11 Best Places to Visit in Kaza: Updated 2021
COVID-19 : SPITI VALLEY is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to SPITI VALLEY?

Entry is open from all domestic states.

  • Face masks are compulsory when going out in public
  • All inter-state travellers must register on the e-pass portal, for ease of contact tracing till 15th of September. No registration required post 15th of September.
  • COVID-19 test is not required on entry to Spiti Valley; however, thermal screening shall be done for all passengers entering the borders of this valley.
  • All travellers must download the Aarogya Setu App
  • Containment zones to remain in lockdown till 31st of August 2020.
  • No night curfews are active in Spiti Valley.
  • All supermarkets, parks, malls and attractions are open with strict COVID-19 prevention norms in place.
  • Social distancing to be followed mandatorily when out in public.
  • 14 days of Institutional Quarantine is mandatory for symptomatic travellers arriving from any Red Zone districts outside Himachal Pradesh.
  • Intrastate passengers having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) symptoms are also to be quarantined in a government facility for 14 days.
  • Asymptomatic passengers to be home quarantined for 14 days
  • For passengers arriving from red zone districts outside of Himachal Pradesh, carrying a COVID-19 negative test report from ICMR authorized lab, not older than 48 hours from the date of departure,14 days of Home Quarantine is allowed.

The nearest airport is the Kullu Airport. Flight are functional to here from Delhi and Chandigarh.


Inter-state entry of private and government buses in restricted in Spiti Valley, however, inter-district bus services are functioning in the valley with 60% passenger capacity.

Local Transport

Local transport services, like taxis, autos and buses are functioning in the valley.

Numerous steps have been taken by the government of Himachal Pradesh to curb the spread of Covid-19 while allowing travellers and tourists an enjoyable visit to Spiti Valley. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Lahaul- Spiti to remain closed till April 2021 Updated: 18 Dec 2020

According to the latest guidelines by Himachal authorities, Spiti will remain closed for tourists till April 2021 as a precaution due to harsh winters and increasing Covid-19 cases in the valley Read more.

Interstate Movement of Taxi Allowed with DC Permission Updated: 10 Sep 2020

Inter-state entry of taxis is allowed with the permission of the deputy commissioners. Public transport buses, plying inter-state, remain restricted.

Temples and Religious Places to Open from 1st of September Updated: 10 Sep 2020

All religious places and temples in Spiti Valley shall be opened for public from 1st of September with suitable SOPs to ensure the safety of patrons.Read more.

Hotels, Homestays and Resorts Re-opening on 1st of October to Allow Visitors Updated: 10 Sep 2020

Most of the homestays, hotels and resorts in Spiti Valley will start functioning again from 1st of October 2020. Inter-state patrons must book a minimum of two days stay in these hotels. Read more.

Night Curfew Lifted in Spiti Valley Updated: 10 Sep 2020

As per the MHA’s Unlock 4.0 guidelines, the night curfew in Spiti Valley, that was imposed between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. has been lifted to allow unrestricted intra-state travel.

Places to visit in Kaza includes Kibber Village, Tabo, Dhankar Monastery, Chandratal Lake, Dhankar Lake and many other places.

Your wanderlust will be at peace once you are at Kaza. 
Places to visit in Kaza includes not only dessert-like terrains but also snowy mountains. Starting your day with the bird’s-eye view and prayers in Dhankar Monastery till witnessing dawn and changing the colour of the river at Chandratal Lake, all these places of Kaza will keep you busy with its beauty. 

Wildlife lovers can seek peace at Kibber wildlife sanctuary and photographers can satisfy their camera lenses with the beauty of Kunzum La.
In Kaza there are ample monasteries for devotees of Lord Buddha. List of monasteries includes Sakya Tangyud Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Key Monastery, and Tabo Monastery. People seeking peace of mind in their life head towards these monasteries.  Kaza has several places to visit that guarantee to leave you  amazed. The impeccable charm of these places provides you with fulfilment and relaxation.

Here is the list of places to visit in Kaza:


Kibber Village

Kibber Village

Precisely famous for Kibber wildlife sanctuary and Kibber Monastery, this place is fenced by beautiful landscapes and hills. Alternatively called Kyibar, this picturesque village is positioned at 4,270 m above sea level. Kibber was built in Tibetan architecture with similar looking houses, currently, it’s the most populated village with around 366 people. 

Buddhism is the majorly practiced religion by the locals here. Foundation of Kibber Monastery was laid by Serkong Rinpoche, who was the teacher of Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama holds a special place for the Buddhist people as he was the initiator of Buddhism community.

How to reach Kibber: 
It’s the highest located village with road connectivity, but still there are no direct buses till here. You have to catch a private or shared taxi from Kaza or Spiti which are at 20 Kms and 19 Kms from Kibber respectively. 

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Alias “Ajanta of Himalayas”, Tabo is resting at an altitude of 3,050 from the sea level. The highlight of this place is Tabo Monastery which is the oldest monastery of India. Tabo monastery is the incalculable gem of Buddhist community. It is the second most important and oldest Buddhist monastery after the Tholing Gompa in Tibet. Tabo monastery is beautifully crafted with murals and ancient arts.

How to reach Tabo: 
The only bus kick starts at 6:30 am from Reckong Peo bus stand and covers 150Kms to reach Tabo at around 4 pm. Spiti is at a distance of 54 Kms from Tabo.

Monastery Timing:
 Monastery opens at 6 am along with the Morning Prayer and stays open till 7 pm round the week, including public holidays.

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Key Monastery

Key Monastery

The largest monastery of Spiti valley, this is one of the amazing places to visit in Kaza. Standing 4,166 m high above the sea, it is the training center of around 300 Lamas. Despite several attacks Key Monastery sails through to complete its 1000 years in the year 2000 in the holy presence of Dalai Lama.

How to reach Key Monastery: 
It is besides Spiti river, at around 15 Kms from Spiti valley. Monastery is reachable via Kaza only, you have to catch a bus or taxi from Kaza to reach outside of Monastery, and from there you have to walk till monastery.

Monastery Timings:
 Opens from 6 am to 6 pm, every day of the week.

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Dhankar Monastery

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Dhankar Monastery

Also called as Dankhar,Drangkhar and Dhangkar Gompa, this monastery is at a sky-touching height of 12,774 Ft. Dhankar Monastery is beautifully built 1000ft above the ground on the cliff edge, to give you a 360-degree view of the whole Spiti valley. It stores a statue of Dhyan Buddha along with a museum. Dhangkar Gompa is featured in the world’s 100 most endangered monuments.

How to reach Dhankar Monastery: 
From Kaza it is a 40 Kms bus journey or you can choose the adventurous way by dropping down in between and do a 10 Km trek to the monastery. It is at a distance of 40 Kms from Spiti valley as well.

Monastery Timings:
 6:30 Am to 5:00 pm.

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Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass

Your list of “places to visit in Kaza” must include this highest motorable pass called Kunzum Pass, also known as Kunzum La by the locals. Offering a panoramic view of Bara-Shigri glacier, it connects Spiti valley via Kullu and Lahaul. Chandrabhaga range and spiti valley is like a “Dream come true” scenario for a photographer. A 15 Kms trek from Kunzum La takes you to Chandratal Lake.

How to reach Kunzum Pass: 
You have to take an HRTC bus from Manali which leaves at 5 am and reaches the pass at 2 pm which is near Spiti valley.

It is believed that whosoever is crossing the Kunzum La must stop at the temple of Goddess Kunzu Devi, to seek the blessings to cross the pass safely.

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Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

Sitting in the lap of Himalayas at an altitude of 4300 m, this lake is located on the Samudra Tapu plateau which looks above the Chandra rive. Lake is called sacred since it is believed that God Indra’s chariot picked up Yudhishthira from here only, so it’s an attraction for Hindu devotees as well.

The color of the lake’s water keeps changing throughout the day from reddish orange to blue to emerald green.

How to reach Chandratal Lake:
Catch a bus going from Kaza to Manali and get down at Batal, from there you need to hitchhike and cover 14 kms till Chandratal Lake . Another way is to reach Kunzum La from Kaza and then trek rest of the way till Chandratal Lake.It is at a walking distance of 2km from Kunzum La, and 72 km away from Spiti valley.

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Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake

You just can’t miss this lake from your list of “Places to visit in Kaza”. Situated at a mere distance of 5km from Dhankar Monastery, this lake is on the next side of the hill. You need to walk for 60 mins approximately through the scenic beauty of Spiti Valley, to make your way till Dhankar Lake. 

As the sky changes color, you can see the lake’s water doing the same. This crystal clear lake water gives you jaw-dropping views around the lake.

How to reach Dhankar Lake: 
Starting from Dhankar monastery ,You need to walk and cover 5 Kms on hills to reach Dhankar Lake. Dhankar Monastery is reachable via Kaza after a journey of 40 Kms.

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Pin Valley National Park and Pin Valley Park Trek

Pin Valley National Park and Pin Valley Park Trek

Pin Valley National Park is mostly loved by nature lovers and adventure seekers.  Sited at a height ranging from 11,500 Ft. to 20,000 Ft., Pin Valley Park was made a wildlife park in 1987. Spread over a vast area of 675 sq. km., this place brings together an amazing combination of around 20 species of flora and fauna.

Snow Leopard, Siberian Ibex, red fox, etc are the highlights of this park. After getting required permits, one can opt for Pin Valley Park Trek which is covered with snow for most of the year.

How to reach Pin Valley National Park: 
It’s reachable via bus from Kaza to Mud village, then from there a taxi to cover 50 Kms to the park.

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Sakya Tangyud Monastery

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Sakya Tangyud Monastery

Amongst the places to visit in Kaza, Tangyud is one of the most beautiful monastery that can be seen on the outskirts of Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary . Precisely it is located in the Komic Village of Spiti Valley.

Risen up till 4520 m from the sea, this is one of the highest gompas in India. The monastery was made like a castle, at the edge of a deep canyon. It is a part of only two monasteries belonging to the Sakya sect left in the valley of Spiti.

How to reach Tangyud Monastery: 
It is located at a distance of 4 Kms from Kaza and is easily accessible.

Monastery Timings:
 Opens at 6 am and stays open till 6 pm during all the days of the week.

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Komic Village

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Komic Village

“Komic” whose literal meaning is “eye of a snow cock”, is a village in Spiti valley which is located at a height of 4587 m above sea level. On our list of “Places to visit in Kaza”, It is one of the highest villages that is connected via motorable roads.

Local believes in Buddhism just like most of the villages of the Spiti valley. It’s a place that does not grab the interest of many, but those who like to stay close to nature and are searching for serenity will love this place. Similar places like Langa Village and Hikkim Village are also located nearby to Komic Village.

How to reach Komic Village: 
You can easily reach Komic village from Kaza which is at a distance of 19 Kms via Hikkim Village. There is a bus from Kaza to Komic which goes at 2pm and reaches Komic at 3:30 pm.

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Langza Village

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Langza Village

On your list of places to visit in Kaza, the last stop is Langza Village. This village is nestled at an altitude of 4400 m. It constitutes of 2 parts, named as Langza Yogma(lower) and Langza Gongma(upper).

The main attraction includes the statue of Lord Buddha, beautiful overlook for the valley, ancient monastery and mud houses. It’s a homeland of Fossil fuels. Due to the large availability of Fossil Fuels, geologists and anthropologists make their visit here. Being one of the best locations in Spiti valley, this village offers you snow-covered mountains and barren landscapes that will make you go “Wow”.

How to reach Langza Village: 
It is 16 km from Kaza, from Kaza you need to hire a private or shared taxi.

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18 July 2015
Beautiful, unexplored place and the best part away from all the cobwebs of city.This place is heaven on earth. It is hard to believe that such beauty even exists. But yes, beauty comes at a price. Its hard to reach. Weather is extreme. I went there via Kinnaur. And Kinnaur is not for the light hearted. Its a long, tiring and dangerous journey with a treasure at the end.
18 June 2019
I went to Spiti Valley with my family from Chandigarh and we booked our trip from Thrillophilia. The place is so beautiful, the view is so captivating. the trip was really wonderful we had a very nice ti me on the trip. Thanks, Thrillophilia for the great experience!!!
15 October 2019
We went to Spiti from Shimla. We booked the trip from Thrillophilia and must say they have arranged everything so nicely, the stays, meals everything was so nice. We had an amazing time on the entire trip.
27 September 2019
The Spiti Valley trip from Delhi was so amazing, The entire trip was so nicely planned, the meals and stays everything was so good. we had a great time on the trip. The place is so beautiful.
22 October 2019
we went to Spiti valley from Delhi and it was one of the best trips ever, The beautiful hills and mountains are so alluring, Key Monastery, Lhalung Monastery, Dhankar Lake, Pin Valley National Park, and Kunzum Pass all are so beautiful. We had an amazing time at the trip. Thanks Thrillophilia for the wonderful experience!!!
10 July 2019
Chapala Pothuvaal Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
Thrillophilia just arranged the best trip of my life! The guide was excellent, the bikes were in good condition and so were the other arrangements! The whole trip was so well arranged that we saw the best of Spiti.
18 May 2019
I opt for solo bike trips regularly, but this is the best experience- bike in perfect condition, itinerary well planned, and the best support team to help out whenever necessary!
18 May 2019
Aanandaswarup Pothuvaal Manali to Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
I opt for solo bike trips regularly, but this is the best experience- bike in perfect condition, itinerary well planned, and the best support team to help out whenever necessary!
03 July 2019
Vidur Namboothiri Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
It was a great trip for me. However, there were some pros and cons. Pros: • The bikes were in good condition, and there were regular breaks for riders. • The trip guide was excellent and very clear with instructions. • They selected excellent viewpoints and regular stops. All the pre-decided places were duly shown to us. Cons • The food could have been improved • The internet connectivity throughout was very poor.
06 August 2019
An unforgettable trip for my friends and me- Thrillophilia arranged it in the best way possible! The trip could not have been better executed! Our operator was the best- he gave us the whole itinerary minute by minute in Chandigarh on the first day and was there for every issue we had!

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People Also Ask About Spiti Valley

  1. Is there any petrol pump available?

    You can find an Indian Oil petrol pump in Kaza. On the route via Shimla, Reckong Peo is the last pump before Kaza. While on the route via Manali, Manali is the last place to find pumps before Kaza. Both are at a distance of 200 Kms from Kaza.
  2. Which telecom networks is functional in Kaza?

    You will merely find signals but only BSNL and MTNL is functional at most of the locations. Also, unlike Ladakh, you can use your prepaid sim cards also.
  3. Which is the most populated area where I can find basic services like mechanic, food outlet, etc?

    Kaza is the only place where you can find it all at once. Kaza is the most populated and urbanized town here, so your basic needs can be easily met here.
  4. What are the “Must to carry things?

    Water Food Warm clothes Shoes preferably boots or trekking shoes Sun’s cream Currency in Cash as payments are still not digital there and few ATMs.
  5. What shall I prefer, public transport or self-drive?

    To self- drive you need a well trained driver and preferably a 4 Wheel-Drive vehicle. It’s a risky drive as roads are not well maintained. It is advisable to opt for public transport but thrill seekers can give it a try.
  6. The Monks at the monastery are friendly or not?

    The Monks are really friendly and knowledgeable. Never hesitate in talking to them and learning new things.
  7. What I need to carry in terms of clothes and tools?

    - Warm clothes as temperature may dip down to -40 Degrees.
    - A good trekking gear with trekking shoes.
    - Space battery for camera, you won’t find electricity easily over there..