Jawahar Circle, Jaipur: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Jawahar Circle

Crowned as the largest highway circular park in all of Asia, the Jawahar Circle Park in Jaipur is embedded with a number of attractions. From splendid jogging track to musical fountain, kiosks, rose gardens and more, the garden has several amenities that make it an instant attraction among tourists.

The garden was developed by Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) in 2009 with the motive of attracting more tourists and allowing visitors to enjoy a serene experience in the middle of Rajasthan.

Jawahar Circle is also a favorite destination for the people of Jaipur as their weekend getaway location. Apart from people visiting the park for morning and evening walks; picnic and casual visits to various regions of the Park including the musical fountain are much loved by tourists and the people of Jaipur.

There are also several areas for kids to enjoy and have a time of their life which makes the garden an absolutely family-friendly place to visit. Additionally, there is a musical fountain show conducted by the garden authorities in the evening which is much enjoyed by tourists and localities here crowd to relish this fun event.

All in all, with various activities and attractions for an entire family, the Jawahar Circle Park is a must-visit if you are in Jaipur.

History Of Jawahar Circle:

Created in the beautiful pink city of Rajasthan, the Jawahar Circle was built in 2009 by Jaipur Development Authority (JDA). The garden has also been titled as Asia's largest Circular Park found at a highway traffic circle. Rajasthan being a desert state with temperatures skyrocketing in peak summer seasons, maintaining and managing the garden has a way as being a task for the management.

The overall cost of the garden is close to 170 lacks, this includes several recreational areas including the jogging track, walkways, landscaping musical fountain, seating benches, and parks. The major development of the garden also includes a spread of rose plantation throughout. 

About Jawahar Circle Musical Show:

Located amidst the beautiful gardens is Jawahar Circles' main attraction which is the musical show. Glittered lights and exciting music, the Jawahar Circle Music Show is conducted every day in the evening at around 7:00 PM and visitors hover over the place to enjoy the show. It is an exciting show and a must-watch if you visit the park. 

How to Reach Jawahar Circle

From Airport: Jawahar Circle is extremely close to the Jaipur Airport, less than a kilometer. If you are carrying no luggage you can simply walk or jog to the park.

Best Time to Visit Jawahar Circle

Although the place is open all day, all year round, the best time to truly enjoy the place is between the months of November and March. Since it is an exterior establishment a pleasant atmosphere, which can be found between these months, is required to relish the park completely.

Also, if you love walking and jogging, the best time for you to visit the place is early in the morning. However, if you want the true experience of the Jawahar Circle, you should visit the place in the evening and especially watch the Musical Show which is conducted every day at around 7:00 PM.

What Not to Miss at Jawahar Circle

Things to do at Jawahar Circle:

1. Enjoy the musical fountain show - Every day in the evening right around 7:00 PM the park has its musical fountain show. The same is enjoyed by a number of visitors and tourists.

2. Jogging - The park is equipped with a jogging track which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a good run, walk or jog. Localities are mostly spotted here in early mornings and late evenings jogging and rejoicing various kinds of exercise.

3. Picnic - The Jawahar Circle homes a spread of mesmerizing landscapes and rose gardens amidst which having a picnic is just fantastic. There are also kids areas in the Park which makes family gatherings even more worthwhile. Especially on the weekends, visitors are scene relishing a family picnic at various spots across the garden.

4. Fun at Kids Area - The kiosks and kids area provide the perfect spot for children to have some much-needed fun. Parents are often seen getting their kids to the garden for a joyous time.

Places to visit near Jawahar Circle:

There are a number of tourist spots spread across Jawahar Circle for tourists to visit. 

1. Entertainment Paradise - The elegant multiplex is embedded with 3 ginormous screens, top of the line seating, multi-cuisine dining options and more. The place also comes with an enormous parking space and a marriage/ event halls. All in all, it is a one-stop destination for family entertainment. 

2. Shiv and Hanuman Temple - Residing in the close proximity of the Jawahar Circle, a temple is a soothing place for devotees to pray in solitude. Morning and evening prayers also happen here. 

3. Sir Baba Mandir - Devoted to Sai Baba, the temple homes one of the most magnificent statues of him. Present at the prime tourist spots, the Mandir is often found rattled with visitors and devotees. 

4. Upkar Shopping Center - Paradise for shoppers, the Upkar Shopping Center is a lavish shopping establishment offering a number of clothing and gifting options. It is a must-visit for people looking to buy some authentic local ornaments, apparel, and soviourineers. 

5. Thadi Market -  Enjoy your morning dwelling into the sweet smell of fresh fruits and vegetables at Thadi Market. Localities enjoy early morning shopping here on a regular basis. The market is encapsulated with fresh vegetables and local seasonal fruits among other groceries. 

6. Crystal Court - Another location for shoppers to enjoy an extravagant experience, the Crystal Court is stacked with a number of apparel, jewelry, shoes of various brands and more. Although the place looks extremely lavish with modern architecture, you can find a hint of local flavors in its shops. Apart from shopping, it is also an excellent place to just roam around and relish a calm time away from the blazing heat. 

7. Kalaneri Art Gallery - If you are a fan of the arts and craft, this place is a must-visit for you. The gallery homes a beautiful spread of traditional art forms of traditional art prints and textures. The Kalaneri Art Gallery allows visitors to explore various interpretations of contemporary art and the fusion of colors. The place is flocked with tourists all year round and various events and functions are a regular part of the gallery. The place also collaborates with various artists to bring their art to a larger audience. Away from the taxing tours, you can enjoy a calm and soothing time here at the gallery.

8. Pizza World - Feast upon the best pizza platter in the city, visit Pizza Word. If so, you must visit the Pizza world. Presenting a variety of pizzas, the restaurant is a utopia for foodies. 

Places to eat in/near Jawahar Circle:

Next to the grand Jawahar Circle are a number of eateries and restaurants one must try.

1. Baluchi - An elegantly designed restaurant serving some of the best mixes of Indian and fusion dishes, the Baluchi is the perfect spot for an evening dine with family and friends. The restaurant also provides vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free meal options. 

2. Lounge 18 - Lounge 18 is celebrated for its delicious food, great hospitality, and an overall charming atmosphere.. The place offers Mediterranean and Asian delicacies with premium alcoholic beverages. Vegan and gluten-free meals are also available here.  

3. Pink City - Acknowledged for its authentic taste in Indian and local cuisine, the Pink City is the perfect place for lunch. Budget-friendly with wholesome meals including Thalis, the place is vegetarian-friendly with great hospitality. 

4. Color bar - The mesmerizing rooftop bar and lounge with an elegant pool encompassing the facility, Colour Bar is known for an array of recompensing wine and delicious delicacies. The restaurant expertise in serving Indian and Asian food. The place is also vegetarian-friendly. Private parties and events can also be counted here. 

5. Raj Juice Center - Natural fresh fruit salads and scrumptious juices, Raj Juice center is a must-visit for everyone who loves raw juices, ice creams and salads. The place is also situated right in the middle of all the tourist attractions and hence, after a long day of touring, visitors are generally seen staffing at the juice center for some much-needed beverage break. 

6. 24/7 Restaurant - From local cuisines to American burgers and pizzas, the restaurant serves an array of delicious dishes. It's the serene atmosphere and great hospitality along with a mix of dining options that has helped the restaurant earn various awards. 

Other Essential Information About Jawahar Circle

Jawahar Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

Price: INR 10

Timing: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sunday - Saturday.

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People Also Ask About Jawahar Circle

  1. What are the timings Jawahar circle musical show?

    The Jawahar Circle Musical Show is conducted every day at around 7:00 PM. It is one of the biggest attractions of the place and visitors from across the town throng the place to enjoy this magnificent show.
  2. Is the place safe to visit at night?

    Yes, the Jawahar Circle is safe to visit at night. There are various guards at the entrance of the park. Plus major events like the Musical Show happens late in the evening. Stalls and snack shacks are also present around the garden. In other words, there is always someone present at the Park and coming around alone should not be an issue.
  3. Can we take a dog inside the park?

    No. Dogs and pets are not allowed in the park. The park is open for localities and tourists for various kinds of recreational activities like jogging, walking, picnics and more.
  4. Is photography allowed at the park?

    Yes, photography and videography are allowed in the garden. However, it should be for personal use only. You can also take pictures and videos of the evening show and landscapes present inside the circular park.

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