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Get ready to fall in love with the natural beauty and sophisticated French architecture of the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis. This vibrant city is a classic example of a tourist destination where tradition blends seamlessly with modernism. Port Louis is known as a ‘cultural pot’ where you can see influences from different destinations such as the Middle East, Africa, China, India and Europe. With Thrillophilia's Mauritius tour packages, you will get a chance to experience this unique confluence of cultures, the local life, visit colorful markets, historical museums, and various enchanting sightings. 

To truly experience the charm of Port Louis, make sure to take a casual stroll on the city streets. You will find a number of colorful stalls to shop souvenirs, and various food corners serving finger-licking dishes. Visit the popular Chinatown or the Jummah Mosque on the land of Mauritius and witness the beauty of different cultures coexisting harmoniously. However, this does not sum up the fun of Port Louis. Thrillophilia’s exciting Port Louis tour packages include a visit to the stunning beaches of the city where you can try adventurous activities such as parasailing and diving as well. After a day tour, go out in the city to experience the lively nightlife and relax your mind with refreshing cocktails. 

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Best Time for Port Louis Trip:

Port Louis is a destination that offers serene retreats throughout the year. The best time for you depends upon your preferred season, and the kind of experience you wish to have.

1.Peak Season: Book your Port Louis tour packages in the peak winter season, starting from May and lasting till November, with temperatures ranging between 19 degrees to 23 degrees celsius. The daytime offers a warm and sunny experience which is perfect to visit the beaches and explore the city on guided sightseeing tours. 

2.Shoulder Season: Lasting from December to April, is the summer season of Port Louis with temperatures ranging between 24 degrees to 30 degrees celsius. Most of the people visit Port Louis during these months to enjoy festivals such as Christmas and New Years. These are the ideal months to indulge in some fun water sports such as parasailing and scuba diving.

3. Waning Season: Port Louis in Mauritius enjoys a milder waning season from January to March, characterized by reduced humidity and rainfall. The sheltered north and west coasts provide warmth and less wind, creating ideal conditions for water activities, especially surfing, thanks to the famous trade winds.

How To Reach Port Louis:

By Air:  The most convenient way to reach Port Louis from India is by taking a flight. There are direct as well as connecting flights available from different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata to Mauritius. After you will reach at Mauritius airport, you can take bus and car to travel to Port Louis which is around 35 kms from the airport.

Direct Flights:

  • To: Mauritius
  • From: Mumbai, Delhi
  • Major airlines: Air India, Emirates, Vistara, IndiGo, and Kenya Airways

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Port louis Tour faqs

What is the cost of a Mauritius visa from India?

The cost of a Mauritius visa for Indian citizens is free of charge. The visa is valid for a stay of up to 60 days. It is issued upon arrival at the Mauritius International Airport. There are no specific visa fees for Indian travellers visiting Mauritius, making it a convenient and cost-effective destination to explore for Indians.

Do Indians need a visa for Port Louis?

Yes, Indians do need a visa to visit Port Louis. However, you can easily get it upon your arrival to Mauritius. The visa for Indians is free of cost, with a stay period of 60 days. You will need to carry other essential documents such as a valid passport, passport-size photos, accommodation proof, confirmed flight tickets, and sufficient funds for your trip. 

Which language is commonly used in Port Louis?

Even though the official language of Port Louis is English, the majority of the population speaks Mauritian Creole which originated from French. Since this is a multicultural city, you may also find a part of the population speaking Hindi, Afrikaan, Urdu and Chinese.

How do you get around in Port Louis?

All the main attractions of Port Louis are within walking distance, so you can simply walk towards your destination, save money, and explore more of the city. You can also opt for the light rail named Metro Express which connects the suburbs to the city. Take a bus to travel inter-city that are easily available and are frequent as well. You can also get taxis that will take you to your preferred destination, however, it is suggested to avoid cars or taxis due to heavy traffic. 

Is visiting Port Louis worth it?

Yes, whether you are with your partner, family or friends, it is definitely worth visiting the stunning city of Port Louis. This city is a classic example of a harmonious and thriving settlement of a mix of various cultures. You can also witness how tradition and modernism can blend seamlessly, giving rise to a mesmerizing ambience. A day tour includes a visit to the different cultural communities, historical museums, art galleries, sightings, shopping markets, beaches, and a casual stroll to admire the colorful streets adorned with sleek French architecture. Try out the delectable authentic cuisine of this place to get a wholesome experience of your Mauritius trip.

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