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  • When you are out for a trip, you obviously need some time off from some work, so that you can experience some real fun. You can try Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailes, Flic En Flac Casino , Casino De Maurice and Trou aux Biches Casino which will give you some amazing time to play interesting games on the table.

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    Some of the live games that can be played there is American Roulette, Blackjack and Oasis Stud Poker amongst others. The casino is generally jam packed during weekends so if you want to visit the casino, it will be advisable that you book a seat for yourself, little early.

    Here are some of the best casinos in Mauritius:

  • 01Le Grand Casino De Domaine Les Pailles

    The funky vibe of Mauritius will make you feel that you are definitely not at the wrong place. If you are up for gamble then don’t miss the chance to try your luck at the casino.

    Highlights: The best thing about this casino is that it has a VIP salon and several restaurants too. The minimum age required to enter the casinos is 18. Many casinos also offer complimentary alcohol too.

    Games to Play: 48 Jackpot slots, video machines with progressive games and many other live table games such as American Roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker and lot more.
  • 02Flic En Flac Casino

    Life itself is a gamble so why not try some gambling in the casinos. The casino is filled with a lot of liveliness in and around and is considered to be the one of the best place if you want to try your hands on gambling. The casino has friendly atmosphere and the languages spoken inside the casino is English and French.

    Games to play: 53 Jackpot slots, Video Machines and live table games such as American Roulette, Black Jack, Oasis Stud Poker and many more.
  • 03Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes

    How about some fun in Mauritius? Try your hands in Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes which will provide an amazing chance to play and have fun in the casino. The languages that are most prevalent there are English and French.

    You can play only live tables such as Roulette, Blackjack, SIC Bo, Texas Hold’em Poker. The casinos are not just amazing but will give you an amazing opportunity to have some fun and enjoyment.
  • 04Ti Vegas Casino Grand Baie

    Sometimes life looks dull and boring and to give a twist to your boring life and to add some fun, try these amazing casinos which not only provide time to have some fun with your friends and family but at the same time will give you an opportunity to play some live games too.

    English and French are the primary language that are spoken inside the casino. There are no slot machines in this casino, hence you can play live games such as Roulette, Blackjack, SIC Bo, Texas Hold’emPoker and many more.
  • 05Casino De Maurice, Curepipe

    It is one of the oldest casino of Mauritius and was set up in the year 1970. Ensuring customer delight is quite important for this casino.

    Highlight: The most amazing thing about this casion is the fact that it is located amidst an island. It was again rebuilt to provide an amazing experience to its clients.

    Games: 53 jackpot Slots, Video machines, American Roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker and lot more.

    One of the primary language that is spoken here is French and English.
  • 06Le Caudan Waterfront Casino in Port Louis

    The specific theme of the casino is what sets it apart from the other casinos. It has a historical setting and the entrance set up is like a pirate ship.

    The amazing backdrop that this casino provides makes it a must visit place for all the travelers who visit Mauritius. It has reel machines, poker, electronic roulette, Black Jack, Roulette, Poker and has double bars too

  • 07Trou aux Biches Casino

    The Trou aux Biches not only has a beautiful location which is not only appreciated by tourists but has a relaxing atmosphere too. It also has a wide variety of slot machine and live games too. It is one of the most popular casinos in Mauritius. Primarily the languages spoken is both English and French.

    There are 15 tables playing Blackjack, Roulette, Oasis Poker and many more. There is an adjacent hotel and restaurants too, which makes it even more convenient for the customers.
  • 08Senator Club Grand Bay

    When you want to have a little fun in Mauritius, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit this amazing casino which not only provides a perfect ambience to play the game.

    The most important thing about this casino is that you have an adjacent bar and a restaurant which serves some amazing food and alcoholic drinks too at a very reasonable price.

    Scibo Shake, Roulette, Scibo Throw, Vanlak and even slots.
  • 09Senator Club Mahebourg

    Life is itself a Gamble, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but playing it important. If you want to really go crazy and try something different in Mauritius then it is best to go to the Senator Club Mahebourg which will give you an amazing chance to try your luck in some amazing games.

    Have some real fun. Just leave the monotonous life that you have always been leading and try some real fun in the casino.
  • 10Meridien Paradis Hotel & Casino

    The casino is housed in Le Morne at the Meridien Paradis Hotel.

    Best time to visit: 7pm to 4 pm and is open from Monday to Friday, if you want to visit this place on a Saturday and a Sunday then it is best for you to visit in the afternoon. Games: The casino has 21 slot machines and namely five live table games which makes it an interesting casino to be.