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Close your eyes for a second and have someone read out this sentence to you (or repeat it in your mind), ‘I am on a floating palace that gracefully glides over the deep blue sea.’ Did you feel the sense of calmness inside you when you imagined what you read? Did it burn in a desire to live that moment for longer? Has it left a touch of regret in you that it was not real? Whether cruising or sailing in Mauritius on a luxurious ship or sailing on a simple boat, the experience of freedom amidst nature’s purest form can be felt only by being present. Mark Twain believed, ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven was copied after Mauritius.’ Many who have set foot and traveled this captivating land for honeymoon or just for visit have echoed there thoughts and never failed to quote it either while speaking of their experiences during their stay.


Mauritius is an island nation rich in wildlife, warm sandy beaches and with the increase of tourist attractions, adventure activities have numbered umpteen. Sailing and Cruising in Mauritius over the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean is a leisurely activity that has been grabbing the attention of tourists for a while now. Thrillophilia has been acing their services of providing cruising and sailing experiences in Mauritius and have an array of packages. No need to worry, whether it is only for a few hours of an experience you are looking for or planning to indulge in it for days. We have a wide selection and broad categories on the left that will guide you to narrow down your search, navigate you to your ideal tour match and set in a confirmed plan in your inbox within a few clicks.

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