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Scuba Diving Packages in Mauritius

The experience of scuba diving in Mauritius exceeds all other adventures that you can imagine. Situated on the Indian Ocean is this naturally opulent country that is lovingly known for the picture-postcard Islands and lagoons that have vivid coral reefs, a throbbing marine ecosystem, caverns and rock pinnacles that attracts flocks of adventure seekers and photographers for a vacation.

Furthermore, there are also numerous Mauritius scuba diving packages available which let you explore the depths of the ultramarine ocean at the best diving sites including Coral Garden, Hoi Siong No 6, Coin de Mire and many more, as well as help you get PADI certified with professional training programs.

Although you can enjoy Mauritius scuba diving all throughout the year, there are certain months like March till May and October till December that see an exponential visibility of exotic and unique marine life such as sweetlips, angelfish, trumpets, crayfish and more due to the warm temperatures of the water. Mauritius has also ranked high amongst the best scuba-diving destinations for its shallow clear dive pools, over 100 sites and beauty like no other.

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People Also Ask About Scuba Diving in Mauritius

  1. Where can I go for scuba diving in Mauritius?

    1. Coral Garden: This Mauritius scuba diving site is filled with soft and hard corals, thus the name coral garden. You can take a plunge as deep as 20 meters to enjoy the stunning seabed and vibrant colors underwater.

    Along with that, here you can also opt for night dives to get a unique experience altogether. Some of the best fish and animals you can swim with are - stingrays, green-shell turtles, lionfish, wrasses, moray eels, lobsters, crayfish, sergeant majors, clownfish, groupers, etc.

    Island: Belle Mare.
    Depth: 20 meters.
    Cost: INR 4200.

    2. Hoi Siong No 6: The Hoi Siong No 6 is a 29 meters deep underwater wreckage ship that attracts hundreds of amateur and experienced divers for a deep swim.

    Over the year an artificial reef has also been created which acts as the hiding and living space for many exotic marine species including - Barracuda, Tuna, Lionfish and Butterflyfish among others. So, if you are someone who would like to witness an age old wreck, boastful aquatic surroundings and more, this is where you should be heading.

    Island: Le Morne.
    Depth: 20-29 meters.
    Cost: INR 3000.

    3. St. Jacques: Located in the southwestern tip, this is among the top Mauritius scuba diving sites. The stunning lagoons within the Indian Ocean have a booming marine-life, corals, and underwater caves that one can experience with a shallow dive upto 5 meters and as deep as 30 meters.

    The strong water currents would drift you in the waters where you will be able to swim with stingrays, turtles, Blue gorgonian fans, hard and soft corals, sharks etc. The best time to try this activity is from December till May, and it is advisable for beginners to steer clear from this site.

    Island: Le Morne.
    Depth: 5 - 30 meters.
    Cost: INR 5100.

    4. The Cathedral: This is one of the most picturesque sites in all of Mauritius with rich topography and marine ecosystem. The caves, corals and seabed look especially stunning as the piercing sunray falls through the surface of the sea.

    You can dive as deep as 30 meters to see the sandy ocean floor while also spotting sea life like - moray eels, angelfish, wrasse, clownfish and groupers. With the Mauritius scuba diving packages you can also capture some exquisite photographs of the underwater world.

    Island: Lanai.
    Depth: 15 - 30 meters.
    Cost: INR 12,000 (includes certification and other costs).

    5. Grand Bay Aquarium: This is among the best sites for beginners looking to enjoy scuba diving in Mauritius. The deepest that you can swim is 15 meters to the sandy ocean floor. The place is full of light that gets radiated from the clear waters and surroundings.

    The marine vegetation, life-forms like moray eels; clownfish; butterfly-fish, stone-fish, puffer-fish and wire coral, and other additions are ideal for photography and video making as well.

    Island: Grand Baie.
    Depth: 15 meters.
    Cost: INR 4000.

    6. Whale Rock: The Whale Rock diving site near Grand Baie is ideal for the intermediate and experienced divers as the varying descends take you to the depths of the sea, exposing you to the vibrant flora and fauna which includes giant marine animals like - swordfish, hammerheads, Triggerfish, butterfly fish, parrotfish and labrets. Moreover, with the Mauritius scuba diving packages you can explore and swim as deep as 25 meters of the ocean.

    Island: Grand Baie.
    Depth: 25 meters.
    Cost: INR 4200.

    7. Stella Maru: Stella Maru is a dive site in Trou Aux Biches that has gained mass popularity because of the sinking of a Japanese trawler in 1987, and since then the large colonization of marine creatures has made it into an artificial reef.

    The clear waters, species of sea life including lionfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish, surgeonfish, damsels, and moray eels are found here. Octopuses, shellfish , leaf scorpionfish, barracuda, and domino damsels, and much more are worth experiencing with the Mauritius scuba diving packages.

    Island: Trou Aux Biches.
    Depth: 18 - 24 meters.
    Cost: INR 8400.

    8. Coin de Mire: This site is one of the most popular for underwater photography and scuba diving in Mauritius among adventurers. Situated near the wreck site of Javeda in Bain Boeuf, the entire ocean floor here is blanketed with pink coral reefs, rocks and seabed that is something worth exploring.

    The ocean currents in most parts are strong, thus it is best to go diving in the shallow part. One can also spot various sea creatures including eagle rays, dog-tooth tuna and turtles, from November till May.

    Island: Bain Boeuf.
    Depth: 25 meters.
    Cost: INR 3500.

    9. Pigeon's Rock: The Pigeon's rock is a rock formation in the cerulean lagoon off the coast of Rocher Aux Pigeon. The diving site is known as 'shark pit' because large groups of sharks are found swimming here, making it one of the most thrilling places to go scuba diving in Mauritius. The sharks come here due to the highly oxygenated water and one can spot as many as 40 large fish at once during the activity.

    Island: Rocher aux Pigeons.
    Depth: 25 meters.
    Cost: INR 4200.

    10. Caravelle: Scuba diving in Mauritius, especially in the northern coastal area is an experience like no other. And one such exceptional site is Caravelle, near Trou Aux Biches. The ocean currents are strong but manageable, even for the beginners.

    You can descend till 30 meters deep into the azure lagoon to see the magical life-forms that exist underwater. You can spot turtles, sharks, angelfish, batfish and others, as well as the colourful seabed and corals.

    Island: Trou Aux Biches.
    Depth: 30 metres.
    Cost: INR 19,000.

    11. Turtle House Reef: This is a rather scattered diving site in Mauritius which has a depth between 10 to 26 meters. The ocean floor is filled with coral reefs and is home to a vivid and large population of turtles. Some of the most common ones that can be spotted are green-shell, hawksbill turtles. Apart from that, there are other marine organisms that live and colonize in the reefs.

    Depth: 10 - 26 metres.
    Cost: INR 6000.

    12. Water Lily and Emily Wrecks: This site is another incredible addition to the places for scuba diving in Mauritius. The ocean ground has two wrecages that have emerged as artificial reefs, helping colonize many macro marine organisms as well as animals.

    You can take a dive around the Trou Aux Biches region to see the luminous underwater world as well as species like - Bengal snappers, surgeonfish, butterflyfish and yellowmouth morays.

    Island: Trou Aux Biches.
    Depth: 20 - 25 meters.
    Cost: INR 16,000.

    13. Moray Reef: The reef is primarily home to the megamouth morays along with colourful coral reefs that are scattered on the ocean floor. The place has calm turquoise water with an abundant sea life that can be experienced by beginner as well as seasoned divers with much comfort. During the scuba diving in Mauritius activity here you can also spot - octopuses, scorpionfish, stonefish, lionfish and juvenile fish etc.

    Depth: 11 - 13 meters.
    Cost: INR 4200.

    14. Water Lily Reef: This thriving reef in Pointe Aux Biches is the perfect place for photographers and beginners to go for the Mauritius scuba diving activity.

    The depth of the lagoon is not too much and the currents are also more relaxed, making the overall activity fun. During the deep sea swim, you will be seeing species of marine life like - reel fish, nudibranchs, yellow edge lyretails, angelfish, butterfly fish, surgeonfish, wrasses and many more.

    Island: Pointe Aux Biches.
    Depth: 11 - 20 meters.
    Cost: INR 6000.

    15. Holt's Rock: The village of Grand Baie in the northern region is home to the popular Mauritius scuba diving site - Holt's Rock. The lagoons here are filled with granite rocks that merge with vibrant corals.

    One of the main reasons for you to try diving here is the rich biodiversity that you get to see, from schools of fish like titan triggerfish, wrasses, angelfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, and yellowmouth edge lyretails, to sharks and turtles, aquatic vegetation and rock pinnacles.

    Island: Grand Baie.
    Depth: 16 - 18 meters.
    Cost: INR 5000.

  2. When is the best time to do scuba diving in Mauritius?

    The best time to make use of the Mauritius scuba diving packages is during the summer season as the weather conditions are nice with warm sea water that attracts plentiful and diverse marine life-forms to the lagoons. You can plan a trip from March till May, or from September till December to avoid heavy rains and cyclone season in Mauritius.

  3. Is scuba diving safe in Mauritius?

    Mauritius is an island country on the Indian Ocean and has some of the most alluring lagoons and scuba-diving sites where you can see a variety of marine life, corals and more.

    Also, since the activity is so popular here, there are also many diving institutes which provide training, certification and diving experience with optimum safety and professional support.

  4. Can a non-swimmer do scuba diving in Mauritius?

    Yes. Even non-swimmers can enjoy scuba-diving in Mauritius although there may be certain restrictions to ensure safety.

    One of them being able to clear the training programme, the other being that you would go for a dive into the shallow end and with a supervisor conducting the activity, and lastly with proper briefing and safety gear in place.

  5. Can kids do scuba diving in Mauritius?

    Yes kids 10 years of age and above can participate in scuba-diving adventures in Mauritius. Anyone who is under the directed age limit is not permitted at the dive site or training program.

    Moreover, there are special dedicated PADI diving courses for young swimmers and divers as well.

  6. Is there any age limit to do scuba in Mauritius?

    The minimum age limit for one to be able to go scuba diving in Mauritius is 10 years. There are special young diver PADI training courses that allow beginners and experienced swimmers to learn diving and be able to enjoy the scenic depths of the sea.

  7. What precautions should be taken before going for scuba diving in Mauritius?

    Here are some of the things to keep in mind before, during and after going for a Mauritius scuba diving packages activity:

    - It is important to perform scuba-diving only after proper training and briefing from a reputable institute who has a PADI/MSDT certification.
    - Throughout the dive you should follow the guide and their instructions.
    - It is best to read up and get plenty of information about the activity, diving sites, rates etc. Along with that about the weather forecast in these regions beforehand.
    - You can carry a gopro or other waterproof recording devices during the dive. However, flash cameras or other equipment which may startle the marine creature is not permitted.
    - It is important to double check your gear before the big dive.
    - Get yourself insurance and other covers before going for the actual activity.
    - Breathe normally and without panic, keep an eye on the air gauge, equalize timely with your descend, don't push the dive limit.
    - Avoid touching anything or interrupting the natural ecosystem during the dive.
    - Post completing the dive it is advisable to let the instructor know if you feel unpleasant or nauseated.

  8. What is the average cost of scuba diving in Mauritius?

    The cost of scuba-diving in Mauritius can vary depending on the location, depth of the dive, duration and other factors.

    With that being said, one can expect to spend a minimum of INR 3500 and the maximum can be INR 25,000 to enjoy the deep-sea swimming experience. The lower end of the price range may or may not include training/certification.

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