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  • Clear blue warm water will surely provide you with the best definition of beach. Mauritius is considered to be the paradise for many especially for people who love to take a stroll in the white sandy beach. You can visit some of the most spectacular beaches such as Trou aux Biches Beach, Mont Choisy Beach, Pereybere Beach and even Grand Bay Beach.

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    You can enjoy a relaxing walk by the coast which will let you treasure some fond memories of the occasion. The crystal clear blue waters will surely let you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beach along the white sand.

    Here are some of the best beaches in Mauritius:

  • 01Trou aux Biches

    If you want to witness one of the leading Beach destination at the world then you should visit Trou aux Biches. The turquoise and the serene blue waters of the beach makes it one of the most beautiful looking beach in Mauritius.

    Highlights: The beauty of the beaches is well complemented with resorts that are both beautiful and is a must visit place for many travellers.

    Best time to visit
    : June is the best time to visit this place.

    Location: It is 19 km from Port Louis.
  • 02Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach

    Ile aux Cerfs Island is like a heaven on earth. There was a time when several deer were also found in these island.

    Highlight: The best thing about these beaches is the beautiful lagoon and the wide variety of water sports that the island has to offer. Swimming and Snorkelling are considered to be the best water sport that can be done in this island. You can even go for water skiing, glass bottom boats and more.

    Best time to visit
    : April to September is considered to be an ideal month to visit this island.

    Difficulty Level: Medium, and you can definitely take the help of professional trainer.
  • 03Blue Bay Beach

    If you are looking for an amazing snorkelling experience then this the place to be. The beach is not only beautiful but is an amazing place to spend some quiet time.

    Highlights: The best thing to do in this beach is to visit Marine Park. You can get an excellent opportunity to see some big fishes, coloured fishes and even many giant live corals too.

    Best months to visit
    : June to September.

    Location: It is 55 km from Port Louis.
  • 04Flic en Flac

    Witness paradise on earth by visiting one of the most beautiful beaches Flic en Flac. It not only holds a whimsical name but is still considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches, Mauritius has ever had.

    Highlights: The nearby lagoon features some amazing coral reefs which is point of attraction for many tourists. Moreover you will find the beach with many sun divers and it is also considered to be one of the longest beaches too.

    : It is approximately 27 km away from Port Louis. Best time to visit: September can be the best time to visit this beach.
  • 05Le Morne beach

    You will be completely sold by the scenic beauty of Le Morne Beach which is surrounded by the mighty mountains. The calm and the serene atmosphere of the place will relieve you from the stress. Nobody can stop themselves to be completely amazed by the crystal clear water.

    Highlight: It is considered to be an ideal place for kite surfing and snorkelling.


    Best months to visit
    : October to December and March to April are considered to be ideal months for this beach.

    Difficulty Level: High, however, you can take the help of a trainer to help you out with the water sport.
  • 06Mont Choisy Beach

    What makes Mont Choisy Beach is its beautiful setting which is set against white-sand beach. It is good to spend time alone in the beach and as a matter of fact you will not find it difficult to find a secluded place. You can just immerse yourself in the absolute quietness of the place.

    Highlight: The entrance of the beach is guarded by a monument which is considered to be the first manned flight between Mauritius and Reunion Island.

    : It is an hour away from Port Louis.

    Best time to visit: June is however the best time to enjoy some time in the beach.
  • 07Pereybere Beach

    Pereybere Beach has always been the most popular beach for both tourists and locals. The crystal clear water of the lagoon and the white sand just adds to the beauty of the beach.

    Highlight: If you are a hard core snorkelling fan then it is best to try out snorkelling at this place. If you love food then you can definitely try food from fast food stalls. How about treating yourself with some kebabs, sandwiches and pineapples too.

    Best time to visit
    : April to September is the best time to visit.

    Location: It is 20 km away from Port Louis.
  • 08La Cuvette Beach

    If you have missed out on some of the most stunning views of Grand Baie then you should Visit La Cuvette Beach. It is not one of those commercialized beaches you will find in Mauritius. An ultimate beach to relax and small paradise for many tourists too.

    Highlight: It is an ultimate space for swimming which has all the scenic beauties and are quite cozy too. You can also get a chance to satiate your appetite with delicious fish and ice cold beer. The food too is not all that expensive.

    Best time to visit
    : November to April is considered to be the ideal time to visit this beautiful beach.

    Location: It is approximately 26 km from Port Louis.
  • 09Tamarin Beach

    Tamarin Beach is also known as one of the best surfer beach of Mauritius. It is located in the west coast of Mauritius.

    Highlights: It has two nice surfing spots ‘Dal’ on its left and ‘Black Stone’ on the right. Dolphins are also find close to Tamarin Bay. You can also get an opportunity to eat some of the delicious “boulettes”, “sormai” and “ chouchou.” You can also organize small boat trips with the help of the organizers.

    : worth 37 Euro per person.

    Location: It is approximately 31 km from Port Louis.

    Best months to visit: October is the best time to be here.
  • 10Riviere des Galets Beach

    The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is just the thing you would want to listen on a holiday. You can simply feel the wind brushing through your face and the relaxation that it will provide is simply matchless. The beauty of the beaches is what gets this beach the maximum number of tourists.

    Highlight: Witness the spectacular view of the south mountain range which is truly breath-taking. However, it is believed that the water of the beach is not fit for swimming.

    Best time to visit
    : April and June is the best time to visit this beach.

    Location: It is 25 km away from Port Louis.
  • 11Gris Gris Beach

    It is one of the most wilder part of the Mauritius beach and you will see it surrounded with black volcanic rocks. The sea is quite rough and hence it is not considered appropriate for any water sport. The water is quite rough and turbulent so it is best to treat it as an ideal picnic spot rather than trying some water sport.

    It is the best place for fishing as you will get some of the best fishes. If you want some good food then you can try Chez rosy and Le Batelage.

    Best time to visit: April and June.
  • 12Belle Mare Beach

    – If you are looking for some liveliness and excitement then you can try out Belle Mare Beach. It has a close proximity to one of the major town of Mahebourg. You can stroll all by yourself in the beautiful beach.

    Highlight: Belle Mare has one of the best golf course in the island. There are some popular hotels too which you might find around the beach.

    Best time to visit
    : January to March.

    Location: It is 30 km away from Port Louis.
  • 13La Cambuse Beach

    Image Credit : sarspri
    When you have trees on both the side and you are surrounded with muddy lanes around, you can be sure that you are close to La Cambuse Beach.

    Highlights: You can find yourself surrounded with Casuarina trees. This beach is considered to be ideal place for camping and having a private family picnic. You can find small swimming spots where you can spend some quality time enjoying.

    Image Credits : Chad Johnston

    Best time to visit
    : May

    Location: It is approximately 53 km from Port Louis
  • 14Grand Bay Public Beach

    Image Credit : Mark & Andrea Busse
    Grand Bay attracts a lot of tourists, it was once called Bay without end and therefore, it is considered to be one of the popular holiday destination for many.

    Highlights: The turquoise blue waters well complemented with the liveliness of the beach is what makes it more beautiful. You can try sailing, safe swimming, surfing and even several other boat excursions too.

    Image Credits : Bryan and Sarah Zera

    Best time to visit
    : December to April is the best time to visit.
  • 15St Félix Beach

    If you still haven’t come across as one of the most beautiful beach of Mauritius then its time you should visit St Felix Beach. This beach will provide you some of the most beautiful intimate moments with the soft winds. It is just a perfect escape from the usual hustle and bustle of a crowded beach.

    Image Credits : Frank Tropschuh

    : You can try some popular water sports like deep sea fishing and speed boat trip.

    Best time to visit: June, however early mornings are best for this beach.
  • 16Anse La Raie Beach

    Image Credit : Kris Arnold
    The most amazing thing you would see as soon as you reach close to the beach is the different shades of blue. The waves of the water lapping against the sand will definitely make you feel good.

    : You can either go out on a romantic boat ride or else can go for some kite surfing too. You can eat some fresh fruits too which will make a good appetite. Complement the food with an amazing cocktail to make your visit enjoyable.

    Image Credits : Fuzzy Gerdes

    Best time to visit
    : June is the best time to be in the place.

    Location: It is 27 km away from Port Louis.
  • 17Poudre D'or Beach

    When you don’t find sand around, you can be sure that you have reached Poudre D’or Beach. It is more of a park than a beach and the water is considered to be quite muddy for a major part of the year.

    Highlights: You should be visiting the famous monument which was built in memory of two friends and lovers Paul and Virginie. Or you can take a short stroll by the bustling city of Goodlands.

    Image Credits : Greg Tee

    Best time to visit
    : March and May are the best time to visit this beach.

    Location: It is 23 km from Port Louis.
  • 18Poste Lafayette Beach

    Image Credit : Karl Baron
    If you are a hard core beach trekker then it is best to take a walk by the beach. Poste Lafayette Beach. The scenery has some pristine white sandy beach which makes the place look even more beautiful.

    Highlight: The beach has amazing coral reefs too for you to witness. It is not an appropriate place for swimming because of harsh undercurrents. You will find many snack vendors selling local burgers in the beach which can satiate you palate.

    Image Credits : Thomas Ricker

    Best time to visit
    : April to September is appropriate to visit this beach.
  • 19Baie Du Tombeau Beach

    Baie Du Tombeau Beach also known as the Tombeau Bay Beach is one of the many beaches of Mauritius. Situated in the Pamplemousses district, the beach is quiet and is not frequented much during the week.
    The charm of the Baie Du Tombeau Beach lies in its fine golden yellow sand as well as its peculiarly shade shore line. You can rest under the trees while you enjoy the magnificent view of the sea. The sea here seems a little rougher than what you get at the other beaches of Mauritius. Shore too usually drops suddenly and quickly. The upside of the Baie Du Tombeau Beach is that it is completely vacant on some days. Be sure to get your own refreshments and snacks here since no food stands can be located on or near the beach the beach.

    Location: Baie Du Tombeau Beach is located in the vicinity of the Tombeau Bay village that lies in the western part of Mauritius.

     Timings: Beach is open for visit 24 hours.

     Price: Entry to the beach is free.
  • 20Souillac Beach

    Souillac Beach that is rather more popularly known as the Gris Gris Beach. You can admire the power of nature here amidst the strip of coastline which offers a nice counter point to the several calm and sandy beaches of Mauritius.

     Stand atop the remote cliff and watch the strip of coastline which brings forth a nice counter point to the abundant calm sandy beaches of Mauritius. From the top of cliff, you can get a good view of the powerful waves that crash into the rocks below and present a spectacular view. You can even head down to the sandy beach to see the fishes swimming over coral and feel the ocean spray. It is not possible for you to swim here as the current here is too massive however you can relax on the sand and enjoy a hearty snack from one of the mobile vendors selling their stuff here.

    Location: Souillac Beach is located near the town of Souillac. Souillac lies in the southern end of Mauritius. It is one of the many beaches of Mauritius that lie in the Savanne district.

    Timings: The beach is open 24 hours.

    Price: Entry is free.
  • 21La Gaulette

    La Gaulette is a village in Mauritius. It is a fantastic place because of the natural beauty this place has. The place isn’t much known for the commercial activities. However, if you want a place to open up yourself and feel relaxed in the fresh breeze, this is a place to go.

    Le Morne Beach in La Gaulette is an eye candy. The sunset at this place is phenomenal to be observed. You will fall in love with the view and would love to capture that moment forever.

    Location: It is in La Gaulette village itself, which is a fisherman village. This place is a must visit for all and is easily accessible too.

    Price: The entry to the beach is free of cost. However, any charges for any commercial activity will surely be levied. "