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  • Tourism is one industry which attracts people from all over the world. The richer the cultural and historical heritage of a place, better the tourism. Such places attract a large number of tourists who are eager to know everything about the place.

    The largest city and the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is one of those places which has a rich cultural background. Along with these, the unexploited city of Jaipur with its hot and humid climate, tantalising traditional Rajasthani food and folklores welcomes visitors with open arms to enjoy and relax. This is a great way to feel at home and also explore the traditions of this place.

    Here are some of the best village resorts in Jaipur:

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    1. Rajasthali Resort & Spa

    Rajasthali Resort & Spa with Aravalli range as the backdrop is one among the most spectacular village resorts in Jaipur which represents the royalty of Rajasthan. Although equipped with modern amenities and services, the culture of Rajasthan is evident in its 54 guest rooms, suites and tents which offer an extremely comfortable stay.

    Guests can engage themselves in outdoor and indoor games along with swimming, water polo, flying dish, yoga, camel ride, elephant ride and hot air ballooning. A nature walk at the Nahargarh Biological Park is one of the wonderful outings for wildlife enthusiasts.

    The Pavitra Spa of the resort is committed to purify your senses with the de-stressing therapies. You are pampered to relax away from the busy schedules. Indulge to rejuvenate and recharge your body, mind and soul at a place with a serene atmosphere which takes you to a different realm.

    The Jharokha Cafe and Lounge and the Sunset Grill cater to the palate of customers of different types. These restaurants have expertise in Rajasthani cuisine and different cuisines from the other parts of the world. It is one of the wonderful resorts where guests are made to feel at home.

    Distance from Jaipur : Aprox 32 km from jaipur airport

    Highlights of the Resort :

    • Amenities : Fitness Center, Spa, Luxurious Tents, Meeting rooms and Conference Hall
    • Activities : Outdoor games, Musical Chair, Elephant and camel Ride, Yoga
    • Food : Regional and International Cuisines, liquor available

    2. Heritage Village Resort

    Heritage Village Resort

    The beautiful landscape of the Heritage Village at Jaipur attracts beautiful birds making your mornings wonderful. Tastefully decorated based on the culture of Rajasthan, this resort is one of the best village resorts in Jaipur. Sprawling over a 4 acre land it is in close proximity to Jaipur.

    Rajwada is the fine dine restaurant while Swad Ki Dhani is a restaurant based on the ethnic theme with live folk dances, magic shows, puppet shows, sarangi vadan, live ghazals and horse/camel safari. This place is ideal for private and corporate activities.

    Distance from Jaipur : 13 Km

    Highlights of the Resort :

    Amenities : Jogging Track, Kids Play Zone, Out-door swimming pool
    Activities : Horse and camel ride within resort, Live gazal performance, Traditional folk dance
    Food : Multi cuisine, Traditional well stocked bar

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    3. The Farm

    The Farm, one of the village resorts in Jaipur with its six rooms elegantly decorated is one of the finest accommodations in Jaipur. Quite different from the regular accommodation, The Farm is surrounded by the fields with the locals working and gossiping around this area that is beginning of Thar Desert.

    The chirping of the birds, recycling of material and the peaceful atmosphere makes it one of very different and wonderful places to stay. The best way to spend time here is by taking walks, watching movies, yoga, pottery, painting, cooking and stargazing.

    Distance from Jaipur: 16.4 Km

    Highlights of the Resort :

    Amenities : open air jacuzzi, Private Swimming Pool
    Activities : Yoga, Painting, Cooking
    Food : Thai and some continental Cuisine, Liquor available

    4. Kanchan Kesari

    An ideal setting of a village at Kanchan Kesari makes it stand out in the crowd of hotels and resorts that provide accommodation to the visitors to Jaipur. With its rustic looks in the cool green surroundings, this place reflects strong Rajasthani culture and traditions.

    The Kalbelia dancers with their wonderful dancing and the Langha singers mesmerizes you with their art. The famous puppeteers of Rajasthan, potters and ironsmith display their skills. Facilities provided here make it an ideal village resorts in Jaipur. Jeeman the restaurant caters to the needs of their clients and is famous for its Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisine. Hospitality being the main focus here, it is the most wonderful place for stay during visit to Jaipur.

    Distance from Jaipur : 21.4

    Highlights of the Resort:

    Amenities : An outdoor restaurant, open air jacuzzi, Private Swimming Pool
    Activities : Yoga, Painting, Stargazing
    Food : Traditional Rajasthani food and Punjabi Cuisine (Vegetarian), No Liquor available

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    5. Choki Dhani Resort

    Choki Dhani is an abode where culture and tradition mix with the different strokes of modernity. Built in an ethnic manner, this village resort in Jaipur is one of its kinds in the world and offers an indigenous feel of the Rajasthani culture. Located 5km away from the Pink City, it is an ideal destination for family holidays, business vacations and other ceremonies.

    Distance from Jaipur: 5 Km

    Highlights of the Resort:

    Activities: Camel Ride, Elephant Ride, Tonga Ride, Boating - Tal Talaiya
    Amenities: The Swimming Pool, Steam Bath & Sauna, Sansha Spa & Health Club
    Food: Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine, Liquor available

    6. Nirvana Organic Resort

    Step into a quiet and serene world of greenery and have a tryst with the Mother Nature. Nirvana Organic Resort, one of the scenic and organic resorts in Jaipur offers a rustic charm. When here, savour being in a traditional Rajasthani village and enjoy agri-tourism.

    Distance from Jaipur: 38 Km

    Highlights of the Resort:

    Activities: Educational Tour, Guli Danda,  Fly Kites, Ride a Bicycle or take Bullock Cart ride in the country side.
    Amenities: Reading Room, Organic Products and Rajasthani Handcrafts Stall
    Food: Vegetarian Rajasthani Cuisine, No Liquor available

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