Elephant Safari in Jaipur

Trip to Rajasthan’s capital city, Jaipur with its centuries old history of royalty has to be complimented with an elephant safari. As Elephant Safaris tours in Jaipur are quite famous. While the most popular elephant safari of Jaipur is conducted around the historic Amber fort and township that takes tourists across the old parts of the city, monuments and markets there are other customized rides that tourists can take. Sometimes luxury hotels tie up with elephant safari providers to take their guests on long tours to nearby villages and to understand the essence of local life. Villagers have a simple life in the desert and you may find them cooking under the open sky to beat the heat indoors. Elephant safari can be a relaxing part of the tour after visiting beautiful places in Jaipur.  Below mentioned are the Elephant safari tours in Jaipur:

Dera Amber Fort Elephant Safari - City tour atop a majestic elephant is fun and exciting as one can have a better view of the beautiful forts and markets of Jaipur. The Dera Amber Fort elephant safari will take you on a slow and leisurely two hour tour across villages, forts, fields and other local attractions around the fort. These are conducted either before lunch or late afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun. As the morning tour ends at 11 am and afternoon tour starts at 4 pm and only two people are allowed per elephant it is best to make an advance booking to ensure that you can take the safari without waiting around.

Naila Heritage Elephant Safari - This tour is part of the experience of staying at Naila Heritage hotel wherein guests are taken on elephants to different parts of the historical city of Jaipur in the evening like HawaMahal, Amer Fort, Nahargarh fort etc.

Elephant Safari to old Pink City – There is a large government owned elephant camp at Jaipur where you can spend time with the gentle giants by cooking for them or giving them a bath under the watchful eye of their handlers. If you want to visit the traditional areas of the city then there is a leisurely two hour elephant safari from the farm to old Pink City that will take you across Amber town, Water Palace, HawaMahal and other historical monuments of the city.

Elephant Jungle Safari – Would you like to explore the nearby jungles around Jaipur like royalty then take an exciting jungle safari atop majestic elephants. This exciting elephant ride will take you around the jungles near Amer and Nargarh fort and also the Nargarh Sanctuary in the Aravalli Hills. Jungle elephant safari of Jaipur may not bring you close to large wildlife but the tour is fun as you will see boars and jackals. Come to Jaipur and experience the best elephant safari tours in Jaipur.

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