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Churchill War Rooms is a historic museum that is one of the five wings of the Imperial War Museum. It is a secret underground control centre that was used by President Winston Churchill during World War II. It became the headquarters of the British war cabinet where important decisions, planning the strategies of the war and plotting against the enemies were decided. The Churchill Museum here houses a wide range of momentous objects, artefacts and exhibits that depict the life and legacy of Churchill.

Churchill War Rooms, the 80-year-old iconic attraction in London, is an underground bunker used by the British government during World War II. President Winston Churchill and a cabinet of ministers strategized here to salvage their country. Explore this historical site as part of our customised Europe packages, delving into the secret discussions held in the heavily guarded Cabinet Room.

As you walk through these rooms, you will explore stories about hundreds of men and women who ate, worked, and slept in this underground passage when bombs fell overhead. The Map Room has several geographical charts that illustrate the course of the war while the Transatlantic Telephone Room shows how a secure radio telephone link to the American President was established there. If you wish to know more about the life of Churchill, you can visit the Churchill Museum which features a vast collection of items like his letters, speeches, and books. The museum also facilitates temporary exhibits like ‘Wartime London: Art of the Blitz’ that features paintings by Eric Ravillious and Henry Moore. The entry ticket to the museum also has an audio guide that provides additional insights into the operations of the war.


• Walk through the corridors of Churchill War Rooms that take you back in time to the days of the Second World War when President Winston Churchill led Britain to victory.
• Visit the Cabinet Room which was a government command center during the war where Churchill and his ministers met with the officers of the British Armed Forces to make resolutions and tactics about the war.
• Learn about the course of the war in the Map Room and Transatlantic Telephone Rom which houses maps, books and calendars that were last used in August 1945.
• Take an audiovisual tour around Churchill Museum to discover his extraordinary life that is portrayed through relics from his life like letters written to his wife, his favourite cigar, and his motivational speeches during wartime.

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Normal Timings:
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Churchill War Rooms FAQs

Are the Churchill War Rooms Free?

No. There is an entry fee for Churchill War Rooms. For children under the age of 5 yrs, entry is free. The fare varies from £ 11.50 per person – £ 60.00 depending on the age and size of the family.

How long does it take to go through the Churchill War Rooms?

One can spend 90 minutes to half a day to go through the Churchill War Rooms depending upon one’s interest in reading the displayed documents.

Do I need to book Churchill War Rooms?

Yes. If you book tickets to Churchill War Rooms online, you need not stand in queue and waste your time. Also, you will be able to stand in the priority queue.

Is photography allowed in Churchill War Rooms?

Yes. Photography is allowed in Churchill War Rooms but tripod and flash are not allowed. Visitors are advised to look for signage that instructs where photography is allowed and where it is not.

What is there to do in Churchill War Rooms?

There is a massive amount of information that can be read on Churchill’s life in chronological order, from his birth to death. One can also read his famous speeches, letters to his wife, and documents about World War. Visitors can see Churchill’s & his family photos, paintings and watch war film clips.

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