Ile Aux Cerfs Overview

Islands are an ideal place to escape from the bustle and chaos of routine city life. When talking about islands, one place that perfectly meets every traveller's imagination is Ile aux Cerfs island in Mauritius. Situated on the east coast of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs is spread over 87 hectares of land consisting of rich vegetation and gorgeous beaches. Popularly known as 'Deer Island', Ile aux Cerfs is one of the star attractions of Mauritius with its luscious beaches and coral reefs.

The island offers a range of leisure activities with its 18 hole golf course; banana boat rides as well as glass bottom rides. You will find a variety of restaurants offering lip-smacking local cuisine as well as international cuisine. It is a picture-perfect location with an abundance of breathtaking views, including the magical Grand River South East waterfalls.

Apart from a place to relax and adventure activities, you will also find it fun to explore the wonders of nature in Ile aux Cerfs. There is a range of museums, monuments and national parks to visit around Ile aux Cerfs. The expenses at this island won't burn a hole in your pocket as it is a relatively inexpensive destination in Mauritius. You can also plan a short trip since you get to do a variety of activities and watch spectacular views on a small island. Here is the complete guide to travelling to Ile aux Cerfs. You will find an abundance of reasons to visit the island on your next holiday.

How To Reach

Ile aux Cerfs is situated around 40km away from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, but you first have to reach Trou D'Eau Douce and then take a boat to the island. After exiting the airport, you need to take a private taxi to Trou D'Eau Douce which is around 43km away from the airport. You can also opt for a local bus for a cheaper journey or a private car if you want to drive yourself.

It takes an hour to reach Trou D'Eau Douce from where you can take a speedboat, catamaran or yacht to Ile aux Cerfs. The boat will take 15 minutes to reach the island and would cost around Rs.500. While these were some pocket-friendly ways to reach the airport, you have a very luxurious option too.

You can opt for Helicopter service from Mauritius airport which takes you directly to Ile aux Cerfs. Despite being an expensive option, a helicopter journey makes the experience more lavish and the trip memorable. 

Best Time To Visit

Ile aux Cerfs has a tropical climate which means it never reaches extreme temperatures. Since the island is in the Southern Hemisphere, it experiences summer from December to April and colder months from May to September. Being a tropical island, you will only experience the winters and the summer and the chances of rain is there throughout the year.

Summers- You would experience hot and humid weather from December to April with temperatures hovering around 29°C in the day. The nights are significantly cooler in Summers at around 18°C. Rain appears quite often in Summers, but it is usually in the form of downpours and subsides quickly. The sun is out for most parts of the day in summer.

Winter- The temperatures in the cooler months from April to November range in a maximum of 25°C to a minimum of 15°C. The winter season from April to November is the best time to visit Ile aux Cerfs as the weather is less humid and the chances of rain are less. Tourists enjoy more in drier weather on the beach relaxing for long sessions out in the sun. The flight tickets and accommodation fares are lower in the winter months leading to a budget-friendly trip.

Other Essential Information

Places to Eat in Ile aux Cerfs

1. La Chaumiere Masala-
Situated at the hillside in the northern part of Ile aux Cerfs leisure island, La Chaumiere Masala offers an A La Carte menu featuring lip-smacking food. You will get a wide variety of dishes from Mauritian, Indian and Asian cuisine.

Prepared with local spices, you will get the most authentic Mauritian taste here. It is built on stilts and is surrounded by trees to provide an aesthetic ambience. You get a gorgeous view of the beach and turquoise sea to top it all.

2. Sands Grill- A thatched structure and prime location are the standouts of the Sands Grill. It is located right inside the Ile aux Cerfs beach and is the most convenient restaurant to reach. They specialise in grilled and steamed fish along with savoury prawns, crabs and other seafood. You can also enjoy their live BBQ sessions on Sundays after playing beach ball or relaxing with the whole family. Other dishes at Sand Grill include cold starters, salads, Mauritian cuisine and wood-fired pizzas.

3. Langer's Bar and Grill- Built at the highest point on the island, Langer's Bar and Grill is a fine dining restaurant that specialises in Mauritian cuisine and their own signature dishes.

You can dine out here, after playing golf as it is situated near the Ile aux Cerfs golf club. In fact, you have a beautiful view of the golf course sitting at the restaurant. Langer's grill offers a variety of international cuisine and signature cocktails to sign off a leisurely day at the golf course.

4. Sands Bar- A good day at the island feels incomplete without a relaxing drink to top it off. Sands Grill, located at Ile aux Cerfs Beach, offers a variety of delightful cocktails made exclusively from Mauritian Rum. You can choose from a range of cocktails on the menu or get a special cocktail customised by the mixologist. They also offer delicious wood-fired pizzas and other Mauritian snacks for a fulfilling experience.

Places to Stay in Ile aux Cerfs

1. Bubble Lodges-
The island of Ile aux Cerfs is deprived of any accommodations inside it which make a Bubble lodge the only option to stay in Ile aux Cerfs while all the other resorts are located nearby the island.

The bubble lodges are comfortable air-conditioned spaces with a small washroom and an outdoor shower to bathe. You get a private butler to cater to your demands during your stay at the Bubble lodge which includes dinner and breakfast too.

2. Friday Attitude- The 3-star hotel is situated in the village of Trou D'Eau Douce. It is a convenient place to say because it's so close to Ile aux Cerfs. It has a beautiful sunny interior and the rooms have balconies attached to them. You also get a minibar, spa, open bathroom and pool among other facilities.

3. Shangri La's Le Touessrok Resort and Spa- Shangri la is the closest resort to Ile aux Cerfs and easily offers the best services. Although expensive, the breathtaking sea views from the rooms are unmatched.

You get to choose from 5 restaurants and 3 bars to enjoy your meals and drinks at the resort. Shangri La owns Ilot Mangenie and the guests can exclusively visit the island. The resort also has a golf course, tennis court, spa and many other useful facilities.

4. Salt of Palmar- Another excellent resort to stay near Ile aux Cerfs, Salt of Parmar is located around 7km away from Ile aux Cerfs. It is situated a mile away from the Belle Mare Beach. You get all the basic amenities and can dine at the 3 restaurants at the resort. The restaurants here offer unique homemade food which will please people looking for a healthier diet.

5. La Pirogue Resort and Spa- La Pirogue is located on the West Coast and has an admirable infrastructure. The thatched bungalows surrounded by palm trees would make you spend quality time in the magical atmosphere of the resort itself. They have a private sea coast where they offer a range of water as well as land adventure sports to enjoy.

Tips for Visiting Ile aux Cerfs

The sun shines bright at beaches on Ile aux Cerfs, so you should be prepared with sunscreen over SPF40 to prevent your skin from damage.

2. You should opt against late-night binges and try to wake up early during your visit to Ile aux Cerfs. This will give you more time to explore the abundance of scenic beauties around Ile aux Cerfs.

3. You should opt to book your tour to the island instead of planning your own visit. This will reduce the expenses and the accompanying guide will help you use your time much better.

4. Don't shy away from indulging in water sports. Just take precautionary measures seriously and bring out the adventure enthusiast in you for a memorable experience.

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