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  • Savour some delectable Mauritian cuisine in some of the best restaurant of Mauritius. And some of the restaurants even have rustic waterside ambiance complementing the amazing food it serves. The Mauritian island has plenty of dining option which has authentic Malaysian gourmet cuisine prepared by Michelin stars and celebrity chef too.

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    When in Mauritius, you should definitely try Creole fish rougaille, Octopus Curry and Camerons to name a few. For a romantic set up with truly mouth-watery Mauritian cuisine, it is best to visit Le Chateau de Bel Ombre. The more than amazing food that the restaurant serves makes it an ideal place to satiate your stomach.

    Here are some of the best restaurants in Mauritius:

  • 01Le Château de Bel Ombre

    In a classic plantation of manor and a historical monument will you find this impressive hotel of Le Chateau de Bel Ombre which is quite impressive to look.

    Wind surfing, sailing dinghy, canoe, Aqua gym, Pedal boats, glass bottom boats, big game fishing and water skiing amongst others.

    Many talented chefs put their creativity to come up with some amazing food which is going to truly satiate your Mauritian gastronomy.

    It is approximately 30 km from Port Louis.

    15,500 onwards which are subject to change.
  • 02Le Fangourin

    If you want to have the most amazing look of the central plateau’s mountain then it is best to visit Le Fangourin. The century old vegetation with its amazing pond and lush green areas makes this place a beautiful place to be in.

    If you want to tickle your taste buds with something interesting then it is best the culinary tradition of Mauritius. It has some of the new flavours which is well complemented with some amazing cocktails making it appropriate pick for many travellers. It is an ideal place for business people.

    It is 18 km away from Port Louis.

    Rs 11,000
  • 03La Table du Chateau

    Welcome yourself to the wooded and modern atmosphere an ideal place for all the travellers to spend some peaceful time in the place. It will be perfect place to soothe your senses.

    Place this

    You can get your hands on something interesting such as something from seasonal menu. All the fruits and the vegetables are picked from Labourdonnais orchards.

    It is about 18 km away from Port Louis. Price: Rs. 10,000
  • 04Le Chamarel Restaurant

    The scenic beauty of the restaurant is because of the Black river mountains which makes the place look beautiful. The place will allow you to see some of the unique corners of Mauritius.

    You can get to see the unsurpassable beauty of the reserve forests where you will find monkeys, wild deer, birds and much more.

    Activities: Swimming and dolphin watching is considered to be some of the activists that you can do in the place.

    The restaurant has an amazing dining experience with some of the most spectacular views.

    It is 46 km from Port Louis.
  • 05Escale Creole

    If you want to try one of the finest culinary cuisine then it is best to try Escale Creole which serves one of the finest cuisine.

    You can try some of the most amazing authentic Mauritian cuisine which were made at a time when Mauritian food was considered not all that popular. Once you meet the chefs of the restaurant you will see the inherent passion with which they cook all the food.

    It is 14 km from Port Louis.
  • 06Le Off

    If you want to experience true beauty then it is best to be a part of Le Off. The place has an amazing pool which makes the Le Off look quite inviting.

    The best thing to try is fish which is best served with some amazing cocktails. The quality of the food is extremely good which makes this place a must visit place for everyone. You can have a perfect romantic dinner and dance through the night with some unforgettable memories.

    : It is 27 km away from Port Louis.
  • 07Zub Express Restaurant

    If you are looking for a nice blend of European and Indian cuisine then it is best to try Zub Express Restaurant. Even the portions that are available in the restaurant is quite good without compromising on the quality.

    Since it is located next to the island so it showcases some scenic beauty too. The backdrop that it provides makes this place even more amazing to attract many travellers.

    It offers food especially Chinese and Indian at very low prices.

    It is 27.2 km from Port Louis.
  • 08Safran Restaurant

    The restaurant is housed in Le Touessork Hotel which has some other popular restaurants too.

    If you are looking for classic Indian cooking in authentic Indian flavours then Safran restaurant is the place to be. The techniques are just perfect to cook high class Mauritius meal, using the local ingredients. If you are looking for nice and elegant night-outs then this place is considered to be just perfect for that.

    It is 28 km from Port Louis.
  • 09The Beach House Bar & Restaurant

    If you are looking for a nice appealing restaurant then you can definitely try your hands on the Beach House Bar. You will find a bar just next to it which serves some nice drinks and cocktails, so that you can spend a beautiful evening with your loved ones. You can get to see daily specials on a board on the wall.

    The beer is considered to be extremely amazing and you will find a perfect mix of Mediterranean, South African and Mauritian flavours all in one.

    It is 25 km away from Port Louis.
  • 10Rib & Reef

    Wouldn’t it be nice to relish some delectable steak against an amazing and beautiful place. If you are mad about steak then this is the place to be. It serves one of the most amazing steaks you would have ever tasted in Mauritius.

    Since it is located in Flic en Flac, hence it provides an amazing backdrop to make it a must visit place for all the travellers.

    It is 27 km from Port Louis.