London in June: Things to Do, Places to Visit & Events 2021
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Things to Do in London in June

Enjoy at Open Garden Weekend, Experience the field day, Limited Art Exhibit at Night, Visit the Tower Bridge, Cruise at River Thames, Enjoy an Opera at Holland Park, Visit the Warner Bros Studio, Enjoy Zoo nights, Explore the Crystal Palace Park, See the views from The Shard, Enjoy at Underbelly Fest and many more.

Brace yourself to experience the summer season in London in June. With pleasant winds and sunny days and the occasional drizzle, London exudes of beautiful scenery and interesting festivals. With people heading to the beach, enjoying the bustling nightlife, and just relaxing at quaint cafes located in cobbled lanes, you will get to see the vivacious side of the English city. 

During your holiday the famous places to visit in London in June include the Greenwich and Docklands festival which offers you a glare of royal parades, the London-eye which presents astonishing views of the city, the British Museum where you can get transported back in time and the uber-famous Warner Brothers studios which is every Potterhead's mecca along with many other attractions.
Along with the places, the things to do in London in June also have a range, from exploring the residence of the royal family at Buckingham Palace to touring the significant landmarks like Tower of London. You can also go on a double-decker bus tour of the city and cruise the River Thames. Or checkout the streets in London, attend an event at the O2 Arena, and gobble down the food by going on a food tour. Your summer escapade to London will leave you with a lot of memorable experiences. 

Here are some of the best things to do in London in June:

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107 Ratings Ratings
Imperial War Museum Tour,book Now @ Flat 15% off
  • 3H
  • London
  • 3H
₹3,789 ₹3,220
About London World War II & Imperial War Museum:
The London World War II & Imperial War Museum is an all in one spot catering great knowledge and information about World War II. The location is considered as a prominent spot that delivers a wide set of death stories about the destruction that took place in the past.

If you are in London and you wish to explore the history of London more acutely, then this is the spot that you must explore. Relax and soothe your mind with the immense serenity of the St Paul's Cathedral along with its Neoclassical, Gothic, and Baroque elements.
About Imperial War Museum Guided Tour:
The London World War II & Imperial War Museum tour makes you go back in time where you get to witness one of London’s most significant and renowned spots of those times.
The Imperial War Museum tour lets you explore the Imperial War Museum, where you can roam around with grasping the haunting and fearful stories of World War II.

The all-access tour teaches you the unforgettable stories of world war through which you can learn about the tragedies that killed many families and soldiers in London during the ‘Blitz’ from 1940-1941. Behold the glimpses of the St Paul's Cathedral and its Neoclassical, Gothic, and Baroque elements which would let you gather immense peace and relax your mind to the fullest.

Meet Up Information:
Time: 1:15 pm
Location: St Paul's Cathedral Underground Station

How to Reach:

The tour location is based at St Paul’s Underground Station, Cheapside, London EC1 and you can easily reach there by taking Exit 2 from station to Newgate Street and meeting your guide outside Café Nero, which is in front of you.

Children aged 4-12 years can book the child tickets for the Imperial War Museum tour.
Infants aged 0-3 are free of charge.
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Excellent 115 Ratings
115 Ratings Ratings
Kensington Palace Tickets, London @ Flat 32% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹2,169 ₹1,469
About Kensington Palace:
Get ready to visit and explore the residence of the Royal Family, the palace that has been serving since the 17th century. You get to avail of the opportunity of observing the royal life. The palace, in present, serves as a home to Prince William and Kate Middleton and is so perfectly maintained that you are bound to get astonished at the royalty that prevails there along with the wide variety of activities.

Observe and relish the King's State Apartments and get a hold of the quarter's luxurious decor and glorifying artworks. The palace is adorned with the beauty of the Sunken Garden and its beautiful flowers, where you can spot some amazing flower plantations during summers. Kensington Palace is something that you cannot miss to explore if you are in London.

About Kensington Palace Tickets:

The Kensington Palace tickets let you gather immense peace by visiting the residence of the Royal Family that has been a prominent attraction site in London since the 17th century. The Kensington Palace is the current home of Will and Kate and thus you can sense some royal treasures and royal customs with this tour.

Avail the opportunity to explore the King's Gallery with the Kensington Palace Ticket, which caters to the home for the finest paintings of the Royal Collection. The tour lets you get astonished at the beauty of the Sunken Garden and its vibrant flowers which are a matter of great fascination for visitors who come from the various corners of the country.

Opening Hours:
Summer (1 Mar-31 Oct)
10:00 am-6:00 pm, daily
Last admission: 5:00 pm

Winter (1 Nov-29 Feb)

10:00 am-4:00 pm, daily
Last admission: 3:00 pm

How to Reach:
Kensington Gardens is located at London W8 4PX and you can reach there with a 10-minute walk from Notting Hill Gate Station (Central line/Circle line/District line) or High Street Kensington Station (Circle line/District line)

Children aged 5-15 years can book the child Kensington Palace London tickets.
Children aged 0-4 can enter for free.
Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.
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Limited Art Exhibit at Night

Limited Art Exhibit at Night
Of all the things you can do in London in June, the Limited Art Exhibit is truly an experience that you will never forget. The paintings, the works of masters of the Renaissance era, the lovely sculptures – all for you to enjoy. And what’s more - the exhibits held in June are even more splendorous and majestic, because this is when the galleries hold most of the events and ceremonies.

The art installation here also features ceramic artworks, art drips, and cinema and theater. Walk into this art exhibit to experience a world of art like you have never seen before. 

Location: South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, SW3 4LW

Timing: 11 am to 9 pm

Price: Tickets will go live in spring.
Entry Tickets Explore All (18)
Explore All (18)
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70 Ratings Ratings
Tower Bridge London Tickets | Book @ ₹870 Only
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹990 ₹870

About Tower Bridge London:
Tower Bridge London ticket gives you access to the 443 meters tall glass walkway guaranteeing the best view of London. Marvel the original Victorian steam engines that still contribute to raising the Tower Bridge. Experience the rich culture and history of London on your visit. 

The Tower Bridge London ticket doesn't let you miss the opportunity of exploring the history and roots of the prominent tourist place in London, the Tower Bridge. This bridge, being one of the entryways into the city of London would cater to you the excellent and mesmerizing views of the entire city from the 43 meters tall glass walkway.

Opening Hours:
All year: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
On the third Saturday of every month, Tower Bridge opens at the later time of 10:00 am to facilitate Autism Friendly Early Opening sessions.

How to Reach:
Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, UK
The main entrance of the Tower Bridge Exhibition is based in the North West Tower of the Bridge and you can easily reach there with the help of underground stations or private transportation.

Please note Tower Bridge experience tickets do not permit you fast track entry to Tower Bridge. Visitors are advised to allow additional time for validating their booking, security checks and lift access up to the Walkways.
Children aged 5-15 years can book child tickets to Tower Bridge London.
Infants aged 0-4 are free of charge.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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105 Ratings Ratings
Hop on Hop off Thames River Cruise | Book @ ₹ 1550 Only!
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹1,825 ₹1,550
About River Thames:
The River Thames in London leads you to one of the most historical and cultural landmarks in London. You get to hop across with the River Red Rover and witness the mesmerizing views of the famous River Thames and land onto the tour’s four pier stops near the city’s top attractions.

The River Thames acts as a bridge leading you to the city’s astonishing marvels and the sites of British Monarchs since the 11th-century, the Westminster Abbey. You shall gather the sights of the famous ancient fortress, the Tower of London and understand the British monarchy’s priceless Crown Jewels. 

About hop on hop off Thames River Cruise:
The hop on hop off Thames River cruise makes the optimum use of your London tour by going on for a fun adventure at the River Thames. Get the pleasure of enjoying a delightful cruise experience along the renowned River Thames through which you can gather some eye-pleasing scenic beauty of the city’s sights and identify the skyline.

Get astonished at the city’s famous and prominent monuments such as the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe, Big Ben, etc. Besides, you shall be able to easily roam endlessly at any one of four piers which are located near the city’s top attractions. The onboard live commentary also helps you to learn the history and cultural composition of London and understand the richness of the city as a whole.

How to Reach:
You can reach the below-mentioned boarding location with the help of the following ways.
Westminster Pier: Take the London Underground to Westminster Station. Walk 1 minute
London Eye Pier: Take the London Underground to Waterloo Station
Tower Pier: Take the London Underground to Monument Station or Tower Hill Station
Greenwich Pier: Take the London Underground to North Greenwich Station

This hop-on hop-off Thames river cruise runs daily every 40 minutes from 10:00 am-6:15 pm
Last sail admission: 6:15 pm
Route: Westminster Pier, London Eye Pier, Tower Pier, and Greenwich Pier.

Children aged 5-15 years can book the child ticket for the hop on hop off Thames river cruise.
Infant aged 0-4 can join the Thames river hop on hop off cruise free of charge.
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Holland Park

London has a number of tourist attractions, and Holland Park is on top of that list. A major landmark in Central London, Holland Park is made up of a street park and a public park surrounded by tree-lined streets and Victorian-style town houses.

This beautifully maintained garden has a number of shops, luxury spas, hotels & restaurants, and several embassies in the vicinity, and is very close to the popular Design Museum.Holland Park has a history dating back to the 19th century, and was once part of a private property.

Holland Park later became the preferred place to stay for artists and art collectors, including Frederic Leighton and Val Prinsep due to its proximity with the Royal Academy of Arts. Now it is a property of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.Today, tourists and locals visit Holland Park to admire the natural beauty of the well-maintained park, and get a taste of history in the ruins of the Holland House.

The opera performed every summer at Holland Park is a must-visit. Performed in the backdrop of the Holland House, all performances are produced by the Opera Holland Park company. The park also has a number of other attractions like an orangery, a giant chess set, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, two Japanese gardens, and a children’s playground with squirrels and peacocks.

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Attractions Explore All (16)
Explore All (16)
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116 Ratings Ratings
Warner Bros Studio London Tour with Transfers | Flat 21% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹9,012 ₹7,119
The Warner Bros. Studio is an exciting spot in London that ensures a delightful self-guided behind-the-scenes tour, where you'll get to see the production sets along with costumes, and props that were used for all eight Harry Potter films. The spot also consists of a brilliant opportunity through which you can step on Platform 9 3/4, and take the pleasure of the Hogwarts Express train. With the cheerful ride, you can embrace the thrill with some magic and wonder. 

About Warner Bros. Studio London Tickets with Transfers:
The Warner Bros. Studio London tickets let you get drowned in the world of Harry Potter with the help of this amazing opportunity. You get to enjoy a delightful experience behind-the-scenes tour that takes you to the sets of Harry Potter. Observe and see the epic costumes and props from all the 8 Harry Potter films that made history.

The Warner Bros Studio tour London ticket also lets you walk down Diagon Alley along with stepping into the Great Hall. You get to witness many more iconic sets that were formed in the films and explore the wonders of the brand new Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Don't forget to visit Platform 9 3/4, and get seated on the Hogwarts Express train. With the train ride, you shall get a feeling like you are a part of the journey being a wizard. Besides, this package is inclusive of round trip train rides that let you experience a comfortable journey between the London Euston and Watford Junction Rail Station.

Timings: 11 AM

How to Reach:
Train (London Euston to Watford Junction)
You can take any train from London Euston Station to Watford Junction, but please note that your entry to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is at 11:00 am. 

Bus (Watford Junction to Warner Bros. Studio Tour)
The shuttle bus between Watford Junction and Warner Bros. Studio Tour London runs every 20 minutes from 9:20 am outside of the main station (journey time: approx. 15 minutes)
The shuttle bus is free to anyone with a valid voucher
When returning from the Studio Tour, simply follow the signs 'Shuttle Bus to Watford Junction'

No refunds will be issued for late arrivals in the Warner Bros. Studio London tickets.
Children aged 0-4 years can enter for free but need to make a booking to get the voucher.
Children aged above 4 years will be counted as adults for Warner Bros Studio tour London tickets.
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99 Ratings Ratings
Explore Zsl London Zoo Tickets I Flat 12% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹2,386 ₹2,099
About  ZSL London Zoo:
The  ZSL London Zoo renders a spot where you can spend a day out with your family and friends by enjoying cheerful glimpses of the unique animals. The  ZSL Zoo is regarded as one of the world's most famous zoos and is considered a family-friendly attraction in London. The Zoo caters as a home to over 750 animal species and is composed of 2,500 square meters in size. 

About ZSL London Zoo Ticket:
The ZSL London Zoo ticket lets you spend a delightful day at London Zoo. The London zoo caters as a home to the unique animals of the vicinity which are somewhat scary, hairy, tall and big. With ZSL Zoo London ticket, don't miss out on the chance of witnessing the unique animals like meerkats, Pygmy Hippos, Penguins, etc and pose for a perfect picture with them. Get fearless and touch the animals without getting afraid.

You shall also be able to visit The Land of the Lions and experience seeing the most unique and exciting animal species at the zoo. This trip is ideal for both nature and animal lovers where you can enjoy a fun-filled day out with your loved ones.

Wander endlessly in a zoo campus, with the ZSL Zoo London ticket which measures about 2,500 square meters of land, with which you get a feeling of exploring the Gir Forest National Park in India. Grab the window-less view of the lions who reside in the zoo freely. You shall be able to see your kids getting enlightened at the Children's Zoo, and see them interact with farm animals along with exploring beautiful Madagascar which contains adorable lemurs.

Opening Hours:

ZSL London Zoo is open from 10:00 am daily throughout the year
The zoo is closed on Christmas Day (25 Dec)

How to Reach:
The ZSL London Zoo is located at Regent's Park, London, NW1 4RY and you can get there by the following ways:
By Underground (Tube): Walk for 3 minutes from Camden Town and Regent’s Park stations
By Bus: Bus 274 runs from Marble Arch and Baker Street to Ormonde Terrace

Child ticket for ZSL London Zoo ticket: Age 3-15
Please note that children under 16 will not be admitted without an accompanying adult.
Children below 3 years can enter for free.
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Crystal Palace Park
Resting amidst the sky-touching buildings and old vibes of southeast London, the Crystal Palace Park is a one of its kind place where the visitors can learn, maintain health and their well-being along with indulging in some recreational activities. Besides, it houses a number of important natural attractions accompanied by man-made heritages. Also, it is the centre of all national sport events where people gather in a huge number.

Besides, one could also cherish the views of the Grand Terraces and central axis which presents an enchanting site of the old times. While roaming amidst the dense tropical woods and strolling around the clear ponds, you could witness the mesmerising statues of the prehistoric monsters. Built by Benjamin Waterhouse, these statues of the dinosaurs are the first ever life sized models of extinct animals.

The best part of the Crystal Palace Park is the Crystal Palace Museum, which still keeps the renowned Crystal Palace alive in its artefacts, photos, documents and ceramics of the palace. As the history recites, the Crystal Palace was burnt down by a fire in the year 1936 and the popularity of the palace led to the establishment of this museum.

People visit here to understand the story of Hyde Park and Sydenham Crystal Palaces through a series of images and scaled models of the Crystal Palace. The best place to unwind in the entire London, Crystal Park lets you spend some refreshing as well as rejuvenating time by providing you facilities like concrete pathways, lively animal farm, children’s playground, puzzling maze, stunning cafe and much more.
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101 Ratings Ratings
The View from the Shard Standard Tickets, Flat 26% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹2,999 ₹2,199

About The Shard:
The Shard is based on a height of 310 meters and 95 stories high. The perfect spot from where you can get the best views of London city. Being London's highest viewing platform, you avail the chance of grasping the splendid 360 degrees view of the entire city.

About The View from The Shard Ticket in London:
The View from The Shard Ticket in London lets you avail of admission to London’s incredible and highest viewing gallery from where you can take the glimpses of the entire city from the top of The Shard. You shall be able to enjoy the indoor viewing platform and the open-air sky deck and hear the noise and roars of the London city as a whole.

Don't miss the chance of grabbing the great views of London's most renowned places like Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Gherkin, and the London Eye. Besides, you can choose in between a glass of champagne or a cocktail and enjoy your drink while you grab the views of the city.

Ticket Types:
The view from the Shard ticket
Fastrack Entry with Champagne Experience
Fastrack Entry Tickets

The View From the Shard Opening Hours:
Time -10 am to 10 pm, Daily
Closed on Christmas
Closing times will vary according to the season and special events.

How to Reach:
Address: 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG. 
How to get there: By underground: The nearest underground station is London Bridge (Jubilee and Northern line)

For a better experience, please arrive between 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Please also note there may be a short waiting time to enter The View from The Shard during busy hours.
Child ticket: Age 4-15
Closing times will vary according to the season and special events.

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Enjoy at Underbelly Fest

Enjoy at Underbelly Fest
For finding the most enjoyable events in London, June is the month for you. And if you like live entertainment and alfresco dining and drinking, check out Underbelly fest. The event lasts throughout the summer, and features festivities and ceremonies in the form of music, comedy, circus, cabaret, theater, and whatnot.

You can also check out the street food vendors on the banks of river Thames, or grab a tasty drink at the outdoor bar, which is the largest of its kind in the city. Featuring names like Josie Long, Gravity and Other Myths, and The Silent Disco Show, Underbelly Fest is indeed an unmissable event held in London in June. 

Location: Southbank, between Southbank Centre, Jubilee Gardens and the London Eye, off Belvedere Road

Timing: 24 hours

Price: Entry is free. Some events may be charged.

Experience Greenwich & Docklands International Festivals

Experience Greenwich & Docklands International Festivals
When it comes to the month of the most popular events in London, June certainly takes the cake. Among various innovative art productions, family events, and premiers, the Greenand Docklands International Festivals are as extensive and colourful as you can hope for.

If you are looking for things to do in London in June, you will be delighted to know that this festival is the perfect chance to enjoy the city’s most famous music events, dance specials, circus performances, and street theater – and all of this in one place! The festival also features a variety of performances based on themes like love, ambition, struggle, etc. All in all – an art lover’s paradise!

Location: Various locations across Royal Greenwich, Docklands, and Tower Hamlets

Timing: 24 hours

Price: Most events and performances are free. Some slots, activities and bookings will require a payment.
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Excellent 94 Ratings
94 Ratings Ratings
Hampton Court Palace Tickets, London @ Flat 32% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹2,799 ₹1,899
About Hampton Court Palace:
The Hampton Court Palace takes you back in time and lets you explore the life that used to be under the reign of King Henry VIII. Henry VIII was renowned as the second monarch for the House of Tudor and the Hampton Court Palace lets you get drowned in the luxury of England's royal palaces. Roam around and gather some fantastic views of the Royal family and give yourself the chance to walk through the vast 60 acres Palace Gardens. The palace gardens are adorned with immense scenic plantations, the beauty of which can be appreciated all year round.

Hampton Court Palace Ticket :
The Hampton Court Palace ticket gets you a chance to enjoy a delightful day by letting you explore the Tudor world. Witness the life that used to be under the reign of King Henry VIII! 
Besides, get the glimpses of 60 acres of riverside gardens, that leads you towards a world-famous maze. You can get super playful and enjoy great times with your loved ones.

Don't forget to peep into the Tudor Kitchens and know the menu for the day. Also, rest your feet at the Queen's Apartments and see the Georgian rooms which would let you understand the great artistic creations of the18th-century. You also get the chance to feed yourself with some great delicacies at some amazing cafes in the palace.

Opening Hours:
Hampton Court Palace is open daily except for 24-26 Dec.

Summer (29 Mar-3 Nov)
Monday-Sunday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Last admission: 5:00 pm
Last admission to Magic Garden and Maze: 4:15 pm

Winter (4 Nov-28 Mar)

Monday-Sunday: 10:00 am-4:30 pm
Last admission: 3:30 pm
Last admission to Maze: 3:45 pm

How to Reach:
The Hampton Court Palace is based at East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9AU and you can take South West Trains to Hampton Court Station for reaching the location.

Child ticket to Hampton Court Palace: Age 5-15
Children aged 0-4 can enter for free.
Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.
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62 Ratings Ratings
London Pass with Hop on Hop off Bus I Flat 13% off
  • 1D
  • London
  • 1D
₹6,798 ₹5,899
Embark on London hop on hop off with London Pass and explore the streets of London.
Explore London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom with hop on hop off London bus. Visit over 80 top attractions such as Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Now with Thrillophilia, you don't have to wait in long lines to visit St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, The Shard, London Zoo, and Tower Bridge. 

You will get a pass to explore St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and The Shard with the 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and 4 days sightseeing tour. You will get a free guidebook filled with useful information, tips, and city maps.

The London Pass gives you access to 1-day unlimited rides on the city’s hop-on hop-off bus of London. The pass gets activate when it is used for the first time and will be valid for the next 1,2,3 or 4 days depending on your pass selected.

Ticket Types:
Pass for 1 Day
Pass for 2 Days
Pass for 3 Days
Pass for 4 Days

London Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Children aged 5-15 years can book the child ticket for hop on hop off with London Pass.
Children aged 0-4 can join for free.
The London Pass only grants one-time access to each attraction.
Bring a valid ID proof. 
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Witness the Royal Parades

Witness the Royal Parades
Various ceremonial parades are held in London in June that pertain to the state, military and royal ceremonies. Some of the most common ones include the birthday of the Queen Parade, The State Opening of Parliament, State Visits, and the Beating Retreat.

One of the most quintessentially British celebrations, these parades are also a symbol of the history, pageantry, and the richness of the British culture. Witness the Foot Guards in their characteristic red tunic and bearskin caps, and enjoy the pomp and show of the Cavalry Regiment. Royal Parades offer you a chance to take part in one of the most enjoyable ceremonies held in London in June. 

Location: Blackheath, London, UK

Timing: The timing for the parades varies according to the event, but most parades start at 11 am and last for at least 45 minutes. 

Price: Starts at 11 Pounds.
Newly Added London Experience

Attractions in London

Explore All (16)
Explore All (16)

London Top Attractions

Places To Visit In London
03 February 2020
Not an experience that you get to have every day. From all the places I visited in London on my tour, this had a distinct feel to it. I didn't expect a lot of tourists there but to my surprise, I found there was a great line for ticket booking. The entire museum had a very offbeat feel to it. It really made me feel like I was in a war room preparing for some kind of a battle.
18 November 2019
Even though the building looks a little ancient the overall feel of the place is very futuristic. It is not something that we get to see everyday. The kids are also going to love it. A good place to learn and have some fun! Must visit.
09 January 2020
Always wonder where the word GMT came from. Haha! My trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was extraordinary. I got to discover a lot and it was an insightful tour. The tickets I got were from Thrillophilia. I did a lot of cool stuff like standing right on the meridian line and also took a lot of photos with my friends. Overall, a blissful experience providing a rich learning opportunity to people like me. I would definitely want every holidaymaker to visit this place.
12 September 2019
The best way I can describe my entire experience starting with getting my tickets from Thrillophilia to touring around St. Paul's Cathedral would be to the day that it was simply amazing. The place was so quiet and soothing, it was the kind of thing I wanted towards the end of my first-day tour in London. A side note, Just make sure you have a valid ID proof along with the tickets, it is important.
12 February 2020
I had a great time at St. Paul's Cathedral. The experience was sublime and I loved every bit of it. The place was amazing and we got a chance to just relax and enjoy some peace in the Cathedral. It is a definite recommendation from my end to every tourist visiting London. Trust me, advance booking your tickets take a load off of you.
13 February 2020
My visit to the Imperial War Museum was insightful and really inspiring. I got to see a ton of war artilleries from the time of World War. Upon entering it will take you some time but the place will really grow on you. I must say that the guide was also thorough about the entire place.
16 December 2019
Kensington Palace is very grand and beautiful. The palace also carries a rich history that we learned a lot about from the people there. If you are interested in architecture and history then visit as I got bored after sometime.
22 October 2019
It is a royal palace with a distinct architectural design that is really beautiful for the visitors. I really admired the entire ambiance of the place and the tour was just perfect. I strongly recommend everyone to visit the place on their tour to London.
09 December 2019
I got a chance to relax and me and my parents just sat in the garden and admired it's beauty. We spent around 30 minutes there walking around. Overall, it was nice experience but nothing special.
17 November 2019
The Kew Gardens was the perfect addition to my overall London trip. Upon reaching I visited the place towards the evening and I must tell you what a relaxing feeling it was. It was great sitting amidst the raw nature and enjoying some time in peace. We also took a lot of pictures and overall, we enjoyed the place very much.

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People Also Ask About London

  1. How much does it rain in London in June?

    When it comes to weather conditions in London in June, rainfall is more or less constant. On average, rainfall during the day remains 1.5 inches in this month. It rarely goes over 3.2 inches, or under 0.5 inches. What it essentially means is that there will be rain almost everyday in London in June. But you will also see some sunshine in between the days, so it is not completely gray and gloomy.
  2. Is June a good time to visit London?

    Yes, June is a good time to visit the city. In fact, London in June is a good mixture of rain and sunshine. Temperature during this time usually varies between 13 and 30 degrees Celsius. As a result, the days are perfect for sightseeing, going to music festivals, and enjoying the various outdoor activities the city has to offer. Indeed, there are many things to do in London in June, whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty in the parks, enjoy the lovely sights of the gardens, or check out the rooftop bars.
  3. How many days are enough in London?

    At most, you will need 4-5 days to see the major landmarks, get acquainted with the city, and visit the most important attractions. If you are visiting the city for the first time, there are several events in London in June that you can check out.
  4. Is it expensive to visit London?

    Depending on the things to do in London in June, your cost for the entire trip will be variable. It can be anywhere between 1500 Pounds to 3000 Pounds. Overall speaking, London is generally considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. That is why, it may not be an entirely cheap trip.