Things to Carry while Travelling to Spiti : 2021
 As you plan for an exhilarating trip, you may be skeptical about the things to carry while traveling to Spiti and that’s fine. This is not a place where you can just pack your bags and go. You will have to think through, make a list, and pack accordingly.

Keep in mind that due to the remote location of the valley, the number of things to pack will be much more extensive, as compared to other destinations.  It goes without saying that warm, layered clothes are the most important things to carry for a Spiti trip.

As it is a cold and dry region, you will need them to protect you from the harsh winds and the hot sun.  Also, with sparsely available amenities on the road, you must keep in mind that the packing should be specific to the mode of transport you are traveling by.

Apart from this, medications, entry permits, and eatables also cover up a vital place in your packing list. So remember, all the fun and frolics in the Spiti Valley is more enjoyable with a bit of planning. 

Here is the list of things to carry while travelling to Spiti:

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Explore All (11)
Latest Information on Travelling to SPITI VALLEY?
  • To enter Spiti, various safety measures are to be followed by the tourists including a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in which all tour operators have to ensure that tourists, majorly who are travelling in groups have a COVID negative test report from an authorised hospital/clinic. The report must not be older than 96 hours.
  • The travellers reaching Spiti independently like drivers or workers need to head to the nearest government hospital to get their Rapid COVID-19 test done.
  • Face masks are compulsory when going out in public
  • All travellers must download the Aarogya Setu App
  • No night curfews are active in Spiti Valley.
  • Social distancing to be followed mandatorily when out in public.
  • 14 days of Institutional Quarantine is mandatory for symptomatic travellers arriving from any Red Zone districts outside Himachal Pradesh.
  • Intrastate passengers having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) symptoms are also to be quarantined in a government facility for 14 days.
  • For passengers arriving from red zone districts outside of Himachal Pradesh, carrying a COVID-19 negative test report from ICMR authorised lab, not older than 48 hours from the date of departure.

The nearest airport is the Kullu Airport. Flight are functional to all major airports of India.

Local Transport

Local transport services, like taxis, autos and buses are functioning in the valley.

Numerous steps have been taken by the government of Himachal Pradesh to curb the spread of Covid-19 while allowing travellers and tourists an enjoyable visit to Spiti Valley. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Entry from other states open in Himachal Pradesh; negative RT-PCR test is a must Updated: 06 May 2021

Inter-state travel to Himachal require a Covid-19 negative certificate. However, if the report is negative, there is no need for home/ institutional quarantine.

Entry to Kibber Village still prohibited Updated: 11 Feb 2021

Entry to Kibber Village and Kibber Wildlife Habitat remains prohibited as the village of Kibber has decided not to host travellers and wildlife enthusiasts for this winter.

Spiti Valley open for tourists from 17th of February, 2021 Updated: 11 Feb 2021

After being shut for almost an year, Spiti Valley will be welcoming tourists from 17th February. In light of this, various safety measures are to be followed by the tourists including a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in which all tour operators have to ensure that tourists, majorly who are travelling in groups have a COVID negative test report from an authorised hospital/clinic. The report must not be older than 96 hours.The travellers reaching Spiti independently like drivers or workers need to head to the nearest government hospital to get their Rapid COVID-19 test done.



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Spiti is generally visited in two kinds of seasons- peak season in May and June and the shoulder seasons( March-April, September-mid November). The weather is warm and pleasant during the peak season, but it gets a little tricky during the shoulder seasons!

It may be sunny one day and chilly the next day. So to be prepared for all kinds of weather, you need a lot of things to carry while traveling to Spiti in this season:

Fleece or windcheater for a chilly, windy day
Light woolens for a pleasant day
Woolen socks(2-3 pairs)
Thermal inners(3 sets)
Insulated boots for winter and a regular walking shoe for warm conditions.
Trekking trousers and jeans
2 caps to protect yourself from sunlight and a monkey cap to keep you warm in winter
Gumboots in case it rains, or you have to cross a stream
Raincoat, on the off chance that it rains
Gloves if you go in winter
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Important Documents

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One of the most important things to carry while traveling to Spiti is a set of documents that include your address proof and travel itinerary. Make sure you carry the following things for a Spiti trip:

The original government-approved ID that has address proof( Aadhar card/ Driving Licence etc.)
A couple of photocopies of the same
Two passport size photos
Travel Itinerary
If you will be flying either way on your trip then a copy of the air ticket and a photocopy of both sides of the credit/debit card you used to book the tickets
If you are a foreign national, then a valid passport
If you’re a foreigner, then you’ll need a Protected Area Permit before entering the region.
If you’re planning to visit Reckong Peo and Kaza, then you must carry the Inner Line Permit.
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Permits are the most important part of the things to carry while traveling to Spiti.

If you are a resident of the country but not of Jammu and Kashmir, then you will have to get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) depending upon the villages you have planned to visit. If traveling from Manali side then you can get this permit from DC Office in Keylong or Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) at Kaza.

However, if you are a foreigner then it is highly advised to get a Protected Area Permit (PAP) to enter the zones of Spiti. You would also need Inner Line Permit (ILP) if you are planning to enter the villages close to the border. You can get both from either the DC Office in Keylong or SDM at Kaza.

If traveling on your own car via Rohtang Pass, then you must get a permit for your vehicle as well. There are three main ways you can get this permit. First you can visit the SDM Office at Manali or you can go online on the Himachal Government Website or Rohtang Pass Mobile app. But make sure that you are quick in getting one as there are only 1200 permits issued in a single day.

Also, make sure that you do not plan to cross this pass on Tuesday as it is closed on this day for the maintenance purpose.
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Bike Accessories

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Biking across the valley is a rage nowadays, but for this, you must take a ton of precautions! Apart from making sure your vehicle is in excellent condition, it is essential you have the following things to carry for a Spiti trip to avoid getting hurt in a mishap:

Knee and elbow guards
Saddlebags for the luggage
Tool Kit
Puncture Repair Kit
Extra Tire (if possible)
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Car Accessories

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First of all, you must make sure your car is in good enough condition for driving on rough terrain. It is best if you drive an SUV on the hills for good ground clearance. But if you have a hatchback or a sedan, that is also not a problem.

Then you should stock up on the following things to carry while traveling to Spiti:

A tool kit having all the essential tools
1 liter each of coolant and engine oil
An air pump to make sure the wheels have enough air in them. Try having a manual or battery operated one as it might get difficult to find an electric plug in difficult areas.
A repair kit in case of a punctured wheel
Spare bulbs for the headlights
To avoid fluid leakage, make sure you have a few packs of M-seal
A towing rope to haul the car to the nearest mechanic if needed
A spare key, if you mistakenly leave one inside
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Electronic Gadgets

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There are quite a few gadgets you should have within the things to carry for a Spiti trip. 

Mobile charger- one of the must-haves among the things to carry while traveling to Spiti!
A fully charged power bank. In case the electricity is out at the homestay or inn( which is pretty frequent in the hills), you need to keep your mobile charged so you can call for help or connect with family!
A good camera- DSLR, GoPro, or whatever is your camera of choice!
A spare set of batteries for your camera
Spare memory cards, so you do not miss out on capturing all those scintillating images!
Tripod if you plan to click your pictures
Headphones or earphones( preferably wired, so you need not charge them)
Make sure you have a JIO or BSNL SIM with you as these are the only two networks that work decently in the hills. The only place where you might not get any connectivity at all is Chandratal.
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Firstly, consult your family physician to make sure you do not have any lingering health condition that might be triggered by high altitude conditions. Once you are cleared for the trip, include the following medicines in things to carry while traveling to Spiti:

Camphor tablets for smelling that will ease your respiratory distress
Diamox to prevent altitude sickness
Pain relief spray for sprains
Paracetamol for fever, cold and cough
Medicines for stomach aches( Pudin Hara)
Digene to prevent acidity and indigestion
Enteroquinol to effectively stop loose motion
Nasal spray for blocked nose
Betadine or any other antiseptic cream to treat cuts and bruises
10-12 band-aids
Along with these medicines and other things to carry for the Spiti trip, you should carry the regular medicines you take for specific health conditions.

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Make sure you always have a bottle of water and a few snacks in your bag when you leave the homestay or inn. This is very important within the things to carry on Spiti trip!

A 2-litre bottle of water should always be present in your bag as dehydration at high altitude can have severe repercussions on your health!
Energy bars.
It is important to have all three of these as they provide you with an immediate boost in energy.
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Personal Essentials

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These might be different for different individuals, but the below-listed items are essentials among the things to carry for a Spiti trip and will be required by all, independent of personal choice:

Choose a small bag or rucksack over larger ones. Accommodation option at Spiti generally ranges from a homestay to a small hotel, and neither of these may have an elevator. In that case, you will have to haul your luggage back and forth. Thus, smaller luggage would be convenient.
Sunglasses- UV rays can hit you directly at high altitudes, so keep a sunglasses with you at all times to prevent the UV rays from affecting your eyes.
Paper soap- so you can wash your hands properly after the meal breaks on the road
Hand Sanitizer
Thermos to keep your water warm
A towel, if you prefer using your own instead of the one the homestay offers
A bug spray 
A torch or a flashlight for emergencies
A Swiss knife is helpful in quite a few situations
A bag lock to keep your belongings safe
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At high altitudes, your skin tends to get dry easily, and hence there are quite a few things you need to carry, so that dry skin does not bother you. You can choose the brands that suit your skin but definitely carry these items:

Sunscreen lotion of SPF more than 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
Lip balm to moisten your chapped lips
A moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated
Face wash
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Tissue paper
Sanitary napkins
Shaving kit
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18 May 2019
I opt for solo bike trips regularly, but this is the best experience- bike in perfect condition, itinerary well planned, and the best support team to help out whenever necessary!
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It was a great trip for me. However, there were some pros and cons. Pros: • The bikes were in good condition, and there were regular breaks for riders. • The trip guide was excellent and very clear with instructions. • They selected excellent viewpoints and regular stops. All the pre-decided places were duly shown to us. Cons • The food could have been improved • The internet connectivity throughout was very poor.
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