect is expected from visitors.

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Do families live in the Tower of London?

Yes, around a hundred people including the families of Yeoman Warders live in the Tower of London.

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Ajit Sethi
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The Tower of London is one of the best sights in the city, and we’d definitely recommend a visit while you’re there. We booked our tickets from Thrillophilia and got a very good discount on the entry price. Our tickets also included entry to all of the exhibitions. I especially enjoyed the meet n gr... Read More
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What a magical experience it was, I mean from the structures to the ambiance everything gives a very ancient vibe that I really loved. Upon reaching I just had to show my ticket and I got an entry just like that. Pretty cool. I would like to recommend it to everyone visiting London.
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Visited the Tower of London last month with my family. Best part was that we didn't have to wait in line and no one from the 5 of us faced any problem. Would recommend.

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