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About Chamarel
Exhibiting a one-of-a-kind occurrence, Chamarel is known for its natural formation of seven colored earth. This geological formation has made Chamarel a major attraction here and one of the major Mauritius tourist places. The seven colors seen here include red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. The tropical climate of Mauritius has washed out all the soluble elements like silicon dioxide, resulting in letter colors in some areas. It is believed that if you mix all the colors of the sand, the particles will eventually settle in layers creating a spectrum. 

Due to the downpours and uneven climate conditions, many rock formations have been weathered down, however, the sand still remains there to fascinate the tourists. On the premise lies a children's play area which is flocked by locals and tourists alike. The place also acts as a breeding ground for giant tortoises which can be seen roaming around the protected area of rock formations. Being a very famous tourist attraction since the 1960s, the place has undergone various corrosions and natural calamities. Due to this, there are wooden fences all around and people are not allowed to visit the dunes. To perfectly enjoy this beauty, various observation outposts are settled around the areas. 
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