Tower Bridge Overview

Featured in several Hollywood movies, the beautiful London Bridge is known as the World’s largest antique and a worldwide famous attraction. Spread over 269 meters, the London Bridge is one of the many bridges in London straddling the River Thames between Borough High Street in SouthWark and King William Street in Lake Havasu City.

Tower Bridge is an iconic bridge located on River Thames that has become symbolic to London. During the earlier times, it was also called “Tower of London” due to a royal prison that was located inside this tower. This bridge has been built with a unique combination of bascule and suspension elements. It took eight years to construct this bridge, and it is exemplary to great engineering and design. Check out Europe tour package for the best deals and experiences!

The bridge was opened for public on 30th June 1894 by the Princess of wales. It is 240 meters in length, and it’s twin towers rise 61 meters above the River Thames. The rising bascule and the grand towers of London Bridge make it one of the most recognized bridges in the entire world. The most striking feature of Tower Bridge is it’s two magnanimous towers that are connected through two parallel walkways.

The high-level walkways offer you a chance to have a panoramic view of the city life of London, and its Victorian Gothic design takes you into the era of Victorian London. The spectacular glass floors across the walkways give you a chance to gush over the pedestrians whizzing across the Bridge.

It operates through a computer control system and can be lowered down and raised remotely. The bascules are raised three times a day during which the ships need the notice to pass through the river on which this bridge has been built. It does not just serve as a medium of easy passage but has transformed into the historical and cultural landmark of London.


• Take a stroll down London Bridge and observe the historic lamps built from Napoleon Bonaparte's army's melted-down cannons.
• Enjoy spending time in the conspicuous bars and restaurants, and partake in taking a tour to the iconic nearby attractions and cultural events.
• Visit this lively waterside destination during the evenings to experience the beautiful sunset and take several photos of the landscape.
• Witness the views of The Shard, stroll on the glass walkway at the Tower Bridge, and take pleasure walking through the Borough Market.
• Enjoy an amazing cultural show at The Bridge Theater and partake in the latest exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, and contemporary art gallery White Cube Bermondsey and the Underdog Art gallery.
• Take your kids to enjoy the Unicorn Theater that puts interesting performances for audiences up to aged 21.
• Savor your taste buds at the famous London Bridge food markets, the Borough Market and the Maltby Street Market, where you can find several street food stalls selling scrumptious delicacies.

How To Reach

The London City Center is well-connected with other parts of the city. The Tower Bridge is also an important landmark, and so there are various ways to go from the London City Center to the Tower Bridge. They are:

- By Car: The best way to reach Tower Bridge from London City Center is by traveling through the A3211, which is a total of 3 miles between the two destinations. After that, exit the Northumberland Avenue and continue on the A3211 till you reach the A100 and, eventually, the tower bridge.

You can alternatively take the routes that reach the A100, through Tower Bridge Road, or New Kent Road, which add up to a total of 3.4 and 3.3 miles, respectively. 

- By Train: The route that will take the least amount of time is the one that begins at the Central London Station. It then goes on the Bakerloo line till the Waterloo station, and then the Jubilee line till the London Bridge Station. The actual Tower Bridge is a mere 0.5 miles away from the station. This entire route takes a total of 19 minutes.

You can also reach Tower Bridge from London City Center by train through three alternative routes. The two routes start from the Southeastern line via the Gravesend and Hayes Stations. These routes take a total of 24 and 25 minutes to help you reach Tower Bridge, respectively. 

There is yet another route that takes a total of 22 minutes to reach Tower Bridge from London City Centre. It goes from the Circle line, starting from the Embankment Station through the Liverpool Station to reach Tower Hill, wherefrom the tower bridge is a 0.3 miles walk. 

- By Bus: The 381, the N199 and the 47 are all buses that go from the London City Center Station to the Tower Bridge. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to see London Bridge is in the spring and summer seasons, between March and April, and June. This is the best time to visit London Bridge because lodging and theater bookings are easy to come by. If you're planning a day trip to the Bridge, keep in mind that lineups can be heavy throughout the middle of the day and on weekends, so going early on a weekend or weekday may be your best bet.

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Other Essential Information

Total length: 244 m

Distance from London city center: 

3.0 mi via A3211

3.3 mi via Tower Bridge Rd/A100

The Architecture of Tower Bridge

The bridge has a highly composite design. It is a combination of both bascule and suspension design elements. The bridge was commissioned to aid the substantiate traffic between the North and the Southside of the city. Since the river traffic could not be hindered, the bascule design was accepted as the bridge’s leaves could be lifted to make way for larger ships to cross.

The side-spans of the bridge were designed in the suspension style, and the suspension rods were affixed to the abutments and the rods of the higher walkways. The construction was sanctioned by the Parliament, to be in the Gothic style. The bridge carries two-way traffic, with both sides having a fenced walkway to its ends.

The bridge also has a chimney that people often wrongly think to be a lamp-post. It connects to a fireplace of one of the guard-rooms of the tower, that is defunctioning now. Most interestingly, the bridge has separate walkways 44 meters above the river that can be accessed by lifts.

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About Tower Bridge Glass Floor

The Glass Floor installed at the base of the elevated walkways is one of the most well thought out renovations to the tower bridge. It has renewed people’s interest in this iconic bridge. The glass floor of the walkway spans about 11 meters in length and 1.8 meters in width.

A strategically placed mirror over the glass walkway has made the entire expanse a highly sought after spot for selfies. The upper walkways are open from 11 AM to 11 PM, and it costs £9.80 to get admission to the area. The glass floor has, since its inauguration, become a major tourist attraction.

Many come to experience the surreal experience of vehicles crossing through the main bridge, and others love gasping at the ships passing by the river. A yoga class also commences on the glass surface every Wednesday and costs £25. This incredible structure offers visitors the bird’s eye view of the glittering life of London.

Facts about Tower Bridge

The bridge has certainly captured the larger public’s imagination for more than a century now. The following are certain interesting facts about the bridge:

1. McCulloch’s Mistake -

There is a popular urban legend, according to which Robert McCulloch, who bought the old London Bridge transported it to Arizona under the impression that he has bought the tower bridge. This legend stems from the long-known confusion that people tend to have between the two structures, and hence Tower Bridge is also known as London Bridge. 

2. Dead Man’s Hole -

Located underneath the Tower Bridge is a mortuary where several Unionists' bodies were dumped. As time passed by, this area began to be popularly referred to as the ‘Dead Man’s Hole.’ Fortunately, there seems to be no use of the mortuary anymore. 

3. The Bridge’s own Horses -

When the bridge was initially opened to the public, some were concerned that certain horses would not be able to draw their gigs up the slant Bridge because they were not powerful enough. The bridge, therefore, had its own horses to break the notion of the people.

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Travelers' Tip before Visiting Tower Bridge

There are a few tips that you must follow before visiting Tower Bridge for an incredible experience.

- Book tickets beforehand:

Tickets to the main areas inside the tower or even the lift to the upper walkways aren’t always readily available. It is always recommended that you book your tickets beforehand so you can access all areas of your choice, without much hassle.

- Look up the times for the Bridge Opening:

Regardless of whether you wish to watch the bridge rise and fall from the ground floor or you wish to attend the yoga classes or exhibitions, always lookup for the correct time of the events. 

- Always apply a sunblock:

If you’re visiting this iconic landmark in summer, then make sure to carry sunblock and goggles to protect yourself from suntan and heat rashes.

- Carry a camera:

You should always carry a good camera to capture the enthralling moments as a memoir of your trip. The sights from the walkways are some of the best in London, and you should definitely have a snap of it on your camera.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Tower Bridge
The ‘See Inside’ Tour

The ‘See Inside’ Tour

This tour gives a holistic experience of the bridge’s history and its significance. The interactive displays of Tower Bridge, like animation films describing the architectural significance of this bridge, can be witnessed on this tour.

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Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

Tower Bridge is known for organizing permanent exhibitions celebrating the lives of the men who played a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the bridge before the bridge system was automatized in 1976. Short animation clips, as well as intimate stories of the people who worked over here, are on display on this exhibition.



Every Wednesday, there is a yoga class held on the Glass floor for £25. It is an amazing experience, and each one of you should attend at least one session. 

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Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Once a day, every month, the bridge devotes the entire upper walkway to conduct some fun family-oriented activities. In January, for example, they will be conducting an activity to discuss how an air-force officer, Frank McClean, flew a plane through the Tower Bridge. Parents will get to make paper airplanes and imitate that moment with a model of the structure. 

Stunning Musical Evening

Stunning Musical Evening

Some of the most renowned musical performances are also held every week at the walkway of Tower Bridge. The acclaimed musicians and singers captivate the heart of the audience with their talent in these shows. 

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Bascule Chamber Events

Bascule Chamber Events

The bascule chamber that is mostly in disuse is opened up once every year, for public events. You can witness in this event soothing musical performances and interesting plays.

Glass Floor

Glass Floor

This is a relatively new addition to the tower bridge that acts as an enthralling attraction for the visitors. People love walking through the glass floor as it gives them the feeling of floating through the air. You can also have a bird’s eye view of the colorful life of London through it.

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Victorian Engine Rooms

Victorian Engine Rooms

The Victorian Engine Rooms were once in charge of managing the movement of people on the bridge, and they lifted the bridge around 12 times a day. But now it has become a shrine to the bridge’s history and significance. It displays the courage of the people who devoted their lives to building this important London landmark.

St Katharine Docks

St Katharine Docks

This was formerly Central London’s only Marina that has evolved to become one of the most sought after waterside communities in all of London. There are swanky offices and private spaces, with shopping areas and restaurants located over here.

Tower of London

Tower of London

The inspiration for the name of Tower Bridge came from the Tower of London. It is an important landmark of London having royal chambers and historically dreaded prisons that are around 1000 years old. Even the famed crown jewels are present here. 

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Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

Set against the backdrop of the Tower Bridge, this bizarrely yet aptly named artwork is one that is deeply appreciated by all passersby. It is crafted beautifully, and it adds to the artistic rigor and charm of the entire venue.

Bridge Theatre

Bridge Theatre

The Bridge Theatre is the first wholly new theatre to be added to London’s commercial theatre scene in 80 years. It is extremely well decorated and meticulously designed. You can also witness over here some amazing shows. 

Lady Daphne

Lady Daphne

This is one of the classic wooden vessels of London that was built in England in 1923. It was initially used to carry cargoes, but now you can have an enthralling view of Thames river while sailing through it.

Sir Simon Milton Statue

Sir Simon Milton Statue

Dedicated to the memory of the Deputy Mayor Simon Milton, this statue commemorates his courage and endless service to the people of London. The statue shows Milton brooding with his legs crossed, and is one of the prime attractions for the visitors. 

Shad Thames

Shad Thames

This is a cobbled riverside street located on the southern bank of Thames River. It is known for its spice warehouses and coffee shops. You can also find here cafes, bars, and restaurants for an elite dining experience.

Tourism Board Alliances

Tower Bridge FAQs

Is the Tower Bridge the same as London Bridge?

People often get confused and consider Tower Bridge as London Bridge, which is an absolute notion. In reality, the two iconic structures are absolutely distinct. This misconception is so common that there was a popular urban legend that Robert P. McCulloch, bought the old London Bridge to ship it to Lake Havasu City in Arizona. He was under the mistaken belief that he was buying Tower Bridge. This was refuted by McCulloch, and the vendor of the bridge (Ivan Luckin) confirmed that there wasn’t any such confusion. Still, no tourist has ever visited the Tower Bridge without hearing of this common misconception at least once.

Is Tower Bridge worth visiting?

Yes, Tower Bridge is one of the most notable attractions of London that is heavily used by the people of London to commute from distant places. The Tower Bridge Exhibition offers the visitors an insight into the rich history of London. The Victorian Era Engine Rooms that powered the bridge originally and allowed it to be raised are also the star attraction of this bridge. Tower Bridge is also extremely renowned for its Glass Floor that offers a mesmerizing view of the sparkling life of London. The interactive displays of Tower Bridge, like animation films describing the architectural significance of this bridge, are also a must-watch.

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Can you walk across Tower Bridge for free?

The main bridge is accessible to everyone, and so one can walk through the main walkway for free. However, access to the walkways on the upper level, which is accessible by lifts, is chargeable at £9. Further, if someone wants to go beyond just walking on the upper walkway and, in fact, visit the insides of the tower, the fees for the whole experience cost £12.

How long is the Tower Bridge tour?

It takes around 30-60 minutes to soak into the craftsmanship and to have an alluring tour of Tower Bridge. Since it offers some of the most notable attractions like tower bridge engine rooms, high-level walkways, and spectacular glass floors, it’s best to spare some time to have a detailed tour of this bridge. You should avoid an unplanned visit to Tower Bridge as it offers plenty of things for you to uncover, which you won’t be able to enjoy when you’re in a hurry.

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Does Tower Bridge lift up?

Yes, Tower Bridge can be lowered down and raised remotely as it operates through a computer control system. The bascules of the bridge are raised around a thousand times a year.

Why is the Tower Bridge famous?

Tower Bridge is a prominent landmark of London that has been made with a combination of suspension and bascule elements on River Thames. It is a masterpiece of Victorian engineering and is widely recognized as the star attraction of London. People love to visit this site due to its bewildering beauty, architectural excellence, and historical significance. They get a chance to seep into the history of this bridge through the Tower Bridge Exhibition that is organized over here. The visitors also get a chance to have a birds-eye view of the beguiling city of London through the high-level Walkways. Moving on to the spectacular glass floors across the walkways of Tower Bridge is also an experience that you won’t get anywhere else in this world.

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Are dogs allowed inside the attraction?

Yes, you can take your dogs inside Tower Bridge. But you must supervise your dogs during the tour to avoid any nuisance. During the busy hours, you might be restricted from taking your dogs inside this attraction. The assistance dogs, however, are allowed to enter the Tower Bridge at any time.

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