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Mauritius Skydiving

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A perfectly brewed cup of spine-chilling thrills, exotic fun, and soul-stirring views, Skydiving in Mauritius is no less than the wildest dream that you have ever got. A jeep ride through the tall sugarcane plants of the sugar estates in Riviere du Rempart takes you to the take-off point of the skydiving activity. After that, a flight journey for about half an hour gives you glimpses of the magnificent beauty of the landscapes below through the windows.

Once you are about a whopping 10000 feet above ground level, gear up for the indescribable free fall right from the skies. As you jump, a mixed feeling of fun, thrill, and scare engulfs you for the next few seconds. Then starts the actual fun as the parachutes open up and you sway amidst and over the clouds. The blue waters of the lagoons, the lush farmlands below, and the small cliffs rising above the waters together make a sight that you just cannot forget in a lifetime.

If you are new to skydiving who is all excited to try this extreme sport but is quite nervous, Tandem skydive Mauritius is just for you. In tandem skydiving, a trained instructor skydives along with the doer and both are connected by super strong harnesses. The instructor has complete control over you and he does all the activities like opening the parachute, maneuvering the glide, and safe landing for you.

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Mauritius Skydiving FAQs

Where can I go for skydiving in Mauritius?

Skydiving in Mauritius happens in the north region of the island. The most popular skydiving center in Mauritius is "Skydive Mauritius" located at Sugar Estate (Airstrip, Skydive Road Z.I MU, Riviere du Rempart 30107, Mauritius. The take-off is from the magnificent Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir in skydive aircraft C182 and reaches a height of about 10000 feet after 25 minutes of the journey. Once above the clouds, you can go for the nerve wrecking free fall and then enjoy a brief paragliding session soaring over the iconic Gris Gris beach, colonial houses, and Reserve des Mascareigne. At the end of the activity, you can safely land.

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How much does skydiving in Mauritius cost?

The cost of a Tandem skydive Mauritius starts at about INR 10,000 per person. By paying a bit extra, you can avail your videos and photos as well. Videography of your skydive saved in a pen drive costs INR 2800 and photography costs INR 2800 extra and a combination of both costs at a deal price of INR 3850.

Is there a weight limit for skydiving in Mauritius?

Yes, the minimum weight limit for Skydiving in Mauritius is 40 kg and the maximum limit is 95 to 100 kg. Also, you need to be above 18 years to skydive in Mauritius.

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What should I wear for skydiving in Mauritius?

You can wear comfortable pants and T-shirts for skydiving. Most of the operators provide you with jumpsuits and goggles at the airfield. Wearing close-toed shoes that can be laced or strapped tightly is a must. If you wear power glasses or contact lenses, it is okay to wear them during the dive as the goggles they provide will put power glasses and contact lens firmly in place without causing any damage. Long hairs need to be braided or stuck firm in a bun.

What is the best time to visit Mauritius for skydiving?

December is the most ideal time for skydiving in Mauritius as the climate is pleasant with the day temperatures hovering around 29 degrees Celsius. The skies are blue with white clouds so that you can enjoy unhindered views while skydiving.

What are the essential things to keep in mind while going for skydiving in Mauritius?

- Skydiving in Mauritius is an extreme adventure sport that requires good physical and mental health. In case you are pregnant or have any health complications, do let your guide know about it.
- Beginners can choose Tandem skydive Mauritius as it is safer, easier, and does not require any prior experience or training.
- The minimum age limit for skydiving in 18 years.
- The minimum and maximum permissible weight limits for skydiving in Mauritius are 40 kgs and 100 kgs.
- You cannot perform the activity if you are under the influence of alcohol.
- You cannot skydive if you have a cold.
- You cannot skydive if you went scuba diving 24 hours prior to the skydiving activity.

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