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Mauritius cruises lets you explore the famous waterways of the world and introduces you to a surreal world of beauty, adventure and luxury all in a single tour. Imagine yourself floating in the emerald sea waters in a palatial cruise liner and feel the calmness of nature inside you. Whether you are going for a honeymoon or family trip, sailing on a cruise across the deep blue sea is an unmatchable experience in which you can feel closeness with nature at every moment of your voyage.

Experience a sense of freedom from the shackles of life in its purest form as you stand on the deck of your liner and let the sea breeze caress you all over. Cruises in Mauritius bring with them a plethora of entertainment and comfort options with well-appointed cabins, restaurants, bars, indoor pools and even theatre to keep you engaged during your voyage. You can opt for Cunard Line, Queen Victoria for its amazing facilities or go MSC Musical if you want an immersive movie experience.

Mauritius has been a time-honoured marine destination for tourists with its opulence of beaches, wildlife, adventure and riveting vistas. Going on a cruise to this tropical paradise has become a hot favourite tour option for adventure lovers. Whether it is for a few hours or for a couple of days, choose your tour option from our cruise packages and set sail for your dream vacation.
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People Also Ask About Cruises in Mauritius

  1. Which cruise lines go to Mauritius?

    1. Cunard Line, Queen Victoria- Cunard Line has seven restaurants, three swimming pools, glamorous ballroom, thirteen bars and a digitally advanced theatre. The gleaming upper decks and a classic black exterior set Queen Victoria apart from the other carriers of Cunard. Ranging from lounging in the sun to trying a hand on a shuffleboard or pampering yourself in a revitalising spa treatment you will be spoilt for choices to stay busy all along your voyage. Entertainment is a lavish affair in Queen Victoria in which you can join the ballroom in formal attire and try waltzing with your partner.

    2. MSC Musica- For movie buffs who want to experience an immersive cinema experience MSC Musica has to be in your bucket list for cruises in Mauritius. Sitting in the revolving chairs you can watch your favourite movie in which special effects are used to give a theatrical effect. From the moment you board on to the sheep, you will be offered one-of-its-kind hospitality. Every cabin is equipped with a ZOE virtual assistant which will help you from paying bills to checking out for shore excursions as accurately as any human assistant. The open space on the sheep is a great place for a leisurely stroll.

    3. Norwegian Jade- Norwegian Jade is one of the gems of Norwegian Cruise line which has a capacity to accommodate 2,200 passengers. The colossal vessel consists of 15 massive decks each equipped with luxurious amenities to accommodate families, couples, adventurers and group travellers. There are a number of staterooms in the vessel with a private balcony which offers a stunning view of the ocean. There are bars, a capacious theatre, nightclubs, wellness centre and fine dining restaurants where you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment onboard.

    4. Norwegian Cruise Line- Norwegian Cruise Line offers a luxurious Mauritius cruise for guests of all ages. Whether you are on a grand family get-together or a bachelorette party or a romantic honeymoon you can get everything onboard. With extravagant cabins, delectable meals, exciting itineraries and an array of entertainment options Norwegian Cruise Line promises you a truly exclusive holiday to remember for a lifetime.

    5. Golden Horizon- For those who are looking for a complete package of onboard entertainment, exhilarating marine sports, special events on anniversary or birthdays and above all high-end accommodation in a spacious sheep, Golden Horizon strives to provide you all of these. The establishment fairly boasts of manufacturing the world's largest square-rigged sailing ship which offers you a surfeit on onboard and onshore activities in their Mauritius cruise. Their experienced and proficient travel consultants will help you avail best deals for Mauritius cruise and make sure you get the best value for money.

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  2. Which are the best cruises in Mauritius to spend a luxury night overboard?

    1. Catamaran Sunset Cruise: Of all the catamaran cruises in Mauritius this is one of its kind in which you can experience the grave silence of the ocean as you set sail in a 40-feet-long catamaran for the Coin de Mire Island. The central mountain range also renders an excellent backdrop to the setting as you head towards the Northern Isles. You will be served canapes and Mauritian snacks along with soft drinks, cocktails, mineral water and beverages on board for a refreshing voyage. The cruise is open only on Wednesdays during the summer season (September-April). Carry a light sweater and camera for this trip.

    - Timings:It is a 2 hours’ excursion which begins at 5pm till 7pm.
    - Price:MUR 1159.37 (per adult) and MUR 599.68 (per child).

    2. Luxury fishing trip to St. Brandon: For those who are crazy about fishing, this excursion to a virgin island is certainly going to be an experience worth making. Spend eight days in a luxurious well-appointed cabin surrounded by turquoise ocean waters. St. Brandon offers a perfect setting for a relaxing escapade in a group of 50 small islands dotted with coral ridges and sandy stretches. You can enjoy one of the best cruises in Mauritius in this 8 days’ expedition among which you can experience 4 days in luxury fishing. There are a host of aquatic sports you can indulge in during this excursion. As you snorkel in the waters you can spot brightly coloured coral reefs, sharks, rays and other sea mammals. The fishing excursion is organised by the catamaran in which you will catch Bluefin, Golden Trevally, BoneFish and Green Spot Trevally.

    - Timings:The expedition is conducted according to your preference. It is an 8 days cruise.
    - Price:Starts from MUR 779577.89

    3. Flat Island Cruise: If you are looking for fun, relaxation and a plethora of luxury in your Mauritius Cruise, then Flat Island must be your next destination. Spreading over 253 hectares of flat land with shimmering sandy beaches and a single hill containing a lighthouse, Flat Island is a favourite of divers, snorkelers and other holidaymakers. As your catamaran leaves from Grand Bay en route Flat Island you will come across a number of exotic places including the Pigeon Rock and a lagoon. Onboard you will be provided breakfast with croissant, tea, coffee and juices at around 9 AM. Carry your swimsuit, hat and sunblock lotion for amazing water experiences. On board there will be live music and also you will be provided snorkelling gear for free.

    - Timings:It is a 7-hour 30 minutes cruise which begins at 9am till 4:30pm.
    - Price:MUR 1159.37 per person and MUR 29943.79 for exclusive catamaran hiring

    4. Catamaran Cruise to ILe Aux Cerfs: In a 45 feet catamaran sail across the emerald ocean waters along the southeast coast of Mauritius and get to see the exotic marine life underwater. As your cruise departs from Pointe Jerome towards the ile Aux Cerfs island, you will spot lively corals and schools of fishes in vibrant colours all along your journey. Your catamaran navigates through the Grand Riviere Sud Est where you will come across giant bats inhabiting the bank of the river. In the lagoon of the ile Aux Cerfs island you can enjoy leisurely hours under the canopy of palm and casuarina trees and enjoy snorkelling and swimming in the island’s biggest lagoon. You will be served sumptuous BBQ lunch with a variety of salads, non veg platters and beverages onboard.

    - Timings:It is a 7 hours cruise which starts at 9am till 4pm.
    - Price:MUR 2358.72 (per adult) and MUR 1559.6 per child from (3-12) years.

    5. Gabriel island Cruise: In a 45 feet spacious catamaran depart from the Grand Bay and reach Gabriel Island which lies to the north of Mauritius in 1.5 hours. The island spreads over an area of 42 hectares and is a coveted cruise destination for its unmatched flora and fauna, sandy beaches and turquoise waters surrounding the island. Gabriel Island cruise is one of the best Mauritius cruises in which you can enjoy a little bit of adventure and unending relaxation. As you head towards the island you can spot playful whales and dolphins near your cruise liner. At noon you will be served with delectable BBQ lunch with fresh veggies, fishes and chicken as per your preference. Complimentary drinks are served in this package which includes diet coke, white wine, red wine, rose wine, beer, rum and soft drinks.

    - Timings:The duration of this cruise is 7 hours from 9am-4pm.
    - Price:MUR 1559.16 (per adult) and MUR 799.57

    6. Port Louis: On a private luxurious catamaran cruise sail across the blue ocean waters and enjoy the stunning panorama along the northern coastline of Mauritius. Spend a whole day in an extravagant Leopard 43 which is equipped with high-end amenities for a relaxing cruise. Onboard you will be provided continental breakfast, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). In the Central Market of Port Louis fruits, spices, food, textiles and local products are available at low price. You can end your cruise in Mauritius with tasting local food and buy souvenirs from the craft market.

    - Timing:It is an 8 hours cruise which begins at 9am and ends at 5pm.
    - Price:Starts from MUR23187.44

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  3. What is the best time to go on a cruise in Mauritius?

    Mauritius enjoys a perfect tropical climate round the year. The best time to go on a cruise to this tropical paradise is between the months of May and December. During this time of the year the weather is sunny, dry and cool making it ideal for enjoying beach activities and savouring on fresh seafood.

  4. What is the ideal duration for the cruise tour to Mauritius?

    An ideal cruise in Mauritius takes around 6 nights and 7 days to enjoy the luxurious journey and matchless beauty of the oceans it crosses through.

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  5. Do we need a passport and visa to go on a cruise to Mauritius?

    Yes, certainly you need a passport to go on Mauritius cruise. For Indian citizens there is no need to apply for a Mauritius visa in advance. You can get a visa as you touch down at the airport provided you have all required documents. The Mauritius visa allows you to stay up to 60 days from the day of arrival with a single entry facility. If you extend your stay you need to contact the department of Immigration for further extension of your visa.

  6. How much does a Mauritius cruise trip cost from India?

    Mauritius Cruise packages for 6 nights and 7 days start from Rs. 22,999 per person.

  7. Is there any cruise from India to Mauritius?

    Yes, some of the best cruises in Mauritius are Catamaran Sunset Cruise, Costa Cruise Lines and Luxury Cruise. There are very well-crafted Mauritius Cruise packages that take you from India to Mauritius through the famous oceans of the world. You can choose both day and night cruises as per your preference. Each cruise has its own speciality to witness and enjoy as the natural setting changes in each part of a day rendering a surreal beauty to the surroundings.

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  8. Is cruise tour to Mauritius safe?

    Mauritius records a low crime rate although petty crime as theft and bag snatching may occur if you are careless. If you are going on a Mauritius cruise, it is advisable not to venture out in darkness and use the ATMs of hotels, banks and shops and not those on the street for safety. Choose your itinerary sensible as the cyclone season is from November to May. But in the oceans the possibility of a cyclone arising cannot be ruled out completely. Mauritius being an island nation also experiences tsunamis at times. Be alert to the warnings and take necessary safety measures.

  9. What routes does the Mauritius cruise take from India?

    There are two ports from India from which you can set sail in a cruise to Mauritius:

    1. Mumbai port- It takes around 13 days to cover a distance of 3175 nautical miles approximately. The most common route from Mumbai to Mauritius on a cruise is through Madagascar. The route is as follows: Port of Mumbai-Arabian Sea-Indian Ocean-Port Louis Harbour, Mauritius

    2. Chennai port- It takes around 12 days to cover a distance of 3075 nautical miles approximately. The route is as follows: Port of Chennai-Bay of Bengal-Palk Strait-Gulf of Mannar-Laccadive Sea-Indian Ocean-Port Louis Harbour, Mauritius

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  10. What all should I pack for a cruise to Mauritius?

    Whatever you want to take for your trip to this extravagant beach destination, make sure you keep some space in your luggage for the souvenirs you cannot hold yourself from buying. Some of the essentials to pack for Mauritius cruises are:
    - Swimsuit
    - Sunscreen lotion (as most of the cruises are on day time)
    - Toiletries
    - Raincoat
    - Beach tote
    - Emergency medicines (make sure you are taking glucose bars as it is a hot region and you need to retain your glucose level)
    - Insulated water bottle
    - Underwater camera
    - Wide brimmed hat
    - Jacket or hoodie (if you are on a night cruise the wind on board can be chilly)
    - Portable charger for your mobile and laptop
    - Wallet/ cards/ local currency
    - Zip lock bags
    - Travel documents
    - Identity proof

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  11. What are the best Mauritius tours that we can book from Thrillophilia?

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