Camping in Spiti Valley

If you are a person that always mixes adventure and travel, then camping in Spiti Valley is your best bet. The idea of staying inside the tents that are surrounded by perching hillocks, rocky terrains, and clear skies is one of the best experiences you can have here.

There are quite a few permanent camping sites like Palla Ecotourism Camping Site and Juniper Valley Camps that provide you with their own tents and gears. They also engage the visitors with several bold activities like trekking, river crossing, rock climbing, and some fun group games like tug-of-war, treasure hunt, and a few more.

These campsites are one of the best options for you and your daring gang to come and spend a fun time together in Lahaul-Spiti.

But also, the best thing about Spiti Valley camping is that you can bring your own equipment and build your tent in the remotest locations in the valley. With this, you can also save on a big chunk of money that is usually spent on accommodation.

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There are several towns, villages and other ideal locations in the peaceful Lahaul-Spiti for camping. But if you are travelling solo, keep in mind that rather than camping out in the wild, it is better to set up a tent in small settlements that are safe, have some civilization, but also away from the tourist crowds.

You can choose from some of the great spots from where you can witness the lofty snow-capped Himalayas. With the unpredictable weather conditions and high altitudes in the valley, the air is quite thin and the barren, almost desert-like land is a thrilling experience only for the fittest.

Make sure you get acclimatized for higher altitudes and then head up for higher camping.

Lahaul and Spiti are also the favoured base camping sites among avid trekkers who want to further climb up the snowy mountains. They set up their base camps here and go further north for the arduous trekking. Also, there are two sparkling rivers called Chandra and Bagha that flow melodiously through this town, and their banks make for the most tranquil locations to put up a tent.

So what are you waiting for? With such breathtaking views, crystal clear water sources and rugged mountains, the beautiful and mesmerizing valleys of Lahaul and Spiti are inviting you for a delightful tete-a-tete with mother nature through camping.

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Spiti Valley Camping FAQs

What are the best camping sites in Lahaul?

1. Bhaga Eco Camp

Equipped with canvas tents and the playful noise of the Bhaga river, Bhaga Eco Camp welcomes you to a warm, cosy nature-kissed getaway amidst the hills of Lahaul. The best thing about the Bhaga Eco Camp is that you don't have to go through the hassle of setting the camps up yourself as they are ready-made for you.

The tents furnished with comfortable beds and doublets along with lamps make camping in Spiti Valley convenient and attractive. Activities like stargazing, night trekking and sightseeing the river are few of the many experiences that this camp offers.

2. Goldrops Camp Sissu

Goldrops Camp Sissu is a unique camping facility in Lahaul, offering a breathtaking view of the mountains. Snow-capped peaks surround the camping area from three sides. The tents are set up for you when you arrive and have basic furniture inside. Goldrops Camp attracts several tourists every day by giving them the best Spiti Valley camping experience possible.

3. Palla Ecotourism Camping Site

Sporting the tagline 'enjoy a healthy dose of nature,' Pallha Ecotourism Camping Site is nestled amidst the temperate valleys of Lahaul. Situated at Tsupark, the site rests next to a serene overflowing river. While camping in Spiti Valley, visitors can enjoy a bonfire, stargazing or a walk along the river if they choose Palla Ecotourism Camping Site.

4. Kheerganga Hike

Situated at Barshani in Himachal Pradesh, the Kheerganga Hikes are trek plus hike enablers who provide you with the ultimate experience of camping at Spiti Valley. You trek through the hilly terrain of the village of Kasol as you make your way to the top where the camp lies.

Before sprawling in your cosy tent for the night, you can either take a dip in the clear waters of 'Parvati Kund', or spend your night stargazing with your chosen company.

5. Sangam Camps Sissu

Situated near the famous Sissu Lake, Sangam Camps is a quaint little hotel that is known for their excellent camping and housing facilities. Sangam camps are surrounded by many attractions, including a waterfall, a lake and a river.

With both rushing and calm water bodies nearby, Sangam Camps, Sissu makes the perfect travel destination for the summer seasons.

6. Juniper Valley Camps

A delightful pathway into nature and merriment, Juniper Valley Camps is a modern-day camp facility providing unique camping plans for different preferences. These plans include European, Continental, Mod American and American plans.

Juniper Valley Camps provide exceptional facilities in terms of camps and tents. They also provide you with a campfire zone and free wifi. By giving visitors a nature-driven getaway equipped with wondrous technology, Juniper Valley Camps truly give Spiti Valley Camping a new definition.

7. HMRA Luxury Camp

Situated in Sarchu, the Himalayan Monk Riders Luxury Camp is truly a paradise lost in the laps of Himachal. This luxury camp offers you the best amenities in terms of tents and lodges, along with comfortable furniture. Along with a relaxed and fun-filled stay, you also get personalized meal options and recreational activities at this camp.

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Is it safe to do camping in Lahaul?

Camping in Lahaul is entirely safe and convenient. There are several camping package options and camping sites you can explore before you choose the perfect camping plan for you. Camping at Spiti Valley is fully secure as the hotel authorities that provide camping facilities are equipped with first aid and necessary medications.

Hence, worrying about health and safety while camping in Spiti Valley is unnecessary.

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What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry for camping in Lahaul?

In the Summer season:
fleece jackets
woollen caps
woollen socks
inner thermals
Sports shoes
hiking boots

In the Winter season:
leather jackets
fur coats
Sports shoes
hiking boots

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Will food and safe drinking water be provided during camping in Spiti?

Yes. Spiti Valley Camping services are mostly equipped with full meal options and safe drinking water facilities.

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What is the best time for camping in Lahaul - Spiti?

The best time to visit Lahaul-Spiti is during the summer months when the temperature remains between 0 to 15 degrees celsius. Summers last from March to July in Lahaul.

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