25 Islands in Mauritius That Will Take Your Breath Away
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Mauritius Islands

Mauritius Island, Rodrigues Island, Agalega and St. Brandon Island, Ile des Deux Cocos, Le Morne Brabant, Le Souffleur, Ilot Sancho, Ile De La Passe and more.

Pristine blue water bordering cottony clouds overhead and history influenced by the French, Dutch and Portuguese, the
best islands to visit in Mauritius indeed tell an intriguing story of culture and history at every corner for the eager listener.

Mauritius, a volcanic island of lagoons with palm-fringed beaches and coral reefs - is located just off the southeast coast of Africa, surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean. Port Louis is the administrative capital of the island and is easily accessible by the many serene islands here.

Mauritius islands
possess a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, a tropical climate all through the year, clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora, and more that come together to make the islands in Mauritius reach the top of your next holiday list.

Not just natural beauty, Mauritius also offers a wealth of exciting activities for every traveler with a number of world-class golf courses, water sports such as deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, trekking and more - the rich colonial history of these islands giving an opportunity to discover something new at every step.

Here’s a list of the best islands in Mauritius:

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COVID-19 : MAURITIUS is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to MAURITIUS?

Entry to Mauritius is completely restricted.

  • Lockdown lifted from June 15
  • Supermarkets and shops are operating normally
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and markets are allowed to operate under sanitary conditions
  • Places of worship are allowed to reopen
  • Beaches, nightclubs and cinemas are closed

The entry of any aircraft in Mauritius is prohibited till 31st August.

Local Transport
  • Public transport such as metro and buses are operational.
  • The buses are operations from 5 AM to 9 PM and Metro is operational from 6 AM to 7 PM.
  • Taxis can run with 3 passengers and for 7-seater taxi the maximum passengers allowed are 4 people. 

Currently, aircrafts entry is restricted in Mauritius. However, once travel resumes, Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and precautions issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to stay safe.

Entry of all travellers in Mauritius restricted till the 31st of August Updated: 21 Aug 2020

Till 31st August, the entry of all aircrafts and ships are restricted in the borders of Mauritius except for the ones approved by the Prime Minister.Read more.

Mauritius becomes the first African Country to control COVID-19 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Since April 27, Mauritius has not recorded even a single death through corona virus. Moreover, the country hasn't seen any locally transmitted infection for over three months.Read More

Internal lockdown in Mauritius lifted from June 15 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Mauritius authorities lift internal lockdown from June 15, including resumption of all economic and social activities. Despite lifting the lockdown, wearing protective masks is mandatory in pubic places, workplaces and public transportRead More

Night curfew lifted in Mauritius since May 30 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Night curfew in Mauritius was lifted from May 30. Regular activities are allowed from 8 pm to 8 am now.

All restrictions in Mauritius lifted from June 15 Updated: 17 Aug 2020

All economic and social activities have been allowed to resume in Mauritius from June 15.


Mauritius Island

Home to the Mauritius capital - Port Louis and the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, one of the best islands to visit in Mauritius is the mainland itself.

Check out colourful canoes called pirogues being raced and manoeuvred skillfully in Pointe Canon, or drive beside the ocean along the picturesque hairpin bend of Baie du Cap road. For those who always wanted to try their hands at surfing, Rivière des Galets is the place for you.

Highlights of the Mainland Mauritius Island:
- Home to the Mauritius capital - Port Louis that is accessible to every other island.
- Ideal place for surfing and driving alongside beaches.

Rodrigues Island

One of the best islands to visit in Mauritius, Rodrigues has beautiful sandy beaches and a total accessible coastline of 80 km. The Francois Leguat nature reserve here is home to over 3,000 giant tortoises.

Explore the fabulous network of walking trails crisscrossing the island, or enjoy the great range of watersports such as wind and kite surfing, ziplining, scuba diving and more.

How to Reach from Port Louis:
- To reach Rodrigues Island from Port Louis, you will have to take a flight from Mauritius airport.
- Alternatively, a car ferry operates from Port Louis to Port Mathurin once a week.

Highlights of the Rodrigues Island:
- An 80 km coastline with water sports for the adventure seeker.
- Home to more than 3,000 tortoises.

Agalega and St. Brandon Island

Two distinguishing beautiful islands in Mauritius, Agalega and St. Brandon Island are sparsely inhabited and untouched, making them all the more alluring.

You can take a special 8-day fishing trip to the St. Brandon Islands on a customized luxury catamaran where you can snorkel with sharks, tortoises and other big fish; explore white sand flats and broken coral islands; observe nesting tortoises and more.

How to Reach from Port Louis: To reach Agalega and St. Brandon Island from Port Louis, you will have to take a flight from Mauritius airport.

Highlights of the Agalega and St. Brandon Island:
- An 8-day fishing trip to the St. Brandon Islands.
- Snorkel with sharks, watching tortoises nest, etc.

Ile des Deux Cocos

Also known as the 'Island of Coconuts', this place is a haven of tranquillity that lies amidst the Blue Bay Marine Park.

Tour the stunning Blue Bay in a glass-bottom boat, or indulge in water sports like snorkelling, diving, fishing, solarium, scuba diving, etc. here. You can also explore the Blue Bay Maritime Reserve, an underwater reserve with lovely corals and colourful marine species.

While here, visit the 'Follies' Villa, which was built in the 1920s. The villa is an amalgamation of British, Moorish, and Mauritian designs.

How to Reach from Port Louis: Easily accessible, you can reach Ile des Deux Cocos from Port Louis by bus, car, or even a ferry.

Highlights of Ile des Deux Cocos:
- The 'Follies' Villa.
- Tour Blue Bay in a glass-bottom boat.
- Snorkelling, diving, fishing, solarium, scuba diving, etc.

Le Morne Brabant

One of the best Mauritius islands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Morne Brabant is famous for the peninsular formations with a 556 m high basaltic standing guard against natural calamities. The place has some of the most intense caves alongside its steep slopes.

While here, go for the Le Morne Brabant hike to check out exotic plants and trees. Do not miss out visiting the Le Morne Brabant underwater waterfall here that is a dramatic sight right in the middle of the ocean.

How to Reach from Port Louis: To reach Le Morne Brabant from Port Louis you can take a bus or drive down to Le Morne Brabant and then take a boat ride or ferry.

Highlights of the Le Morne Brabant:
- 556 m high basaltic peninsular formations.
- Le Morne Brabant hike and underwater waterfall.

Le Souffleur

Ideal for those looking for a wild and rugged landscape, it is said that Le Souffler was created when the rough sea crashed against hot lava rocks.

The island has natural springs at a lot of places and also has a half-formed grotto-like structure that has a natural geyser fountain which spouts water up to 20 m high. It is one of the best views among all other Mauritius islands you wouldn't want to miss.

While here, visit the cliff, that has the famous Pont Naturel, the naturally formed bridge, worth taking out your camera for.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry to reach Le Souffler from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Le Souffler Island:
- Natural springs and geyser fountain.
- Naturally formed bridge.

Ilot Sancho

Ilot Sancho's connectivity to the mainland depends on the time of the day. Separated from the mainland by a tidal channel, it is a fun island to visit when the tide is out.

Blending history and nature perfectly, it is a favourite surf spot in the South. With magnificent views of the ocean, you can combine both a visit to the islet and a picnic on the beach.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down to Ilot Sancho from Port Louis or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry.

Highlights of the Ilot Sancho Island:
- Best surf spot in the South.
- Ideal place for a day picnic.

Ile De La Passe

Ile de la Passe is in the lagoon of the Mahebourg coastal village, just off the south-east coast of Mauritius. Among the other Mauritius islands, this one is historically significant and is full of ruins, which were once fortifications that used to protect the Grand Port Bay from the rocky island.

Ile de passe hosts a wide range of activities and things to see for history fanatics. There is also a graffiti wall with the names of the soldiers engraved on it here.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry to Ile de la Passe from Port Louis.

Highlights of Ile De La Passe Islet:
- Historically significant.
- Wall graffiti.

Ile Aux Flamants

One of the most scenic islands in Mauritius, the Ile aux Flamants is a must-visit for a quick and memorable getaway.

The lush green palm trees here that are set against sparkling blue water is a sight to behold. You can also travel around this island on luxurious catamarans.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry to reach Ile Aux Flamants from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Ile Aux Flamants Island:
- Perfect for a quick getaway.
- Enjoy nature’s bounty.

Gunner's Quoin

One of the most unique islands in Mauritius, Gunner’s Quoin is a little islet located a few kilometres north of Mauritius. Although not open to the public, it continues to be a must-visit island in Mauritius if you can get the required permissions.

With remarkably clear water, it is a perfect spot for snorkelling, underwater diving and other water activities. The island has beautiful marine life and sightings of whales is quite common here.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can reach Gunner's Quoin from Port Louis through ferry or a boat ride.

Highlights of the Gunner's Quoin Island:
- An ideal spot for snorkelling, underwater diving, etc.
- Wonderful marine life.
- Spot sharks here.

Ile D'Ambre

One of the largest and the best islands to visit in Mauritius, Ile d’Ambre has a ton of activities to offer such as lagoons, well-maintained nature walks, beautiful picnic spots, and ample places to kayak in.

Surrounded by varied vegetation adding to the natural beauty, the lagoons here are a must-visit. While here, do not forget to check out the Mangrove forests.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry to reach Ile d’Ambre from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Ile D'Ambre Island:
- Go kayaking here.
- Beautiful lagoons and well-maintained nature walks.
- Mangrove forests.

Ile Plate

Ile Plate is a blend of incredible scenic views and turquoise waters apt for diving. Located towards the northernmost point of Mauritius, it is also known as the Flat Island.

Used as a quarantine station in the 19th century, the island has a small army base too. Visit the oldest and the only operating lighthouse in the islands of Mauritius, the Isle Plate Lighthouse. The island is a breeding site for seabirds, and also offers water activities like diving and snorkelling.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can reach Ile Plate from Port Louis through ferry or a boat ride.

Highlights of the Ile Plate Island:
- Oldest and the only operating lighthouse.
- Diving with sharks.
- A breeding site for seabirds.

Diego Gracia

Diego Gracia happens to be an island of the British Indian Ocean Territory. Located in the central Indian Ocean comprising about 60 small islands. This island is known to host the military base of the US in the Indo-pacific region.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The distance between Port Louis and Diego Gracia is about 2,149 km. You can reach this place by taking direct flights or else by cruise liners.

Highlights of the Island: US Military Base

Ile du Phare

Also known as Ile aux Fouquets, the Ile du Phare was one of the first islands in Mauritius to be discovered by the Dutch back in the 15th century.

Reputed as one of the national parks of the island nation, it is relatively hilly and has a ruined lighthouse that sits on its topmost point, from which the island derives its name. The views from all across the island are nothing short of spectacular.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can reach Ile du Phare from Port Louis through ferry or a boat ride.

Highlights of the Ile du Phare Island:
- A national park.
- Offers spectacular views.

Hermitage Island

Enjoy the clear waters of the blue lagoon and snorkel at the Hermitage Island, situated in the South of Rodrigues. Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, the island has remarkable natural beauty and is also reputed to be the location of a buried treasure.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can plan ahead and visit Hermitage Island along with Rodrigues Island from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Hermitage Island:
- Clear waters with beautiful coral reefs.
- Enjoy the Robinson Crusoe treasure hunt experience.

Ilot Gabriel

True to the serenity offered by other Mauritius islands, Ilot Gabriel has beautiful beaches, good food and sunny blue skies.

Situated in the North of Mauritius, it has the most enchanting beaches and is one of the best islands to visit in Mauritius. Enjoy the luxury rides to the island and once there, indulge in massages, sunbeds and the like. There are also a lot of water sports here for adventure seekers.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can reach Ilot Gabriel from Port Louis through ferry or a boat ride.

Highlights of the Ilot Gabriel Island:
- Pristine beaches and blue skies.
- Water sports.

Z'ile Beach

A highlight amongst all Mauritius islands, the Z'ile Beach offers an innovative concept and a unique setting with an amazing floating beach concept.

An amalgamation of a floating island with the blue lagoon this “Floating Beach” is moored in the middle of the turquoise lagoon in Mont Choisy, located at about 500 m from the main shoreline. A secluded environment, it is perfect for parties and intimate gatherings to make your vacation memorable.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a ferry or a boat ride to reach Z'ile Beach from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Z'ile Beach Island:
- Unique floating island concept.
- Ideal for intimate gatherings.

Île aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs happens to be one of the star Islands in Mauritius because of its luscious beaches and coral ridges. It is a private island that is located on the eastern coast of Mauritius. The island is spread over an area of 87 hectares and is home to some of the rich vegetation and gorgeous beaches. This place is popularly known as deer island.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The best way to reach Ile Aux Cerf from Port Louis would be taking a taxi boat from Troue D’Eau Douce.

Highlights of the Island: Water Sports like scuba diving and snorkelling.

Ile Ronde

Ile Ronde is an ecological treasure that is home to many species of endemic plants and endemic reptiles, some of which no longer exist on the mainland. It was classified as a Nature Reserve in the 1950s.

How to Reach from Port Louis: Since the island has a rocky shoreline, one cannot access it by boat. The only safe and easy access to the Ile Ronde island is by helicopter from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Ile Ronde Island:
- An ecological treasure.
- Home to rare endemic plants and endemic reptiles.

Île aux Aigrettes

Ile Aux Aigrettes happens to be an island in Mauritius that is located close to the south east coast. This islet mainly functions as a nature reserve and a scientific research station. Apart from all these, the islands are home to coastal vegetation and can be considered as a natural museum where you can find a wide range of flora and fauna.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The distance between Port Louis and Ile Aux Aigrettes happens to be 57 km via M2. You can cover this distance in 51 minutes.

Highlights of the Island: Coastal Vegetation, Nature Reserve, Scientific Research Station

Pointe Bernache

Pointe Bernache is one of the scenic islands in Mauritius that, unlike the mountainous and rocky terrain found on the other islands, is different. A small and gorgeous island, it is swanked with tall pine trees all around.

A much quieter and calmer island, it makes for an ideal spot to get some sun and the beach all to yourself.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can drive down or take a bus and then take a boat ride or ferry to reach Pointe Bernache from Port Louis.

Highlights of the Pointe Bernache Island:
- Swanked with tall pine trees.
- Quieter and ideal place for a day picnic.

Pierrot Island

Pierrot Island is a small island that lies south of Rodrigues in Indian Ocean. This place is surrounded by lush coral ridges making it one of the best islands in Mauritius for scuba diving and snorkelling activities.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The distance between Pierrot Island and Port Louis is about 621 km and this distance can be covered by sea and air only. You can take a cruise liner to cover the distance or else book a helicopter ride. 

Highlights of the Island:
Coral Ridges, Water Sports like Scuba Diving and Snorkelling.

Serpent Island

Once famous for being home to a large variety of snakes that have become extinct since the European invasion, this small island north of Mauritius is another great spot for diving and offers breathtaking views that you would not want to miss.

How to Reach from Port Louis: You can reach Serpent Island from Port Louis through ferry or a boat ride.

Highlights of the Serpent Island:
- Mesmerizing views.
- Great spot for diving.

Île aux Bénitiers

Ile Aux Benitiers is one of the largest islands in the lagoon that floats above the sea level in the reef offshore. This place is a picnic worthy place in Mauritius that is adorned with coconut farms and a whole colony of migratory birds.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The distance between Port Louis and Ile Aux Benitiers is about 41.0 km via A3.

Highlights of the Island: Catamaran Cruises, Migratory Birds, Coconut Farms, Coral Ridges

Tromelin Island

Tromelin Island happens to be one of the low lying Islands in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The islands are located at a distance of 500 kms from North of Reunions and about 450 km from the east of Madagascar. The islands are home to an unpaved airstrip, a weather station, and a wildlife reserve. In the peak migration season, you will find a large number of birds heading out over to this place from various parts of the world.

How to Reach from Port Louis: The distance between Port Louis and Tromelin Island is about 569 km and can be reached by taking flights from the international airport.

Highlights of the Island: Wildlife Reserve, Weather Station, Migratory Birds
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People Also Ask About Mauritius

  1. Which are the best islands to visit in Mauritius?

    1. Ile Des Deux Cocos: White pristine sandy backdrop aside, the Ile Des Deux Cocos has one of the best sites for enjoying reef snorkeling and exploring the underwater vibrant world of the Indian Ocean.

    2. Ile Aux Cocos: A breathtaking natural reserve known for a plethora of stunning migratory and resident birds, this secluded island paradise is one of the best spots to explore while in Mauritius.

    3. Ile Aux Aigrettes: The completely isolated coral limestone island is yet another beautiful natural reserve that has one of the most vibrantly scenic backdrops despite its calm and serene vibe.

    4. Cat Island: Also known as Pierrot Island, this is one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Mauritius. Surrounded by coral reefs, tropical vegetation, and a natural white sandy beach, it is a must-visit if you love diving.

    5. Ile Aux Cerf: The privately-owned island boasts a stunning white sandy beach on all sides, in addition to 87 hectares of vegetation and a stunning golf course. If watersports are on your list of things to do in Mauritius, there is no better place than Ile Aux Cerf.
  2. What is the best time to visit islands in Mauritius?

    The best time to visit Islands in Mauritius would be from the month of May and the month of December. In this phase of the year, the climatic condition of the island destination remains cool, sunny, and dry.
  3. How to reach Mauritius islands?

    The best way to reach Mauritius Islands would be taking a direct flight to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport from any of the major cities across the world or else you can also book luxury cruise liners to the island destination. The international airport is located at a distance of 50 km from the city centre of Port Louis.
  4. Is a stay option available on Islands in Mauritius?

    Yes, there are numerous stay options available on islands in Mauritius. You will just find zillions of resorts and hotels offering the best ever accommodation in the whole world. The resort and hotel offer luxurious rooms and villa accommodation with private access to the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
  5. Are islands in Mauritius safe to visit?

    Yes, Mauritius is definitely a very safe place to visit with your loved ones for a holiday vacation. This place is one of the top rated tourist attractions of the world and the rate of crime is very less. So there is no point of worrying.

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